Trinoma Dessert Haven

Am I the first to blog about this? *checks other blogs* Yay! I’m the first nga! 10 Lucky Bloggers were invited to be a part of this mini desert tour. The lucky bloggers (soon to be food critics, naks!) were (ako to! Yihee!),,,,,,,,,, and… I’ll just update this later because I forgot the rest. Hehehehe… Well, this Dessert Haven thing is somewhat like the Trinoma Bloggers Food Trip Part 2, but the only difference is we can take home all the desserts that we want after the trip (yay!), and like what I said, it’s all desserts. No heavy meals just like the previous food trip, just desserts, yummy and scrumptious desserts! FACT: This is the first food trip or should we say bloggers’ event that I brought a camera, my very own digital camera. You heard it right! I now have my own digital camera. It’s Sony DSC-T200, and I’ll review it later on next week, or maybe next month, or maybe… next year, here in my blog. Wahehe…

So much for my digital camera introduction. Here are my amateur photos using my lovely digital camera during the food trip, or dessert trip to be more precise.

Trinoma Dessert Haven

To come to an end, I would like to thank the sponsors of this dessert haven. Unit 16 Sweets for their awesome personalized chocolate bars and cookies. The Russian Cookie House for their addicting pistachio cookies, russian cookies, and cappuccino hazelnut biscotti. Sugarhouse for their very tasty and mouth-watering cakes, I actually brought one, unsliced and fresh in the box. The bad thing is, I forgot what’s the name of this cake, but it’s uber delicious!(Mmmmmmm…). Heaven in a Box for their cookies, lots and lots of cookies! Marta’s Cakes for their personalized cupcakes, cookies, and cupcakes, did I say cupcakes? These cakes are so cool because you’re the one who will design your own cookie or cupcake, and you’re the one who’s going to eat it if you want to, you can also opt to keep it as a souvenir. Cakebiz for their cakes of course, I actually brought 3 boxes of 3 different cakes, and it tastes like Pluto. Hehehe. Pluto is above the sky (a.k.a. the first heaven), it’s in the space actually, so it tastes great, because it’s like Pluto! Yihee! Must Be Mom’s for their very big plastic bag, without this bag, I can never bring home five big boxes full of cookies, cakes, and various desserts, but really, Must Be Mom’s Ensaymadas and Ensaymaditas tastes very yummy! The best Ensaymada I ever tasted base on my taste buds. Michelle’s Homemade Napolean Bars, Putong Ube, and Putong Queso. I tasted only the Putong Queso, and I can’t get enough of it. Its Putong Queso is a must-try! Lastly, for the Best Dessert Award. It’s the best cake that I’ve tasted so far. As in the very very very best, super delicious, super yummy, super mouth-watering, and super super duper sa sarap! Drum Rolls please… diring diring diring ding ding ding! (drum ba yun? hehe) DULCELINE GOURMET MANGO TORTE! whoaaa! It’s the tastiest and yummiest cake that I’ve tasted so far, really, so far as far as the moon is from the sun. 🙂 Seriously, if it’s a movie, it will rake in Oscars.

So, that’s all for now, I’ll be uploading the pictures later. Stay tuned for the updates. Yay!

P.S.: This is what I brought home.. FOR FREE!!! Hehehe.. Talap talap… 🙂
Take Home
Ooooopss! A group pic of 10 lucky bloggers, stolen from kuya Juned’s Multiply Photos. Wahahaha!!
Group Picture

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  1. dapat pala yung binalot ko for you ako na lang ang nag-uwi! hehehe.

    una ka lang nag-post pero nung friday ko pa natapos yung entry ko! lol (contest ba?) scheduled to post this afternoon lang. hehehe

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