How To Keep Your Valuable Data Even If Your Laptop or Desktop Was Stolen?

Backup is the first answer that comes to our mind if we encountered this common question nowadays. Weekly data backup, or if possible, backup your data everyday, so that you will be secured and have a worry free tomorrow about the virtual things inside your computer. But what if your computer was stolen and you don’t want your private data to be abused by the one who took it from you? File Encryption is the answer. The whole point of file encryption products is to protect the data on a computer drive if the computer is lost, stolen or illegally accessed by anyone and if physical security is breached. Data security is getting a big problem nowadays and needs a good solution to anyone, whether your an individual or an organization that needs privacy and data security.

But while the first can afford expensive IT infrastructure, the second face the dilemma of sophisticated and costly software. This is where AlertBoot takes place. AlertBoot’s data security software was created to provide a highly-scalable and centrally-managed data encryption solution for organizations of all shapes and sizes. AlertBoot provides ironclad encryption and protection for your most valuable data. Now that keeps you 100% secured!

The following are the advantages when using AlertBoot:

1. Hard Drive Encryption for PCs and Laptops
2. Full Disk Encryption for Virtual Machines
3. Hardware Port Control
4. Full Disk Encryption for Smart Phones (Windows Mobile / Palm OS)
5. Advanced File Content Encryption for File Formats and USB Keys

In addition to what has been said, these encryption services are paired with the comprehensive reporting and auditing features including fully-managed mobile data security service. You might think this will be very very expensive, but seems like you can get started with only $12.95/month. Now that’s a very reasonable and cheap price to avoid critical data theft.

AlertBoot is available for Windows 2000/XP/Vista and is compatible with smart phones and PDA. That’s all for today guys. Just wanna share this awesome data security software that I discovered with Google.

15 thoughts on “How To Keep Your Valuable Data Even If Your Laptop or Desktop Was Stolen?

  1. Thanks for posting about this jehz!

    their services would be a very great help for me coz I’m traveling a lot. and what I’m bringing with me are extremely confidential files. Just in case my laptop was stolen, this would be a very great help to encrypt secured files.

    Have a good day!

  2. I since wondered how commercial banks’, courthouses’ and intelligence agencies’ computer info kept from being stolen. This must be the reason. Ey, do not mistaken me as a klepto or something. Thanks for the information.

  3. Yep. AlertBoot. My friend had one. It was very useful, he didn’t have to worry about the files when his laptop was stolen last week. But he kept worrying about the laptop. Haha 🙂

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