Is Xpango a Scam?

Here’s a short review about Xpango and an elucidation about how it works and if it’s a scam or not.

Many are asking if Xpango really works or is it another bad old online scam? If you gooooogle it, you’ll see some websites, youtube videos and blogs that says “IT’S A BIG SCAM”, you will also notice that only a few are telling that it’s genuine, and they have even received their free stuff from Xpango. But how sure are you that it’s authentic? You don’t even know that person? eh? Are the video testimonials in Xpango sent by real people, who actually received their Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP, and other free stuff? I know you won’t believe it right away. You’ll google it first, by typing “Xpango Scam” or “Scam+Xpango” to see if there are comments that it’s really a scam.

By the way, why I am blogging about this very old scam rumor? Hehe.. Last month, I received a referral link from my friendster inbox, with a message that really catches my attention. It says that “If you want to get a free iPOD, PSP, etc., click this link, and register now to avail this free gift from Xpango!” blah blah blah… But, I have never visited the site, or even clicked the link to verify the authenticity of it. Where in the world can you get free items be referring friends to join a certain website and get free gadgets easily? Haha! It’s absolutely rubbish.

So why I am blogging about this and haven’t answered my title yet? Well, it’s because of my cousin, Unno. He asked me to register at Xpango, so that he can have his free Creative Zen from Xpango by referring 23 persons, and earning 23 credits! Whoaw! That’s easy as PPC!. So, without further a do, I registered just for him, hoping for a miracle that he can claim his free gift someday, but ahmmm… I never really hoped for it.. hehe, because I believed (before), that it’s a big scam. But I have verified, and read their FAQs, and proved to myself that Xpango is NOT A SCAM!

Indeed, it’s a genuine website, that offers freebies! Not a good old scam site. If you had seen some youtube videos, like this you’ll really believe that Xpango is a big scam. But if you carefully read their FAQs first, before spreading to the whole galaxy that Xpango is really a scam, you’ll be enlightened and believe that Xpango is genuine. If your keen enough to notice in this video, the guy tested Xpango, and showed the world that it’s a scam by registering a new e-mail account and used his own referral ID to gain credits. Then he showed that the credits didn’t appear! Yeah, it will not appear instantly! This FPSGUY is so nincompoop and didn’t read the FAQs first before posting the video. Check the FAQs, you’ll see that the credit points will appear within 24 to 72 hours, as stated in their FAQs page. But why after 3 days your credit didn’t appear yet? It’s because your friend didn’t activate their account. But what if your friend already activated their account by clicking the activation link that was sent to his/her e-mail? It’s because your friend didn’t complete a free offer or purchase a Clix Package or Mobile Accessory. You can only fully activate your account by following the credit system.

You gain a Credit everytime a new person you refer activates their account. A customer can activate their account by completing a Free Offer or purchasing a Clix Package or Mobile Accessory.

So that’s it! You can only gain a credit if the friend that you have referred completed a FREE OFFER or purchased that Clix thing, etc. You can only complete a FREE OFFER by purchasing from their partner websites. The OFFER is FREE, the “offer” ONLY. But, the product is not free. Anybody can give you a free offer by telling you this and that, then it’s an OFFER. It’s absolutely free, I can offer my service to you for FREE, but you will have to pay for the Service. Like offering a laptop for purchase, you can tell that certain person freely to buy your laptop. Now, you’re also offering for FREE! ayt? So, to make this long review short, I would like to tell anyone that Xpango is NOT A SCAM, and you can obtain free gadgets from them for FREE. If the one that you referred to is extravagant enough to purchase those FREE OFFERS from Xpango! Then? you’ll get your dream gadget for free!

140 thoughts on “Is Xpango a Scam?

  1. waaaaaaaaa.. grabe na to.. nagopening sa topic na XPANGO tapos sabi nga ni marhgil WIDGETBUCKS lang pala.. aheheheh..
    tagal mo naman nakaregister sa xpango..dapat kasi nagclick kana rin sa xpango ko sa site side bar ko.. aehheh

  2. @ marhgil – hahahah! oo nga! grabe na to! woHOOooooo!

    @ bugits -hahaha di kaya PPC ang Xpango.. dapat mag refer ka talaga.. at dapat bibili yung nirefer mo.. amf

    • Stupid man!
      If you are on Xpango, why the hell are you also giving a referral link!!!!!?
      STOP fooling people around
      guys, grow up
      there is nothing free in this world
      -I will give someone 100$ just for joining my website, then I will say that I pay to all if they do so.
      After I get the money, I will disappear.

      • Hi there!

        I would just like to take this opportunity to inform you that the Xpango Network is in fact real.

        I myself have received a Nokia N8 from them.

        I’m not sure whether you actually read this review, but it clearly states that this is a legit network.

        You do not even have to pay ANYTHING. You just simply sign up, and you receive one credit for every friend who signs up through you and completes an offer.

        It’s exactly the same system as in shops. i.e, if you tell someone about a new product, then they’ll give you something (like a discount or a free pen or something!). In this case, you save all of these up until you have enough for something worthwhile (like a phone).

        I’m not telling you that you have to sign up. By all means, stay away, but I would appreciate if people such as your self would stop going around, talking bollocks about how this system is crap.

        If this is something that you wish to speak more about, then please don’t hesitate on contacting me through my email:

  3. whem you go regist , he go ask you a id you just put this 91322707
    this id give you 25 crΓ©dits is hacked you need just w8 1-7 days and you win the credits

  4. i love all these ppl on here saying get credits with this id number how ppl have signed up using there numbers? guess what u just got them points or got them the item they wanted but im asking for help in getting my item so please use the link to sign up and help me

  5. somebody from uk ,us please help me to get a xbox by signing in at xpango with referal id 91343062 i being of international category has no free offers nor do i have a credit card mail me aftter helping me bcoz i may be of ur help sometime later .mail me at

  6. I happily have obtained a Wii, a nokia n90 and an ipod on Xpango. I was synical until my first gift arrived in the post.

    Genuine company. Great idea.

    Ant, Nottm, UK

  7. xpango is not a scam. Go on there site if you dont believe me, theres lots of proof its for real. However there are some people who are claiming that entering certain refferal ids when you sign up will gain you lots of “credits.” This is not the case. I am trying to get stuff from xpango, but not getting much luck. Please help me out and enter 91351729 in teh refferal id box when you sign up.

    Cheers guys!


  8. this joint work but idk bout xpango i tryed it but you see about this site just click on the banner
    1.sign up

    2. take free quick 1min surveys

    3. and Request your Gift

    (it’s all based on points) no credit card required unless you want to get more points!! But Other Then That It’s all free!! CLICK THE BANNER BELOW!! (NO TRICKS)

  9. the banner below works idk about xpango they have you look stupid when your getting ready 2 end the survey, but try this site just click on the banner below
    1.sign up

    2. take free quick 1min surveys

    3. and Request your Gift

    (it’s all based on points) no credit card required unless you want to get more points!! But Other Then That It’s all free!! CLICK THE BANNER BELOW!! (NO TRICKS)
    [url=] [img][/img] [/url]

  10. Xpango can deliver goods pretty much anywhere in the world. There is no limit of goods you can get nor a time limit to order them after you get enough credits. The credits themselves are generic, meaning you can use them to get any of the prizes. Register your account and start getting your credits. There’s a guide there that will help you do it. πŸ˜‰

    Registration link:

  11. nicely said dude. One of my friends refered me. It is not the any of the other scams it is 100% true, both of us are trying for some systems, thanks for supporting!

    • my pleasure. I know Xpango is really genuine πŸ™‚ Just like any other websites out there that it seems to be scam, but it really gives stuff / pays publisher and more πŸ™‚

      Same with AW surveys, many said that it’s a big scam, but I was paid already twice and still earning each and every day πŸ™‚

  12. i used this website and got a wii its pretty awesome didnt evan have to pay anything i used this code i found on the internet like it dosnt give you it at first but like wiat a couple hours and it will give you x amount of points like every couple of hours
    thats the code just register and put that code in and it should work

  13. Want a PS3, Xbox 360 Elite, Wii, PSP, iPhone, Hdtv, and other stuff for FREE by HACKING XPANGO site server and database?

    (Tried it and it perfectly works!)

    1. Just (Youtube/ Metacafe) search: xpango lowenhart21
    2. Watch the first video to roll in the search results.
    3. Follow the steps written in the Description. Be sure to comply with the instructions therein and you’ll receive your desired gift!

    Kind Regards…Enjoy!

  14. Here is my view on Xpango. I hate them. All that site is is a bunch of crap everything is like 20-40 credits. Its really hard to get like 5 first of all. Heres for all the people saying they got hacked links and shit. I had a video of a hacked id to get refferals and i ended up getting 15 legit credits. But when i got to the amount i couldnt get it because xpango accused me of fraud so for all u people making videos of that it wont work in the long run. Xpango suucccckkksss!!

  15. I had been colecting points for 2 years for my iPod. When I managed to collect enough points for it by participating in offers for that I paid money, they banned my account with the reason of an unexpected error, and in spite of that they promised to reopen it, it hasn’t been reopened since then. That’s why I made a report about them at the Consumer Protection Agency of the UK.

    • I have to update my previous notification about Xpango. Though it took a long time, but at least my matter with my locked account at Xpango was solved in the end, and I received my free gift. So honestly I cannot claim anymore that they are a scam. They proved they are not. I don’t say that I am satisfied with every aspect of their service, I think in some aspect they should improve, but at least they really send that gift.

      So no need to stay away from them if you feel like to receive a gift that they offer, just sign up!

  16. Get for free !
    Iphone 3g/3gs Blackberry wii xbox

    At Xpango, you can receive the latest Free Nokia N-Series – including Nokia N91, N90 and N95 from Xpango! Sim Free Mobile Phones

    via our Customer Reward System.

    We provide the the latest Apple iPhone, Nokia N-Series, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and Samsung mobile phones for Free!

    All handsets provided by Xpango are brand new, boxed, fully guaranteed and sim free. No contracts are required and handsets are

    unlocked and ready to use on any network.

    Xpango uses a unique Credit system to reward our customers with Free Mobile Phones, Gaming Consoles & MP3 Players! ^^

    Each Gadget is received for Free in exchange for Credits which can be received from Xpango.

    When you register with Xpango and select your Free Gift, you will receive a ‘Referral ID’ which is used to gain Credits.

    Credits can easily be gained by either (or a combination of) participating in Xpango Offers, Referring Friends, or by purchasing a Mobile

    Accessory / Clix Package.

    Credit requirements for Gifts vary depending on the retail price of the Mobile Phone/Gaming Console/MP3 Player. More expensive Gifts

    require more Credits than less expensive Gifts.

    Join Now!!

  17. Holy cow! Just found this on youtube! It’s a hacked referral link that gives three times as many referrals! Don’t believe any link that says it gives free referrals because none of them work. But this one really does give more than what you are supposed to get! Here is the link:

  18. guys i was referred by indiatimes nwspaper……sme days back it had n artcl n i got this rfrl id 92124475….i dnt know who cretd it but aftr a week aftr cmpltng just 1 offr i gt 27 crdts enough 2 get me nokia5600…….guys try this……..but if u wnt mor u have 2 rfr 2 frnds…….

  19. Wanna have a techie cell phone for FREE? Check out Sign up, copy and paste this as your referral ID number:92262805

  20. How to Gain Credits on Xpango ?????
    There are many ways by which you can earn credits
    1) The most easy way is to refer your friends to join xpango . You will get 1 credit per
    referral for example you will
    get 10 credits for inviting 10 friends.

    2) And if you want to gain more credits then try participating in sponsors and advertisers offers
    by which you can earn credits anywhere between 1 to 5 .The offer which is TOTALLY FREE will
    give you 1 to 2 credits and the offers which requires you to invest 1 $ or 5$ or 7$ will give
    you more credits like 5 credits for investing 1 $ or 250 credits for investing 40 $ . The more
    you participate the more credits you will earn.

    Some of our gifts includes
    Game stations like Nintendo wii ( 18 credits ) ps3 ( 20 credits ), xbox 18 credits) etc
    Mobile Phones like iPhone ( 25 credits ) ,Nokia N8 ( 18 credits ), Samsung Galaxy ( 25 credits ), etc
    And several other Gifts Like PC/MAC . HDTVs , MP3 players etc

    Our services are completely FREE and LEGIT . You will never have to pay us .
    Our site was also featured on CNN , NBC and Proved LEGIT by many sources .
    Our Advertisers and and Sponsors Pays us and in turn we give you Free gifts .
    visit us at :
    try out our partner site : http://www.freecreditxpango.tkΒ­/ to earn extra credits .

  21. i am a 15 year old guy . I want a cell phone but i have not enough money to buy it or to complete any offer of xpango(i also dont have a credit card) my xpango email account is and login password is rt39098ptr7
    help me please…………

  22. If you want 60 free credits just keep this 92427084 hacked refferel ID while signing up.And complete an offer.Within 7 days the credits will be added in your account.
    It really works.Many people got credits.You can win iPhone 4,Xbox and many more.

  23. can anyone help me complete just one offer…?
    im 15 and dont have a credit card, and the international offers all need credit card.

    PLease help me….only ONE offer….pleasseeeeeeeeee…..
    here’s my id : 92428915

  24. If you unsure about any of these sites I’ll pay you to sign up and successfully complete an offer. If your interested reply and I’ll get back to you.

  25. i’ve done some researches on the net…registering with 92260005 as refer can allow you to obtain 30 credits point after you’ve completed gamehouse offer…i am trying this…it works for my sister why not for me….

  26. i’ve done some researchers….there is a hacked reffered id 92260005 which allows you to get 30 credits when you finish complete 1 offer….it works for my sister!!

    • Hardly believe this. Any hacking of your account and you will not receive a gift. Just a misleading way to gain some referrals.

  27. Why not try complete the WorldWinner offer?
    Free users: 0.5 points (Play 10 games successfully to get ya points)
    Paid users: 2 points (Don’t know whatcha gotta do for this 1)

    Hope this helped!!



    Hi guys, let truth be told. There is no way you can earn 40 or 50 credit by using certain referral IDs. Those who are saying such silly things are trying to fool your intelligence. They are shameless liars. HONESTY, whichever link you choose to sign up, you get only one, credit. So why not promote honesty and sign up using this referral link. Please help me get my gift. Many many thanks in advance. Good Luck!!

  29. That is reall bully you are writing here. I did received already 2 items from them. Maybe that you are not able to get any thing but afraid to others will??

    There are plenty ways to earn credit. Think about it, there are free survey’s and you can hire people on sites like microworkers! It worked for me so it will work for you too.

    btw, on the site of xpango there are plenty of vids of people received there items.

  30. Hai friends !Xpango is not a scam. We have a vast customer support which replies within 24 hrs.A separate section for testimonials ,and you really win for free. we promote a vast number of products in our site which is the main income and we provide a gift for people who helps us promote it!thanks πŸ™‚ you can now sign up using ref id-92760153 and see for yourself!

  31. hi,
    this is scam site, i don’t receive anything from them (i request Sony PS4); So don’t loose your money and effort OK; try to make a website and earn money from it and buy o gadget you want ;ok

    good luck you guys

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