Farmville Cheats: Speed Plow, Plant, and Harvest Glitch

I just recently found a new glitch for Farmville. I just played around with and it works. At first, I thought this glitch was patched up but until now it still works. You can now plant, plow and harvest with speed! When I say with speed, it’s fast. This is not a cheat, it’s a technique to harvest patch. This technique exists because there’s a glitch in Farmville and I hope that they will never patch it up.

Before I teach you how to do this glitch, let me breathe in and out. Breathing in… and out… Wooot! Done!

First and foremost, this is not a Farmville bot, nor any CheatEngine Hack for Farmville. You don’t need a script or a program to do this glitch. All you need to do is read my instructions and watch the video that I’ve uploaded and you can do this cheat on your own.

More updates coming soon. I’m currently doing a short video with screen shots so that you can have an idea about the glitch that I’m talking about. Below are the screen shots that will show you how to do the glitch.

First step is you need to buy a fence. It doesn’t matter what color or type of fence as long as it’s a fence. Create a small square using the fence then trap yourself inside.

As you can see below, my farmer can harvest without getting near the harvest area. As a result, he can harvest, plant and plow faster than normal.

To see the fast farmer in action, check out my YouTube video below:

Try this glitch now, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Now you can plant, plow and harvest faster than ever! You don’t need to buy a tractor or a harvester to do your job. You can do your own job fast and easy with this glitch!

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44 thoughts on “Farmville Cheats: Speed Plow, Plant, and Harvest Glitch

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  3. what if you logged out of farmville what will happen to the character when you sign back in???

    or what if you visited a friends farm??? when you click on home will your character be still inside the fence after the page reloaded

  4. make sure your trap your character in the center or in the middle of your Farm… your will notice that everytime you visit your neighbor you always at the center.. so much better to trap your character in the center,,, so that even you log-out your character will not out of fence..

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  8. The faster you keep the plow, sow and harvest cycle turning over, the more coins and XP points you will accumulate. Also get all the farm upgrades that you can then add extra fields up to the maximum allowed. Planting and harvesting quickly will soon bring in the rewards.

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