Restaurant City Cheats, Glitches, Tips and Tricks

After sharing what I know about My Brute Cheats, Mafia Wars Cheats and Pet Society Cheats, I would like to write about Restaurant City Cheats, Glitches, Loopholes, Tips and Tricks. Cheats really don’t exist in browser-based flash games, but glitches do. For some reason, developers of these flash games tend not to include hidden codes, easter eggs or cheats, just like other console games for PS3, XBOX, PC and Wii do have.

But there are tricks and tips to be more supreme than others in Restaurant City. I wrote about this again because my cousin Jen asked me if I know some cheats for Restaurant City. Unfortunately, I’m not playing this famous Facebook application, but I’ll try this one of these days. I also tried to search for Restaurant City cheats and I found a few websites that offer such cheats.

I read the entries and found out that these were not cheats, but tips and tricks for Restaurant City. Just like My Brute Cheats. There are really no cheats, but there are tools for your brute so that you can level up faster. There are also scripts available to automate and increase the number of your pupils. The more the unique pupils you have, the higher level you gain. If I found a script to automate what you earn in Restaurant City, I’ll share it with you.

As of now, I don’t have those scripts, but I’ll look for it, and post it in this page. Just like what I did it my MyBrute Cheats page. I posted some useful tools and useful tips to level up your brute.

Check this page soon for more updates. Please don’t forget to subscribe via e-mail to receive updates about Restaurant City Cheats.

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21 thoughts on “Restaurant City Cheats, Glitches, Tips and Tricks

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  2. why you need to cheat? to level up and defeat ur opponents?
    yes it will.. but it doesnt satisfy you because you dont really give your efforts and patience… it is better to have achievements if you did your best with honesty even in this manner (game)….. think of it?

  3. Download Link:

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    File size: 37376
    MD5 Hash: 26d58cfc3417d36bf13eddd0451c128e
    SHA1 Hash: 306F78EED7AF4C469E73773B4E2065DA956414CC
    Self-Extract Archive: Nothing found
    Binder Detector: Nothing found
    Detection rate: 0 on 24


    a-squared – –
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  4. to make it on level 65 its easy first download the cheat engine 5.5
    then press firefox hex 8 byte and also scan read-only memory
    and this is the code FFFFFFB8D02A0FF2 beforre you press first scan look first your rc click a dish that is finished eaten/drinked then press first scan.


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