Mafia Wars Cheats, Secrets and Techniques that you must know!

If you’re playing Mafia Wars, I bet you want to know cheats, techniques, bots, secrets, glitches and loopholes about it. My cousin Jen asked me if I know some Mafia Wars Cheats. I told her that I’m not playing that game nor tried to play it. But she is very hesitant and forced me to try it because it’s fun. She wants me to play it so that If I found a leak, a loophole or a glitch, then I can share it to her.

Mafia Wars is undoubtedly one of the best browser-based games nowadays. I think it’s the most famous Facebook App if we compare it to all other games like Farmville, Typing Maniac and Fashion Wars. The only game a I tried to play was Typing Maniac and I can’t even get to level 20. I only reached Level 19 and ranked as a Cyborg. Almost all of my friends are Uber Alien and one of them is a Spiritual Entity. Geez, they’re all really good at typing and thinking fast. I hope I can even reach the “Alien” rank one of these days.

I would also like to share a book wherein you can get a lot of cheats, secrets and techniques for Mafia Wars. In this book, you’ll learn how to get to Level 200 in just 3 Days and level 300 in less than a week. You’ll also know top Mafia Wars strategies that 99% of players around the world didn’t know. If you’re really interested to know about this and you want to be the best and the toughest Mafia Wars player against your friends in Facebook, why not sign up here and watch the free video of the ultimate guide to Mafia Wars!

Sorry for talking about Typing Maniac, I should talk about Mafia Wars Cheats. For me, browser-based flash games like these have no cheats. I’m not that sure, but based on statistics, programmers who created these kind of games didn’t include any easter egg or secret keyboard shortcuts to achieve something more than the usual game features. I’m still not really sure if this game has no cheats at all. We can cheat every game that we want online. If we’re a good programmer or hacker, then we can manipulate the code and the database of Mafia Wars to increase what we want to increase. My apologies because I’m not that familiar of the stats and items, or anything related to Mafia Wars.

I’ll give you updates if I found a cheat, a glitch (Because I found some Nazi Zombies Glitches in Call of Duty 5) or in-game secrets for Mafia Wars. Most of the games are not perfect, so there are loopholes and glitches that should be present in 99.9% of browser-based games.

If you really want to level up, I suggest you to use a macro, or a PHP script that can automate what you are doing daily in Mafia Wars (The common term for this is “Mafia Wars Bot“). There are a lot of free macro softwares out there that you can use. There are also a lot of opensource PHP scripts that you can customize or ask someone who knows to make it for you. I’ll be collecting some scripts that I know so that you can level up automatically in Mafia Wars. Just subscribe via e-mail to receive updates from this blog and updates related to Mafia Wars cheats, bots, and hacks.

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  3. WARNING: This guide could make you the Top Boss…
    If you’re sick and tired of having to beg people to join your mafia while continually getting your butt kicked by other mafias, this information is for you…

  4. Finally! I found 3 cheat guides which ACTUALLY work, the sites are going down because too many people found out about them, here’s a few to help your playing!

  5. I love playing mafia wars myself, even like you I am hesitant at first and I have no single inkling about the entire game, but as the game unfolds, everything became interesting, and I was hooked up! :mrgreen:

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