July 18, 2008 Earthquake

“1 Year and 10 days from now, a very strong earthquake will hit the Philippines. It will be on the 18th day of July year 2008.”Juseleeno Nobulega Daroose.

The July 18, 2008 Earthquake in the Philippines that was predicted by Juseleeno Nobulega Daroose is NOT TRUE. Again… it’s NOT TRUE. And all of the previous predictions that was claimed to be predicted (Princess Diana Accident and 9/11 Attack) by Juseleeno is just a baloney.

So fear not fellow Filipinos, because July 18, 2008 will be a normal day to all of us. Yay!

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60 thoughts on “July 18, 2008 Earthquake

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  2. sana hindi totoo nakatakot? pero mabuti n din ung ready tyong lahat? san kaya magandang mag stay para safe lhat?

  3. db ung noong 1991 my malakas na earthquake din sa phil. 9 . something un? kya ung mga ibang churches pinalagyan ng gulong ung ilalim? may mga idea b kyo kung san ung mga un?

  4. pra we can ol go der? to be prepare and safe? sna declare na ni Ms. gloria na wlang pasok sa friday pra makaiwas sa earthquake

  5. How could you be so sure?….let’s just see! we still don’t know what will gonna happen in july 18,2008………..baka nga manyari weh! pero wag sana ๐Ÿ˜› XD anyways……goodluck na lang!! hahahaha……….. today is july 11,2008 …next frieday na ang july 18,2008……………………

  6. :((………i’m just a gr.6 pupil here in canosaa!!!and i spread the news of juseleeno nobulega daroose…….and all bout’ him…and they’re so afraid of it!….uwaahh!! XD i still want to graduate and finish my schoolin’ and have nice family XD,XD,XD…. =))

  7. huwoi! ano ba kayo? it seem that u’r relax despite of that prediction by a “false” prophet…wag niyo sasabihin ‘sige nga tingnan natin’ na para bang hinihintay niyo tlga na mangyari..yes i admit, i am afraid not only for myself but also for my loved ones, my family and friends…why don’t we pray na lang…kesa sa parang binabalewala natin….sana nga hindi mangyari yun sa friday, at kahit kelan…pls heartfully ask God na tulungan taoy…pls…pls…pray…

  8. Hindi yan totoo. Btw mispelled pa nga yung pangalan. Dapat Jucelino Nobrega da Luz. Sa website http://www.jucelino.daluz.nom.br/principal.htm) niya wala ang 18 July quake sa Pinas.
    May nabasa ako na ang mga prankster daw ay binase sa April 18 1906 quake sa San Francisco na may magnitude 8. So, kung ako sa inyo huwag kayo maniwala pero dapat lagi lang tayong handa sa mga ganitong bagay: earthquake, bagyo, at etc…

  9. oo nga naman …ndi ka naman makakatulong sa mga tao noh…..
    biruin mo madami ng taong ndi makatulog sa mga sinasabi moh…
    basta lets just pray…
    remember god is always there for us…

  10. only those who do not velieve in God make such stories like there will be an earthquake… 1st things first… no one could ever predict an earthquake, and if i were true, God is not that unkind to bring us in such a brink of catastrophic fear, and would just leave us behind.. nothing to loose indeed if we belive in such, but why should we, and bother ourselves , intead of praying right? whoever is that brazilian man is, this message is for you(go and pray for the world’s safety, rather than spreading that prophecy, and scaring millions of people) are you not wondering, why is it that his predictions of catastrophic events are only about pfhils, japan, china and US? heve he predicted that brazil would suffer too? no right? see, the bible has mentioned of israel as God’s beloved land, and israel is a part of asia, then why would God bring such crisis to asian countries right? see… that is just a simple analysis… why did that man did not include brazil in his predictions as a part of his predictions? simple, because he is from that place! dont you think there is bias on that prediction? wel, true or not, God bless that man, for he has overpowered the greatness of the Lord…

  11. Some of his predictions MAY or MAY NOT come true. These are all just predictions and not based on a sound fact.

    During the 9/11 attack on the twin towers, this was also predicted beforehand by Nostradamus. But come to think of it, this happened because of HUMAN INTERVENTION. Yes, Nostradamus predicted it way before it happened but some men could have picked that prediction up and just simply did something to coincide with those predictions. Human intervention. If Nostradamus predicted that the twin towers are going to crumble because a big lightning is going to hit it and it did happen, then my hat is off to to him.

    Bottomline is this: You can predict whatever NATURAL DISASTERS you could conjure up but not when it involves people (eg, terrorism 9/11).

    Also, NO ONE can predict an earthquake. NO ONE.

  12. birthday kaya ng mudra ever namin un…sayang ang blow out pero kuripot kaya ok na rin na holiday kami…inggit kayo nuh kasi sila takot…wahahahahahahhaha

  13. my fellow pinoy do not be fearful for god is the only one who could determine what will happen….god bless philippines

  14. This is not true.. absolutely not true. bukas na ang earthquake.. huwag lumabas ng bahay ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ingat kayong lahat ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. dear fellas, don’t panic, if that is God’s will thy will be done… but don’t you think it’s about time to have fear in God… okay.. everyone … just please fasten your seatbelt … and feel the rocking of the world… ๐Ÿ˜ณ to my love one over there… don’t panic… whatever will happen… we love you… ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. it may or may not happen but who knows..let us lift everything unto the Lord..remember un last time na prediction about tsunami hitting manila bay,but many people humble their self to the Lord and prayed..kaya di natuloy..and i believe God will hear our prayers again this time like He always do..i believe that God can and will heal our land..so fear not,for the Lord is with us..

  17. anumang oras pwedeng lumindol. anumang oras pwedeng magunaw ang mundo.

    pag walang warning, carefree mga tao. pero pag may lumalabas na prediction, natatakot, nagdarasal. mga tao talaga. hanggat di nalalagay sa alanganin hindi tatawag sa Itaas. pag may problema, akala mo santo. pag nakuha na gusto, wala na.

  18. akoh parang naniniwala akoh kasi simula pa na may nag send ng chin email sa akin
    parang nagagtug ang mga paa ko pero trust only GOD. Alam ko na hindi nya tayo ipapahamak. ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜

  19. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ walang kwentang prediction naman yan oh!!!! d naman totoo!!! fake ang nag sabi nyan!!!! wala langa magawa!!!! gago cguro!!!! birhtday ng pinsan ko eh!!!! gaganyanin nyo lang!!!! gusto moh lang ata mag ka pera eh!!!! putang-inang yan naman oh!!!! wala kang kwenta!!!

  20. BWAHAHAHA!!! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
    ano kayo ngayon???
    nagpapaniwala kase sa kalokohang pilipino: FYI:DI NAPREPREDICT ANG LINDOL!!!
    YAN KASE!! 2li!! san ung lindol ngayon??? ha?? ha???
    kalokohan talaga!!
    paheya ngaun ung nagpredict!! BOBO KA!!
    filing mo naman kung sino kang preidictator!!!
    anong klaseng manghuhula ka?!?!?!?
    bulls*it ka!!
    andame mo pang naloko!!
    tang*na mo!!!

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  22. Okay! di walang nangyari. Sana maituon na lang natin ang ating buhay sa Panginoon. Wag basta maniniwala sa sabisabi. mahirap na baka tayo ay malugmok pa.

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