Free Rapidshare Premium Membership and Passwords

Everybody’s looking for Free Rapidshare Premium Membership account and I don’t think it’s easy to find one that’s why I bought one, it’s only 4.00 Euros and I think it’s worth it. (about $6.00 for 3 days). I will be posting it here because I only used it once and it will be invalid after 3 days, so use it as you wish.

Login: 5779746
Password: rFPmEypgSG

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22 thoughts on “Free Rapidshare Premium Membership and Passwords

  1. i would kiss you for this article! I remember when I had no premium rapidshare acc! it was so awfull but because i had no bank account I wasn’t able buy my own account. So I found a site were I could get one free.

  2. Hi i’m mongolian you know it by gengis khan kkk . I ama fan of Harry potter and the game is highly compressed 18mb and i really want to download it!! but it’s on rapidshare please send me a valid rapidshare member username and password!! my mail is

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