Dora the Explorer Games

I’ll be posting Dora the Explorer Games available for download here soon. I’ll be collecting Dora the Explorer games that are for free, and provide you a download link for those games. Dora the Explorer games are so hot nowadays. A lot are looking for those games just like Dress Up Doll Games.

I never knew that a lot of kids enjoyed these games nowadays. I really missed my childhood days where I am so happy If I can play a simple puzzle game in a PC or watching nonsense cartoons. Those simple things makes me happy when I was a child. But now, I’m looking for MMORPGs and other games that’s not so kiddie.

Dora the Explorer Games

I love to play PSP Games and NDS Games like other gamers nowadays. These games are so addicting and you really can’t get enough while you’re at it. You will want more and more of it. You will be looking for more similar games that you can play 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If Dora the Explorer will be available in 3D arcade like Tekken, I think I will be playing Dora the Explorer Games also. It’s Dora The Angel Vs. Dora the Devil mode, but I guess today’s available Dora the Explorer games are just simple “Solve this Puzzle” game or “Solve this Mystery” game. Similar games are “Look for this and that” games that are simply boring.

So much for this nonsensical chit chats, I’ll be updating you about the latest “Dora the Explorer Games” available for download here. You can subscribe to my RSS feeds to be updated about the latest Dora Games available for download. You can also opt to subscribe via e-mail so that we can deliver updates to you for free! Just enter you e-mail below, and press submit.

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For the meanwhile, you can check Pinoycode’s List of Dora the Explorer Games for Download and see if you can find the game that you’ve been dreaming off! That’s all for now. Thanks!

UPDATE 04/15/2008: New Dora the Explorer Games Available for Download! You can click the links below to avail of the free Dora the Explorer Games that you can install in your PC. Absolutely FREE! 100% FREE!
1. Dora the Explorer Fairy Tale Adventure – 414MB
2. Dora the Explorer Lost in the City Adventure – 202MB

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53 thoughts on “Dora the Explorer Games

  1. thanks for this, i have subscribed to your feeds, hoping to receive updates regarding dora the explorer games.

    My daughter will definitely jump for joy if you will post your dora games the soonest! thanks!

  2. Hi jehzlau,
    Thanks for your suggestion, but still the issue is not resolved. I have downloaded both the dll files and getting the following error.
    ‘The procedure entry point_SmackSetMemory@8 could not be located in the dynamic link library smackw32.dll’
    Need your suggestion for fixing this.


  3. Bakit nung ininstall ko na yung Dora the Explorer Fairytale Adventure sa PC eh hinahanap p nya yung cd. Sinubukan k nang gumamit ng mga virtual drive para i-mount yung .iso ay ayaw parin gumana. Pls. help…. Thank You 🙂

  4. kuya, ininstol q po ung dora the explorer the lost city.. sbi po pls insert the cd nung dora po.. nid po b tlga na mg burn aq pra po gmana?? tnx po…

  5. Sinubukan ko ulit ire-install yung Dora Fairytale Adventure, sa wakas gumana din. Salamat sa mga free Dora the Explorer games. Sana marami maka-alam ng site na ito. 😉 😉

  6. kuya ung gnawa q po.. ung binurn q pong files ung inextract na dora… ayaw pdin po gmana.. huhu.. wat po dpat q gwin?? tsk2x.. slamat po ng mdami….

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  8. 😥 jien din ma ogbitniex hi minn ghamila jiranga ghax manda xejn sabih u mux ha tmeri ghax dorta kola minn ma jifimx bill malti imur jitalem naqra ghax jien maltija u naf il lingwi kolla hahahahahaha 😀 👿 😎 😕 🙂 😯 😈 😐 😳 💡 😮 😆 😡 🙁

  9. hai
    i have question regarding dora games. I already install the game but it required cd. do you know how resolve this problem. thank you

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