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CSS Drop Down Menu is a hot trend for CSS Developers and Designers. Based on my research, this keyword was searched in Google since early 2007 up to now. I myself was also searching for the easiest way to build a drop down menu that is CSS based. The old drop down menus are known as DHTML or Dynamic HTML. With the help of Javascript, they can build an awesome drop down menu in seconds.

I have used a lot of programs to generate a cool drop down menu. One is the SoThink DHTML Menu Builder. This is one of the coolest and the hottest drop down menu builder for web newbies and web oldies. Web developers use these drop down menus to ease their work in creating astounding drop down navigation for their websites.

So? So much for the introduction. Let’s go to our main topic of how to create a Drop Down Menu based on CSS.

No.. I’m not going to make a tutorial of how to create a drop down menu. Because there’s a lot already in the web. What I’ll do is to list my favorite, easy-to-understand, and user friendly tutorials that I found in the world wide web. Here they are:

1. A CSS Only Drop Down Menu by Stu Nicholls
2. How to Create a CSS Drop Down Menu by Dynamic Drive
3. Drop Down Menus, Horizontal Style by A List Apart
4. Pure CSS Vertical Drop Down Menu by TJK Design
5. CSS and XHTML Drop Down Menu Tutorial by Alsacreations

That’s it. That’s my nifty list of How-tos in creating a CSS Drop Down Menu. Enjoy!

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  2. wah andito pla to.hehe.. Dami q na download n pra daw sa drop down.pati na ung sothink hehe pro di ko pa npapagana.yay..i’ll try to read your list of references.thanks

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