Manny Pacquiao Post-Fight Interview Script

I did the transcription job myself, so before reading the script below, please be aware that it’s not 100% correct. Maybe there were misspelled words, misspelled names, and misinterpreted phrases. If you found one, kindly leave me a comment below so that we can correct it.

The Manny Pacquiao Post-Fight Interview Script after winning the WBC Lightweight title.

Interviewer: And joining us now at the ring side the new lightweight champion of the world manny congratulations on a brilliant show in your first appearance of 135

Manny Pacquiao: thank you very much and a.. to all the people who a… whose here tonight, thank you very much to all of you..

Interviewer: a question coming in to the fight was… what would moving up 5 pounds in weight in some way diminish your speed could you keep your power by our lights it appeared you were faster than ever and stronger than ever is that the way you felt.

Manny Pacquaio: yeah, that’s why a… what you train this fight is a… speed and power and I’m very comfortable in 135 pounds, i feel strong…

Interviewer: you cut him on the nose in the second round, you got a cut above the eye about the round in number two after that. from that point forward it was a bloody show. how difficult is it for you to keep going and keep thrashing an obviously outblast outclassed opponent when you can see how badly hurt he is…

Manny Pacquaio: Well i think a… diaz is a.. he is the toughest opponent that i had before and ahmm.. i am very surprise that a.. he’s a.. he… he… catch a lot of a punches and he didn’t knock down in the early rounds..

Interviewer: we got a video tape looking at the knock out, would you like to admire you work a little bit?

Manny Pacquaio: *smiled* (and silently said yes!)

Interviewer: let’s take a look at the knock out and you can take a look in your perfect combinaton, tell us what you’re doing here.. right jab… left hand…

Manny Pacquaio: yeah yeah… that’s what our a… black beast plan at this fight.. the left hand you know the and a also the right hand… so a.. i’m lucky tonight because a.. i win by knock out.. so.. thank God for giving me the strength…

Interviewer:it’s been a long time since you fought another south paw and it looks like still you were more able to use your brilliant right hand that hooked in the uppercut in this fight against the south paw that even against the conventional fighters. Did you know coming in that would be the case?

Manny Pacquaio: well ahmmm.. i tell you the truth… you know ahmmm… it’s hard to fight the south paw and ahmm that’s why i’m not ahmmm… very confident at this fight.. you know.. i’m just a… a ah.. ha.. ahmm my… my differences you know.. I jab jab a lot… and i’m surprise now in the aaaa.. aaaaa.. ninth round and i knock him out…

Interviewer: so manny there’s been a discussion of a possible third fight at this weight against juan manuel marquez, there’s been discussion by your trainer, Freddie Roach standing right behind you, maybe going up another 5 pounds in fighting Ricky Hatton, which fight do you like?

Manny Pacquaio: well ahmmm… sir my job is ahmmm… im just a fighter.. and my job is to prepare in the ring and to fight, that’s the promoter job. you know… ahhmmm I’m just a fighter to fight in the ring…

Interviewer: you wanna fight as soon as november.. or do you think that it will pass at the end of the year?

Manny Pacquaio: well, i can fight at november.. so ahmm.. im a… im getting prepared on that…

Interviewer: So.. are you now the number 1 pound for pound fighter in the world?

Manny Pacquaio: well a… Thank you.. thanks God for giving me the…. the blessings.. and a.. to all the people who love boxing to support me.. without you guys.. i’m not here…

Interviewer: all right. thank you manny.. congratulations on a great start.. and a new weight class…

I’m currently uploading the Video file of the interview in Youtube for you to watch and listen (Tagal mag upload.. arrghh..!)

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45 thoughts on “Manny Pacquiao Post-Fight Interview Script

  1. I guess the interviewer was Jim Lampley of HBO. Naalala ko kasi tong linya na to. Yung malayong sagot ni Manny hehe…

    “Interviewer: So.. are you now the number 1 pound for pound fighter in the world?

    Manny Pacquaio: well a… Thank you.. thanks God for giving me the…. the blessings.. and a.. to all the people who love boxing to support me.. without you guys.. i’m not here…”

  2. @pinoy nurse – hehehe.. yeah.. napagod na ata sa manny kaya gusto nya nang e stop.. kaya nag thank you na siya :D hehehe.. pero astig.. ang haba ng tanong tapos nakaka sagot agad si Manny.. parang imprompto speech.. hehehe..

    galing talaga ni manny :D

  3. @Ed – the best talaga si Manny :) walang binatbat si Miss World Philippines Janina San Miguel kay Manny sa totoo lang :) yay!

    sa unang tanong pa lang.. mahirap na sagutin yun.. di ko nga naisip na ganun na kagaling sumagot si manny… :D konting improvement nalang sa grammar, astig na si manny mag english :D mas magaling na ata si manny sa akin.. mas marami pa akong mali sa grammar.. haha :D

  4. @Mi – yeah.. iniiwasan nya yugn reporter mas masakit kasi magtanong.. mas gusto nya cguro mag jab jab jab nalang :D hehehe.. pero astig parin si manny for me.. magaling siya sumagot accent nalang at konting grammar astig na :D

  5. napanood ko din ang interview neto.. nakaka tawa talaga.. nag smasmile pa si pacquiao na parang bata.. nakaka tawa reaction nya.. :D

    pero astig talaga si pacquiao.. nag e improve na din ang english nya.. bka someday biglang tumaba si pacquiao at kalabanin ni mayweather :D yun ang astig! :) 6 TIME WORLD CHAMPION ay from the Philippines! san ka pa! :)

  6. Galing nga ni niya…Manny or Inday san ka?hahahaha….

    Aus ah, stress lang si manny non kasi galing sa laban, naalog yata utak…hmpmm

  7. galing nito. haha. with matching himatay effect pa ni Dionisia ‘yan after the fight. :D

    Pero Manny Pacquiao is indeed the pride of the Generals (GenSan people :D )!!!

  8. LOLX! whahaha..

    uu nga nman.. hmmmp! d ako nano-od sa fight! haha.. well then, abs nag report na na panalo na s manny, bago pa pnalabas ang show sa gma.. haha

    moreover, when i arrived home kanina, naabutan ko ung news na ambasaddor na s mann?! *surprised! *
    good for him!

  9. LOLX! whahaha..

    uu nga nman.. hmmmp! d ako nano-od sa fight! haha.. well then, abs nag report na na panalo na s manny, bago pa pnalabas ang show sa gma.. haha

    moreover, when i arrived home kanina, naabutan ko ung news na ambassador na s mann?! *surprised! *
    good for him!

  10. @drei – magaling talaga si manny.. nag e improve english nya.. kung ako andoon.. speechless talaga ako sa unang tanong pa lang.. hehe

    @ayel – yeah.. kahit ako hindi taga gensan proud parin ako kay manny :)

    @webslave – sana pinanood mo.. sayang.. maganda! hehehe

    @did you know – magaling talaga ^-^

    @Jan Alvin – eh.. wala tayong magagawa.. si pacquiao na nagsabi na si diaz ang toughest.. hehe :D

    @Juler – hahaha :D

  11. hala, buanga oi, kataw-anan au c manny noh?hehehehe.musta namo jehz?datu na tingali au m0 noh???hehehehe..iregards ko kang elve, mis n nko xa.wen mo mag-uli ug davao?back to manny-luoy pud xa noh?wala lng naluoy lng ko niya.hehehehe.gavisit mn ko pirmi sa imong website pero karon lng ko ka comment jud.hehehe.

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