Smart Bro Sucks!

If you’re looking for Smart Bro reviews before applying for a Smart Broadband connection, you probably have landed to several blogs and forums and read a lot of negative reviews from 99% of unsatisfied Smart Bro subscribers nationwide. Complaining, complaining and complaining because of the super high-speed connection that Smart Bro provides them. Well, I’m not complaining because I love Smart Bro.

Smart Bro does not offer high-speed broadband connection, but a super damn slow internet connection that goes on and off. I love Smart Bro because it keeps me awake and wait for it to go up again if it goes down. If it’s disconnected, I’ll just click diagnose and windows will detect what’s the error. If windows cannot detect the error, I’ll click diagnose again until my Smart Bro internet connection will come back to life for a few minutes. But after a few minutes of glorious web browsing and enjoying the miraculous connection, my browser will suddenly notify me that the “Page Cannot be Displayed” because Smart Bro died again. So I’ll do that “diagnose” routine again, then I’ll go back online, then offline, then online again! Is that amazing? I bet it is!

My Smart Bro connection happily fluctuates and I’m so satisfied by its performance. And oh… I would like to say again that I’m not complaining about Smart Bro. Actually, I would like to commend them for their excellent service! If you’re curious why my post title is “Smart Bro Sucks”, it was purely ironic. I just want to get some traffic for people who were searching for Smart Bro negative reviews, that’s why my post title was “Smart Bro Sucks”. But they don’t suck, they RULE! Smart Bro is the number one broadband internet connection provider in the Philippines! (Sarcastically speaking).

If you get disconnected, just reconnect it again. If you can’t connect again, you can call their friendly Tech Support to help troubleshoot your internet connection. If nothing happens, just be patient. Your connection will eventually come back after a few days (or weeks). All you need to do is relax and be very very patient.

Want to know more why Smart Bro Sucks? Then read this post!

Are you using SMART Broken? I mean.. Smart Bro? And you can’t connect to the Internet? If so, you can try these tips from Kate (A former Smart Tech Support who left a comment below):

FIRST TIP: Check your IP Address (Smart Bro’s IP address is in the series of 192)
Your IP should not be static.

For 192 series who can’t connect to the internet or browse any website:
1. Open the command prompt and have a ping test;
1A. ping test for gateway:
1B. ping test for wireless gateway:
2. Check the proxy settings: All of the boxes should have no check.
3. Clear all private data (e.g.: cookies, files, browsing history)

If you still can’t connect to the internet try these:
» Restart your PC and unplug the POE/Motorola adaptor for about 30 seconds, then plug it back.
» Check your IP and try to browse if it works.

SECOND TIP: If your IP address is on series 169:
1. Disable/Enable LAN
2. If your IP is still in 169 series, restart your PC and unplug/plug POE/Motorola adaptor for about 30seconds.
3. Check the IP address
4. Check the cable if it’s properly connected
5. Check the proxy settings
6. Try to browse again.

If you’re so tired in doing those stuff again and again and still you can’t connect to the internet call Smart Bro’s Hotline at *1888 so that Smart Bro can check the parameters of your antenna from the Base Station.

Have patience, don’t be mad about the service. These are just machines built by human hands so it’s not perfect same as human beings. Simple but it makes sense.

If you still have concerns, just make a follow up about it by calling Smart Bro’s Hotline at *1888.

Peace! :)

Update February 13, 2009: Smart Bro Improved their Speed. This is my new Smart Bro Speed Test Result based on, a whooping 0.10 MBPS! That was fast! Congrats Smart Bro and thanks for upgrading my Internet Connection Speed!
Smart Bro Speed Test Result

Update May 28, 2009: Smart Bro Improved their Speed. This is my new Smart Bro Speed Test Result based on, a whooping 0.39 MBPS! Hoping to reach 0.50 MBPS by next year. Hehe
Smart Bro Speed Test Result

Update October 5, 2010: Smart called me and asked if I still have problems with my Internet connection. So far, my Smart Bro is working just fine and my connection is very stable, but it’s very slow. If I watch 1-minute video in YouTube, I need to wait for 4 to 5 minutes for it to buffer. Imagine how annoying is that. O_O

Here’s my latest speed test result from
Smart Bro Speed Test Resullt

August 10, 2011 UPDATE: After using Smart Bro for more than 3 years now, It’s still safe to say that they suck. My internet speed is now slower than everrrrrr!

August 4, 2012 UPDATE: It’s always raining this month. But Smart Bro is not slower than last year, neither faster. It’s now gone. Gone with the rain.

PS: If you’re looking for the best ISP in the Philippines, check this post out.

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803 thoughts on “Smart Bro Sucks!

  1. it’s not a hidden fee. look at your billing date. 12-22 to 01-25. 999 is for 30 days. that’s 34 days. the extra 4 days is the 133.2 charge. (999/30)*4 + 999. :)

    • wala naman kaming problema sa connection ng smartbro… ang problema, ST**P*D ang tech suppport ant customer service reps nila! mali-mali ang information at instructions na binibigay! kahit contractor nila, UNPROFESSIONAL! hindi marunong tumupad sa appointment. gagawin ka rin katulad nilang T*NG* na maghihintay sa kanila only to find out later on that they will not be able to make it on time, without even informing the customer. tapos, darating sila ng walang pasabi man lang! During the most unexpected time of the day!

      • punyetang smart bro yan nagaantay lng ata ng byad lakas manloko dmo nmn mapakinabanagan product nila

  2. hmmmm mareview nga din yung smartbro connection ko hahahaha para malagay sa SERP

    kaso lang positive yung review ko.. baka sabihin sipsip lang ako haha
    pero positive tlaga e haha

    para san yung hidden charges? sa akin wala naman ganun 999 pa din naman binabayaran ko :)

  3. hmmm…

    naaaliw ako sa post mo… :D

    ang smart bro ko nman, well… nakakabwisit lng minsan kc walang connection. at times, i have to wait for an hour para mabalik, unlike u na ngdidiagnose ng error, ako naman, ping ng ping hehehe…

  4. Thanks Bro,
    I assumed your really smart-bro! Just kidding. Buti na lang nabasa ko review mo. Gusto sana ng anak ko mag subscribe sa latest promo nila na P799.00. yung style usb na portable.Wag na lang!!!
    Happy naman ako sa skydsl ng bayantel eh!D ka naman nanginginig sa galit nung sulat mo ito?
    Read mo na lang post ng Co-Author ko,Priciple of 90/10.Nag commercial pa!

  5. matagal ka na po naka add sa friendster ko :P

    ah first billing mo ba yan? kung oo talgang ganyan hehehe…

    pero yung succeeding months ok na…

  6. awww thanks buddy migs :D hehehehe

    @mhel – salamat at na aliw ka.. bwahahahaha! :D yiheeeee!

    @ mon – oo nga thou shalt stay away from smart bro.. nag smart bro lang ako para makapag review din :D wahahahah!

  7. natawa naman ako, excited ka talaga magbayad nung 133.20 na hidden or advance fee or whatever… wahehehe… anyway, ang koolit nung customer service, nagtatanong pa nung ibang bagay where he/she can help samantalang di ka nga nasagot or natulungan sa una… asa pa sya… lolz!


  8. i’ve been on smart bro for a year now. i even had it relocated when i moved to my home in guadalupe. though sometimes it has its quirks, smart bro works way better than pldt. noemi was right. pldt sucks big time!

  9. meron din akong ‘hate’ post tungkol sa smart bro eh.. buried in the archives.. :)

    it’s better than nothing na rin sa lugar namin.. :)

  10. this is a ncie way of saying smartbro—make that pldt’s dsl as well—–SUCKS! and they’re tryign to lure more peopel to the system–

  11. sakn ok naman ang connection. minsan nga e more than ok. at ganun pa din yung binabayaran ko kahit minsan e lampas na ko sa due date ng payment. siguro depende rin sa area yan.

  12. napaka bulok ng smart bro, damn! napapadalas ng masyado ang paputol putol kaya halos hindi na namin magamit sa bahay…napaka inefficient pa ng customer service! ilang beses kaming tumawag to complain wala man lang silang nagawa, they said they will call us back hanggang ngayon WALA pa yung tawag. palpak talaga ang serbisyo

  13. i hate SmartBro alot.. ang connection ay putol putol, tapos ang hina pa ng server connection. but as of now my ONLY option is SmartBro:(

  14. nkakainis manood ng youtube vids using smartbro, bagal dwnload rate. i once visited a friend in hongkong. super bilis ng broadband dun kahit pang residential. evrything in this country really SUCK!


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  18. @Zechariah – ok naman ang smart bro… pag gabi.. sa akin ok lang.. pero pag umaga nawawala wala..

    sabi ng iba depende sa place… I think tama sila, kasi may mga kakilala me na smart bro users, ok naman ang connection. You better give smart bro a try :)

  19. jeh,san b place mo?I prolly read about +500 reviews regarding net providers..mapa cable/wireless…absolutely cable is much better than wireless..back then SmartBro feedback are all negative you can only bump to few ones that are positive, but the service seems to be improving..Just like with the other guys that posted here I dont have any option but availing what SmartBro offers..but I prefer PLDT MyDSL sana,kso hndi abot sa lugar namin..kaasar.

  20. mas mabilis pa nga pag smart 3g kc solo ko bandwidth. mabilis din manood ng online videos. TIPID PA MGA BRO! P10 lang per 30 minutes.


  22. @Jonas, alam ko pde ipa-terminate ung account kpag sobrang baba ng connection speed..pdeng hndi tapusin ung lock-in period…You have a good deal of reason nman.

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  24. ang tagal pa matapos ng contrata ko sa Smart..T.T kakaasar ! ! ! kung di lng ako kumuha ng promong celpon ng smart… X I … yung mga character ko sa iba’t-ibang laro kong online napapabayaan na at palaging namamatay dahil sa LAG ! ! sayang exp at oras yun ! ! !at saka pera kapag sa computer cafe pa ako maglalaro at magbabayad ng pera, na kung iisipin eh may internet naman dito sa bahay….T.T magsend nga lng ng reply na to inabot pa ako ng limang refresh para lang ma-send at ma-share ang nakakabilib kong experience kasama ang smartbro… kahit alas dos ng umaga na wala na yatang gising dito sa lugar namin eh, ang bagal2x pa rin..T.T yung mga multo kaya gumagamit din at nakikisalo sa bandwidth ko??…=O

  25. Well i guess all of you doesnt rili know the difference between a cable and a w/o a cable…
    thats the problem of researching before entering.

    Tip: SA MGA PUTOL-PUTOL Ang connection
    1. Disable and then enable your connection
    2. Try nyo upgrade pc nyo it vary kasi sa unit n gamit, my advise dapat ung super computer
    3. Try nyo minsan pagpahingahin ung PC nyo
    4. Wag mainip! remember patience is a must

    w/ love
    Mr. SMART

    • alangan naman na need pa namin every time na ishutdown and computer namin …napakahustle naman nun……kung patience lang ang pina uusapan nakakaubos talaga ng pasyensya ang smartbro..manonood ka lang ng youtube for 5mins. mag aantay pa kami ng 30mins. para lang matapos….sayang lang ang binanayaran namin mas kelangan namin ng stable na internet…PLDT MYdsl is the best…..

  26. cool article about smart bro.. more traffic to you este sa website mo pala..

    wala din ako problema sa smartbro bukod sa mga walang galang na customer “CARE” na walang care, saka sa mga TSR na yan!

    ipconfig /flushdns
    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /renew huh?? never ko na pa2renew kontrata ko!


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  28. Just go to other rich countries like Japan or Europe their internet is free, I don’t know why many companies like smart taking advantage of internet

  29. hi guys and esp. you jhez, hi!… gusto mu ba na iexplain ko sayo ung 133.20? Anyway i am working now at pldt at supported namen ang smart bro or smart company. Hmmm.. your right may mga instances na badtrip pag putol putol ung line…but i’ll advised to call the customer service to check the parameters of your antenna… 3 lang naman ang possible reasons kung bakit ganun, its either may technical prob ang BASESTATION, poor parameters ang ANTENNA and of course sa COMPUTER din na ginagamit.

    Anyway, ung sa billing mu PRORATED RATE ang tawag dun started from your first activation to your due date. yun lang ang babayaran mu sa next month na billing kasi nga diba nag advance ng one moth ng 999? so the next month ang babayaran lang is yung narecieved mung 133.20.

    Haha..baka alam mu na ung reson pero inulit ko lang para maliwanagan ka.. anyway anu pala surname mu para macheck ko ung record mu sa database namen?


  30. @kate – gets ko na po yun.. heheheh.. sinabi na ni marhgil.. kaya binura ko na ^__^

    Thanks sa pag explain about sa putol putol.. heheheh ;) Pero kahit anong gawin talagang di maiiwasan mawala ang segnal.. hihihi…

    Laurente surname ko ate Kate.. kaka bayad ko lang din kanina sa Smart Bro thru BPI Express Online, pa check naman if nag reflect na.. Isang reklamo ka pa sa Smart Bro, masyadong delayed yung pag send nila ng Billing Statement, natanggap ko last billing statement ko nung tapos na ang deadline.. so bad record na ako nun? Kaya nag babayad na ako palagi now kahit wala pang billing statement, on or before 16th of the month. Yun kasi naka reflect sa billing statement ko.

    Pero dapat di na kasalanan ng customer pag na delay ang bayad. Delayed din kasi mag send ang smart bro ng statement… :) Just my two cents.. ^_^

  31. haha..dapat nirereport mu about sa delayed ng SOA.. actually may project kasi kami ngayon, migrating basestation. Lahat ng BTS iuupdgrade kaya possibleng maapektuhan lahat ng bts. Suffer natin yun pero at least in the end tayo din naman makikinabang. Smartbro user din ako pero eversince la pa ko reklamo =) just to share with you guys, =) walang kinalaman kung dun ako nagwowork. Pero naiintindihan ko naman kayo…

    may tips na lang ako.. wag kayo mag stick sa quickfix.. e2 gawin nyong troubleshooting:

    FIRST TIP: check nyo ung ip address (ang ip address ng smart bro is 192 series)
    Kelangan po naka dynamic lagi.

    for 192 series and still ndi pa rin kayo connected or can’t browse to any site:
    -open the command prompt and have a ping test;
    *ping test for gateway:
    *ping test for wireless gateway:
    -check the proxy settings: dapat walang naka check sa mga boxes,
    -delete cookis/files/clear history.
    kung hindi pa rin makaconnect:
    -restart pc and unplug the poe/motorola adaptor for about 30secs. and then plug it back.
    -check nyo ung ip and try to browse na!

    SECOND TIP: if the ip address is 169 series;
    -disable/enable lan
    -(if still 169,try to)restart pc and unplug/plug poe/motorola adaptor for about 30secs.
    -check the ip address
    -check the cable if it’s properly connected
    -check the proxy settings
    -try to browse

    -guys kung ubos na powers nyo doing those stuffs and wala pa rin connection tawag kayo sa hotline *1888 para macheck ung parameters ng antenna nyo from the basestation.

    _GUYS have patience,hehe wag kayong magalit sa service kasi tao lang naman gumawa nyan eh so walang perfect, =), when it comes to technical possible din na nagdodown yan kasi kung tao nga napapagod diba? Simple but make sense…=)

    Hmmmm…pag may concern kayo follow up nyo lagi guys. ganun lang naman give and take lang tayo =)

    PEACE!!! =)

  32. to know your connection speed try this sites:

    *Smart bro connection speed is up to 384kbps burstable*

  33. you need to shift to wire-based broadband. wireless kasi ang Smart Bro. they depend on Smart’s cell network. that’s why the maximum speed you have is only 300+ kbps. it’ll never reach at least 1mbps which is the speeds offered by Globelines at P995 and Bayantel at 900++. i’m not sure with PLDT though.

    kaya for those with land-based broadband, don’t shift to Smart Bro. =) if you have no other choice, this is the only logical choice to get connected.

  34. Di naman =p hehehe ako nga di lag eh… dami ko pa bots nun 20 na bots may you porn pang tatlo tapos may crunchy roll pa.. tapos nag raragna pa ko.. =p hehehe kapag umuulan lang ako nakakaexperience nyan =p

  35. @majuro – oo nga naman.. ako walang choice eh kaya nag smart bro.. pero ok naman ang smart bro minsan.. hehehe :D

    @bodie – oo nga.. depende sa location.. may mga lugar na super ok ang smart bro, may mga lugar na super pangit ang smart bro.. nagkataon nga lang mas maraming lugar na super pangit ang smart bro.. hehe

  36. @kate panu kung iba settings ng canopy?? 2 accnt ko sa smart bro. 1 for my computer shop then 1 sa sarili q PC. bakit un isa ok pa ng konti pero e2 nasa kwarto ko na nag iisa ay dinidimonyo?? partida SOLO pa!! try q pagpalitin antena. nilipat ko sa comshop q un mabal na connection. tapos un isa na medyo ok nilagay ko sa room q. amf nalaman ko na antena ang may problema.. bumagal comshop q. then tumawag aq sa SMART. amf mga b0b0 sumagsagot eh. di ata alam sinasabi q. BTS daw may problema eh medyo ok isa ko smart bro. nag papunta d2 ng contractor para palitan un antena. anak ng teteng!!! lalo nag LOKO lalo ng pag tanghaling tapat. di na slow connection. WALA NA! sabi nun isa ko friend na nag tatrabaho sa smart check daw nya. amf kaya pala. nun ma check nya. un canopy ko iba sa setting nun isa ko smart bro.. e2 ohh. e2 un ok na connection q (QoS)

    Sustained Uplink Data Rate : 500 (kbps) (Range: 0– 1000 kbps)
    Sustained Downlink Data Rate : 500 (kbps) (Range: 0– 1000 kbps)
    Uplink Burst Allocation : 1500 (kbits) (Range: 0 — 1500 kbits)
    Downlink Burst Allocation : 1500 (kbits) (Range: 0 — 1500 kbits)

    pero un nag loloko na antena?? e2 ang katarantaduhan ng smart hinati ang speed q!!!

    Sustained Uplink Data Rate : 256 (kbps) (Range: 0– 512 kbps)
    Sustained Downlink Data Rate :256 (kbps) (Range: 0– 512 kbps)
    Uplink Burst Allocation : 750 (kbits) (Range: 0 — 750 kbits)
    Downlink Burst Allocation : 750 (kbits) (Range: 0 — 750 kbits)

    p*t*ng !na! naka 256 aq.. that means maximum speed ng net q is 256kbps

    try q kausapin *1888. confidencial daw canopy page nila. may mga tinatago silang kabalbalan sa page na yan.. sa totoo lang ang speed q ngayun 30-76kbps instead of up to 384kbps which is 7x faster than dial ups?
    tapos ang speed sa ok na antena q 100-150+kbps.. troubleshooting ng smart bro?? alam q lahat.. ping those f*cking IPs ping another blah blah blah. then sabihin nila ala problema antena mo kahit nakalagay sa ping mo request timed out!! f*cking smart bro!!

  37. aw
    @kate panu kung iba settings ng canopy?? 2 accnt ko sa smart bro. 1 for my computer shop then 1 sa sarili q PC. bakit un isa ok pa ng konti pero e2 nasa kwarto ko na nag iisa ay dinidimonyo?? partida SOLO pa!! try q pagpalitin antena. nilipat ko sa comshop q un mabal na connection. tapos un isa na medyo ok nilagay ko sa room q. amf nalaman ko na antena ang may problema.. bumagal comshop q. then tumawag aq sa SMART. amf mga b0b0 sumagsagot eh. di ata alam sinasabi q. BTS daw may problema eh medyo ok isa ko smart bro. nag papunta d2 ng contractor para palitan un antena. anak ng teteng!!! lalo nag LOKO lalo ng pag tanghaling tapat. di na slow connection. WALA NA! sabi nun isa ko friend na nag tatrabaho sa smart check daw nya. amf kaya pala. nun ma check nya. un canopy ko iba sa setting nun isa ko smart bro.. e2 ohh. e2 un ok na connection q (QoS)

    Sustained Uplink Data Rate : 500 (kbps) (Range: 0– 1000 kbps)
    Sustained Downlink Data Rate : 500 (kbps) (Range: 0– 1000 kbps)
    Uplink Burst Allocation : 1500 (kbits) (Range: 0 — 1500 kbits)
    Downlink Burst Allocation : 1500 (kbits) (Range: 0 — 1500 kbits)

    pero un nag loloko na antena?? e2 ang katarantaduhan ng smart hinati ang speed q!!!

    Sustained Uplink Data Rate : 256 (kbps) (Range: 0– 512 kbps)
    Sustained Downlink Data Rate :256 (kbps) (Range: 0– 512 kbps)
    Uplink Burst Allocation : 750 (kbits) (Range: 0 — 750 kbits)
    Downlink Burst Allocation : 750 (kbits) (Range: 0 — 750 kbits)

    p*t*ng !na! naka 256 aq.. that means maximum speed ng net q is 256kbps

    try q kausapin *1888. confidencial daw canopy page nila. may mga tinatago silang kabalbalan sa page na yan.. sa totoo lang ang speed q ngayun 30-76kbps instead of up to 384kbps which is 7x faster than dial ups?
    tapos ang speed sa ok na antena q 100-150+kbps.. troubleshooting ng smart bro?? alam q lahat.. ping those f*cking IPs ping another blah blah blah. then sabihin nila ala problema antena mo kahit nakalagay sa ping mo request timed out!! f*cking smart bro!! .

  38. ok let mu just clarify you guys, hindi basta basta ginagalaw ang antenna or ung canopy, si contractor lang ang dapat gumalaw jan kasi may allignment silang sinusunod base na din kung san basestation abot ung line of sight ng antenna sa location nyo. Isipin nyo na lang ung antenna ng tv right? once na ginalaw galaw nyo yun diba hihina ung reception ng signal… just think of it guys, may mga settings ang canopy na nagvavary sa basestation kung san kayo nakaconnect, kahit dalawa pa ung account nyo it doesn’t mean same base station kayo, NO! Si contractor lang nakakaalam kung san mas malakas na signal ung antenna nyo kaya kung san nya yun itinapat, as is na dapat dun lang, and kung may problem sa connection just do the basic troubleshooting, minsan nagkakaroon tlga ng tech prob sa bts and even sa router kaya don’t blame sa mga agents ng smart bro kung sinasabi nga nilang may prob sa bts kasi may access sila dun to check it out and may access din sila to check the parameters of your antenna.

    Remind ko lang na ang connection speed is “UP TO” 384kbps “BURSTABLE”…

  39. isang BTS lang ginagamit d2.. isa lang naman cell site ng smart d2. dun lahat naka tutok ang antena namin. di rin aq naniniwala sa line of sight ng antena nila. bakit? bumagsak antena q. then try ko ma contact contractor nila.. 2 days bago makarating. pero un 2 days na naka tumba ang antena q. same speed pa rin. then wala DC. panu nangyari na LINE of SIGHT un?? eh gumagana internet ko kahit naka tumba antena q?? uu tama ka 384kbps nga. un lang ang sagad na kaya ng BTS nila. pero upgrade nila BTS nila.. kaya un kahit 500kbps+ pero ang setting ng antena q na naka 256kbps hanggang dun na lang un sa 256kbps. why?? na try ko baguhain yan ginawa ko 70kbps un both uplink and downlink. then try q check pltdplay speedmeter. halos di nag lalayo ang mga speed nila 65-75kbps lang pero nun ibalik ko sa 256 200-240+kbps ang inaabot. panu mo masasabi na sa BTS din naka depende ang speed?? pero un isa ko antena naka 500ang settings kaya kahit 350-390kbps nun ayus pa ang smart d2.. kaya nga QoS(quality of service) nandun lang naka depende ang speed mo.. maximum throughput ng speed mo is 500kbps. ang kaya ibigay ng BTS is up to 384kbps lang. graduate aq ng IT at CCNA kaya alam ko mga yan KATE. marunong aq mag troubleshoot nyan. kaya ko mag trouble shoot na hindi kaya ng contractor ng smart. anu magagawa ko kung ang antena nila ang SIRA.
    kahit ikaw bibili ka ba ng brand new na cellphone kung may depekto ang cellphone na bibilhin mo??

  40. panu kc di pa nya na eexperience na mag loko ang connection nila or di naman yata marunong mag ayus ng connection si KATE.. sasabat pa kc. “UP TO” 384kbps “BURSTABLE”… <— di ganyan ang connection ng antena.. BTS lang nag distribute ng speed na yan. 384 lang bigay ng smart.. Maximum Throughput ng antena namin ay: 1 Mbps Aggregate.. that means pede kami kahit 1mbps. ang antena kahit 10mbps kaya depende sa setting hindi depende sa layo o sa pag kakatapat dahil may options ang antena.. bakit di nya silipin un canopy .. baka sakaling maintidihan nya kung anu anu mga nilalaman nun.. <– pasok ka na kagad. click nya configuration sa left side tapos hanapin nya un Quality of Service(QoS). un nandun kung hanggang saan kaya ng antena.. KAYA NGA QUALITY OF SERVICE..

  41. well my connection is really good though for the past 5 months. i’ve never experienced that my internet is down… im playing online games and my pc is 24/7. internet never gets dwown with smartbro.. but now.. i don’t know im starting to experience the putolputol connection… OMG.. i hate it… but they said there is a problem with the base stations… and we need to wait for no Estimated Time Resolved. WTF!.

  42. @Jowie: naku yan na un.. sunod sunod na yan. maayus ang BTS tapos masisira.. ganyan na yan parati.. gang mapuno ka na.. tang nang smart bro 2. para kang pumasok sa di mo alam.. walang kwentang internet service. panay mga manloloko! maaayus naila yan conneciton mo after 2 weeks. gaganda yan.. then after 1 week na ayus na connection 4 sure dimonyo mode na ulit. gud luck na lang sa mga smart bro users…
    w8ing 4 globe broadband.. kakaunti negative ang negative feedback..

  43. Well, sa tingin ko, depende talaga sa VICINITY yung connection speed nyo, look mine:

    Link: (Morning-Noon) (Afternoon-Midnight)

    Manually: 851kb/s Download Rate
    248kb/s Upload Rate

    899kb/s Download Rate
    246kb/s Upload Rate

    They said that it’s up to 384kb/s. That was ridiculous! They haven’t said it at first.

    Try nyo ilagay sa pinakatuktok ng bubungan nyo yung Wi-Fi Device, yung hindi matatabunan ng kahit ano… kung disidido talaga kayo na magkaroon ng magandang koneksyon, gawin nyo to, bahala na kidlat sa inyo. :D

  44. I was lucky… I’m now a host in seeding! Seed for torrents! Go BRO! After my lock-in period expires (6months remaining), I’ll try to transfer to PLDT MyDSL. It’s a good choice within my vicinity. Ayus ‘to!

  45. Grabe talaga ang SMART BRO! BROKEN talaga !! gravveee …..before na e enjoy ko pa yung 300++ kbps nila…but now?? my speed is like hell as 64 kbps! WTF!
    then 2 months na akong tumatawag sa customer service nila…and everytime na tumatawag ako…laging sinasabi “WAIT FOR 24 HOURS” then check again the connectiion…everytime na lang GANUN??? hanggang sa umabot ng 2MONTHS ???
    then ni-REPORT ko na sa kanila na meron akong nakikitang naka-CONNECT sa PC ko….as in ang DAMING USERS akong na view na nage-enjoy sa bandwidth ko….kaya naman ganun na lang ka BAGAL ang CONNECTION ko!! ano to BANDWIDTH THEFT?
    wala ba kayong magagawa dito?? OMG! SMART BROKEN!

  46. ganito nman connection ko 2pm, pero pag 9pm-10am mas mataas pa, d2 sa gerona, tarlac!!


  47. ganito nman connection ko 2pm, pero pag 9pm-10am mas mataas pa, d2 sa gerona, tarlac!!

    pero lapit ng makaroon ng PLDT DSL dito samin, lapit na din matapos lock in period ko sa smart bro, so im gonna switch to myDsl soon., sana mas better kasi upto 1Mb/sec sa plan 999 ung mydsl., di ako kuntento sa smart bro e.,

  48. Kesa mag Advertise kyo! pabilisn nyo nlng ang connection nyo!!!

    Connection ko gnun rin mbgal na paputol putol FCK!

  49. Wait… I was mistaken!!! Damn it! It’s totally impossible that I can have that speed.

    Here in Bagumbong, Caloocan:


    Morning monitoring (12:00am-12:00pm) : 340 kbps (40-74kb/s download rate)
    Afternoon monitoring (12:01pm-5:59pm): 401 kbps (45-93kb/s download rate)
    Evening monitoring (6:00pm-11:59pm): 415 kbps (47-97kb/s download rate)

    Torrent download rate: Min: 34kb/s Max: 76kb/s

    Technique in watching online videos (Streaming):

    If you want to watch movies (that may take an hour to load for SmartBro users), go to a site with the following host:

    This host divides the whole videos (maybe 30mins-50mins), this will allow you to watch videos more efficient. This is like watching Video CDs. I’d like to recommend you to go to This is an open source hosting. Same as Video Search.

    If you encounter slow performance on downloading, use Internet Download Manager, they’ve got the right logic which makes your download more efficient by looking for more mirrors or something they just didn’t tell anybody. Try and get satisfied!

    Also, I recommend you to use Firefox 2 or Firefox 3 Beta 5 (It not just look beta, it feels like a stable version). It’s easier, safer and faster than any browsers.

    One thing, as I’ve observed, a few people encounter problems watching streaming videos with Firefox (old computers/lan cards exist). Try watching with the Safari browser.

    Kung may tanong kayo, punta lang kayo sa multiply ko, may ilang topics din dun tungkol sa mga common problems ng Pinoy pagdating sa computers (Ia-update ko this week para sa inyo SmartBro Users).


  50. tang inang smartbro to may problema ka tatawag kasa hotline 15mins bago sagutin tapos tatanga tanga pa yun makakasagot wala ng ginawa kundi JUST A MOMENT PLS, COORDINATE KO lang po issue nyu, CHECK ko lang po wala ba sila isasagaot na macoconvince yun client tapos Bwisit na Bwisit kana dahil sa serbisyo nila tatawanan ka pa ng AGENT!!! tang ina naman oh!

  51. Hmn.. yung smart bro connection ko ayos naman, try to test your internet connection speed sa pinakamalapit na server like quezon city.

    I got 391 kbps speed using smart bro, nag dedepende lang yata sya sa location or may ulan ba.

    good luck po.

    also try to use
    port 8080

    this proxy will effectively increase your browsing experience.
    then try to retest your speed after using the proxy, then compare form your previous speed.

  52. Nalilito na po ako, may nagsasabi kasi na best option so far ay itong Smart Bro (well, I am one of their subscribers at matagal-tagal ko na din nararanasan ang putol-putol, 24/7), at ang myPLDT DSL, “sucks big time”. Meron po bang taga-Laguna dito? Tanong ko lang po, ano po ba ang mas OK, ung Smart o yung PLDT? Sa Sta. Rosa area po… Kasi naiinis na talaga ako sa connection ko.. T_T

  53. tangina yang smart bro na yan putangina yan talaga. WAG KAYO BUMILI NG PREPAID SMART BRO WALANG KWENTA ANG BAGAL BAGAL!!!! dito na ako sa makati nakatira at lagi akong walang connection PUTANGINA KA SMART BRO SINAYANG MO PERA KO

  54. Tang inang smart bro yan! Super lag sa games!!!! once in every joined games sa gg client bigla kang matatanggal!!! tang ina tlga! Bad3p no choice kami d2 sa area namin smart bro lang meron!!!!

  55. @fucksmartbro – u mean yung 4,500 peso worth na prepaid kit? pangit pala yun? hehehe.. cge di na me bibili.. plano ko pa naman sana bumili nun para sa mga lugar na walang wifi.. hayyyyyyyyyy :(

  56. I am contented with my smartbro connection. Plan 999 ang kinuha ko and until now, hindi pa din ako nagkakaproblem. I just experienced that during peak hours mejo mabagal ang connection. mabagal but not in a sense na kasing bagal ng dial-up but it is the usual speed when you use it in the morning. You have to take into consideration the network “traffic” lalo na kung sa area ninyo eh smartbro lang ang available. Try to picture out the scene where in a city, isa lang ang road na dinadaanan ng mga sasakyan. So parang ganun din kung lahat kayo eh kumo-connect sa isang internet provider. To tell you honestly, mahina yung signal sa area namin dahil madaming factory sa paligid. Sabi nga sa akin nung taga-smartbro na nag-connect, hindi daw nakakasagap ng malakas na signal kung yung standard na taas ng antenna ang gagamitin. Kinailangan pang i-extend ng mas mataas yung antenna para makasagap ng malakas na signal. Hindi naman ako nag-sisi kahit na nagbayad ako ng 500 for the additional length of the antenna. Hindi lamang sa smartbro ako contented pati sa subscription ko sa smart, super contented ako.

  57. maawa naman kayo sa customer agents, hindi porke hindi maresolve yung concerns niyo kasalan nila yun. taga tanggap lang nman sila ng mga concern niyo para mareport. sa troubleshooting nman parang firstaid lang yun ginagawa nila, pag di kinakaya ng firstaid pinapasa sila sa other department gaya ng mga contractors.

  58. Got an idea and experience!

    Why PLDT Quick Install Kit?
    1. Simple to install. Approx. 5-15mins depending on your skill.
    2. 24-Hour Wait period (Unlike engineered maintenance, took about 3 days).

    I just didn’t said that it was superb, it just balanced speed.

    If you want to have a superb speed, I think it will be on Late 2009/Early 2010.
    I’m sorry about it. But it’s true, we need another foreign company for these wanted speed.
    Sometimes, being independent isn’t good. That’s the way it is.

  59. Well, i know how the Customer Agents felt about what people have said.

    They just want to help you, that’s why it’s Customer Service, meaning, they’re bringing their best to help you out.

    Sometimes, it’s your FUCKING fault freaking newbies in Computers, sorry for my language.

    Try to tweak your PC, update your drivers, update your LAN CARDS, and be conscious about BALANCED CONNECTION. We can’t insist that we’ve got a superb connection, try to understand about the situation of the development of our internet connections.

    If you want a superb connection, swim until you’ve reached U.S.! There you can have a speed about 1.5MBPS-10MBPS (1MB+/s is the download speed their… maybe higher than that!).

  60. Alright, this is for the GAMERS who usually lag using SMART Bro:

    I just hang around with my neighbors PC:

    This is what he’ve got:
    Windows XP Service Pack 3
    Intel Pentium 4 HT 3.0 Ghz
    512 of RAM
    PowerColor ATi Radeon 9250 256MB
    Foxconn G33M
    Pioneer DVR-A09XLA
    Realtek AC’97 ALC655

    The one thing why you’re lagging is your PC Specs, try to set the details to LOW.
    This will reduce your ping. More ping, more lags.

  61. Remember, if you’re trying to tell that SmartBro sucks, you’re trying to tell that you’re a little prick.

    I’m not with Smart but this is not the time for a good connection.





  63. @ SHAN






    Wah super lag sa RAN WEAK pa rin tuloy character ko!!!!

  64. magastos pa la yang Smart Bro. Come to think of it, may P999 bill ka na monthly, kailangan mo pang lumipat ng tirahan kasi mahina signal sa location mo.

    How to look for better signal using Smart Bro usb.
    -Get your laptop & smart bro usb,
    -ride in your car and drive down the road,
    -keep on driving until you find a better signal then stop the car
    -try driving in the skyway. hehehe

  65. Not that I want to argue with the CSR’s but, when they tell you, “within 24 hours, you’ll receive a message via phone call or text…” is that an SOP? does that really happen or glitches still occur? I had to report twice before I got a message from Smart telling me when they’ll fix my connection.

    Hindi sa inaaway or kinakawawa yung CSR’s pero kung sasabihan ka naman na within 24 hours, tatawagan ka, di ba maghihintay ka. pero it’s frustrating na, naghintay ka tapos wala naman pala mangyayari. Tapos no choice ka, tatawag ka ulit at “magrereklamo” tapos, sasabihin lang ulit sa ‘yo yung within 24 hours message.. ano na ang mangyayari? swerte ka kung sa pangalawang pagtawag mo (tulad ko) eh na-aksyonan na. pano kung naghintay ka lang ulit? eh di tatawag ka na naman…and it goes on and on..

  66. Heh… that’s the most problem here in Philippines. We usually have BALANCED internet connection and sometimes… worst… Just please understand.

    That’s beyond your tweaking. Buy a better LAN Card, and sometimes it isn’t the card itself, it’s sometimes the place you are staying.

    Hence, have a Wired Internet Connection rather than the Wireless.

    The more crowded, the worse it is.

    Goodluck with SmartBro! Hehe…

  67. magpalit lang kayo ng dns server kung sakali mahina connection nyo try nyo kasi sakin dati mabagal now medyo mabiis bilis na. he he he.

  68. i have bro for 8 mths na, it was working fine for 7mths then suddenly naging slow connection na siya for like a mth as in dialup na lang ang speed niya. in fairness naman fast talaga connection nila before.. nakakainis lang kasi i’m not getting the service i am paying for.. pag natawag ako sa csr nila, laging monitor for 24hrs daw.. Haler! 1mth ng 24 hrs kong minomonitor to at ganun p din linya nila.. i’m a tech support as well so lhat ng alam ko ginawa ko na sa pc ko pero super slow talaga siya. network talaga nila kasi congested ata sa area namin.. i’ll be changing to pldt, hopefully mas ok siya..

  69. bat ganun.. dati maaus naman connection ko pag naglalaro ako ng GG client d2. (dota online) pero after 5 days, lagi na ako na Didisconnect.. waaa.. lagi na ako sinasabihan ng mga kalaban ko na quitter ako dahil sa connection ko. waaa.. ndi ko nga alam kung may virus lng PC ko kaya ganun or sa connection e.. anu kaya to.. tsktsk

  70. Bakit akin di nag didisconnect? mahina lang ang internet speed.. ang style ko kc pag mag internet, after ko mag gamit ng computer, ishut down ko ang computer pero di ko i-unplug ang smartbro.. =) problema lng, maximum na 50 kb per second =( pati sa laru ko, sooooooooooooobrang LAG

  71. @Steph

    That’s just normal. Try to use Usenext, there you’ll find the compared speed of what kind of connection you have…

    I’m giving you an example:

    Every 384k connection, you’ll be getting the range of 45-61kb/s. You can’t change that, that’s the maximum speed that SMART can give you, of you want more, try Globelines Broadband. There, you’ll be getting a 512k connection, with additional 15-65kb/s. And that depends if your place is congested by too many users. As more it is congested, the more you’ll be getting slow speed. Or if you want a greater connection. DON’T USE BROADBAND! Try the Wired Connections. Globe, Digitel and PLDT is the primary Wired services here in the PHilippines. PLDT’s more affordable.

  72. tignan mo nga naman #4 sa google search result sa keyword na “smartbro” lol

    easy there waldie *cough*cough* Jehzeel pala… my smart bro connection aint bad at all. more or less 100 meters lang house namin away sa tower eh and walang ni isang bahay or kahoy to block my signal. anyway, i know not everyone is as lucky as me. still, the best broadband internet connection for me is pldt dsl…

  73. I am also planning on purcashing the smart bro kit… or subscribing to smart bro 999 as a back up with my destiny broadband connection. Sometimes kase nag kaka problem yung Mydestiny e i need an alternative. Any feedback from Marikina area? If ok ba yung cellphone signal, it means ba na ok din yung magiging connection with smartbro? thanks and have a good day to everyone :-)

  74. Kung na approve lang sana yung ZTE. Macoconnect na talaga sa EARTH ang PINAS. Hahahahah! Buti pa d2 sa uk, ang babait ng neighbors, d pa nilagyan ng WEP ung mga wireless routers nila. Ayun, happy kami d2 sa flat. Hahahahahah!!!

  75. @noodle

    As far as I know, there are differences between the connection of SmartBRO with your cellphone (the signal I mean). They’re separated. Ask your neighbors near you, if there’s someone who had subscribed SmartBRO connection, it’s good to have it, but if there’s many, try other packs like PLDT Quick Install Kit or Globe Broadband.

    Maximum speed as detailed:
    SmartBRO: up to 384k
    Globe Broadband: up to 512k (depending on your selection, 1 & 2 MBPS are present)
    PLDT QIK: up to 768-1.0MBPS (That’s what I heard from)
    PLDT MyDSL (Wired-Safe): 1.0MPBS (depending on your selection, 2 & 3 MBPS are present)
    DigitelOne: Maybe at highest possible speed. Maybe at 1MBPSS-5MBPS (They’re more expensive but plays safe)

  76. hello po ulit.. tanong ko lang, kung naka-SmartBro ako ngaun, pde ba directly papalitan ng mydsl? Kasi di ba po ang Smart eh under naman ng PLDT? Gets niyo po ba? ^-^V

  77. @Confused_Ako

    Nope, you can’t, there’s a lock-in contract (which I hate much). That means you gonna be waiting and suffering until the lock-in period ended.

  78. Magkano ba binayad na iyo ng Smart??? Totoo bang subscriber ka? Tama na pang-papanggap ng mga pakawala ng Smart. Halata naman hindi kayo subscriber. Ikaw lang ang naloloko ko mo. Mukhang ikaw lang ang 1% na satisfied sa bulok na serbisyo ng SmartBRO!!! Kaso mukhang 100% benefit ang nakukuha mo sa pag-sisinungaling mo!!! MABUHAY ANG MGA BAYARAN!!!! Well dapat lang may bayad kayo eh…

    Kayo ba ay TAO? O mukha lang tao??? idikit mo na lang mukha mo sa papel para mag kapera ka… hindi nili-linlang mo pa mga tao sa pagsisinungaling mo…. MABUHAY KA NGA TALAGA PAKAWALA NG PERA PAKAWALA NG DEMONYO!!!!!

  79. totoo napaka walang kwenta ng smart bro lalo na sa mga naglalaro ng online games… smart broken!!!!!! amp……

  80. @Confused_Ako

    That depends on your subscription, here it is:

    SMARTBRO Plan 999: 12-months lock-in period (1 Year)
    SMARTBRO Plan 799: 24-months lock-in period (2 Years)

  81. ask q lng po anu po pnaka mblis na internet ngaun sa philippines?

    kxe po smart bro aq and lge po na didisconnect

    ung mga PLDT din po ba pti digitelone na didisconnect din po ba minsan?

  82. SMART ba!!!!! T@ng Ina yan…. ng promo pa… thn ngayun dami ng subscriber.. hati-hati na 2loy ng speed na net yung 384 ngayun 40 – 120 na lng pg pick hrs… ma avail u lng ang speed around 1am – 8 am… 384…. ano ba kayo mga Smart o B0B0… kunti na lng nga speed dagdag pa kayo ng mga subscriber … d naman ninyo ups yunf speed… tingnan nyo 2loy ngayon… hindi na kami satisfied sa serbisyo ninyo….

  83. @vexx – no idea.. hehehe… til now naka smart bro ako :D pero aalis na rin ako after a year of contract.. nyok :D

    @MostWanted – tangina talaga.. hahaha :D pero kelangan nating makisabay. la tayong magagawa kahit mag type tayo dito ng isang libong tangina :D hehehehe..

    @dapoy – sa palagay ko Globe na T3 connection.. yun gamit namin sa office eh.. mabilis naman siya compared dito sa smart bro ko :D yay!

  84. hello mga BROs…
    i like to comment about smartBro me mga bagay lang ako na napansin eh
    its just simple things na hindi agad napapansin lalo na’t medyo bago sa mata like 4 example ung connection sa smart ako din kc 4 days ko lang ako nakakapag online just bcoz 3 days na sunod sunod cyang “Limited or No Conectivity” well d nako tumatawg sa customer care coz alam ko na sasabihin ung magwawan year ko nang naririnig sa kanila “Sir may technical problem po sa line nyo pero wait kayo after an hour mareresume din po connection nyo” so sanay na ako dun hehehe! and finaly ung napansin ko lang eh deretso connection ko kapag araw ng pagtangap ko ng billing statement…
    ewan ko ba bakit ganun…
    sayang lang at ito lang ang nag iisang connection na pupwede sakin…

  85. ok naman ang smart bro, d2 sa rizal. ithink isa kame sa mga 1st na nakabitan mga 2 years ago na, and so far ok naman. medyo mabagal lang talaga computer namin. pero ung connection ok naman. hndi naman nagpu-putol-putol. madaling makaconnect. ung mga times na sa start up hindi madali naman maayos. and kahit mga 2 mons hindi makabayad, hindi naman piniputulan ng service.

  86. Pingback: Mobile reviews

    • ok naman Internet Connection ko sa SMART BRO
      Mag Plan 999 ka subukan mo pero
      Try mo ang MYBRO kung Pwede sayo
      Mas maganda kung
      SMART BRO ka tapos mag Router ka para Pinaka mabilis yun.
      Try mo lang yan. Ganyan yung Ginawa ko eh
      one click ayos na Pinaka mabilis na
      From: Danreb

      • Bibilhin mo router ay Certified wifi
        Ang Bilhin mo Kasi
        pag Certified wifi
        my Internet Connection na nakatago sa Router at
        mag Bi Build yun sa
        WAN para sa SMART BRO or Other Network Provider At
        LAN para sa PC mo.

  87. Got some SMARTBro performance experience:

    If any of you had difficulties with your connection when it comes to rainy days—–


    SmartBro Subscription: Sta.Rosa, Laguna

  88. Question lang po. Do you guys experience yung problem sa friendster na kapag nagkasign-in ka na, hindi nagloload yung pictures? I mean naka “x” yung mga pictures kahit irefresh mo pa? Ganun kasi sakin saka sa ibang kakilala ko. Smart Bro User din ako. Badtrip tlga kasi sa iba, normal naman. Kahit anong gawin ko hindi tlga nagloload yung pictures. Sa friendster lang to. Pero sa multiply and other sites, ok naman. What kaya magandang solution dito?

  89. smart bro!!! cnira nyan ang router at mga unit ko!!! wlang anti-lightning ang antenna nila so “IT’S NOT SAFE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THEM”! you won’t be able to use it when raining. at ng ngcomplain ako sa ngyari sa mga unit ko dhil sa lightning that hit their antenna, they even asked me to submit pa a police report muna bago nila ayusin antenna nila & they are not liable daw sa mga unit ko na na-damage ng antenna nila!!! Now i believe that they really sucks!!! No wonder kung bakit minumurahan nila subscription sa kanila dahil sa low quality service they provide!!!

  90. @paolo

    Try to use other browsers like Mozilla Firefox 3.0 RC2, Safari, Opera or Internet Explorer 7/8 Beta 1.

    Try also to clean up all the history.

    If you’re using Mozilla Firefox 1.5/2.0, please check if Friendster’s blocked for showing images.

  91. @mike

    Let me clarify that there’s no Router that has the capability to protect itself from lightning, even the other networks don’t (Even other countries don’t have it)…

    I’ll just suggest you contact Smart Customer Care Service for this incident (I prefer you call and e-mail them—[email protected]/672-7277)


    if you have another LAN Card (Ethernet), try plugging the connection there.

  92. hai!! nakakaasar smart bro prepaid ngnanakaw tlga ng load..hnd ko nggmit ung 1hr nd 30 mins. ko.. prng rate nla ei. P15 per 30 bali 1hr n lng un P30 ko…huhuhuhu .. ano po pwd ko gwin?

  93. naasar ako sa smart bro n yan,,yung customer ko nagpaload sa kin,wala daw dumating sa kanya tapos punta sa bahay namin nakakahiya dala dala nya yung laptop nya na keso wala daw pumasok eh may dumating na message nman sa akin na naiload ko n sya at nagbawas na,,sus tumawag ako smart wala daw sa kanila problema sa smart ang yabang ng customer ko ako daw tumawag sa smart bro..heller ako b yung may smart bro..sila kaya,,hay naku ang pinoy ako mo lahat karapatan nila ang kakapal sinuli ko na sa kanila yung pera kahit nagbawas na sa akin yun,,kikitain ko nman yung pagbigay ko ayun alis agad,,,kakahiya,, ayusin nyo nmn yung smart bro ng customer ko kahit naiinis ako,,gusto ko lang maintindihan nya hindi ako ang may problema yung smartbro nya letseh… eto number nya0299811831

  94. smartbro sucks! very poor performance its only 380kbps! wat the hell! i need atleast 1 or 2 mbps for faster downloads!!!!

  95. sira ang DNS nila! always failing. sabi upgrade daw pero mahina techincal.

    === VisualRoute report on Jun 23, 2008 10:58:10 AM ===

    Report for

    Analysis: ‘’ was found in 14 hops (TTL=109). But, problems starting at hop 3 in network “” are causing IP packets to
    be dropped. Connections to HTTP port 80 are being rejected.

    | Hop | %Loss | IP Address | Node Name | Location | Tzone | ms | Graph | Network |
    | 0 | | | | … | | | | (private use) |
    | 1 | | | – | … | | 0 | x | (private use) |
    | 2 | | | – | … | | 8 | x | (private use) |
    | 3 | 20 | | – | | | 17 | x- | |
    | 4 | 20 | | – | | | 15 | x | |
    | 5 | 20 | | – | ?(Philippines) | 0.0 | 16 | x | Smart Broadband Incorporated |
    | 6 | 10 | | – | ?(Philippines) | 0.0 | 21 | x- | Smart Broadband Incorporated |
    | 7 | 10 | | | | | 17 | x- | |
    | 8 | 30 | | – | | | 19 | x | |
    | 9 | 10 | | | ?(Germany) | -7.0 | 176 | x | Tiscali International Network B.V. |
    | 10 | 10 | | | | | 330 | x | |
    | 11 | 10 | | | | | 347 | x | |
    | 12 | 20 | | | | | 349 | x- | |
    | 13 | 20 | | | | | 350 | x | |
    | 14 | 10 | | | | | 347 | x | |
    VisualRoute Report for produced at 10:58 AM on June 23, 2008.
    Roundtrip time to ( average = 347ms min = 347ms max = 355ms

  96. Hello, smartbro para sa akin ang d’best… ang speed ko kc umaabot ng hanggang 3mb ung ibang ISP hndi kayang abotin ung speed na iyan. gumamit lng ako ng mga mga software, tpos kunting kalikot sa registry at system, and boom grabe na ang speed….

    slamat sa smart at naimbento nila itong smartbro connection….

  97. Kadalasan din po kapag hindi nakasetup ng maayos ang pc natin ang speed apektado din, lalo na po kapag may mga malicious files or mga viruses ang pc natin, dun po bumabagal tlga ang connection kaya iniisip na po natin sa smartbro ang mga deperensya, maganda po para sa akin smartbro, kc ito po ang gamit ko ngayon almost a year na, magrerenew na nga rin ako ulit, ok tlga smartbro para sa akin, check niu lng po na mabuti ang pc niu bka lng po may bagay lng na di po nasetup ng maayos :)

  98. To Smart Broadband Inc.


    I am Noel D. Pascua, a customer. I would like to request the termination of my broadband connection, which I applied last June19,2008 due to two specific reasons: poor service and slow connection.

    I applied thru your website and availed the “bundle promo” which supposedly included a free flash disk or USB upon subscription. Up until to date, I have yet to receive the flash disk. I have followed up this concern over and over again thru your Customer Service Hotline. Your agents always promise to call me back within twenty-four hours for feedback – they never did. I resolved to take matters into my own hands and went directly to five wireless centres to hopefully obtain the USB. I have checked the following sites with inclusive dates:
    · SM Megamall – May 17 and May 25, 2008
    · EDSA Shangrila – May 17 and May 25, 2008
    · Robinson Galleria – May 17, May 24 and May 31, 2008-06-16
    · Mall of Asia – June 15, 2008
    · Sta Lucia East Mall – May 25, June 8, June 15, 2008

    All sites have informed me that they were all “out of stock” which I find very disturbing and unlikely given the fact that this is a wide spread promo. Customers like myself expect that you deliver on your end when announcing and implementing these promotional adverts.

    Another concern of mine is the kbps connection speed. As what you have advertised, connection speed should be 384kbps. Due to my scrupulous nature, I always check my internet speed on and the site depicts that my connection speed is at 178kbps, not even exceeding that of 200kbps.

    I specifically chose your services among other retailers simply because of the “bundle promo” as well as the supposed connection speed – both of which I am dissatisfied. As such, I have decided to terminate our business transaction based on the aforementioned reasons.

    I have an idea regarding on your 1 year lock in period. But I didn’t receive a copy of your contract nor did sign a hard copy. You shouldn’t charge me termination fee. I’m going to pay only the time span I used. Please deduct it from my Advance payment of Php999. and I’m willing to give your canopy and wires for full-out, just call me for schedule.

    Yours truly,

    Noel D. Pascua
    Reference Number Of 1010618398.

  99. Gdpm po!!Well sa lahat ng may problema sa slow internet connection wag lang kaau mainis ,,, have u heard JAXA?? Meron clang new superspeed satellite internet which is called kizuna WINDS with a download link of 155mbps sa residential lang yun ah , 1.2 gpbs pag commercial naman
    available daw yan sa asia including philippines soon… sana totoo hehehehheeheh….

  100. hello bro, sa akin putol2 din ang connection but i can easily fixed it nman and everytime i got slow speed connection i applied speedconnect internet accelator and it always saves my day but still im not satidfied ..rating?poor 3 out 10…..
    bro, cgro narinig nyo na ang kizuna winds kng magkakaroon na tau yan d2 sa pinas im sure magcecelebrate lahat mga smartbro subscribers at malulugi na yan ang mga gahaman na company na yan….

  101. My connection was a bit boggy during the start of my subscription to smartbro and after a mall was built behind us (which blocked my access to the base station,, After nun wla na.. I have been DLing GBs of data since then.. It depends cguro sa location cause I haven’t hearing any complaints from any of my neighbors..

  102. at first, ok naman yung connection ko. then ayun na.. intermittent na yung connection. i did all troubleshooting steps na alam ko. then it worked, after mga ilang hours (approx 4-5 hours)… wala na naman

    i’ve decided na tumawag na sa hotline, sabi tatawag daw yung technician. tumawag naman, since meron ako connection that time, sabi ok na daw yung connection ko. and inayos na daw remotely yung signal. at cyempre, dahil intermittent nga, nawala na after namin magusap ng tech. this has always been the case with my connection. good luck na lang kung tumagal ng 10 hours straight.


  104. smart bro sucks bigtime!!! palaging nawawala ang connection pag hapon.. minsan pag gabi nawawala.. at walang rebate.. buti pa globe.. sa tita ko na refund kung ilang oras wala siyang internet.. naka kuha siya ng 5,500 pesos na rebate.. 5 months sya di mag babayad sa Globe.. e sa smart wala.. walang rebate.. di man lang binilang kung ilang araw or ilang oras walang internet.. BULLSHIT KA SMART BRO! the number one internet broadband huh?

  105. @Veej

    You should have your rebate also, it’s a part of the contract, try contacting Customer Care, there should be a rebate…

  106. i asked for a rebate but they didn’t approve it. for two weeks i didn’t have an internet connection and for that two weeks i’ve been calling their customer services still they didn’t approve it. FUCKING BULLSHIT TALAGA ANG SMARTBRO! although, i commend the other smart services. i just hate smart bro.

  107. @SUPER ANGRY CUSTOMER – yah.. wag na tayong umasa sa rebate ng smart bro. Ganun talaga. Customer lang tayo wala tayong magagawa sa walang kwentang service ng smart bro. Pati ang pag deliver ng billing statement sobrang tagal, tapos pagtatawagan mo sila at sasabihin mo na matagal ang billing statement kaya matagal akong nakabayad, ang reply nila eh..

    “Hindi po namin kasalanan sir, kasalanan ng nag deliver ng mail”

    :P That’s so annoying.. dapat magkaroon ng sariling mail delivery service ang smart bro na BEFORE DUE DATE!. KASI PAG AFTER DUE DATE NA ANG STATEMENT, ehdi parang di na tayo nag bayad nyan at nilampasan natin ang due date.. arrrrrrrrGGGGGH!

  108. Its easy to criticize dumb bro, like the fact that I haven’t been able to pay my bills or manage my web site for nearly 3 weeks, but why not look on the bright side. Here are ten reasons to like dumb bro:
    1. my wireless router is virtually new, bandwidth is too narrow to support it
    2. I’ve spent countless hours on the phone with dumb bro customer service representatives, until they stopped taking my calls
    3. I’ve been able to memorize my IP address–they ask for it every service call
    4. I’ve been able to memorize my physical address–they ask for it every service call
    5. I’ve saved money–ebay cuts off so often that I can’t bid
    6. my dog is happy, I have more time to walk him
    7. my solitaire game has improved–waiting for pages to load
    8. my wife is mad at someone else, generally dumb bro when we have no connection
    9. my bartender is happy–enough said
    10. woops . . . I’ve run out of reasons to like dumb bro

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  110. guys, guys, guys wag kayo magalit sa smart marami kcng reason kaya mabagal connection nyo. baka s inyong lugar ay masyado na maraming bahayan na gumagamit ng smartbro pag sobra kc gumagamit lugar nio at ang BTS nyo n ginagamit ay madaming gumagamit , ako kc d2 s probinsya nakatira na d p masyadong crowded. pngalawa dahilan gaanu kayo kalayo sa BTS.. ako kc nakalagay sa canopy is .80 miles ang layo ko sa BTS dahilan din yan khit naman cellphone pag nalayo kyo s cellsite d b nawawalan din ng signal kung masmalayo kayo masmatagal ang travel ng signal.. pangatlo iba ang signal na ginagamit ng cellphone sa SmartBro ang cellpho walang harang harang yan khit nasa loob kayo ng bahay my signal ang smrtbro antenna kailangan tlaga nyan ng line of sight sa BTS umakyat kayo sa bubong nyo at tgnan nyo baka paghumahangin my tumatabing na puno dyan k2lad sa akin kaya pinalagay ko sa tangke ng tubig antena at my tubo p na 20 ft. parang remote control ng TV pagnaharangan un censor ng TV pagpinindot mo remote d ba hind lumilipat.. pang apat depende rin yan sa PC nyong Ginangamit.. ang connection ko is 450kbps pinkmababa is 400 kbps.. sana nakatulong sa inyo cnabi ko

    • Karamihan sa atin basic user…. dapat bago ikabit ng smart may mag servey muna…. kc kahit marami na sa isang lugar tangap parin sila ng tangap… di na kasalanan ng customer kundi SMART lang…. Cgoro ok pa connection mo sa ngayon… pero pagtagal SHIt narin tulag sa amin…

  111. @JCSF – sana kasi nung simula pa lang na may nag pakabit ng smart bro, dapat sasabihin na na mahina ang signal sa inyong place or may interference kaya wag nalang kabitan.

    At sana din pag may tatawag sa smart bro at sasabihin ng operator na darating ang mag aayos ng antenna within 24 hours ay darating. Hindi sana paabutin na tatawag ulit yung customer na tumawag na para e follow up bat wala paring dumadarating na smart bro technician. Sana naman pag sasabihin na dumating ay darating. Huwag niyo sana pag hintayin ng matagal ang mga customer. Kasi po customer yan, huwag niyo pag laruan lang na after tumawag ay parang wala lang. Walang ginagawa. Gagawan ng report “KUNO” ng operator, pero wala namang nangyayari after nag report. As in wala! swerte lang yung napuntahan. Parang nanalo ka na ng lotto na worth 1 BILLION DOLLARS pag napuntahan ka ng technician ng smart bro. Ganun ka rare ang chance.. less than 0.0001% ang chance na pupuntahan ka ng support. Pero pag hindi ka nag bayad. INSTANT PUTOL ang smart bro. Galing talaga ng Smart Bro, KURAKOT! parang Gobyerno eh private institution naman. bat kaya ganun? Bat mga demonyo ang namamahala ng Smart BRO???

    At sana wala nang 1 year contract, dapat may money back guarantee pag hindi nagustuhan ng customer ang service ng smart bro. Yung 1 year contract kasi ay parang pinipilit ng smart bro na IKULONG SA IMPYERNO ang customers nila habang nag titiis sa hapdi, sakit at pag hihirap sa ilalim ng Smart Bro ISP. Pag ayaw na ng customer, dapat itigil na kaagad ang kalokohang ISP ng SMART BRO!

    At sana gawan ng paraan ng smart bro na palawakin pa ang signal nila at hindi gawing kawawa ang mga customer nito.

    SANA SANA SANA.. at alam ko ang SANANG to ay walang patutunguhan, kasi di naman papansinin ng mga taga smart bro ang mga comments dito kahit alam kong maraming SMART BRO ang nakabasa. May mga smart bro employees na nakabasa neto at mga smart bro customer service representatives, PERO MANHID LANG SILA!

  112. @Charlyn Chua d tayo parepareho ng xperience sa Customer care nag eemail kc ako sa costumer care nila at nagrereply agad cla ns may tatawag daw always naman after an hour tumatawag naman cla. ako p tinatanung nila kung kailan ako available to assist the technician so far so good lagi naman within 24 hours dumadating ung technician tulad ng cnb nila at iniinform pa ako pag papunta na technician to inform you iba na ang contractor ng smartbro ngaun wala na ung dati asianet contractor na ngrerepair sa amin, nagkarun kc ng maraming probleme nun sa una nilang contractor cguro ung tulad ng mga problem nio loction ko nga pala im with in rizal ang ang base ng kanilang contractor is marikina which is rizal din kaya cguro nakakapunta agad hindi ako smart fanatic ha actually globe subscriber din ako pati cp ko globe din sim

    • baka ibang operator natawagan ni charlyn.. hehehe.. ako kahit di ako tumawag.. himala, tumawag ang smart bro sa akin at aayusin daw nila connection ko.. kahit di ako tumawag :D di kasi ako tumatawag sa smart bro kasi na experience ko din dati ang na experience ni charlyn na na dedma lang ako

      pero ngayon pag gising ko.. may 18 miscols from 888… tapos hinintay ko kung tatawag ulit.. ayun tumawag ulit.. mag papa dala daw sila ng technician dito sa akin bukas.. yey! sana maayos na ang smart bro ko.. hehe :D

      tagal ko din nag tiis na di e report kasi i know bali wala lang pag report.. nag babayad namana ko agad 1 month before ng bill.. :shock:

  113. one year mahigit na nga pala subscription ko sa smartbro ni minsan d pa ko nadidisconnect pwera na alng nung bumagyo ng malakas dahil nawalan kami ng power… or pag nagkarun ng problem PC ko. d ko kc pinapatay compuetr ko kahit kumikidlat dun sa mmga natatakot sa kidlat kung gusto nyo ng pananggalang magtayo kayo ng anntenna na masmataas pa sa smartbro nyo ang yendency kc ng kidlat is to hit sa highest object in its path naglagay ako ng ringgo VHF antenna aluminum un… un ang ginanawa kong patamaan ng kidlat kailangan nyo lang ng wire na igoground nyo sa lupa. kailangan ko kc ng connection 24 hours a day and 7 days a week…

    • depende ata sa place kaya ganun.. malas nalang yung ibang nalagyan ng smart bro na pangit ang signal.. at mas maraming customer ata ng smart bro ang pangit ang signal kaya maraming nag rereklamo at di maayos ng smart bro.. hehe :D

    • magkanu ba ang price ng isnag unit menrun kc ako d2 ng bale 40 meters ung wire papuntang canopy tapos kasamarin ung pinakang power supply ng canopy. kung merun ka naman isa pang banopy att nakaapply ka pa sa smartbro magreport ka na lang na nanakaw kahit naman ala police reoport pinapalitan lifetym waranty naman yan kc ung sakin naputol na bagyo wire pinalitan nila pati canopy ala bayad..

      • ok ah.. :D sa akin nainis ako sa smart bro.. tumawag nung isang araw, mag papadala daw ng technician sa bahay, kaso kinabukasan, nagtext ang technician, binabaha daw sa kanila, di daw siya makakapunta, kung pwede bukas nalang… tapos kinabukasan.. di na nag pa ramdam..

        kasalanan ba yung ng technician, ng smart bro customer support, or ng baha? hehe :D

      • kaslanan ng technisian yan binabayaran kc sila ng smart sun con lang kc mga technician nila d talaga mga tauhan ng smart

  114. hello to all.. hehehehe.. malamang yung baha… hindi pa rin ba dumadating mga technician ng smart?? binabaha p rin kaya?? :smile:

  115. kawawang mga technicians… cla rin kasi gumagawa ng way para pagalitan cla ng mga superiors nila by not complying with the scheduled date… sabihin na nating valid yung reason but not visiting the client the very next day is an issue resulting in an irrate client over the phone… sa lahat ng mga contrator po ayusin natin buhay natin… oki!!! GOD BLESS!

  116. Can I ask Smartbro to disconnect my connection? Kasi umabot na connection namin ng 1 yr. Pero tinuloy namin at signed ulit another year contract. At nagkaroon ng free one month. Kaso nagka prob kame sa bahay, nawalan ng work asawa ko. Di ko na mababayaran ang smartbro. Is there any consideration, since umabot naman connection namin 1 year. I can pay the one month free para lang to stop our connection.

    • pwede mo naman e discontinue ang pagbayad.. automatically puputulin nila yan ;) don’t worry di ka makukulong, you don’t need to pay rin the remaining months kasi naka 1 year ka na ;) basta w8 mo nalang maputol :wink:

      • No need for me to consult Smartbro to stop my connection? Kasi nag renew ako ulit another year, and nagkaroon ng free 1 month. If magdisconnect sila kasi di na ako nagbayad, stop na rin ang billing? kasi stop na rin ang connection diba? baka kasi tuloy2 parin ang billing ko hehehe…mahirap na.

      • stop narin.. kasi disconnected na… :) pwede mo rin ipa putol at sirain.. then wala namang dadating na technician pag sira.. ehdi wala na.. :) wag mo na e renew :smile:

  117. i think we share a common problem, everytime makipag video chat me sa parents ko sa province (aklan) which they use smartbro wireless prepaid, palagi na lang napuputol in behalf na full bar naman ang signal ng smart sa cell phone dun at around 12 noon na wala nman gaanong traffic sa signal unlike pag mga 7pm pataas….hmnnnnn… i dont know if nahihirapan sila sa connection ko which is 768 kbps ng bayantel sa quezon city… haayyy…

  118. grabe ang connection ko… start ng connection 20-30kbps, sabi ng tehnician yon lancard daw ang problema, eh di kumuha ako nga isa pa unit at ganoon parin ang prob(TANGA TECHNICAIN)… lagi ako tumatawag sa hotline lagi wait lang ng 24-48 hour hangan umabot sa isang buwang…. may time pa, na di na aabot sa 10kbps…. sa ngayon inayos na nila omaabot na rin sa 350kbps(may time)…. BUT pagkalipas lang ang 1 week bumababa nnaman ng 20-30kbps….. LAGI nalang WAIT FOR 24-48hours kc MAY PROBLEMA yon SATATION…. 3 months na angyon at masasabi ko lang sa smart, NICE JOB SA PAGPAPAINIT NG ULO,… Sa nagbabalak magpakabit! mag dial-up nlang kayo kc di sulit ang bayad pag smart….. (try other forum site… All negative… SMART SUCK)….

  119. Hi to all, dati share ko lng, ung mga forum na pinupuntahan ko is ung mga forums about medical matters and mga pc applications games etc, lagi ako download ng download, NOTE: (nung PLDT gamit ko) pero nung nag smart ako, excited pa ko kc fastest broadband daw, edi apply, ganda naman nung 1month, super bilis sa 1month na un 3x lng me na disconnect todo laro ako ng freestyle online street basketball, sa madaling salita satisfied ako nung unang buwan, pag dating ng bill ko bayad agad ako sa smart, actually nag advance pa ko nag 1month payment kc sbi ko ok tong smart bayaran ko na pra d na ako pumunta pa dun, AMMPOOOOTAAAAA the next day PARUSA NA POOOOTA PUTOL PUTOL NA D KO NA MGAWA MGA NAGAGAWA KO NUNG PLDT PA KO, actually nakaka enjoy na rin, kc ung forum na pinapasok ko, e ung forum na ng about sa smart bro, mga kapalpakan nila. SO SA MGA MAG AAPLY PA NG SMART BRO PLS CHECK UR BLOOD PRESSURE FIRST, see to it that u can handle this such enormous scamming happening on smart bro. paying 999/month for nothing! GOODLUCK SMARTBRO, may u have more clients to fool! THANKS!

  120. Mga pre’ di ko na talaga matiis “MATAAS na ang HIGBLOOD KO at baka ma heart attack na ako”. Actually Dec 4 2004 from dial-up napilitan ako magpakabit ng smart wifi ganda ng pangalan ano? “Smart Wi-fi” high tech talaga ang term. Wala naman dati problema. Sa agreement for 2 years di daw pwede mag pre-terminate so O.k. nagyun more than 3 years na ko connected at biglang eto na ang problema…Sept 19 2008 friday..nawala ang connection totally di ako makapag-open kahit ano. E di tawag naman ako sa HOTLINE….pag tawag sa hotline may advertisement muna about smart bro…smartbro connect unlimited kahit saan…yahn yung bagong gadget nila then CSR will answer…then trouble shooting 2hours tagal namin sa trouble shooting..daily ginagawa namin yan simula noong Sept 19 until this morning October 2, 2008 at finally sinabi ko sa CSR na kausap ko tama na to, just tell me hopeless case na ito “inutil kayong lahat” sabi ko baka sa susunod tawag ko ang sasabihin naman ng CSR disconnected na ako for non payment of my service connection. I receive my billing today at bakit naman ako magbabayad kung di nga ako makagamit plus yung konsomisyons plus mga oras natapon lang dahil sa kaka-trouble shoot plus galit na mga client dahil di ako maka connect.

    Mga bro, can we unit and file a common complaint against smart for unfair business practice. sensya na limited ang connection ko ngayun using may cellphone marami pa ako dapat sabihin. til next time

  121. eto pa isa, di wala nga ako connection smart bro.. so napipilitan ako gamitin cellphone ko para makapag -post d2 sa forum alam nyo ginagawang smart every 10 minutes dini-disconnect ako para pag connect ko another 10 pesos for another 30 minutes connection… e five time na ko nadisconnect ngayun di 50 pesos na gastos ko supposed to be sa 50 pesos 150 minutes ako connected di po less than 50 minutes kce lagi nga ako disconnect after 5 to 10 minutes after reconnection. COSTLY…YAYAMAN ANG TALAGA ANG SMART. SINISIPSIP KATAS NG MAHIRAP NA KATULAD KO.

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  125. :oops:

    Sama ako sa inyo nakakainis lang mga pre kasi kapag tumatawag me sa smart bro grabe puro sorry for the inconvinience na rereceive ko , kese hodang sira ang lintik na base station nila o yung system nila, tapos tatawag ka pa ng 30 minutes. Habang buhay nang sira base station nila wasakin na lang nila. Yung nagrorondang technical support grabe puro ganito ganun okay naman daw banas. Ipapaputol ko na to!

    Tips lang po for advance troublshooting:
    1. Log po kayo sa youtube may mga tips sila i boost yung
    connection nyo

    2. palitan po ninyo ang dns nyo:
    may mga free dns dito, mas ok kaysa sa smart broken na yan

    3. palitan nyo po ang MTU ng NIC card nyo ng 1460

    Ginagawa ko po to ngayon medyo mabilis connected kagad…. pero di pa rin sapat dahil sa lintik na base station na yan hihnintay ko lang po yung 1 buwan para ipadisconnect ko linyang smartbroken salamat sa forum na to

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  127. yes indeed really sucks!!!! i still have no connection 4 days na, they check what seems 2 b d problm , sbi i need 2 pay addtl P680 4 d antenna coz cra ung celsite sa area namin, hnd b unfair un on my part? grrrrri…. i will not continue d conction, kht d pa tpos ung 1 yr lock in period ko, bhala cla, fault nila. :mad: :mad: :mad:

  128. Thanks for the review… Right now i’m still shopping for an ISP and thanks to this I have excluded smart bro in my list the only ISP left on my list are Pldt(DSL) and Globe Broadband. What can you say about this two ISP’s?…. mga wired gusto ko kc mhirap na baka mgkaagawan ng signal. Naliwanagan ako.. hehe buti n lang hindi ko pa naipasa ung application form na na-fill-up-an ko na..

  129. waaaaa putang ina yan smart bro n yan 3week n mabagalang connection ko every 2 days tumatawag ako sa kanila para maaksyunan nila. wala nmn ginagawa imonitor lng daw muna yun connection with in 24hrs paulit ulit.

    hay dapat nga maganda yun connection ko kasi walking distance lng ako sa antena nila. kakabwisit talaga.
    nag aaksaya ako nng 1000 every month.

    pinacheck ko yun sa specialist yun computer ko wala nmn raw problema. sabi sakin sa connection n raw nng smart yun.
    potang ina talagang smart yan.

  130. The Truth About SmartBro

    I will try to be emphatic here. This is my story and so of others who put their trust to a product they had truly believed in. I’m doing this not to smear a reputable company’s good name but to make the Smart Communications, Inc
    correct the way they promote their product and stop these misleading advertisements.

    TO WIT:

    Smartbro is the highspeed mobile internet connection.

    Surf up to 7x faster than dial up.

    Nationwidest coverage “Just Plug it” Kahit saan.


    I bought smartbro but found myself having to wait an average of 30 seconds before a webpage is done in loading up. Thats the time when I decided to really measure the time it takes to just open a webpage and so here they are –
    Yahoo 25 seconds, friendster 40 seconds, msn 40 seconds, flickr 50 seconds.

    There are only selected areas from which I experience fast connection. In most places the connection is
    very very slow.

    I surf mainly to upload pics. Nothing beats Here’s what the smartbro did for me. At flickr I clicked upload pics then chose a pic and I used stopwatch of my cp to record the duration. As soon as I saw the filename of my pic in the corresponding box I clicked Upload Photos button and start the stopwathch all at the same time. It was so slow that I was able to prepare and eat a heavy meal. Finally, I saw 98% at the top bar of the window. I marked the time at 00:29:54:01. A little bit later the top bar read “Processing….”. I marked the time, 00:30:16:20. Yes, it took me 30 minutes to upload a 3.45 mb image using the smartbro modem.


    Smartbro hotline is *1888. I talked to two different persons with two conflicting response. They both did informed me that the smartbro properly runs only at 3G, a thing first time I heard that they should have mention earlier when I bought the gadget, which brings me to my first question – “Why does Smart Communications does not specify in their ads and information campaign that smartbro will only work fast in 3G?” and to my second question which comes naturally – “Why do the seller at the their branches don’t say anything about this?” I only get G signal in most locations even in the place I live. In 10 places I gone to there are only two locations I got 3G signals. The first person told me that within 24 to 48 hrs the system will work out fine and that I would be getting 3G signal on my place, of course he did get my address first. After he gave me referrence for follow up we hanged up. Two weeks had passsed nothing changed and I called *1888 again. The second person I talked to told me without getting my address that it is for evaluation for whatever he meant he kept telling me “it is for evaluation” “it is for evaluation” and that I have to wait untill my location (where i live) get 3G signal. Does it mean I have to wait endlessly while “they are evaluating” and meanwhile suffer in a very very slow internet connection? Why should I be the one to suffer in lapses very clearly commited by their personnels? I should have not bought this useless gadget if I had known this hidden reality.


  131. :evil: really fluctuating! i have only until feb. to finish my subscription, after this, im done with this worthless isp. :mad:
    to those who are planning to get smart bro, pls. include (medicol) in your list.. to subdue your headache! :grin:

    • yes, ‘skycable’ broadband. . .max @ 1mbps(bustable speed) ung lowest speed/price n plan(1000) nila. . .mahal lng ang installation fee to non-skycable users. . .3999 yata!

      meron dn ang ‘sun’ mas mura at higher burstable speed(search nyo)..bka lumipat n nga ako sun eh..basa-basa mura ng reviews at hndi pa rn nman abot ang service nila sa’men(Binangonan, Rizal)

      been using smartbro for almost a year n…ok nman experience ko reliability and speed wise. .problem lng ay late dumadating ung bills!!! kailangan ko pa i-download sa site nila…I emailed their customer service twice w/o getting any resolution(asked them to correct my billing address, kaya cguro late dumating).

      speed 10/10(though may vary with ur location)
      reliability 10/10 (though may vary with ur location)
      customer service 1/10

      using smarbro connected to a wireless router to Coreduo laptop and AMD Athlon 1.5Ghz. . .prehong ok ung connection ko…

      -age 33(1st post ko)

  132. hello folks any ideas if it’s possible to have a refund of what I have paid? 3 months na ako walang internet and yet smartbro still keeps on bugging me on the bills.

  133. :mad: damn smartbroo!!!!!!!!! ginawa nyong 1989 bills ko!!! nag bayad pa nmn ako everymonth at ang tagal nyo mag bigay ng bills bweset


  135. I’m a technical cosultant for a US based company and I bought a smart bro pre-paid kit so I can connect to the internet whenever needed, wherever I am with my notebook. Smart Bro, smart ha. It turned out I got out-Smarted, conned by this swindler company who fuc kin promotes the product as something it is not! :mad:

    • hi derick, suggest you try sun broadband if you work within metro manila. speed is good and connection is consistent..

  136. it really suckss… its my third month receiving intermittent connection every 12 minutes for 1 minute disconnection. when i called the hotline, they have the same answer…” ok naman po yung connection nyo”

  137. Wow.. I once used smart bro. But that first time must be the last time for me. I hate it so much that time I want to throw it away. I was blessed that I’m not the owner of that kit. I would rather wait for long time waiting for the PLDT people to connect my computer to the internet rather than having it instant. Shit! I hate SMART BRO so much..

  138. Greetings
    I have been a smartbro(ke) subscriber since Sept 2007. I am very familiar with their poor service and support.

    In November of 2008, they issued a new bill format. They sent a brochure highlighting the change- just a simple change that shows the actual cost of service and the VAT tax separately. At least that’s what they want you to think.

    Get your October bill and November bill and compare them. Look at the top left of the bill- where it says “statement of account.” Under that it says “Statement date” then it gives the date of the bill. Under that it says “billing period covering.” That is what you need to compare. The October bill says “Billing period covering: Oct 26 2008 – Nov 25 2008.” On the November bill the “Billing period covering” date has been altered… it says Oct 26 2008- Nov 25 2008… the SAME period as the October bill says!

    I wasn’t aware of any billing problem until they told me in November that I owed p999 more than I thought. I always pay 2 months in advance because I am 1 hour away from the payment center. When I called them about this, they gave me a big song and dance saying that the payment for August wasn’t received so they applied it to that month. But I have the receipt for the August bill payment. I spoke to a supervisor whgo promised to email me an accounting. I never received it.

    I was too busy to follow up at the time, so I put it on the back burner. Friday, Feb 6, I called to follow up on a rebate that was already 4 months overdue. They asked me to look at the bills for the rebate… of course it wasn’t there. But that’s when I noticed the billing period change. I spoke to a supervisor who quickly admitted that there had been “many, many complaints” about the problem and smartbro was going to issue a “mass rebate” because they discovered the billing error caused the computer to wrongly double bill ALL SUBSCRIBERS for the period of Oct 26 2008 – Nov 25 2008!

    I told her to FAX me the details of the rebate. She said she had to wait until Monday, Feb 9 because the billing department was closed for the weekend. On Monday she called me, and began the most incredible excuse-filled, apologetic pile of horse crap I have ever heard- she said that I was “not affected” by the billing scam, so I would not be getting my 999 back. I told her she had 24 hours to have the “support team” who told her that to call me directly and explain the billing error to me. If she did not, I told her I would presume that I am correct, because of their silence, and post the scam on every forum I could find, and also contact the NTC (Mrs Briones is the one in charge of the Smartbro division).

    I waited 2 days, and nothing else happened. So here I am, reporting to all subscribers to CHECK YOUR BILLS and make sure smartbroke has not double billed you for that time period. I am now going to log off, and write a letter to Mrs Briones of the NTC complete with the clear evidence on their bills, and my receipts.

    I apologise for the long post, but I feel that smart should not get away with this scam

    • smartbro should absolutely return those refund in full for unused internet connection/s my internet was down for almost 3 months no more stupid excuses! should you file a complaint against them thry NTC that would be good!

      • ms shiela! tama po ang sabi nung “just a guy” akala ko po ako lang ang nakaranas ng ganoon! tutal malapit naman kayo sa smartbro bakit imbis na kampihan nio po sila bakit di niyo nalang suportahan ang gaya naming tila na sscam na tulad ng pag doble ng bill namin! napansin ko rin po yan at i swear!

        999.00 din hu yoon! di biro at pwede ng panlamang tyan sa loob ng 1 hanggang 2 araw!

    • Here’s good news! SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS now offers Unlimited Broadband Internet service for as low as P649/month with speeds of up to 2Mbps. 3 ways to avail of Sun Broadband Wireless:

      1) Existing Sun postpaid subscribers add only P649/month to your existing Plan. That’s P150 discount/month on your broadband subscription. This offer is also available to new Sun Postpaid subscribers. Great offer!!!
      2) For those who prefer to only get the Sun Broadband Wireless service, pay only P799/month. Just submit your Valid Identification (SSS, Diver’s License, PRC Card, etc), Proof of Billing and Proof of Income (2 months credit card bills, existing internet subscription bill, and postpaid subscription bill of Globe/Smart/Addict can be used as proof of billing and income.) Other bills like Meralco, Manila Water, Cable TV bills, PLDT/Innove/Bayantel bills can also be used depending with the bill amount.
      3) EASY BROADBAND!!! Now this is the easiest way to get an Internet Broadband service instantly. Just pay P2,500 as modem fee and P799 for the advance MSF and present your Valid ID with address (driver’s license, company ID with address, etc) If there’s no address on your ID, just submit a billing statement (doesn’t have to be under your name) where Sun can send the bills to.

      For any inquiries, you may call 333 on your Sun phone, dial 3953333 using a landline or visit the nearest THE SUN SHOP outlet.

      Sun Broadband Wireless is adding more and more 3.5G cellsites in Quezon City, Makati, Mandaluyong, Las Pinas, Paranaque, Bicutan, Pasay, Pasig, San Juan, Marikina, Valenzuela, Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Cainta and Antipolo. So this means faster internet service using HSDPA! If you’re using a 3G phone, turn on the UMTS/3G network feature under Network Settings and manually search the network to check if you have Sun Cellular 3G signal at your place. In places not covered by Sun’s 3G service yet like Cebu, Davao, Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, etc there’s the EDGE service that offers about 256kbps, not bad for just P649/month.

      This service competes directly versus Globe Visibility, Smart Broadband and PLDT WeRoam that charges at least P1,500/month for unlimited internet.

    • thanks for the info. I would also like to share with you my experience with their technical supportless team. I sent this through their feedback form, their other request form and thru the customer card email. Bear with me and read thru:

      January 4 – I called your technical support hotline, spoke to Homer delos Santos, complaining that I cannot connect using my smartbro. I was advised that the reason behind it was that my line was disconnected due to an overdue account, P799 for the month of December. I remembered receiving the statement a few days before Christmas, so I decided to ask the agent when the statement was dispatched. Upon checking the records, the agent told me that your file has not yet been updated and that only the Oct report was available. That for the month of Oct it was dispatched Oct 2 and was received Oct 5. I asked the agent when was the line disconnected, reply was “apologies, but no tool available to check that.”
      Having heard that, made me furious, records not updated, no tools available!! Have raised my concerns to the agent regarding difficulty in getting a connection month of December. I asked the agent when my last connection was for December, but then again a wrong answer, “apologies but I have no tool to access that”. Remember that I called the technical hotline. Was even advised to visit the nearest wireless center to check on the matters that are left unanswered.
      I went to the nearest wireless center to file the same complaint. The wireless center agent was surprised that I was advised to visit them to check on the details which they also have no available tool to use to answer my queries. The agent was helpful enough that he had my line reconnected and told me that he will make a report on my other queries.
      Late January, I again called the technical support hotline to complain on connection problem and stressed that this has always been a problem. Was advised again to visit the wireless center to have my unit checked. Visited a wireless center just to find out that there is no problem my unit.

      February 17 – once again I called your technical support hotline, spoke to agent Francine to complain, but was advised to call back after 30 minutes as their system is down. Have patiently tried after 30 minutes and was able to speak with agent Robert Natividad, again was advised to call back after 30 minutes. This made me very angry. I told the agent that I need to speak with a manager, placed me on hold for 15 minutes (line not on hold, without confirming if I am still on the other line). I called another agent simultaneously, spoke with Andy Portillo, told him that I am still on hold on another line with agent Robert Natividad and that I have asked for a manager. After 10 more minutes of rage, I was advised that a certain Chloe Medina will call me. Stressed to both agents to review my records and complaints first so they can relay to Chloe Medina and to find a resolution before calling me.
      Chloe Medina called, introduced herself as the supervisor and asked me what my complaints were… once more this has made me ANGRY!!! Have advised her to review my record first and to call me back once it has been made clear to her. She called back a few minutes after and was asking for my last call log, because according to her based on my records I have no other complaints filed for the month of February. DOES SHE REALLY KNOW WHAT SHE IS DOING?? HAVE ALREADY TOLD HER TO REVIEW MY RECORD, CAN YOU CALL THAT REVIEW WHEN SHE ONLY LOOKED AT THE FEBRUARY LOGS??!!! She called back, have given her in detail what is unresolved up to this date: 1. My last log for the month of December; 2. Dispatch date of my December SOA; 3. When was my line disconnected. I have also stressed that for this month, I have not yet received my SOA and that the same is not yet available for viewing online. She told me that she will make a report on this and that she will get back to me within 24 hrs.
      February 18 – once more, I called to ask for Chloe Medina as she committed to calling me within 24 hours. Spoke to another BASTOS agent, RY Herrera, instructed the agent to look for Chloe Medina and tell her to return my call. Chloe Medina finally called apologizing and telling me a lame excuse that she just stepped out from an unannounced training. Also to update me that she still has no available resolution for the complaints raised.

      My Inputs:
      – If such calls are recorded for quality assurance purposes, you may want to review my calls and how these were handled.
      – Found out that my December statement was dispatched Dec 19, received Dec 22. LINE WAS DISCONNECTED DECEMBER 16, what kind of computation is that.
      – My billing period covers 26th – 25th of the next month, due for payment on the 15th, to date February 20, I still don’t have a copy of my statement and even not available on line.
      – Items still unresolved are: last log for the month of December; why my connection has always been weak when I have full signal strength, transfer rate has been fluctuating. But when I use my 3G phone as modem, the connection is faster.; no available SOA for this month.
      – The selling spiel for the smartbro is “just plug it”. When I call for connection problem, you cannot tell me to always change the setting to find a better signal strength, or to change where I use my smartbro unit. THE SPIEL HAS BECOME UNFITTING FOR THIS SITUATION.

  139. my smart bro is down for the 5th day today! napaka walang kwenta!! they told me to monitor it for 24hours and their support team is currently ekekek.. napaka walang kwenta!!

  140. Hey guys,thanks for sharing your experiences with SMART. Any comment about Globe Broadband service and connection? Plan to get one….

    • Hi Anne…

      Have you already subscribe to any internet provider?
      I would like to offer to you a new product. My i offer you SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS with a speed of up to 2mbps, P799/mo., Unlimited Internet, No Lock-in-Period, Very Handy and Affordable. Please text me your complete address and contact # for FREE DEMO in your house and possible APPLICATION. Here’s my contact # 09228455076 – Nelts.

  141. Tired of your Smart Bro connection…? Its about time to change your internet provider. I suggest you guys out there to choose Sun Broadband Wireless (SBW). Sun Broadband Wireless offers Unlimited Internet, with a Speed of up to 2mbps, P799/month, Very affordable and Very Handy. I also provide FREE DEMO to your house to see the actual speed of our internet which No Other internet company provides. For your inquiries and application you may reach me @ 09228455076.

  142. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :mad: :mad: :arrow: :eek:

    did you know that you’re insulting the smart bro company,,,
    and also you’re insulting me kasi tita ko nagtatrabaho dun noh,,,
    wag na nga kayong mang insulto dahil baka mapatay ko pa kayo,,,
    nako,,, kung hindi lang mahaba pasensya ko,,, kanina pa kita sinaktan,,, pa smart bro, smart bro sucks ka pa dyan ha,,, :mad: :evil:

    • relax, it will not do you any good! let this be a wake-up call to smartbro for them to improve their services, we do not mean any personal grudge/attack is there will be, anyways it’s the individual opinions of those who experienced the service, you should respect that :wink:

  143. hay naku yung broadband na yan nakaka puti yan ng buhok sa tagal.nag apply ako jan noong feb.17 salamat at hanngang ngaun di parin ako nakabitan at sabi pa nila within 2 or 3 makakabitan na ako pero wala nag antay ako sa wala!pag tumawag naman ako sa *1888 sasabihin lang na mag antay ng 24 oras at may tatawag na sayo pero asan?my smart support pa sila kung yan lang din ang mangyayari.parang walang paki alam sa kanilang customer.paano kaya yun i refund? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: i love you smart bro ang ganda serbisyo niyo,umaakyat ng dugo ko sa ulo.mapapa iksi pa ata ang buhay ko.

  144. ok naman sa amin ang service ng Smart Bro. Minsan medyo napuputol nga ung connection pero in general, ok naman sya. Reliable service. Sana nga lang magkaroon sila ng upgrade para pwedeng mas mabilis na connection ang magamit.

  145. i agree…smartbro sucks! i applied 3 wiks ago and then until now
    no installation and fucking no call from them!
    they said the speed of ther internet is 300 kbps or something but actually mine is 10 kbps… sucks! i saw it in my cousins pc..not mine..coz mine is no yet installed ryt! last time i saw globe broadand, and i ll tell u is not that bad, mybe its wired not runs 1mbps..yes 1 mbps…its preety damn fast! and charging? guess what? 995 a month! just like the smart bro…yah right i change subcriber.. i turn into globe..and its fast,,i already canceled my application with smart..

    and one thing more smart call center also sucks..they dont know nothing… they have speech pattern thats make you irritated…very redundant

    • Here’s good news! SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS now offers Unlimited Broadband Internet service for as low as P649/month with speeds of up to 2Mbps. 3 ways to avail of Sun Broadband Wireless:

      1) Existing Sun postpaid subscribers add only P649/month to your existing Plan. That’s P150 discount/month on your broadband subscription. This offer is also available to new Sun Postpaid subscribers. Great offer!!!
      2) For those who prefer to only get the Sun Broadband Wireless service, pay only P799/month. Just submit your Valid Identification (SSS, Diver’s License, PRC Card, etc), Proof of Billing and Proof of Income (2 months credit card bills, existing internet subscription bill, and postpaid subscription bill of Globe/Smart/Addict can be used as proof of billing and income.) Other bills like Meralco, Manila Water, Cable TV bills, PLDT/Innove/Bayantel bills can also be used depending with the bill amount.
      3) EASY BROADBAND!!! Now this is the easiest way to get an Internet Broadband service instantly. Just pay P2,500 as modem fee and P799 for the advance MSF and present your Valid ID with address (driver’s license, company ID with address, etc) If there’s no address on your ID, just submit a billing statement (doesn’t have to be under your name) where Sun can send the bills to.

      For any inquiries, you may call 333 on your Sun phone, dial 3953333 using a landline or visit the nearest THE SUN SHOP outlet.

      Sun Broadband Wireless is adding more and more 3.5G cellsites in Quezon City, Makati, Mandaluyong, Las Pinas, Paranaque, Bicutan, Pasay, Pasig, San Juan, Marikina, Valenzuela, Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Cainta and Antipolo. So this means faster internet service using HSDPA! If you’re using a 3G phone, turn on the UMTS/3G network feature under Network Settings and manually search the network to check if you have Sun Cellular 3G signal at your place. In places not covered by Sun’s 3G service yet like Cebu, Davao, Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, etc there’s the EDGE service that offers about 256kbps, not bad for just P649/month.

    • i should’ve read this article,regarding smart broadband….but it’s too late…i am using smart bro now…and some nega comments is true :sad: …hayz…

  146. para sa mga naglalaro ng DOTA, bakit ang Globe may philippine globe dota room, ang PLDT may philippine PLDT dota room, ang Bayantel may philippine Bayantel dota room, at ang Digitel may phillipine Digitel dota room? Ganito na ba talaga ka hanep ang smart bro? so unique o d nila kayang makipag sabayan? Kainis, the whole day angtataas ng ping ko. Kelangan ko na ba magpa dc ng connection?
    Ayaw ko na ng wireless, kahit anong linya pa yan.

    • mahina ang signal ng antenna mo… or may problem ang cell site… ng smartbro.. dapat pagngping k ng mga gateways o anu man mbaba lang ang replay per ms… kc pagyan tumaas n may traffic kana… tumataas ang jitter ng antenna mo o congested n ang cell site.. kc madami n kau.. nka home dun…

  147. hi there!well,i tought i was the only one,who’s admiring the biggest and fastest connection ever.but hey,im not alone!!geezz..thanks!smartbro,will definetely sucks…while im typing this message,well,it just took me for an hour to finish this,coz,i saw the computer icon below,and it says: Limited or No Connectivity…not to mention the “TEAMS”who comes into our house almost every week to fix my “smartbro antenna”and check my computer,and also doing the “speedtest”of the connection.and proud to see that 1 fading gold star out of 10…really sucks…

  148. Guys, I found a way. These Roughclaw guys finally built the reflector to make wireless internet faster. Visit their website

    My connection is now very fast and stable. Kahit umuulan pa! Try for yourself.

  149. After a year of subscription… “bro” just gave me an average speed @ 46-57kb/s for download speed when using Windows XP SP2 and @ 60-68kb/s for Vista, not much difference but with much improvements on both systems. BTW, for MAC OS X Leopard, i’m getting 40-55kb/s.

    I’m now switching to SUN Broadband to test its capacities.

    Location: Bagumbong, Caloocan

    • mkOPF88,

      Did you already subcribe to SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS? If not… You may reach me @ 09228455076 for your inquiries, application and demo. Tnx. :smile:

      • Well, that’s a good call for me… i just seen it on Ticketnet and found it interesting to catch on… I’ll make a call if there’s a time…

        “There’s nothing bad to try…”

  150. Tired of your Smart Bro connection…? Its about time to change your internet provider. I suggest you guys out there to choose SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS (SBW). Sun Broadband Wireless offers Unlimited Internet, with a Speed of up to 2mbps, P799/month, No Lock-in-Period, Very affordable and Very Handy. I also provide FREE DEMO to your house to see the actual speed of our internet which No Other internet company provides. For your Application, Inquiries and Free Demo you may reach me @ 09228455076.


  151. nakakaasar nga yang smarbro na yan pagka hindi ka nakapag bayad idadaan ka nila sa abogado ang galing magisip para magkapera tumutubo pa kapag di ka nakapag bayad bat di na lang nila putulan nananadya para magkapera mga swapang yan smartbro.

  152. smartbro wag naman kayong ganyan pahirap sa tao ang ginagawa nyo porke may abogado kayo ang sasama nyo,pagka walang pambayad putulan nyo na lang hidi yung nananadya kayo tapos idadaan nyo sa abogado alalahanin nyo sa lupa masaya kayo pag patay na kayo susunugin kayo sa impyerno walang katapusan paghihirap ang dadanasin nyo mga hudas.

  153. cge, mag SUN CELLULAR kayo… alam nyo ba kung bakit walang lock-in contract yan. kasi hindi sila sigurado na magiging maganda ang service nila sa inyo. haha

    • well, dahil nga walang lock-in period… di naman siguro masama mag-try, lalu na kung may magde-demo…

      so far… ok naman connection… stable naman sa ngayun (rate is 1.7-1.9mbps, di na masama…)


      buset!!! p’ersahin nyuh pa si BRO!!! para magbago!!!

    • @ Andew,

      Smartbro subsciber ka ba? How’s your Smartbro service right now? Paki text complete address mo para mapakita ko service ni SBW. At para makumpara natin srevice ni BRO at ni SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS. Which service is better. Tsaka,para mapaliwanag ko ng mas mabuti ung sinabi mo na “cge, mag SUN CELLULAR kayo… alam nyo ba kung bakit walang lock-in contract yan. kasi hindi sila sigurado na magiging maganda ang service nila sa inyo. haha” Here’s my contact # 09228455076.

      @ mkOPF88,

      Thank You! :wink:

  154. :mad: smart bro-lok!!! bulok ang internet na bigay ng smart bro!!! humuhuthut kayu ng pera samin tapos yung bigay nyung net bulok!!! kahit sa online games na nga lang super lag pa!!! patigil tigil at parating nadidisconnect dahil sa BULOK na internet ng SMART BRO!!! ehwan ko kung BOBO yung gumawa ng smart bro kxe parang ganun nga may painternet internet kayung nalalman eh BULOK naman! sayang ang pera namin sa pagbabayad sa BULOK na internet nyu!!!

  155. grabe naman kayo smart bakit ganito connection ko daig ko pa naka dial up at laging sinasabi limited or no connectivity
    sakit na nga sa bulsa sakit pa kayo sa ulo futa kakabad3p

    • sakin din, minsan limited or no connectivity.. tapus wala akong connection sa mozilla minsan, pero sa net explorer meron, and vice versa.

    • ehh bobo ka pala ehh
      alam mu na pala na bulok ang smart bro ng apply ka pa
      ang tanga mu,,ga pataL

      tao ka pa ba,,,o tanga ka tlga :lol: :lol: :lol: ahahah

  156. wala nman kwenta talaga to smart bro……wala p me isang oras log in parati cannot be displayed…..ayusin nman nyo sistema nyo sayang nman yung binabayad namin….

  157. ellow.. why are you guys seriously getting mad at smart bro? i’m using smart bro for a year and so far I haven’t any complaint against their service. I am a subscriber of plan 999, i am satisfied with the bandwidth (324 something Kbps). There were some instances that my connection lost but it is due to the satellite where my antenna connected to. However, this wouldn’t last for about 1 hr. You can call their customer service hotline *1888 when there is such occurences and you will able to know what are your problem regarding your connection.

    • Tama po…Salamat System32.. kung may problema:

      *1888 using your smart sim
      1800-10-672-7277 using PLDT Landline
      02-6727277 Manila Line

  158. :arrow:

    hoi ang hina futa ayoko na

    Futa ssara nyu na kompanya nyu walang kwenta,poro drawing lang kayu,,,Smart bro sobrang “PS” paking shit go to hell smart bro,,

  159. grabe dami nega comments!!!d truth is,nun mgpakbit ako ng net,decided n tlaga ko s smartbro…lately,prang ngka2problem na…almost 2weeks pa lng po itong net namin…i sometimes don’t want to shut down my PC,kc i know,magka problem na naman regarding s signal…tpos kung anu2ng diagnostics na kelangan i-click,wala pa rin po…my “restart,restart” pa…anu b tlga?sa amin lang po,sana,konte improvement :idea: :idea: naman po system, [smartbro] para hindi naman din po sayang yun pera namin.parepareho naman din po tayong nakikinabang,di ba po?i hope po na you could give us better service… :idea:
    thank you so much po.

  160. yah correct smart bro sucks !!! 2 months na ako subscriber ng smart unang buwan maganda ang sistema..mabilis naman..pero after one month..dito na magsisimula ang signos ng smart bro..laging disconnected ..kaya hindi ako makapagonline games ng maayos eh..laging ganun nga disconnected..kaya ung experience laging bumabalik sa crazy kart..hai naku..palibhasa may kontrata kaya di pde ipaputol kaagad…kaya ang solusyon mag tiis at magpahaba ng pasensya…wat da hell…ayusin sana ang sistema nila…

    • Ang bilis ng Connection ng Smartbro Plan 999 ay depende rin po lamang sa Bilis ng ating Computer or sa Specs nito.. kung mababa po ang memory ng inyong PC wag na po tayo mag expect ng mabilis na connection.. ito po ay malinaw sa Subscriber Application Form or Contract na pinirmahan nyo kung kayo po ang Suscriber or kung binabasa nyo ito.. Marami pong salamat.. :smile:

  161. ang bagal bagal sobra ng prepaid kit nila, ang daya pa sa oras… kinakain ang load… :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: sayang talaga at bumili pa ako

    • hello!! kelangan sa Smartbro Prepaid plug-it may 3G or HSDPA na signal sa Area dahil dun kumukuha ng signal ang Plug it.. kung wala ang area mo nito, wag na po tayo mag expect ng mabilis.. Uulitin po natin, Ito ay para lamang sa may signal ng 3G/HSDPA.. :smile:

  162. )#($)(#*$)#*$ kayong smart bro kau wala kaung kwenta malugi sana kau mga h@y0p kayo f@ck kayo sa earth walang ka walang kwenta kau holy week dba ano e2 paraan nyo ng penetesya nyo mga h@yop kau kabagal ng net ko 7x faster ha! baka mas 7x faster ang pag sapak ko sa mga technical support nyo… maawa kau sa mga technical support nyo sila binabagsakan ng mura… na dapat para sa inyo punyeta kau dapat sinusunog yang mga base stations nyo… ang dami nyo pang arte na dapat kailangan ung signature ng airmat ko eh sa wala eh nagabroad ayaw nyo p ng scanned isa lng bigsabihin ng gustong magpadisconnect… walang kwenta ang service nyo gaya ng mga sim card nyo walang kwenta… do something useful for the community magsara na kau or commit suiceide…. ay wag pala magiging sikat nanaman kau nun… sori po… pero fuck kayo sa earth smart bro!

  163. wag na kayong umaasa na may improvement pa yan dahil walang wala na yan… ang mas maganda magsara na ang smart! :lol:

    • Di na talaga magagawan ng paraan ng Smart yan. Ganyan talaga wireless. Kung may option kayong wired DSL, mabuti pa lumipat na lang. Kung wala kayong ibang option, try nyong gumamit ng Roughclaw reflector.

  164. sabihin na natin na ang “bilis” ng connection ay dependent sa specs ng PC, may point ka dun hehe.. pero pati ba yung palaging disconnected, sa PC pa din ang problema?? I don’t think so..

    Anyway, luckily, napa-disconnect ko na ang Smart Broken ko.. Kaso yung refund naman, nakupo! ubod ng tagal! porque ba 1000++ lang eh, hindi na maasikaso?? Nagsabi pa na, “after 7 working days” pagkatapos mag-file for refund eh makukuha na.. anak ng, after 2 weeks ako bumalik wala pa din! tapos ngayon april na, december pa ako nag-padisconnect, wala pa din! ka-kupad ng mga taong yan!

    Hindi lang broken eh!

  165. kung meron lang kaming ibang ISP maliban sa smartbro… matagal kona pinalitan smartbro-ken na yan… ta-e service nila…

  166. di p tapos lock in period ng samrt bro namin pero disconnected n ung service nila..panu b matatapos un mga pananakot nila dun s arquillo law opis n un..may mga demand letter na…

  167. tae na smart bro-ken na toh!..laging dc!..ngaun nga dc na nmn ee!..walahiya nmn toh…sana nag dsl na lng ako XD
    ndi nakakatuwa tong smart bro-ken amp!.lagi tlga dc.. >.<

  168. mga kaibigan i try ninyo i re-orient ang antena ng wireless smart bro.kasi ganyan din ang experience ko noong una.then ng naiayos ko ang antena ok na ang internet connection.try lang..ty

  169. my gosh!! your right.. smartbro really makes me sick everyday.. i just hope they will see my message!! the connection makes me angry every time.. i was waiting for my fiancee to get online and talk.. but this connection trying to take the chances to make pakialam to my chatting.. hihinto then babalik.. then super bagal.. when i was trying to cut.. sabi pa sa akin.. my billing will still continuing to sent via my address.. would you believe that? kahit bayad kana. magbabayad ka pa din.. gosh!! ay kakaimbyerna talaga!!!


  171. :sad: Smart bro really sucks. Warning!!! Dont waste your money for this piece of sh#t!! This is the worst wifi service in the Philippines. A dial up internet is way better than smart bro. Smart bro will just get your money. That’s all this company care about.

  172. :twisted: :mad:
    wow uu nga totoo lahat ng sinabi nyo…. ang bagal bagal talaga ng smartbro… naiinis ako kasi mga friends ko ay DSL ang line nila tapos ako smartbro lang… kala ko kasi faster connection ang smartbro yun pala faster disconnection… maghihintay pa ako ng 1 year para ipapadisconnect ang smartbro… bakit kaya magcocontinue pa ng bayad ang customer eh hindi naman satisfied sa service nila… smart bro Sucks talaga!!!!!!!!!!

  173. it does sucked a lot… but hey! did you figured out that it’s just 384kbps… that’s the connection speed i think, not the actual download speed…

    you should get about 34-50kb/s when downloading a file… for youtube streaming, yes, it sucked… just make sure you watch videos with longer durations or atleast 3mins without running anything that can sip your connection speed…

    it’s like buying a video card… you get the low end one… you get poor performance… just like BRO… the slowest internet service provider in the PAYNS…

    go for Wired Connections instead… DSL i mean…

  174. MGA TITI TALAGA KAYONG LAHAT POTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SMART BRO BULOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BOBO ANG SMART BRO GINAWANG P1,998 ang montly bill ko tapos!!!!!!! yung binigay lang skin na connection 12KB/S to 99KB/S

  175. kailangan ko talaga ng malkas na connection kasi mahilig ako maglaro ng online games…..

    madalas mag LAG ang mga games ko kaya napag isipan ko nalng na bumili ng gaming computer at akala wala na akong mgiging problema!!!
    e2 ang specs ng bago kong computer
    Processor Intel i7 940 @ 2.97Ghz
    Video card: GTX 285 1GB GDDR3
    Ram: 6GB DDR3

    tapos ganun parin ang lakas parin ng LAG pagsabihn sa Internet ang problema!!

  176. Hi guys, wala naman ako problem sa DSL internet namin. By thje way PLDT mydsl me here. Buti na lang di ako nagpakabit nang SMART Broken kasi yun ang first choice nung pumunta ako sa megamall 5th floor then i try pldt kasi need kasi namin may bundle na landline for business growth and may landline kami na unlimited. nag-apply ako march 26 nakabitan ako 1 month later that april 26 excactly then so far i have no problem at all. yung una XP pa gamit ko eto ginawa ko, di ko pa kasi alam yun technology or intel na to but guys it really helps a lot i am a tech genius. eto gawin nyo para di kayo dc palagi.

    1. go to bios yung pagka start nang computer then yung may processor details, harddisk, then press del or f8 basta makapasok ka sa menu.

    2. then go to your integrated devices yung settings nang LAN.

    3. then go to MAC address and enable this.

    4. put 00000000 basta zero lang lagay nyu.

    5. MAGIC boi ok na internet mo. wala nang putulan.

    (note di pwede and walang settings pag LUMA ANG COMPUTER nyo wag na TRY! kasi walang settings yun sa integrated bios.)

    its works rin sa pinsan ko kasi sinubukan namin sa kanya yung connection ko sa DSL then inextend ko yung landline cord sa bahay nila then pagkastart nang pc nilang bulok na intel via board na dual core daw. (note di ako naninira pero dont brag na dual core pc nyu kampante na kau. any ways i am using vista to the fullest tignan lang natin kung kaya nila maglaro nang crysis sa vista. anyways go back to the topic.

    i just tweak the bios in MAC ADDRESS setting and enable it then add 0000000. (note basta pindot lang nang zero to ok!

    WALA MAGIC wala nang DC try nyo sa SMART NYO baka yun LANG ang problem. kasi ganun rin ako dati in the old days but i upgraded to next level hehehehe.

    First step pa lang un guys marami pa ako ginawa para maabot yung required speeds.

    1. bios mac settings
    2. Eliminate yun QOS (required advance user intervention) try nyo na lang i search
    3. Dsl accelarator
    4. yun lang mga guys. surf na.

    About me tulad nyo mga guys 384 kbps rin ako then, naka vista (no problem w/ me) whether its xp or vista kau try nyo sinasabi ko kasi its research guys gumana sa kabitbahay ko. na reproduce ko yung results. Basta i-try nu lang walang mawawala.

    i have downloaded 20 gig of tons of files, i have played ran 24/7 then at the same time downloading kaya naaawa rin ako sa inyo mga guys NOT REALIZING THE FULL POTENTIAL OF YOUR COMPUTER AND YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION GRANTING ANG MAY PROBLEM AY SA ISP. I SUPPORT U GUYS. Thanks kahit mahaba.

    BTW buti di ako ME NA ME! hehehehehe

    email me if this works for u or not. [email protected]

  177. helo, may option pa para bumilis ang performance ng pc niu and gaganda speed ng connection…..
    email me nlang

  178. Use opendns a free dns alternative na US made and hindi congested like here in the philippines all the request will shared by the users. good only for internet browsing. here is the link imagine all the shops in the philippines are being connected to one settings and its totally degrading the speed. unlike the opendns, i have surf the net 2x faster. just go to the website. Some things in life are free.

  179. In my case SmartBro REALLY sucks! The first few months that I got their service very reliable ang connection.Then November last year nag-start ang problema hanggang ngayon. Sometimes I won’t have any connection for a week then add to that hindi prompt ang mga field technicians nila. SmartBro would say the problem is with their base station but I don’t think they’re fixing the problem since my connectivity problem persists (Should I consult a doctor? LOL). But then they are so prompt when reminding me of my unpaid bills and when I asked for rebate, para mabawasan naman ang babayaran ko, they always say that I better settle my overdue first and the rebate will appear on the next billing statement. They told me that Dec. 2008 pa pero hanggang ngayon wala pa ring rebate despite my repeated calls to their hotline! POWTANGINA (ooops sorry po)! I have no choice kasi dito sa place namin SmartBro pa lang ang broadband provider.

  180. @legallyblunt: ganyan din nangyari sa akin. ang pangit na ng connections nila, pangit pa din ang after sales/customer services nila. mabagal sila kumilos.

    Hope you get yours fixed.

  181. kainis! wala na talagang pagbbago ang smart.. haaiiizzz… i only have 10.0mbps speed.. and super bagal talaga.. kakawalang pasensiya.. mas madalas hindi magamit..

  182. @:gee

    hoy GAGO!! wag kang magsinungaling tang ina ka!!
    paano nmn naging 10mb/s ung connection mo ha????
    wag kang managinip na ung concedction mo ay 10mb/s
    Ang pinakamataas lang ng connection ng Smart Bro ay 2mb/s lang!!! kaya wag kang magsinungaling wala ka nmng alam!!!!

    at kapag ung kinuha mo ay Plan999 ung pnaka maximun speed lang ay “384Kb/s lang”

    • Mr.Pennis – hehehe.. smart bro ako, pero di pa ako naka 2MBPS.. 200KBPS ata once in a blue moon lang.. nag tiyatiyaga lang ako sa 60KBPS araw araw :roll:

    • siraulo ka pala eh!! bakit naman ako magsisinungaling? eh sa iyon nga ang nakalagay noh.. inggitero!! 10.0mbps naman talaga.. katabi ko pa iyong site ng smartbro.. siraulo.. gago ka din pala..

  183. Smart Bro tang ina ninyo!! nagsisi ako kung bakit pa ako nag apply sa inyo… bulok kayo!! sana malugi sana kayo!!!!!!!!!!!

    sa una lang mabilis ung Connection, after 2weeks or 3weeks bigla nlng magkakaroon ng problema minsa DC or may time nmn na sobrang bagal!!!! mas mabagl pa kesa sa dial up pnkamabagal kong connection ay 9Kb/s lang tang inang yan!!!!!!!!

  184. lilipat na ako sa BayanDSL pag may pera na, twice as fast kaysa smart bro… ang problema nga lang daanan ng bagyo lugar namin kaya pag tumama mga 6months pa bago magka net… pero ang smart bro mga 2weeks lang ayos na…

  185. tang inang Smart Bro yan NAPAKABOBO talga POOOTAAA!!!
    ginawang P1,998 ung monthly bill ko tapos ang bigay lang sakin na connection ay 9Kb/s -190Kb/s lang… wala tlgang kwenta ang smart bro……….
    4Months na akong nagtitiis sa Smart bro!!!!!!!!!!
    biruin nyo minsan pag magdodownload lang ako 700bytes/s lang!!!
    imagine kapag mag dodownload ka ng movie na ang size ay 800Mbps at ang speed lang ng connection mo ay 700bytes/s pagsabihin bago matapos ang dinadownload mo ay aabutin ka ng ilang weeks!!!!!

  186. hoy mga tite!! tulungan nyo nmn ako… kung ano yung kailangan kong gawin.. para lang bumilis yung aking connection…. sobrang bagal.. talaga wala ng ibabagal pa….
    pero wala namng problema ang PC ko… yung Internet ko lang ang may problema… hindi kasi ma-cancel ang subscribtion ko sa Smart Bro eh may 1year contract!!!

    kabibili ko nga lang pala ng gaming computer.. para mkpaglaro n ako ng maayos.. pero ganun din pala…….( ang nilalaro ko Online games)

    e2 ang aking bagong specs:
    Processor: Intel core I7 940 @2.97Ghz(4.4Ghz overclcoked)
    Motherboard: Intel DX58SO x58 motherboard
    Video card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 285 1GB GDDR3
    RAM: Kingston 4GB DDR3
    CPU cooler: Zalman CNPS 9700 Processor Cooler
    CPU case: Antec nine hundred two(gaming case)
    Windows 7 RC _build(7107) Extreme gamers edition..

    pero LAG parin ang mga Online games ko npkabagal kasi ng connection ng Smart Bro………

    KAYA KAYONG MGA TITE JAN, kung meron kayong idea kung paano bumilis ang internet ko sabihin nyo na kaagad sa akin!!!!
    total mabilis nmn yung PC ko eh Internet lang ang Problema

    • wow 4.4 GHz na overclocked! Sobrang bilis nyan ah.. Pero pag smart bro ang internet connection, walang silbi parin. Try mo sky broadband or yung plan bayanDSL 2699, or you netPremium ng bayanDSL na P13,650.00.

      Sky Broadband naman mabilis daw ayon sa Ads nila. hehe

      May Plan 12MBPS ang sky broadband na worth 5,999 per month :mrgreen:

      Naka 64 Bit ba Windows 7 mo? or 32 Bit? wow.. dream specs ko yan, kaso can’t afford pa.. :mrgreen:

  187. mr.Pennis wag ka na maghanap ng solusyon sa smartbro problem moooo. . ..walang mangyayari dyan . .

    ako sa yo . . . gayahin mu ang ginawa kooo . . . umalis sa smartbro at mag-apply sa pldt myDSL . . . .makapag-laro na ako ng mga online games ngayon ! !!woohoo at yung youtube dire-diretso naaa . . .

    naalala ko tuloy mga memories ko sa smartbro noong last 2 years . . . namamatay ako palagi sa mga online games tulad ng Ran ph at hindi makapasok sa FLYFF at freestyle . . . pati o2jam ko delayed . . .haaaay

  188. bro f smartbro gamit mo yung usb, punta ka network settings, select manual… tapus mag search yan ng signals, select mo 3G. gud to go nayan

  189. pwede poh bang magtanong kasi halos lahat ng broadband ay na try ko na mapa globe visibility pa yan or smartbro hindi pero ganun same as your(our) problem gus2 ko sanang humingi ng advice kung anong brand mas maganda?

  190. i cant help but wonder gow much smartbro is paying you or how many of your friends, family, girl or boyfriend work for smartbro it is the worst operated, managed,and maintain company i have ever hear of or delt with.when my fiance`e had trouble time & time again with smart bro.she got globe set up.asked smartbro disconnect service and come remove their equipment. i watch & listened as he tech (that showed up a week later than was arranged with smartbro)flat refuse to remove the equipment.& even tryed to disconnect the globe connection.citinig she was under contract fo9r a year.she signed no contract. i was with her when she payed for the”ONE Month trial”she said she didnt care & even would pay if they could show proof of signed contract.Either way she wanted the smartbro stuff OUT.the tech preceeded to make himself at home & have seat refusing to leave when she finally said GET OUT.she would call smartbro & talk to them again.still refusing to leave i told her to call the police.when she started to dial ,he finally left.I pray for the day when someone hacks & dismantles smartbro`s system.And i will throw a party to celebrate the end of smartbro at the nearest Globe company office.

  191. I wish i have read this before I availed SMART Bro! damn! It really suck! the connect is very unstable, and their support team is USELESS and INUTIL! I want to terminate their service now but I need to finish the 1 year contract, so that means i need to experience 1 YEAR OF UNSTABLE INTERNET CONNECTION. aLL THANKS TO SMARK BRO!!!!



  194. To guys out there who are still undecided which internet provider to choose… I suggest you choose Sun Broadband Wireless (SBW). With a speed of up to 2mbps, P799/month, No Lock-in Period, very affordable & handy. For Inquiries, Application & Free Demo in your house you may reach me @ 0932248700 :smile: .

  195. June 14th, 2009 at 2:04 am

    To guys out there who are still undecided which internet provider to choose… I suggest you choose Sun Broadband Wireless (SBW). With a speed of up to 2mbps, P799/month, No Lock-in Period, very affordable & handy. For Inquiries, Application & Free Demo in your house you may reach me @ 09322248700 :smile: .

  196. nd naman talaga SUCK ang smartbro, u can optimize ur pc a little bit para gumanda rin ang connection, kakarenew ko lng ng smartbro ko, so far wla naman akong ngiging problem, mas maayos pa nga ito ksa sa ibang internet provider

  197. potnginang smart yan!!!lkas p loob n mgpadala ng demand letter..sheeet..kau sumbong ko s ntc e,advertise p ng adverties n 384 kbps..well fuck u!!!plagi dc sbrang bgal..gmgastos k ng ala silbi e..mga manloloko kau mga sheet..msu2ng kau s impyerno mga smart employee!!!

  198. Pingback: Local Access Only ang computer ko! Wah! | Ako si Jehzeel


  200. sun……3 F*&^$!!!ng hours to down load a 9mb file from source forge….GOt cut off again!……..5 fu!*(#****NG hours to upload a damn 200kb jpeg file…on yahoo!!! that its i you have a stable connection for the day!

  201. I used to have globe as my service provider, pero nagshift aq sa smart bro, mas okay ung connection q ngaun. halos lahat kasi dito sa area namin puro smart bro.

  202. Life with smartbro is just like living in hell. 16 kbps lng yung nakukuha ko. Ok ba yung globe wi max? 1mbps for 995 and mayroon ding 795 for a broadband speed of 512 kbps. So smartbro subscribers, I suggest that you change your Broadband provider. Smartbro lng ang may pinaka maraming negative reviews at complaints all over the world and also the Internet. Check nyo sa yahoo or google or kahit saang search sites tapos type nyo smartbro sucks… magugulat kayo sa daming results… On going pa yung refund na nai request ko… sabi ko sa kanila narefund hindi rebate..

  203. :sad: sad to say my smartbro is really broken. just like now… this very moment… unstable na ang connection… this really sucks cuz i earn a living online…. grrrrrr…
    will it help if my antenna is at a higher level… i mean adding more height to the “tubo”? currently 6ft na ang tubo.

    • you should consult this with their technical support so you’d know what’s best to do and what is really wrong. ako kasi before maxadong mababa ang RAM ng pc kaya ngkaka prob ang connection.

  204. importante talaga na alam mo ung pinaka OK na connection sa area nyo , kasi hindi nman pareho tlga lahat. dito sa makati ok ang smart bro. matagal ko na ‘tong gmit, may mga flaw pero wala nmang service na wala. tska marami nrin ako nkita na na prove na mas wide prin ang connection ng smartbro. see for yourself, tas surf na lang din kau sa yooutube.

  205. ang mga nsa blog na ‘to pre2ho ata ng napapanood na vid, hehe. pero thanks for posting, laki pla tlga ng difference ng smart. i found similar videos with similar views, buti smartrbo bnili ko.

  206. our connection in cubao quezon city is terrible… especially in the afternoon; if the connection is not choppy then its cut… whats b*sht abt their service is the never ending *REPORTS that their agents would say to you when you complain… Their actions are temporary & transparent… ~im even typing this while my connection is lagging… LOL Kudos Smart BRO thank you for the POOR service!! I hope we could find a reliable service in other DSL providers…

  207. :neutral: grabeh smart bro really sucks! with just a lil bit of rain the connection was disconnect! what kind of connection you have?

    • hi ate rowena… i agree that with just a little bit of rain, the connection becomes interrupted. all wireless are like that, ndi lang po smart, pati na din ang globe, bayantel, etc. they are all sensitive to natural calamities like rain.

  208. at first nung nabasa ko to e stupid ang smart bro. haha. gulat ako na update pa lang ang post at naimprove ang connection ng smartbro. great going! 3 mos pa lang ako sa bro pero so far wala pko nagiging prob. sana ganito lang palagi! woo.

  209. Sinabi n nga ng author ng blog na to. “My Smart Bro connection fluctuates happily, and I’m so satisfied for its performance. And oh… I would like to say again that I’m not complaining about Smart Bro, actually I would like to commend them for their excellent service! If you’re curious why my post title was “Smart Bro Sucks”, it’s purely ironic, I just want to get some traffic for people who were searching for Smart Bro negative reviews, that’s why my post title was “Smart Bro Sucks”, but they don’t suck, they RULE! They are the best broadband connection that was available here in the Philippines! (My next post would probably be how to pay Smart Bro bills via BPI Express Online, kasi wala pang blogs sa SERPs, just saw it in an old forum.)”

    It was not broken, and does not suck.

    • ou nga naman…

      but it still sucks because of its speed… just 384… but still the most stable wireless connection I ever had… the promised speed is within reach… sort of 360-450kbps… not bad at all…

      SB doesn’t suck… it’s just limited… that’s why it sucks to customers… jeezz…

      haha… hope na may 50mbps na sa Philippines na abot kaya…

      peace awt…

      • The most stable wireless internet connection. #rd world country kasi tayo kaya mahirap ung sinasabi mong affordable 50 mbps.

      • yeah… just another fact… there’s no broadband connection with my desired speed (wireless I presume and portable connections like tattoo that definitely sucked deep inside the bone marrow)…

        it’s just everyone needs to get a wired connection (DSL) not a WEIRD connection…

        well… regards to all SB subscribers… till the last breath…

        peace out…

  210. galing ng author netong blog ah. napadalaw ako sa blog nia ng di oras.. haha! uu nga, smartbro is good. specially compared sa ibang wireless on the go providers.

  211. @eileen

    wow sana nga magkatotoo yang wish mo. grabe srap mag dload pag gnun. sna mas mag improve na agad smartbro!

  212. got an update on my connection…

    tama nga sinabi ni jehzlau na magiging .50mbps yung connection later on…

    i’m getting a 45-76kb/s download speed… medyo nawala yung frequent buffering moments nung youtube…

    sa wakas! 512kbps na ang SmartBRO!!! yeepee…

    location: Bagumbong, Caloocan (swerte nyuh kung nakatapat sa Bagumbong elem. school yung SB nyuh…)

    peez out…

    • Napansin ko nga rin un kagabi…nagulat nga ako kasi kungkailan may bagyo at umuulan eh saka bumilis ung connection ko…dati kasi eh naglalaro lang sa 350-384 ang speed ko…sabay kagabi ng nag-test ako eh umabot ng 500-512…’un pala eh mag-improve na sila ng speed…sana nga eh tuloy tuloy na ‘un…subukan ko ulit mamaya kung same results pa rin…

  213. iba na talaga technology ngayon. dati ako lang naka internet samin dito sa bahay ksi mas kailangan ko as a student, tapos nung nagkaroon ng smart bro share it. aba, lahat kami nabigyan ng intenet. pati kapitbahay namin nangangapitbahay para lang maki internet, haha. nagdadala naman sila ng laptop. kasi kung gagamitin pa non pc kom nako hindi ako papayag. haha.

  214. thanks smart for giving me reliable intenet for almost two years. sinamahan mo na ko sa paggawa ng thesis ko hanggang sa pag graduate ko at paghahanap ng trabaho. super thank you…

  215. inggit na inggit sa’kin kuya ko na naka globe visibility. haha. ako nga smart prepaid lang mas mabilis pa connection ko sa kanya. mas mahal pa binabayaran niya sa’kin.. sabi ko nga tapon niya na lang globe visibility niya, share na lang kami sa smart bro.

    • Oh by the way highway, how much n lng poh ba? As a student, it’s quite mabigat for my bulsa kasi, maraming nilolodan ng kung anek-anek.

  216. i use this together with my smart money in transacting business online. i started selling handmade earings lang tapos ngaun i also sell pictureframes made out of recycled paper. I sell it online on multiply. and i get payment through smart money, kaya nga thankful tlga ko sa smart bro, it makes my business grow.

  217. gosh. i can’t imagine my life without using intenet. buti na lang i have ‘net access anytime, kailangan sa research eh, lalo pa ngaun thesis time at graduating. haaayy. grabe tlga…

  218. Uwaaaah! Smart bro does not suck! Warui! Warui! Ever since, I watch anime and read manga with it! I cant enjoy my Otaku life pag alang bro connection!

  219. @ norman

    1995 na lang xa, .33 cents lang a minute. o di ba? tpid sa load. tska kung may skype ka khit wlang load pwede ka mgchat. for students like us on a budget tlga xa.

  220. nagulat ako kagabi kasi kung kailan may bagyo at umuulan eh saka bumilis ung connection ko…dati kasi eh naglalaro lang sa 350-384 ang speed ko…sabay kagabi ng nag-test ako eh umabot ng 500-512…’un pala eh nag-improve na sila ng speed…sana nga eh tuloy tuloy na ‘un…subukan ko ulit mamaya kung same results pa rin…

  221. PLAN 999 “UNLIMITED”
    Unlimited broadband even if you’re beyond the reach of a phone line.

    Speed : Up to 512 kbps (New and improved speed)
    No. of Hours use : Unlimited
    Connection : Fixed wireless connection (FREE Installation Fee)
    Requirements : Subscriber Application Form, Proof of Identification.
    Total Initial Payment : Php 999.00
    Lock-in Period : 12 months

    • Bea, whatever you say…we have our own experience with that SMART-ass BRO intermittent connection. Yes, I appreciate the friendly *1888 – they have to be anyway since the call is however, we need more stable internet connection. I understand the seldom maintenance stuff but wtf! ..this is happening everyday!. My SMART-ass BRO is a total waste. I bought it last month but it keeps cutting off and of course big waste of money. We are charged 10php/30min but the connection cut off after few minutes, when you connect again..another 30min charge and so on. I switched to plan 999 …OMG! To my big big surprise! Server is always busy and crawling, and ping times is to the highest level! hahaha.. Well, dude a nice try for twisting our views, but as said above, we have our own experience with SMART-ass BRO!

  222. goshh… i want to sell my globe tattoo or at least trade it for smart bro’s new dongle.. anyone wants globe tattoo? reply to this message. :razz:

      • Weeww!!! keep the Globe Tattoo instead coz Smartbro Prepaid keeps cutting out! Supposed to be upto 2Mbps..but I was only getting up to 20Kbps! and most of the time 0.0kbps..hahaha..good joke right? It’s really good for nothing. A waste of money and time waiting to be reconnected everytime it cuts out. So I changed to plan 999 the other day and had it installed today. Hope this plan works well. I should have subscribed to plan directly not the prepaid.

  223. i just got my modem from smart last friday i had nothing but problems! i had spend an hour everyday for smartbro reps to help me out but had gotten no resolution until now. the reps sound nice but i dont care if they are rude so long as they get my problem done!–connection disconnected- thats the error message i get whenever i hit the connect botton on the program. f**k.. i swear i’ll never go get a servce from smart again!!! said they dont accept return and i signed a piece of crap they call ‘contract’ saying that… d*mn them! i agree of not returning their junk provided they give me the servcie i want. anyone interested buying my modem can reply.

    • i’ll go home and try calling them as again nobody had called me back as they promised me yesterday. i’ll change my post with compliments if i get resolution today. +++if this message wont get posted, alam na.hahahah Smart ang may pakana ng thread na to!

  224. i got mine last month.. I’m using it for at least a month now, and all i have with this are problems with my internet connections.. They told me that it was upgraded but until now, my internet connection is slow as usual.. i wanna change it but the contract states that i have to pay all my dues for the year.. SMART told me that, no problems will ever happen because their connection is stable.. They lied!… I should have not trust their word..

    • There are some areas that I think SmartBro works good but in some I think it doesn’t. They should spend a little time educating their customers regarding connection stability specially in areas with many trees or anything that may disrupt the connection.

    • my plan 999 few days ago.. I am living in an open area with no trees nor tall buildings but still having intermittent Even if they will upgrade to 6Mbps! I won’t believe we can even reach 1 out of

  225. Starting na mag painstall ako ng smart bro until now slowconnection and ang daming timeouts sa ping’s ko, Im always call *1888 nothing really happen, so im tired report this matter. after my contract, I will terminated the service.

  226. I guess the speed is quite acceptable (mapapagtiisan kung baga) HOWEVER, the SERVICE that the company is providing is way too PRIMITIVE.

    They don’t even have metrics to track their Service Level of Agreements.

    Company’s quality assurance processes really what SUCKS most!

    • yeah… that’s the reality…

      Thank God they increased their bandwidth to 1mbps, yet to be stable… rarely stops to buffer in any video streaming sites…

      so… sulit na 999php…

  227. I wanted to stop subscribing to smartbro. My reason is plane and simple. More often there is no Internet connection. If connection is established, frequently as well it is disconnected. In short the service is worst and will zoom up your blood pressure. You are paying a correct monthly fee yet yo are not receiving the expected service. I am telling my friends not to recommend SmartBro – it really sucks!

  228. bulok ang smartbro mabuti lang kung sa umpisa ang smartbro pero habang tumatagal bumubulok…. chumuchupa ng oten embis internet connection mabilis chumuchopa cla ng oten kaya mahina ang internet ng smartbroken.. pota… sana pasirasdo nanila 2 ang rami rami ng smart bro user pero yung technology nila walang pinag bago…. bulok2x…. ang mga ECE walang ginagawa… bulok kayung lahat….. BAKA NAG GEGERGER KAYO SA ORAS NG TRABAHO NYU MISMO SA BASE STATION PA NG SMART BRO KAYA MABAGAL ANG INTERNET DUN SIGURO KAYU SA WIRE NAG GERGER… BULOK KAYU.. MANGA ECE NG SMARTBRO… PAK YOU NYU.. POTANG INA NYU… PAK SHET… KISS MY ASS HOLE…

  229. poor smartbro agent i talked to yesterday. well she cant blame me if she got a taste of my anger.
    problems i had:

    1. 4 times that i had to go back to the smartstore to let them know of my problem.they got no tech persons to help me out. had my card changed 3x. none of the cards worked.
    2. called cust service atleast 5x a day since i got my card. they hang up on me when they learn they cant do anything to get things done. asked for a supervisor who kept saying sorry and sorry and sorry-i dont need em.
    3. i wanted to return the card but said i cant do as i signed a piece of crap they call contract/terms. i did sign up for a poor service!? we’ll i should have been informed its a poor servce im signing up for.
    4. i had to reformat may laptop just to get the card work. the tech on the phone finally admitted that their card manufacturers got compatibilty isssue with vista OS. i had to bring my computer back to where i bought it for the installation of the software and all. mean to say i had to pay extra.
    smartbro might be compatible with UNIVAC or ENIAC maybe.

    i got a diff phone service provider. i get problems too but frustrations smart had caused me is way unacceptable.

  230. Well d lang kau sumakto sa base station or engot ung ngkabit ng antenna’s nyo. We have been with SMART Bro for almost 8 months now and ang problem lng was bumagyo napasok ng tubig yung connection ng lan cables and then almost a week lng nmang update first it was up to 512kbps.. now its upto 1Mbps. d na kami lugi sa Php999.00 one to sawa pa sa torrent. Well one thing lng talaga kung meron man mali is the video streaming.. they would have to revert the usual setup kasi mas ok pa un.

    Kya sa mga magpapakabit ng SMART Bro o ano pa mang wifi.. please ask kung malakas ba ung signal ng base station sa inyo. Kung under devt pa ba ung lines dun sa area at kung meron bang ibang distracting sa signal ng wifi dun sa area. If you don’t meet this then stay with DSL.

    After installation tingnan nyo ng maayos kung ang jitter at power ay tama. mababang jitter mataas n power ok un.

    Pag once nawalan ng connection itawag agad para marebate ung days na wala kaung connection.

    Visit nyo Smart Connect website at may rewards po cla Php50.00 din un for every 10k points. Malamang meron na kau nun.

    Thank God for Smart at mabilis na din mgrespond ang tech.. yun nga lng kailangan mo takutin o pag initan ng ulo at script based ang dialogue. hehe

    And bago magreklamo icheck muna ang PC at kung anu-anong cable nka mamaya maluwag lng pala o kya na-unplug. At kahit anong lagay nyo ng mga comments d2 dedma tau ng SMART

  231. hay nako, nakakinis tong smartbro ngayon mabagal. ang problem is confirm na 1mbps pero ang badtrip 512kbps parin yung connection ko ilang beses na din akong nag email wala parin.

    • na intitindihan mo ba ung word na “burstable upto 1Mbps”? hindi sya steady 1mbps, it may reach up to that speed but not exactly you’re thinking of 900kbps, kung complain ka ng complain why try to visit ang instead of complaints ung post why not searching on how to improve your connection


    • Eh pano maganda daw tong smartbro nasa province ako. kung may bayantel nga lang eh nag bayantel na ako. sa bayantel plan 1199 768/768 tapos may speed on demand pa na 1200kbps. kahit hindi pa sod time eh nakaka kuha ako nang 1mbps lumipat lang kami dito sa province kaya ko pa dc ang bayandsl ko pero wala akong problem doon kaya hindi ako amg rereklamo. mabagal alng talga smartbro sabi kasi mabilis ayan daming nag apply ayun bumagal na crowded na tanggap pa cla nang tanggap. so kasalanan nila and ang sabi nila 1mbps na pero till now wala pa new subscriber ako non.

  233. I am looking for smartbro reviews since I am planning to have it at home. PLDT’s service installation turn around time is 2 to 3 weeks guess I cant wait that long and sky internet is not available in my area. Gud luck to me



  235. :mad: pota tong smart bro last time almost 1 month ako walang net tapos pag nag cocomplain ako ang sinasabi lang sa akin i fofollow up lang po namin sir tapos anung ginawa nila?? 5 beses pa ako nag complain ulit bago sila nag visit pota tlga lang kweenta parang useless lang nga ung mga binabayad ko sa smart bro it really sucks!!! f*ck shet tlga.. ngaun putol putol lagi ang net hindi pa sila na hihiya mag advertise na excellent daw ang service nila kapal naman nila

  236. Ilan days ba smart bro before mginstall?
    Sabi kasi 2 to 3 days
    sana naman makapaginstall na sila ngayon. Yesterday lang ako nag apply hindi ko pa alam if compatible sa pc dahil Pentium 3 lang pc ko at nung unang panahon pa to..
    Bibilis naman kaya?
    Hindi kaya mag hang pc ko? O ok lang dahil mabagal lang naman talaga smart bro?

    Mas maganda ba globe broadband?line kc cla talaga, unlike smart bro na nakikisagap lang ng siGnal.

  237. They connected my service less than 2 days. I posted in this site before I finaly decided to apply. I heard from my friends that their service is ok so I tried it. Tech Guys are very good, though I was keep on the dark on the interface of my smartbro connection… Guess they were on a hurry to install other connection.. over all it was perfect. After a week I run speedtest from and my download speed is 790kbps and 200kbps for upload… really not bad.. I feel you guys.. having on and off internet access is really crazy and I hate it as well. I think we really need to check for reviews and study the kind of service we want because we might end up complaining. We need to have internet service at home for work and fun.. but we can’t have it if service is not within our expectation… If service really does not work for a long period of time..

  238. smartbro sucks,even at 4 kms of a tower got only 2 bars connection and steal my minutesalso went loosing connection my minutes are counting out

  239. ok na yung sakin kaso, yung canopy problem canopy lite kasi so aggregate 1mbps lang sya, maxed download nun is 800kbps lang ang up 200kbps. Di nman pwede mag request na papalitan except kung masira talga. :smile:

  240. smartbro?????walang silbi,,mas mabuti pang sabihin sa mga namimili na wag na kayong bumili,,mapupuno lang ng mura pc nyo,,
    ang laki ng company nyo,,mahiya namn kayo,,pagnanakaw ang ginagawa nyo,,maawa kayo taong nag aakala na matutulongan nyo,,kong ako tatanongin?bobo ang mga it nyo,,magalit man kayo?tutuo un kasi wala kayong magawa,,tanga,dumating ma to sa pinaka mataas sa inyo mag samasama na kyo,,
    sana magawan nyo ng paraan to,,ang dami nyo ng naluko,,
    tnx sa abala at gastos na inabut namin sa …… smartbro nyo,,

    • dont say bad words my friend.

      smartbro technical support also needs your help.
      makipag cooperate kayo ng maayos.
      at palamigin muna natin ang ating ulo kapag tumawag tayo sa hotline. tiyak nun, mag sisink in sainyo ang sinasbe ng help support team.
      kung mainit ang ulo nyo di nyo lang maiintindhn panigurado.

      makipag usap kayo ng maayos.
      yun ang sikreto.

  241. Hi.. i’m from davao.. for those sbro subscribers located in davao, there’s a basic internet troubleshooting training/seminar “alamin mo bro” on oct 14. Venue is in PLDT office Ponciano. (beside Davao Light.) There are two batches. 9am-11am and 2pm-4pm.

  242. smart bro really sucks. I dunno. The connection was good back in manila but when I arrived here in Davao. The connection was going on and off. I used up all my load for several hours just to connect. I tried to contact the tech support twice but I never got a reply or a call. I’m not a techie person so I don’t understand how the complications work for the connection. I even disabled my norton just ensure that it would work. But to no avail it is still going on and off. I used the same type of internet in the uae and the connection was really good.

      • oi. fan ka pala ng smart..baka nman matulungan mo ako,,ung internet ko d2 pawalawala or connection timed out o kya server not found *damn.. nu ba steps para mapabilis??


  244. I bought a smart bro prepaid kit last September ’09 and it was great, download speeds would exceed 1.8 Mbps at times. Now I’m down to 0.16 Mbps download and 0.03 Mbps upload speeds, it’s been that way for about a month now and it sucks big time because the nearest base station is about 50m from our house! What a waste of money!

  245. para mapabilis mo pa yan…download mo TCP/IP Optimizer dito sa …tapos run mo lang need for installation..after mo mairun double click mo tapos piliin mo yung optimal settings sa bottom right then apply>ok>restart…after nyan test mo ulit connection mo bibilis xa ng up to 200%…try it sure yan promise!!!

  246. smart bro really sucks!!!! it really sucks because it SUCKS the speed of other networks to give you the best, fastest speed smart wireless broadband can give to their subscribers.

  247. :evil: nakakainis na talaga.. bah, halos two weeks na akong nagdurusa sa connection ko.. panay ang tawag ko sa *1888 na iyan, panay check. panay blah blah blah.. kakainis.. palagi na lang akong nawawalan ng connection..habang ang mga katabi kung bahay na nakadsl ay maghapon magdamag na nagcocomputer.. ako naman maghapon at magdamag na naghihintay ng connection.. bwisit talaga!! magpapalit na ako ng connection!!! sayang lang binabayad ko..

    and take note! hindi ako natutulungan ng quick solution na pinadadownload nila..

  248. wag kayong mag subscribe sa smart bro. currently a smart bro user. during peak hours around 10am-10pm my internet speed is usually 50-200kbps whilst their commercial is about 2mbps. kayo lng ang binobobo ng smart bro. to check how ur connection is stable. go to command prompt and ping -t or any website. if you see request timed out alot means you got shitty connection. you can also try at or for your speedtest. they are very accurate and most likely same result. guys dont be deceive with their commercial. ITS ALL LIES. i wanna sue them actually coz im an online gamer particularly wow( world of warcraft) and i cant even connect properly. so yeah its CRAPbro or FAILbro.

    • di po nagpromise ng kahit anong speed ang smartbro.
      smartbro plan 999 speed is up to 1mbps not exactly 1mbps.
      kung nagbabasa kayo ng contract malinaw po un sa pinirmahan nyo..

      it also depends on your pc.
      kung ang pc nyo ay 19–
      kopongkopong pa at puro virus
      wag nalang tayo mag expect ng mas mabilis..

      ang lesson? magbasa ng contract bago pumirma.
      para mas maintindihan natin..

  249. :evil: punyeta talaga! pardon my bad words.. pero hindi ko na talaga mapigil ang inis ko sa smartbro.. wasting electricity for waiting your connection back. while you keep checking your pc, wasting money, kasi nagbabayad ka lang sa parating walang signal na smartbulok na iyan!

    wasting time, kakatawag mo sa 1888 na walang ginawa kundi sabihin ang “for maintenance”. na halos araw-araw na kunsumi sa paghihintay ang nangyayari!!

    peke iyong advertising nila!! magdsl na lang kayo!! ako sawa na talaga! kaya nag apply na ako ng iba.. lintek!! kainis talaga

  250. tarantadong smart bro yan!!

    sa umaga lang nkakalaro ng maayos!!
    pagdating ng 11am 200+ na lahat ng ping ng mga kalaro ko! LAG TULOY!! pefe ampf?! bwiset!! 5yrs ko ng ginagamit smart bro… cnasabi nila aayusin daw di naman umaayos!

    gaguhan yung ads nila amp!

    eto speedtest ko:

    DL: 0.04 MB/S
    UL: 0.02 MB/S
    ping: 1166ms

    astig no?!

  251. walang silbi smart bro uubusin lang nila load nyo karga ng karga dahil akala mo huhusay service. wag kayong bumili ng smart bro

  252. kahit ngayon oh panay ang disconnect ng walanghiyang smartbro 999. araw araw na lang putol nang putol ang connection nila. dual connection pa naman kami, so bale 2k php buwan buwan binabayaran namin (di na nga sinusuklian ng P2). ang kakapal talaga.

    oy mga kapalmuks na staff ng smart bro, sana makarma kayo sa sobrang panlalamang nyo. dapat itawag senyo smartbro 666, di 999.

  253. sa GMA Cavite ba mabilis ang conncetion ng smart bro?kasi sa signal ng smart dun parang may problema e…heeellllppppp!!!!

      • ganun ba?salamat po…balak ko pa naman kasi sana bumili na ng smart bro nung sunday…gusto ko sana sun e kaso hindi pa ata sakop ng coverage nila sa ngayon ang GMA…huhu…wala tuloyakong magamit sa bahay…

  254. walang kwenta talaga.pati customer service bulok!!!more than 15 days nawala connection dahil kay ondoy tapos may pa-rebates rebates pang nalalaman.wala naman i know kung bakit may lock in period silang 12months.dahil sooner or later malalaman ng customer na wala silang silbi then the customer can’t opt out na.sila mismo walang tiwala sa services nila…bwahahaha!!!!


  256. :mad: ang smart bulok na yan taena nung nag download ako from 30 kb/s parang bigla nalang nag countdown ung speed 29..28…27….25…..21….19….18….14….12…10…8….3…0.. :twisted: ang masama pa eh hindi resumable ung dinadownload ko Smart bro SUCKS…..!!!!

    • With such connection then you better have downloaders. Don’t just rely on direct downloads then blame it your ISP.

      GEt an Orbitdownloader, or FlashGet, or DownloadAccelerator so that at least you can continue your DL anytime.

  257. haay i’m having the same dilemma with this smart bro in fact just last night it took me almost an hour trying to connect and i got pissed off so i tried to call their tech support but when i am being connected to a tsr the connection was already ok!!… it’s so frustrating that everytime i turn on my pc i have to diagnose and repair the connection!!!…
    Smart bro is just good at first but overtime it’s getting fucked up!!.. My friend used to be with globe but she had the same problem!…

  258. ako, mula ng ma relocate ang connection namin sa bago naming bahay, mas maganda ang connection, so far wala nakong problema sa smart bro, ok naman sa akin ung speed,

  259. p*ta! ang bagal..pawala wala…taena….im pissed off ryt now! PUTA!!!!ANG BOBO eh..babayad ng maayos serbisyo ala kwenta….

  260. hays…. ako ayaw upgrade canopy ko kaya 768/200 parin connection ko d umaabot nang 1mbps kasi nga 1mbs aggregate lang ibig sabihin upload saka download eh yun lang ang capacity nang canopy ko dapat atleast 1.5mbps para 1.1mbs sa download 400 kbps uplaod :mad:

  261. tang inang smart bro yan! :evil: nagpapapera lang sa mga pinoy! wala nman kwenta serbisyo ninyo mga putang inang nilalang! mahiya nman kayo may pacostumer service pa kayo mga ulol wala nmang nagagawa simbagal ng suso internet ninyo kung may pldt lang dito samin di namin kayo pagaaksayahan ng pera mga bugok!


  262. uu mga taena kau palibhasa smart lang nakita niyo, bakit ibang ISP ba perpekto? kung may pag ka techie kayo bakit di niyo sabihin alam niyo ng mapahiya sila taena na yan, amp mga pakshet keo, ang sakit niyo magsalita, bumalik sana sa inyo yang mga taenang mga pinagsasabi niyo na yan ampepe!!!


  264. siguro di naman nila binasa mga feedback sa kanila kaya di nila maayos and serbisyo nila me paulit ulit lang probs nang con ko nag rereport ako pero pero same thing lang sinasabi di na nagbago,like ngayon 10 days kona di magamit kasi paputol putol and minsan totaly walang con,and the last halos isang buan pero ang bayad same parin di man nila kinosider and time di natin nagagamit.. to smart maging concern naman kayo ngayon kung di nyo kaya lutasin probs sabihan nyo na lang kami wag nyo sayangin pera namin.. salamat

  265. I wanted to install Smart Bro Share It in the past but when I was searching the Web for reviews about Smart Bro, I found your blog and this link: The reason behind SmartBro’s lockin period. It really opened my eyes. That’s why I hope to spread this link so that others might also see. I hope you will spread it too. I won’t be subscribing to SmartBro anymore and I’ll also tell my friends.

    • everything changed now mate… they’ve upgraded everything… and ofcourse, reduced a little amount on their packages…

      they’re realizing the consumer’s demand for quality… :D

      but they still can’t manage costumer support right now…
      I don’t know, if it’s just like that or something’s going on…

  266. Not being able to log on to Yahoo was the final straw! I had the wife change to Globe. I can’t see how it would be worse. Is this just Angeles City having the problem with Smart Bro? Oh Yeah I have to use Gmail on Smart.

    • try SUN Broadband…

      Not too many subscribers = unclogged connections > still in its preliminary stages AFAIK… but it’s good to try (no lock-in period so far)…


  267. bwisit na smartbro to, lagi nawawalan ng connection hirap pa macontact, makonsensya nmn kayo, laki ng singil nyo palapk nmn serbisyo nyo :evil: :mad:

  268. sus smartbro sucks, nagspeedtest kayo madaling araw try nyo ng peak hour mga vovo technical ng smart, walang kwenta pinaka worse ang internet nila, wag kayo mag smartbro ako 1year nag supper ngayon iba na, habang nagcocomplain kayo sa tech nila lalu nilang pinababagal, kasi ayaw nila ng nagcocomplain mga tanga kc sila walng ginagawa ,

  269. ganda ng sinabi mo sa smartbro ah, malamang worker ka nila na isang tnga din,walang kwenta smartbro,,,super bagal u pay for 1mbps, u’ll get 100kbps below specially peakhour,,wala pa sa 1/8 ng speed, mag complain ka disconect gagawin nila tapos lalo nilang pababagalin sa PORTAL ang speed mo para lalu ka maasar, kc gusto ng mga technical nila magsara na ang smartbro dahil luma na ang mga equiptment nila,

  270. Smart bro sucks…wag nalang kayong bumili ng smartbro sayang lang pera nyo. UP TO 1MB/ps yung connection so ibig sabihin pwede ring 1kb/ps…pwede rin 0!!!

  271. ang bagal pre….me actual with orbit 600kBps (kiloBytes) torrent dl is 210kBps(kiloBytes) smartbro user din ako prepaid pa hehe it depends on the time…sa madaling araw maganda kasi kunti kng kau gagamit ng network ng smart, u know what I mean the issue here is gabi pinkamabagal. . .weekends lalo lam niyo na kung bakit…lunes ng madlaing araw da best…so kahit nakatira ka sa ilalim ng tower ng smart eh nakkisabay ka naman sa marami tlagang mabagal ang speed…usb 1.1 pa nag usb port ko nyan….pero malakas tlaga signal ko dito samin 5bars palagi 200m away ako sa tower….may tweaking din akong ginawa…so kahit sun pa yan o globe pinkamabilis talaga ay umiwas ka sa nakakarami….kung heavy downloader ka …madaling araw ka magising….mga 2am haha minsan nagmamaintenance din sa mga tower o di kaya binababa din ang power, kaya di palaging reliable ang connection…tlagang demanding karamihan sa atin…sabagay di naman dapat ganito kamahal ang mga internet na yan….technology here in he philippines is way too behind, sa ibang bansa may mga plan na up to 50Mbps pa haha problema ang infrastrature sa atin….god bless our country!

    • it’s a good thing meron paring mga tao na kagaya mo na marunong umintindi nito saludo ako sayo. nagtrabaho na ako as agent dyan sa smartbro at kadalasan na naeencouter namin e yung mga customer na mabagal ang connection d ko kayo masisisi dyan dahil may mga oras talaga na mabagal pero para naman sa inyo na nagsasabing “pano naman kami ilang buwan na kaming ganito” well sa totoo lang tulad ng sinabi ni jaimen mabagal talaga ang connection dito sa pinas whether its sun, smart or globe depende tlga yan sa oras o lugar, sa ngayon mas nararamdaman ng mga tao ang bagal ng connection dahil sa pag upgrade ng maraming sites sa net (wag nyo kasi palagi isisi sa ISP nyo) a lot of sites out there needs a lot of speed para maload mo sya ng maayos unfortunately yung mga ibang bansa lang ang nakakahabol sa mabilis n pag upgrade ng technology hindi pa kaya ng pilipinas to not until may magawa ang government natin

  272. para sa kaalaman ng nakakarami dito… wala sa techsupport ang problema nsa base station yan pag marami na sa lugar nyo na nka smarbro mabagal tlga kc marami kyo kumukuha ng connection s base station n yun. pag may bldg nman o puno n nhaharangan ang connection kya nagkakaproblma dn pag ganun. ang tech support tga assist sa inyo pag d kyo s assist may papapunta sila ng installer pag ayusin ineternet connection nyo. since mga pangit ugali nyo lahat kyo failed closed na hahahahha






  274. SMARTBRO © 2010

    ang kapal naman ng SMART BRO na mag-endorse pa
    ng PINAKAWALANG KWENTA nilang product !!!

  275. Wag kayong maniniwala sa commercial nila na sila daw ang may pinakamabilis na connection. Na try ko na ang smart bro, at madalas may intermittent connection.

  276. hayzz………. putang ina nyo… mas mahina pa e2 sa wired… 2yrs. contract pa naman.. sana patayin kau lahat ni ampatuan……!!!!!!

  277. nag hahanap ako ng Costumer Feedback link ng smart bro,wla ako mahanap. Kaya naman pala,di siguro nila kayang basahin mga mura ng mga costumers nila.SA LAHAT NG MAKAKABASA NITO,ADVISE KO LANG SA INYO WAG NA KAYO MAGPAKABIT NG POSTPAID SMART BRO. WALANG KA KWENTA KWENTA,PATI COSTUMER SERVICE WLANG KAKWENTA KWENTA,LAHAT WLANG KWENTA. kng di naman prepaid nalang,or try nyo SUN. sana may gumawa ng website purely para sa lahat ng mga smartbro users na hindi satisfied, ang sarap mag mura.

  278. pwede ba pre,kung jan kau sa manila pa interview kau sa news network,sabihin nyo lang para mapanood ng buong wlang kwenta smart bro,puro profit lang at ads ung iniintindi,ung serbisyo wlang kwenta…boycott na ako sa mga prudokto ng smart..bwesit

  279. nakuh… may mga kalokohan din yung mga tech guys nyan…

    i don’t complain on my speed as i’m getting the average of it… but I doubt talaga na may kalokohang ginagawa yung mga TGs, suma-sideline ‘ata or something…

    parang engot nung mag punta sa bahay para ilipat yung connection namin…

    sabi ba naman:

    GUY: Pasensya na sir late kami…
    AKO: May tumawag kanina lalaki, sabi kuh babalik nalang kayuh.
    GUY: Hala, sir… masesesante kami nyan… hmm-hmm…
    AKO: ho?
    GUY: (natataranta nah)nakuh sir… salamat po…
    AKO: Ha?
    GUY: Basta ser pag tumawag ulet, sabihin nyo nakipag-basketbol pa kami sa inyo…

    nuh kaya yun… bwahahahahaha…. :D

  280. tae sobra bagal talaga smart tae malas tlga alas dose na ng hating gabe pero ang bagal parin nakakabadtrip talaga kala ko pa nmn mabilis na net pag gabe pero hinde ang bagal parin malas tlga

  281. This smart bro is a waste of money!!!! Wag na kayo mag apply dito. Bwisit pati customer service. Pati nung ipapaputol ko na binwisit pa ako nito. Wala ba naman silang pansukli sa byad ko, ang machine nila di daw tumatanggap ng coins, tapos yung kanilang staff eh pinaghintay ako ng isang oras na yun pala eh hahanapan ako ng valid id. susme e wala akong dala, at take note, ang paid bill ko dapat eh hanggang feb 10 pa, pinutol agad nung nag apply ako ng disconnection. Bwisit talaga.

  282. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh nakasar! totoo mga cnasv nyo guys dont know how to handle this shit..kainis..palpak smart bro!

    well may karma naman lahat so what out! :mrgreen:

  283. I for one is not satisfied with the Smartbro service. I had this service since September last year and at first it was okay but now its slow and what I do is let is load and and come back at a later time which should not be the case. The issue is not my computer, I know how to tune up my pc and the spects is more than good.

    What is frustrating is when you contact customer service and cannot really give you a satisfying answer, usually they will tell you to wait for 24 hours and try again… that is very crazy..

    I don’t want to suffer more so as soon as the contract will end I will go to PLDT I heard you don’t have to leave your computer to load to watch videos and movies online. I think is this the karma they get for poor service, for now there are many subscribers for in the near future customer will be empowered and they will learn the truth about their service.

    Customer attendants in SM Cebu sucks, poor people skills, poor manners, productivity is very low- they work too slow and talks to their colleagues fast. I don’t know what the supervisor is doing! they seriously need to replace these people they are destroying more the destroyed image of Smartbro.

  284. da best ang support line *1888. dami mo pindutin yun pala ikokonek ka din sa customer service. Eto namang mga CS nila ang gagaling….sir.disable–unplug—plug—wala pa din? Sira daw computer ko at kelangan IFORMAT or ISOLI sa manufacturer (they’re so professional…galing no?).sige sir bigyan ko kayo ng SRN 123456—then observe daw kung ok na connection (eh kaya nga tumatawag na eh kasi nasubukan na lahat)—hintay 1 day—2days—3days–1 week–ayan dumating din. Then they will give you all the reason in the world na nahaharangan ng puno…malayo yung base station—then CONNECTED ka na AT LONG LAST…but doesn’t last long…mga 1-2hours top…no connection ulit…all the while ang problem pala eh yung base station. They will deny any of it of course…masakit nun mga kapatid, with all of these delays in service….there is no delay, no rebates no discounts in our 30days billing na P999. Tiis na lang consumer kasi sila lang ang broadband sa area namin…it is VERY important for me kasi it is our Main communication with family abroad. talagang smartBROken 1000%. i just hope that they will soon HAVE A HEART for the customers who made them m/billionaires. Iba na mayaman walang pakialam sa kawawang mahirap. Basta kolek ng kolek….GOD SEES! :???:

  285. Totoo, hina nag signal lalu na sa gabi… nakaka bwusit talaga… high speed connection???? hayzzz.. naku… kahit ilang ulit mong connect at disconnect ganun pa rin yung quality nya… gumawa pa kayo nito…. bwusit talaga.

  286. it’s better to stay on Fixed Wireless Connection…

    USB Editions are deep shit, both the Huawei (Small USB Device like a Flash Drive) and the ZTE (Bigger one)

    Happy surfing! haha… if it is…


  288. para sa mga nagbabalak magpaconnect sa smart bro wag nyo na lang po ituyloy kasi mahahigh blood lang kayo.Walang kwenta ang internet provider na ito puro panloloko lang ginagawa…. dapat snail bro ang pangalan nya o kaya turtle bro para mas makatotohanan.Para sa smart bro mahiya naman kayo yong ginagamit nyong pera sa ads nyo gamitin nyo na lang sa pag upgrade ng facilities nyo para gumanda naman serbisyo nyo.

  289. Wireless connectivity is just being unstable… and that’s a fact!

    Go DSL for more stable connections… better YouTube streaming.


  290. :arrow: :arrow: so nakakatamad mag intay magkaroon ng net.. gusto Q na maglaru online game kaso grave super lag pag ngoopen aQ minsan ayaw pa magconect.. nkakaasar pa nun ng bbyad tayo di nla inaauz service tpuz pag ttwag sa cs nila pare parehu lng cnsv.. ahmpp..

  291. :p Maganda naman ang SMART BRO ah! Lalo na pag gumamit k ng Trick for Free Browsing! Hahaha. .SINO MERON DYAN?? Penge naman mga kapatid! :)

  292. kapupurchase ko Lang nito.. damn it,muLa nung bnLi q to, d q pa dn nasubukan ang pag iinternet dito.. ang daming important research, Pero mamumuti na mata mo ngloloading lang, lagi akong puyat jan,wla namang naitutulong in other w0rds,cnasayang nla oras at pera ko.. Hay,kainis..

    • naku ako din banas na banas sa share it connection putik hindi ako gumagamit ng internet sa bahay nakiki shop na lang ako kasi hintay ka pa ng 1 hr bago bumkas ang mozilla isnag buwan na syang ganun 30 kbps at 5 kbps wla din kwenta kapag tawag ka sa customer service kasi wla din nmng nagyayari

  293. smart bro SUCKS and went to complain to their agency and told them they was bragging so loud on the TV or where else that they was # 1 and i told them about their connection and reply to me that in their commercial they are not talking about we can have high speed everywhere cuz the #G is not everywhere,Costumer on the waiting line sure hear me

    • I’m very frustrated with smartbro. very difficult to connect, very slow internet speed, interfaces are not user friendly, in short walang kwenta. they brag about being no. 1, they are so loud in advertisement, but this product is a big crap. shame on smart.

  294. disconnect and reconnect or limited connection,all that getting charged and loosing the loads we just send for that connection and disconnected before the real time we bought,more money they put in their pocket for a service they promise and not given,HONESTY hum…..

  295. sabay-sabay online na!
    sabay-sabay download.
    sabay-sabay online gaming!
    sabay-sabay lag
    sabay-sabay DC =))

  296. hay naku SMART bRO really SUCKS!! kumuha ako ng SHARE IT router kasi nga up to 2mbps daw so napaniwla naman ako ..nung kinabit ko na naku nag speed test ako through im surprised that i got 30kbps yay!! i try it again wow i got 5 kbps , tumatawag ako lagi sa hot line nile na *1888 then yung customer service nag troubleshoot after nun wla pa ding nangyari!! walang kwenta sayang ang oras ko every time tumatawag ako sa smartbro hot line.. then i try to go wireless center puta nmang mga desk front 3 hours ka bago ma entertain usad pagong hindi kung ano yung serbisyo ng mga tao sa wireless center ganun din serbisyo nila sa internet connection kakapal ng mukha nyo tga power plant wireless center lalo n yung nasa number 3… mahiya namn kayo Smart BRO company you dont have a good quality mga gago!! unahin nyo muna ang hinaing ng customer nyo bago kayo magyabang na kayo ang may pinakamabilis na internet connection KAPAL NG MUKHA NYO wag nyo namng gawing tanga yung mga tao Bwesit kayo!! yung nag babalak na magkabit ng smart bro share it dyan wag nyo na ituloy magsisisi lang kayo!!

  297. still sucking more and more .Why give and saying that state wise is the best. Oh we get the connection but the 3G system is not installed and it’s like dial up have 15 years ago,20 mn waiting time to log on in yahoo. Also they told me at the office it’s not made to download update or software ,for what is that watch porn site

  298. sus lahat ng sinabi sa smart lahat LIE…..smartbro.. smart cla bro to steal ur money u pay 1thou a month whith bad service slow internet, smartbro is tha slowest internet in the world of cyber…..FUCK all tha smartbro tech, they cannot get what u need all of the technical there is new to this business kaya wala lahat bagito sila kaya puro bobo lahat… kawawa ang nagpainstall ngayon kc 2years na contract, why? 2years kc madaming nagrereklamo at umaalis na sa smartbro lapit na bankrupt yan,, mga vovo kc eh technical…..

  299. Dati na akong subscriber ng SmartBro pero dahil laging walang connection, I opted for DSL PLDT na lang dito sa bahay namin sa Santa Rosa. So far so good. Pero I’m currently working at Los Baños at kelangan ko ng sariling connection. I was thinking kung OK kaya yung plug-it nila, para sana nadadala ko anywhere. Yung kapitbahay kasi namin naka-SmartBro, OK naman daw ang connection. Hmm.. kelangan ko lang ng opinions kung ok na ba yung plug-it na 2mbps daw. Sana pwede.

  300. Smart BRO is now SLOW BRO….

    yes, i agree with m0jCraig, DSL is more stable…but generally, the connection in the Philippines is slower than a pagong….

  301. Tarantado yan ang mga smart bro kapag paparating na ang bill saka pa bibilis kpag nakabayad kna saka pa hihina shet!!! itapon nyo na yan ang mga smart bro nyo mag DSL na lng kau no Offence!!!

  302. Shet 2Kilobytes.. per second Pota!! talga SaYang LaNg Ang Down Load Ko Pota nmn oo D ko na Ma Down load ang SF ko Pota Ka Smart Bro

    Smart Mga kapatid Tayo na Mag Sama sama Iwagayway na Ang Antena Mag download na hangang umaga!!!!!

  303. speedtest mo hndi reliable. speedtest results between 9pm- 5am. smart internet speed flactuates from time to time. pag gabi mabagal talaga, during midnight lang xa mabilis!

  304. Potang ina mo smart!!! wala ka kwenta ilan pc ko na ni testing pero pareho lang ang speed sa speed test taas talaga ng download speed pero ilan computer ko pareho lang potang ina mo

  305. putang ina talaga ang smart bro na yan..magaling pang mag bolatek ng mga salesman..pag nag complaint ang bagal namang mag aksyon..ang mga lineman mga notorious din pinag perahan pa yung tubo na kinakabit..kung natuloy lang sana ang ZTE deal ng government sana nationwide na ang wife access at mura pa ang singil sa internet..mga bobo kasi tayong mga pinoy..puro kurakot ang pagiisip kaya tuloy kinukorakot na tayo ng mga suwapang na kompaniya tulang ng smart

  306. Teka Kelan ba toh bibilis?? na babasa ba toh ng mga smart company? Shet Kung d Mababasa nila sayang lang comments natin d2!! Sana mabasa nila kung ano ang comments natin d2 pra ma pabilis nila ang net na toh shet kau mga smart bro potang ina nyo d tau bro!! gagoh!!!

  307. tang ina customer service nila!!!! ilang oras ka pag aantyn sa phone…paulit2 lang sa2bhn seo!!!! halos mging phone pal q na mga tsr ng smrt bro!!!! lagi nlng scripted mga cnsabi !!! PUTANG INA NYO NGING TSR PA keo kung scripted lang mga pinag ga2wa nyo!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  308. Smartbro shre it is JUST as hopless as was smartbro canopy in its first year…my advice is saty clear till they work out how to keep it running…mine is being returned and ill stay with canopy which is now very good..

    • that’s true… even other ISP started their bandwidth upgrade.

      with SmartBRO, stick with the canopy edition instead of the USB editions.

      on work hours, I get 900k-1.3mbps… but if it’s on its peak hours… i’m getting 1.6-2.1mbps!

  309. paturo nmn qng paano ulit mka access sa smart bro ung sa Canopy page..anu n bng bgong tricks ngaun pra ma-access?

    add nyo q sa ym- jay_haxor

  310. sobrang bgal ng smart bro npka wlng kwnta lalo n pagdating sa gaming like garena puta ping ko umaabot ng 640 latency tangina pra akong nka ISP BONANZA mgglng sa tv ads at pag benta pag dating sa serbisyo ang bobobo tangina nyo mga wlng kwnta nagaral p kaung lhat MGA PUTANGINA NYO!

  311. Just a little speed test of SmartBRO Plan 999 @ promised 2MBPS speed…



    LOCATION: Bagumbong, Caloocan

    yeah… SmartBRO sucks when it’s on work hours… :mad:

  312. I have no connection for 7 days. I tried everything I know on how to fix my computer but I have to accept that the computer is not the issue. On the 3rd day I called smartbro and I spoke to a lady who schedule a dispatch for me I did not know why the dispatch was schedule and was advised that the contractor will contact me but the contractors did not contact me before going to my location.

    On the 4th day without internet, I called again asking what happen to the dispatch. It was a very bad experience I had with Smartbro. Very uneducated Smartbro representative and he could not even explain what happen. The job requirement for this kind of job is communication but they are hiring undergraduate high school people who do not understand what they are doing. It it frustrating to deal and speak with this people whenever you have internet issues.

    On the 5th day without internet, I called again and I spoke to another rep. and since they don’t know how to explain what happen with the internet connection I have to lead him to explain what happen. I was told that the signal is not going thru because the site I am connected to is already defective and that my issue is the same with other neighboring barangays. This is very frustrating since Smartbro knows that there are subscribers who are connected to this site and they don’t even reach out to you. They will wait for you to call, so you can listen to their worst made ads. Very annoying ads and voices. Unpleasant people to deal with.

    Now my connection is up after a dispatch but it like dial up connection. I already ordered PLDT phone and internet for 1299 the basic package they have. I will never pay Smartbro again. My contract will end by September but hey why will I pay 999 when the service is good for nothing. I know that they have a worst service but I still tried hoping that I can be the exception.. But as you can see .. am not.

    I know Smartbro is reading blogs about their service. The one thing they can do is get rid of undergrad high school people and replace it with people with customer service skills. Also, they need to replace people in customer service – SM Cebu for they move like frogs.

    Now, Smartbro sucks

  313. As usual! THIS SUCKS! Smart Corp, we need a Treblinka or Dachau for you and your kind! You are a bunch of cave-dwellers who CAN’T DO SHIT RIGHT! I think Timothy McVey, the Oklahoma Bomber should have targeted Smart! FUCK SMART!

  314. smartbro sucks talaga promise totoo yan.

  315. ahm…. nakaka 1mbps yung connection nila sa amin….. tsaka nawawalan lang sila kapag bagyo(ex. ONDOY) BTW we have two laptops which is always connected.

  316. Grabe The Kau Smart Ang Husay Nyo Mga JejeMons Kau Smart The Best Broad 1.32kbs per sec idol isang music 24 minutes grabe idol na kita mga gagoh jejemons!! :mad:

  317. Sa una lang mabilis ang Smart bro, pero pagkatapos ng ilang months panget na, SOOOOOBRANG BAGAL!!!

    Tapos di pa ako makaalis sa kontrata kasi 2 year yun, kaya 2 years of pain para saakin, sana nag PLDT o kaya Bayantel nalang ako, PAk Shit ka SMART!!! Puro lang kayu dada! Balang araw mag sasawa rin ang tao sainyo, darating rin ang araw na malulugi kayu, Sinusumpa ko Yan!

  318. i have an old smartbro plug it kit and it sucks as in totally sucks when it comes to connection… just opening my home page takes me around 5 to 10 minutes!!!!! i guess its just all the talk and no walk for smart company… not so reliable!!!!!

    • Buti nga ikaw 5-10 minutes.. Ako umaabot ng 390 mins.. para ako nakatira sa province s bulubundukin sa sobrang bagal… la na ba bibilis ang Smart.. Kairita talaga ah..!!!

      • correct! it’s really annoying. i’m always dead when i play online games. it sucks to the superlative level. i guess i have to get rid of this shitty ISP. grrrr

  319. ampota tlga smart pag umaga ang blis blis tpos pag hpon na d na ako mkalaro sa bgal ng net ang hrap mag konek sa game

    noon im so happy na ang blis ng smart pero after a couple of months amf tlga paputol putol den next problem is ang bgal na ng net hayz amfshet

  320. di na namin natiis yong smart broken na yan …naka globe wimax na kami ngayon mas mura na malayong mas mabilis at never ako nagkaproblema sa koneksyon umaga hanggang gabi….. sana matauhan na yong smart broken na yan marami na kaming nagshift sa globe wimax panalong panalo.

  321. My smart bro was loaded with prepaid card, and when that was exhausted, there was no instruction at all how to reload it with a new card. I called up their customer support ( after a long and winding auto reply options and after passing you to hundreds of answering machines and call robotic agents ) the final number they gave *888 and 6727277 gave a 3 dot tone. Wow it sucks, the bro is anyway very slow to continue their service. I really regret buying one.

  322. its true!!!! SMART BRO really sucks!!!!! slow connection!!! putol ng putol!!! perfect lang sila when it comes to billing, super updated!!! kahit di mo pa natatapos yung billing period may advance charge na sila!!! wala lang talaga akong choice kc wala pang globe dito sa amin!!!

    • Yes, trully amazing yang smartbro!!!! Amazing SUCKS . Di mo magagamit for emergencies!! Dapat maubos n lahat ng subscriber nila kc incompetent cla when it comes to service. Super galing lang cla kapag sa billing, di pa tapos ung billing period eh sinisingil la na!!! Hahaha kapal ng mukha nyo!!! Ok sana kung maganda ang service nyo pero wala, bulok!!!! Tapos tumawag ka man sa CS nla eh sasabihin lang nila sau eh baka congested!!!! F**k dapat may remedyo kyo dun!!! Its your job to satisfy your loyal customers!!! Im saying this kc im not satisfy with this broadband… Putol putol n mabagal pa!!! What a service!!!! One of these days mauubos na rin ang mga subscriber nyo dahil sa ba publicity nyo…

      Unhappy subscriber

  323. My contract will expire September 10, 2010.. I am very happy few more months and I can finally let go of this very poor service…Service is general sucks may it be the internet or the customer service… They know nothing about internet… and don’t know how the stuff works… my advice to all looking for ISP don’t try your luck with SmartBro because that is what I did and it made me very unhappy everyday…

  324. i guess it depends on the location kame smart bro nman bt we never encounter any prob mabilis an connection.. better change the location of your attena kc minsan un an prob nhhirapan kumuha ng connection

  325. Sa akin nmn nkaGlobe HSPDA kami 5 kbps lang ang download speed kakainis ang bagal bagal!!! Lilipat kami sa Smart Bro. Sana masmabilis kaysa sa Globe BULOK!!!

    • Grabe.. tama ka ang bagal kainis talaga ah!.. Nasa manila ako pero para ako nakatira sa province s bulubundukin sa sobrang bagal… la na ba bibilis ang Smart.. Kairita talaga ah..!!!

  326. Couldn’t agree with you guys more. SmartBRO super sucks!!! I’ve been having poor connection for over a month now. Inayos nila antenna ko, kaso lalong bumagal. I called up customer service, and after doing a series of manual troubleshooting, pina-email sa kin yung print screen images proving my slow connection. Well, after a few days, walang response. Magaling lang sila sa singilan, and dapat nirerebate nila yung mga days na palyado ang connection kasi di naman fault yun ng customer. Sobrang sayang binabayad namin this past months. Kung ganun lang kadali lumipat ng ibang broadband, kaso di available yung ibang ISP sa area namin eh. Price of a broadband with the speed of dial-up…

    Oh, just to say, I tried pinging yung which is the gateway, as instructed above. My speed is with the average of 7ms. Tapos may gana pa silang sabihin sa kin na okay daw connection ko. Ayos ah!!!

  327. Mga manloloko ang smarbro. Naka prepaid ako, nauubos ang load ko na 100 pesos ng 100 pesos, connected sa smartbro pero wala internet. Kung susumahin siguro 5 pesos pa lang ang nagagamit ko pero 200 pesos na nanakaw sa akin ng walanghiyang smarbro. Maghahanap ako ng number ng smarbro at mumurahin ko ang mga walanghiya.

  328. Ganyan tlga yan smrtbro mglng lng maningil bagal server mabilis lng singl bka un cgwo tnanatawg na speedtest nh ung singil lng mablis

  329. What has happened to Smart Bro? Great when i first had it but now it is too slow for me to use. I have gone back to my PLDT dial up at a mere 28.8kbps which is proving to be faster and more reliable.
    Various calls to Smart wireless centers drew a blank. They cant even respond to an e mail. In other words they couldnt care less.
    I will be happy when my 12 months contract expires so i can rid of this very bad service all together.
    The problem is the server they are using down here is trying to handle ten times the amount of users that it was designed for. I have just checked with the Beltronica speedometer and currently it is at ZERO yet again. They spend all that money advertising in TV yet cant be bothered updating their server. Disgusting. They dont deserve to be in business.
    It dont just SUCK. It ultra SUCKS>

    • i’ve been requesting a field visit for two months because my smart bro’s power supply is busted. two freaking months! they deployed the contractors to the wrong address twice! i agree, they have a very weak customer service system. they put me on hold for twenty minutes saying they’ll fix the problem…an enormous waste of time obviously, as nothing happens anyway. such a simple issue as change service address it takes them so long to fix. if i only knew where to get a replacement adaptor, i’d do it myself. the frustrating part is, their bills come on time. it’s the service that’s wanting. grrrr….

  330. I called July 8, 2010 11:55am and a lady whose name I wasn’t able to capture since she was having a difficult time enunciating her own name hang up on me. I told her that my SR number xxxxxxxxxx and I need help connecting to the internet since I just installed Windows 7 ultimate and the LAN is showing the warning sign. She listened and apologize for the problem I am having and I said its not a problem. She appears to have no idea what to do so I have to tell her that she has to treat the call as if it’s the first time that I connect the computer to the Smart modem. She ask me to unplug the Ethernet cable and reconnect it after 10 seconds. I know that this will not help my issue but I did it anyway out of respect to your process. I then told her that I can’t still connect since the warning sign is still there. I then lead and told her that the first time Smartbro technicians set my connection using Windows vista they hard coded IP address and default gateway after few minutes she was able to get what I meant and provided me the numbers. She asked me to restart the computer and then open a browser. I told her that I need to see the Smartbro authentication site where it will ask me to type in the service request number and account number for me to be able to connect to Smartbro network. I type and it went back page cannot be displayed like any other sites that I type. I waited for the Smartbro page but I just can’t open it. While I was telling her that its still the same thing she HANG UP ON ME. This is not the first time that they did this to me. That is why I don’t want to call for support for I end up frustrated and embarrass to the incompetence of the person in the other line. But I can’t take this anymore. While the service is never been good I stayed with this ISP out of respect to the contract I signed. But the problem is your support does not care about the integrity of your company.

    I then sent a complain email to Smartbro corporate and then forward my complain to customer service [email protected] but its over a week now and I got no response from them. I think its Smartbroken who advised the stupid call center gilr to release the call since they cannot fix it.

    Just an FYI, I connected my laptop to Globe modem and it connected using Ethernet and wireless without any problem. I tested it to make sure its not my computer.

    ( Again my advice to those who is looking for a reliable connection – never ever gamble your money and time with Samartbro because its worse than dial up.. PLDT dial up connection is more stable than Smartbro postpaid wireless.)
    Since Smartbro doesn’t care at all to the issue I reported. I will not care paying as well. I will have to request for Globe installation in my place since PLDT cannot service our area. My contract will end by September 10.

    • nice statement… i initially apply for smartbro and they said that they will install it after 2-3 days. I have waited and nobody to our house to install it. maybe because of bad weather. so i have called them. Cust service told me that someone will contact me today. Still no luck. Waited for another day then same thing. so i went to Cust Service and ask for a refund.. they said “why sir it was rescheduled tomorrow” i told them that if their company is dead serious about the business they should have call me and inform me about the delay of installation service. Now, I have Globe WiMax. My plan is 1Mbps but what i’m getting is 125Kbps(1.25Mbps). According to Globe Wimax review it will only last for about a month then the connectioned speed will drop down to 35kbps, it will start to dropped on the next months when you cant terminate ur contract. ***I GUESS IT WOULD RATHER KEEP MY GLOBE WIMAX INSTEAD OF GETTING SMARTBRO. AT LEAST GLOBE HAVE A GOOD CUSTMER SERVICE AND POLITE TECH SUPPORT REP.

  331. SmartBro users how can we get back to Smartbro.. let us not pay them and have switch to another ISP and its really good… very happy, stable connection and I can finally enjoy the download speed, streaming is outstanding.. I can download movies for just less than 45 minutes… and its there when you need it.. I have not pay them for 2 months in a row.. well they are not asking for the payment as well .. na hiya tuloy..

  332. Smartbro in our location is OK. I’m a smartbro user for 4 years and I have no complaint expect when it rains or a typhoon came. But right now, I’m really frustrated with their tech support service. I agree, that most of them don’t know what the hell they are doing. I think they are just given some basic troubleshooting training and that’s it. After the typhoon, my smartbro is BROKEN and I called tech support and told me that they will deploy someone to fix my problem in a WEEK! Damn! I’m switching to other providers!!!!

    • Yes, same thing here, after the typhoon, our smartbro connection is BROKEN, the roof antenna went down. I reported it to Smart Wireless Center and told me their usual answer “sir may tatawag po sa inyo within 24 hrs.” as usual walang tumatawag. I reported i again using their hotline, I also e-mailed them until finally i was told that their people will come in to fix it by July 30, true they were able to fix it, that’s 2 weeks time. Their frontliner or tech support they don’t know anything just to answer some very basic questions pag di na nila alam saka lang i transfer ka sa technical talaga and then they will tell you na tatawagan ka nila uli, but don’t expect that they will, because they will not 100% of the time. The statement of billing is always 3 months late. I’ve been complaining about this since last year, they told me that they have a problem with their courier, damn, 1 yr. na di na nila na solve problem in their courier. and then somebody from their office will call you informing your that you have to settle your bill. but where is the statement. true it’s monthly 999 it should be automatic but as a customer I demand a regular statement of account before I pay so, i can monitor what I’ve just paid. There was a time when somebody from their office called me to follow up payment – iba pa ang dating parang maangas pa, kainis, sila na nga itong palkpak ang service sila pa ang galit !!!. I’m transferring to Globe, I’m sure others who are also dissatisfied with this Smartbro service will also do this, let’s see… pag nabawasan ang market share ng Smart na yan.
      mawawala rin ang yabang ng mga yan. They don’t live up to their company name SMART, well they’re not.. because their service really SUCKS…>>

  333. The Smartbro hotline is really hot. Di mo ito matatawagan. you will spend half day para matawagan at mai-report ang internet problem mo. What a damn service. pag naman naka tawag ka na puro mga taong walang namang alam sa technical ang sasagot sa ‘yo. it’s very obvious na tatanga tanga ang kausap mo sa kabilang line, at the end of the conversation problem is still not solved. yung totoong technical pa rin nila ang makakasagot and it takes time. minsan kailangan na nilang puntahan sa house to fix internet connection pero parang ayaw pa rin kung ano ano pa pinapagawa, disconnect mo muna ito, restart ang pc. but problem still not solve.. SMARTBROKEN KA TALAGA !!!!!!!!! KAKAINIT KA NA ULO.. :evil:

  334. I promised myself to write a comment about smart bro pagbalik ko dito. Umuwi kami last time sa Philippines at una kong binili ang smart bro(–ken–) na yan para connected ako sa work kahit paano pero ano nangyari?? dismayadong dismayado ako sa connection.. Mag open lang ng mails hirap na hirap, para bang tricycle na ang daming laman at umaakyat sa bundok.. Hayyy naku,, yung mga nag iisip pang bumili niyan,, wag na lang,, nasayang na ang pera mo,, masisira pa ang araw mo.. Mga taga SMART… ayusin niyo naman and serbisyo…

  335. To all of us guys what we can do to get back to Smartbro is transfer to a new ISP. We should not renew our contract. To disconnect your service without paying disconnection fee is to really pay the full year though you are not enjoying the service. At least we know how stupid we are subscribing to Smart. My contract ends this September 5 and I am so happy I can’t wait for my new Service to be connected. Let us talk about this worse service to our friends and family so they can also warn others not to get this broken ISP- the worst. I am happy to see that day after day I am seeing bad feedback for Smart broken. This should give us idea that we are not alone in this quest not to renew our contract and not to get any Smart products and services.

  336. hi ask ko lang po sana kung matapos na po ang contract na one yr sa smartbro automatic po ba nila putulin ang connection ko or kelangan ko pang pumunta sa smart center para ipa disconnect ang internet ko. ayaw ko na po kasing mag renew.

  337. Smart is a ripoff. I was a Smartbro user but they ate up my load on surfing by charging me Php40 per hour instead of Php20. I asked them for a log of usage and an explanation as to what happened, they asked me to surf for an hour to “monitor” my connection. Then they sent me a list of URLs which I didn’t visit during the so-called 1-hour monitoring which they also said they’ll be reversing because they’re the ones who requested it.

    My question was this: Why did I get charged Php40 per hour instead of the advertised Php20 per hour using Smartbro Prepaid and this is what they replied to me with. Doesn’t really make sense monitoring me NOW for a complaint about BEFORE.


    As confirmed by our support group, there were no irregular charges noted when they monitored your browsing transactions. It has also been determined that previous charges incurred are considered to be valid and billable. Unfortunately, we could not provide you with data logs since these are not available for prepaid accounts. Instead, we have provided you with the sample URLs that you accessed.

    Please note that Smart ensures the accuracy of deductions from prepaid, as well as postpaid accounts. As such, no deductions will be made if no valid transaction takes place.

    We hope the given information proves useful. Should you have further queries or concerns, Mr. Quinsaat, please feel free to email us again.


    Customer Care


  339. :evil: punyetang smartbro to niloloko lang ata tao e gaganda ng mga advertisement wala naman kwenta nagaantay lang ata ng bayad e.


  341. magaling ang smart pa upgrade upgrade pero mas maraming disconnection ang galing you talaga sana disconnected na lahat para balik nyo bayad namin ,.,.,lol mas malakas pa usb broadband ,,.,.

  342. Smart Bro is PLDT’s asshole. On their TGIF promo, any load balance is consumed and set to zero. Try to load on a Friday to 211, say, unli 50. It will respond TGIF, free day! Try using your load the next day. Voila! It’s gone and it reads like this:

    Sorry your balance is not enough for this transaction. You may still enjoy mobile internet with P10/30min service.P1/txt.

    So, what really happened? When you connect the first time, it will hack Pesos 10 from your first 30 minutes. Once you send SMS unli 50 to 211, you will be registered. So, effectively the promo is not really 50 for the one day unli, it is 60! Once you send SMS Friday, it is much worse, for the next day, the 50 or 60 you loaded on a Friday is gone.

    Okay, here is the more worse after unli 50: they transfer your connection to one of their worthless servers, you get no ping or connection at all, it just sits there and after a few seconds, it tells you the connection timed out. Try it to find out. While their speed is high, it is true on a speed test. But on actual browsing, there is none.

    Your browsing per time scenario is practically very expensive.

    I am not sure about Globe, might as well check and also Sun.

    What Smart Bro is doing is ripping off Filipino consumers.

    This is PLDT’s brand of milking Filipinos ever since. Deregulation of the telecom business since the time of ex-president Ramos has not changed them. It is time for another deregulation to bend these thieves to their knees or totally obliterate PLDT out of existence.

      • :mad: :mad: :twisted: kupal tlaga ang smartbro,, can i apply for disconnection,? bayaran ko pa rin ba yung natitirang years dun sa contract ko,, 2 years kasi ang kontrata ko sa smartbro,, ,, PARA SA MGA TAGA SMART MGA KUPAL KAYO, WALANG KWENTA ANG SERBISYO NYO,, AYUSIN NYO ANG SERBISYO KASI MGA ANIMAL KAYO,,

  343. lang kwenta smart bro, congested ng ang area nila sa dami ng gumagamit kabit pa rin ng kabit kapag nag-aaply. pina-disconnect ko smart bro lipat ako ng globe dahil wala pa masyadong gumagamit sa area namin ok naman connection, ngayon kapag congested na rin ang globe siguro lipat naman ako sa sun, bahala na pero at least alam ko na bakit ganoon ang connection lang hiyang smart iyan mukhang pera.

  344. isa yang malaking katangahan… 0.10Mbps is npkabagal!
    tingnan mu ha.. 0.10 divide 8 equals 0.0125Megabytes persec..
    12.5kilobytes persec (12.5kbps)!!! kung mgdadownload aq. mgtyatyaga b q sa ganyan. wala tlga kwenta smartbro!! bulok!!

    hahaha! ! !

  345. Last Saturday I had my Smartbro permanently disconnected. After hours of long call they have not resolve my slow and on & off internet connection. I was told that my windows 7 is not compatible with SmartBro- so for those Windows 7 users think twice before subscribing since their stupid technicians clearly faild to understand that it is not with my OS.

    I paid 300 pesos since I deposited certain amount and I forgot how much was that. It was a good experience letting go something sucking money from you w/out you getting anything from it.

  346. For those who are proactively looking for reviews regarding Smartbro I only have 1 thing in mind. Why would you get this service when its expensive and very slow? When you have a connectivity problem tagalog technicians will keep on disconnecting you since they clearly don’t know what they are doing. They will place you on hold to ask questions how to continue troubleshooting and the hold time is very long.

    pls. check rating below

    1 being the lowest
    10 being the highest

    Browsing- 2 out of 10
    Download- 0 out of 10
    latency-10 out of 10
    Service- 0 out of 10
    contractor support- 1 out of 10

    this is true but if you prefer to experience it yourselves, then goodluck..

    • Steps were very simple. Its everyday troubleshooting internet issues. There is no best solution that to subscribe DSL line. I lost my internet problem after I subscribe Globe DSL. So for those of you still with SMARTBROKEN after your contract ends subscribe to true DSL. Excuse yourselves with internet hassle.

  347. I could not agree more. Smart really sucks! I was thinking of doing this back then but I though it would be a waste of time and smart bro does not deserve any of it.

  348. With PLDT and Globe expanding their broadband service I don’t understand why others still are being fooled by SmartBro.

    PLDT broadband service is 8/10
    Globe is at the same rating..
    Smartbro is at 1/10.. even worst than dial up service..
    So for people who is planning to sign on for Smartbro you guys are putting knight into your throat.

    I have Globe broadband know and I just upgraded my service to 1MB works perfect for my destop and laptop and other wireless devices at home. This is what I call service.

    I called customer service for non technical issues and I am very happy with their being professional.

    • I had the same experience. SmartBro wants me to pay for the CAT5 cable from the antennae, because it is broken. However, they cannot guarantee that the connection will be good.
      I ended up switching to another provider.

  349. These comments are all true. Pramis! I can’t play online games properly. It’s really annoying cuz my connection is unstable to the superlative level. And I am always dead whenever I’m playing. My reputation went down drastically in that game. I’m really having a hard time with my connection. I need to get rid of this ISP badly. True, SmartBro is a so-so. So slow – so unstable. I’m loosing my temper. Grrrr!

    • Sobrang bagal talaga ng smartbro!yung sinabi nila na 2MBS capable di pa maabot ang 2kbps.

      I am updating my site…makapag-upload
      Transport Rate 0.00 kbps
      Receive Rate 0.00 kbps
      status : connected
      time waiting : 24 hrs
      connection UNLISURF 200

      eh di 5days din na walang connection

      Di Marunong mahiya ang walanghiya!

  350. LoL…..SmartBro is realy fucking shit,bullshit,apeshit all of shit,disguting,idiot services,assholes connection, super hooker,rowdy,silly,moly,mutt,crazy,inferiors,tupid,thick face(lol) and everything that is really sucks………..if you have smart bro you suppose to be idiot to lol…….

    Get other DSL

    :mrgreen: :neutral: :twisted: :arrow: :shock: :smile: :smile: :???: :cool: :evil: :grin: :grin: :idea: :oops: :razz: :roll: :wink: :cry: :eek: :lol: :mad: :sad:

  351. my life has been stuck by smart bro in internet connection for 24 months of using it :mad: ……….. so much for that guess wha :???: t………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..IT CRASHED :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :razz: :grin: :razz: :grin: :twisted: :twisted: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :lol: :lol: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :sad: :sad: :sad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :shock: :shock: :shock: :smile: :???: :evil:

    • :mad: I agree! smartbro really sucks!!! :mad:
      nakaranas din ako ngaun ng bulok na connection ng smartbro!! halos hinde na nga ako maka browse ng web putang smartbro yan! ilang beses na kaming nag contact sa kanila, ang dami pang instructions na binibigay tapos wala lng ring nagbago sa bulok na connection! mag dadalawang months na kaming nakaranas nito hanggang ngayon d parin naayos! putang ina nyo smartBROKEN talaga!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:
      para san binayad naming 999 per month tapos wala lang din namang napala sa connection! :mad: puta pa putol ko na connection ko sabay sapak sa mukha ng manager nla(kung pwede lng sana! sus!!) :mad:

  352. Its True my internet connection crashed… :sad:

    Crashed :neutral:
    Extremely Slow :roll:
    Suck of 24 months contract :cry:
    it cost much :shock:
    almost can’t use internet (i meant CANT!!!!!!) :shock: :mad:

    why did i buy this piece of junk :mad: :mad: :mad:

  353. Pangit ang Smartbro or PLDT compare sa Bayantel. Masyado mabagal ang signal. para ka ring nag dial up. Nagpalit ako ng Smartbro from Bayantel kc akala ko mas mabilis ang Smartbro dahil sabi nila up to 2mbps! ni hingi man lang ako umabot ng 300kbps. Napakabagal lalo na sa unang bukas ng PC. Sa Bayantel umaabot ako ng 800 kbps kahit paano at 1 mb lalo na sa gabi.

  354. :shock: :evil: :evil: :evil: i am a former user of smart bro plug-in. owh gosh super slow ang connection. hindi magamit 4 the whole day nagagamit q lang xa pagmidnight na. means you’ll suffer super puyat! i shift to sun, wow million mile diff. from smart!!
    tsaka super buwaya ng smart once disconnected due 2 connection problems 10 pesos deduction! wtf!! :evil: kasalanan ba ng consumers yon?? hell talaga!



  357. Smart broadband has the poorest internet ..i bought my plug in sometime in june ,at Smart Nepomall ..learning from the frontliner that there is a tower at Macro, w/c is just a walking distance from my apt. After a month , ngloko na, they even send some ppol to check my connection, took screen shots of the connection results and told me they will send an email to the store so I can return it.
    After a week I went back to the store , the CS rep told me they didn’t receive an email..and even if they got it they still can’t accept the return for it was over a month already..heto pa nkakawindang..she even suggest na ibenta ko na lang ang plug in ko kung di ko mapakinabangan..its totally ridiculous! fucking shit..

  358. 116,000 reward points from smart bro… hindi ako makagetover… anu gagawin sa 116,000 na reward points? hahaha iipunin ng iipunin pero wlang return sa consumer… check your reward points from your billing accounts para maretrieve nyo din kung may mareretrieve…. kakainis lang kasi sayang =P

  359. dont ever recommend this crap comp and service at all
    they are after your money. if your thinking of getting smart bro?
    think of it hundred times cuz you might just regret in the end..

    SMART- for your money
    SMART- incompetent customer service and ts support
    SMART- offering people of there service which is crap.
    SAMRT- for giving you 15 kb which is should be 3mbps
    SMART- for slow enternet
    SMART- for they are claiming to be the fastest broadband nationwide which is FUNNY at all

  360. yeah bthey suck taking in millions but dont upgrade service. when there is so much internet congestion by smart users it becomes useless. find another company

  361. Smartbro bagal . .bilisin nyoo advnce paymnt kami . .lagi . ..bagal nmn connection . .. . pakiayus . .nmn .. connection . .nyoo. .bagal d2 . .sa lopez,quezon ..pwede. .fix nyoo . .madami nagagalit

  362. :lol: :twisted: :shock: talagang walang ng kjwenta tong smartbro na to ang bagal sobra dapat palitan na nila pangalan nila SANA SMARTBRONGAS na lng ang pangalan nila…. mga ungas kasi ang may ari nila,,,,,,

  363. mga pre, para di masayang yan smart usb dongle, bilhan nyo na lang ng usb extension, cguro mga 5 meters, mura lang sa cd-r king, tapos ikabit nyo yan smart wireless gamit un extension from computer at sa pinakamataas na part ng bahay nyo para lumakas yun sagap at transmit ng signal. pero minsan wala ka talaga magawa kapag nasa server ng smart un problema…

  364. naku po… talaga naman… super sa kabagalan…. mejo mabilis bilis cya sa DIAL UP…. smartbro bobo….. bakit di nila palakasin signal nila, ung may ari walang tigil ng kakatayo ng business pero ang smartbro di nya inaasikaso… super dami ng nagrereklamo sa smartbro. dapat sa tagal ng smartbro na to naupgrade naman sana kahit papano ang signal …. nakakiyak sa inis ang napakabagal na internet nu. kung may bayantel lang dito sa novaliches. di kami magtsatsaga sa smartbro na ito. up to 2mbs daw… sus maryusep ni hindi umaabot sa 400kbs. pinagloloko nila mga subscriber. magkabayantel lang dito kahit magbayad ako ng penalty ok lang. wag lang ako bubuwisitin araw araw..

  365. 7 years kami nakabayantel. wala ako masabi mabilis ang internet nila. pagsinabi nila 768kbps, 768kbps talaga. di tulad ng smartbro na to may nalalaman pa na UP TO 2MBPS. lumipat lang kami ng bahay sa bandang novaliches, wala pa daw bayantel, pinapatransfer namin account namin, wala pa daw cla linya. kaya eto nakalulungkot napilitan kami sa smartbro. heto ngayon ang super tiyaga ako sa kabagalan. nakarouter kami, pagmanonood ako video dapat ung isang computer di pwd magdownload kasi napakabagal talaga. di ako satisfied. hihighbloodin ka lang araw araw….kkkkkkkkkkkkakkkkkkakkkkkkkkaaaaaa inis………

  366. its true it sucks super bagal ang connection and when it comes to downloading sites di allowed ip add yest nakigamit ako ng globe tattoo wireless grabe ang bilis ng connection! with smart bro hay nku! super duper bagal!

  367. SmartBro’s service SUCKS! ilang days na akong naghintay for a tech visit, ni isang tawag galing sa kanila wala wala wala. Keeps on repeating their BS of a spiel. “I do apologize for the inconvenience your experiencing right now.” “I’ve already forwarded your concern to the support team. I’ve personally coordinated with them to resolve your connectivity issues.” “Please monitor for 24 hours” … mag e-end na yung Feb till now lagi nalang MONITOR FOR 24 HOURS. I mean, WTF! Can’t they just send somebody here to fixed my connection? Nagpa-pile up na mga Service Request Numbers ko sa notepad … GRRRRRR

      • Hoy bobo, The speed of your internet is not depends on your mother fucking Computer. Stop being an asshole at ikaw ang walang alam. Get a life!

        At para sa inyo, It depends on the Wireless power of your modem and Location.

    • i agree, siguro sa location and kung saan base station kayo naka assign. (kung crowded ang base station nyo at maraming users, sigurado babagal sya).

      sa mag 2 years ko ng gamit ang smartbro, wala ako naging masyadong problema (minor meron and hindi naman maiiwasan pero in fairness mabilis dumating ang technical group nila to fix the problem, always 1 day ahead sa na-set na schedule) and fast ang connection ko lalo na ngayon napalitan ang base station ko kasi mostly 3 users lang kami :mrgreen: )
      and now im deciding to renew my contract for another 2 years and makaka avail pa ako ng freebie from them.. hmm, ano kaya maganda: ZTE tablet or Samsung netbook? :mrgreen:

    • ha ha ha! nadali mo mamen! tanga nga yang mga yan! pati ba naman spelling nila dito! lunch ang product? ahaha! nakakatawa! siguro mga alipores ng kabilang company tong mga toh! naku mamen! walang kinalaman ang specs sa ISP, and it really depends kung asan location mo. baka nasa gitna sila ng kagubatan kaya ganyan nalang reklamo nila! bunch of whiners ahahahahaha!!!!

  368. Pagod ka na ba magload sa Prepaid Internet mo?
    Ngayon ma bago na!
    UNLIMITED INTERNET FOR ONLY P100php for 30days.
    Gamit ang Globe tatoo/Smart bro. at Sun Broadband mo.
    madali gamitin at madali mag connect kaya subukan na!!

    we give you FREE 1day trial just PM or visit us :cool:

  369. to smart company,next tym if lunch your product make sure it can’t make mad to the costomer,specially this fucking smart bro/broadband,how mutch tke cost the charges of per hour,but running smoothtol smooth turtle,fucking idiot,,,


  370. mga iyakin! padisconnect niyo nalang yang smartbro niyo! puro kayo reklamo! doon kayo magreklamo sa presinto! ahahaha

  371. mothefucker..
    sira ba ang smartbro?
    walang facebook kahit sa friends ko..
    what the fuck !
    anong klase to?!kahit sa mozilla at internet explorer wala !
    putang ina ang smart bro mga bugok !

  372. Mas pinili ko ung Globe Tattoo sa pag aakalang mas mabilis ayon sa commercial nila (mga last quarter ng 2010) pero after I’ve discovered na once u reached 800Mb of internet usage, next day k na raw pede mg continue mg internet :eek: . I was really pissed nung makareceived ako ng msg n un and I think ganon prin 2011 na! magugunaw na mundo! mga hayup! :mad: khit na ung 5 day unli or 30 day unli basta mreach mo ung 800mb limit mpuputol connection mo! tpos ang bagal pa! 2 bars to 3 bars ang signal unlike s Smartbro 5 bars at mas mabilis, yes minsan may time na mabagal din nman… I guess ganon tlga…wla pa yang limit na 800Mb na yan kya pwede ka mgdownload khit 2Gb pa na file/movie.

  373. its really sucks dude!!! nag advanced payment ako for 3 months then now were having a problem due to the weak signal of their antenna .. its been 1 week now. gosh! when it comes to the billing they are strict but when the problem is coming from them they ignore!! there must be justice for this kind of service! PEOPLE MUST NOT ACCEPT THIS KIND OF SH**T …

  374. It’s true. Smartbro is a company based on profit earning. Try hosting an online game like Blackshot and you’ll get kick. Why? Just try and experience yourself being kicked. What would I get from a P999 per month subscription from smartbro? The higher you pay the higher the speed. And DSL is undefeated in this aspect.

  375. The first thing that we can do about Smart Bro, is to complain about their service directly to the NTC using website which is at If you sift through the links you can find a complaint form, I found it using the site map I think.

    I also made a facebook page called ‘Smart Bro are Thieves’, because this is the most common remark I seem to find on the internet. If you are like me and feel that Smart is stealing your hard earned money, please visit and like my page at:
    Maybe with enough likes, we can get Smart to listen, or at least let the rest of the world know that SMART BRO ARE THIEVES! Ninanakaw nila ang pera ‘natin!

  376. hay nako! wag nyo nang asahan pa ang NTC nyan. ngcomplained na ko sa site nila about sa 800mb internet limit ng lecheng globe last year hanggang ngaun…pulbos na ang Tenement sa Tondo wala prin akong narereceived na reply from them. mga hay0p na yan! magaling lng yan pag may bonus gaya ng mwss ba yun?…

  377. bwisit paiba ung speed ng smartbro signal…
    di ako maka pag laro ng maaus sa Garena taas ping hahaiizzz

    paki aus nmn jan smart bro
    wag kaung gumawa ng dahilan para ma disapoint ang mga costumer nyo sa inyo….

    hai nko :evil:

  378. tang ina ang smartbro la kwenta maganda lang sa simula pag tumagal la na kwenta connection…..ayusin nio serbisyo nio buti sana kung libre ang internet nio ok lang…taas pa ng singil nio shet putang ina nio :mad: :twisted:

  379. Hey, Im a smart bro user forr two years, and after availling dr freebiz to re-new for another year, damn! I dont have any connection every nyt…. SMART company… wtf services can u offer??? or it’s just a mere publicity that ur the fastest??? shame on ur shit!

  380. Letcheng smart bro na yan same lang sila ng globe tattoo laging na didisconnect after 5 minutes… Tinutulugan tuloy ako ng mga ka chat ko! damn…. !!!!

  381. walang silbi ang service ng smart! smart lang silang gumawa ng pera pero walang kwenta ang serbisyo nila! napaka-inutil! SANA LANG AYUSIN NYO NAMAN ANG NAPAKA-WALANG KWENTA NYO’NG SERBISYO!!!! BULOK!!!!

  382. (LiFE-ro-nic) Living LIFE is ironic : paying P999 2yr tie up for unlimited access, what we get in return is a LIMITED to NO signal at all !!SMART BRO connection and customer service SUCKS! for a telecom co, you cannot reach their technical support thru telephone ,soo…. where is the communication.. only thru their 8888? what if u dont have smart mobile line? YOU WILL NOT GET SUPPORT from them!!..SUCH A WASTE OF HARD EARN MONEY THAT WE’RE PAYING YOU FOR NOTHING!!!!! :roll: :cry: :mad: :evil: :twisted:

  383. Pano nga pala nasasabi ng smart na up to 2 or 3.6 mbps ang speed ng Smart Bro (plug-it or starter) eh parang 56 kbps na dial-up modem lang naman. Mabilis pa ang Digitel ko, na 512 kbps lang which also sucks, he he… mga sinungaling talaga yang mga service provider na yan, parang globe tatoo he he…

  384. I hate SMARTBRO..everytym we have internet connection problem..they will send some tech support(kuno)…they will say that there’s a problem with the wire or sumthng and we need to pay for it.. we always pay for their contractors…we reported it to them but they didnt do anythn about it…. Contractors always say oh maybe your antenna, maybe the wire, blah blah blah…. we called the smart call center blah blah..but they say ah ok..we’ll check about we really have to pay??? oh we’ll check it….Please…those who are planning to get smart bro or watever smart services..please….dont ever try….you’ll regret it…..I won’t renew our contract and I wont pay for our upcoming bills….crazy!!!!!!

  385. agree!!!!o kapag nagpadala sila ng magaayos ay kng anu-anong sinsabi para lang magbayad kau s mga cable na ipapalit nila o dagdag tubo o kya babaguhin ang posisyon ng antenna syempre dagdag cable ulit para pay ulit…imagine…. tpos pag nireklamo mo s smart..sasabihin nila..o cge sir/mam..ireremark ko yan..e nung tinanong nmin kng nakanote ba ung huling nasira ang smart nmin nung june at nagbayad dn kami s contractor..wala silang note…tpos last week sira ulit at pinagbayad ulit kami ng 900 tpos nireport nmin…ang sagot ay..cge po ireremark nmin…tpos last year..nwalan kami ng internet for more than 15 days pero ang kinaltas s bill nmin ay 100 plus lng…999 kc monthly pero 700 plus prin binayaran nmin kahit walang kwenta ung services nila..tpos ayaw nman nila pa-disconnect kc my contract dw….what d freaking contract!!!!! kya s mga nagbabalak na magrenew or kumuha..please…wag nyo na po i-try baka araw-araw kaung magmura dahil s internet connection nila……ewwwwww…. at d pala ako gumagamit ng smart sim…at dnko mag-smart bro…patapos na kami s kontrata nilang walang kwenta kya wala akong planong irenew un…nagsisisi ako at kumuha kmi ng smart bro na yan…….as in 2 d max!!!!!

  386. SMART BRO Power Plug It – 1,245 prepaid broadband modem

    Free 240 Hours Internet Good for 10 days.. – yes totoo yan nag ka problema pa nga ako diyan kasi ang na credit lang sakin is 120 hours good for 5 days lang kaya ayon naka 5 calls ako sa cutomer service ng smart nabalik naman at nagamit ko din ang kulang na 120 hours after almost 3 days hehe ganun ka tagal..

    Deficiency noted:

    Ang speed daw is up to 3.6 Mbps – siyempre part yan ng promotion campaign nila but when u really had and experience the power plug it hehehe ma bibwisit ka lang..

    Yes totoo po na you can plug it anywhere depende nga lang sa location,,
    Yes its up to 3.6Mbps pero kelan pag wala ng gumagamit? hehehe.. oh siguro pag nasa ilalim o katabi ka ng Signal Site ng Broadband nila..

    Yes totoo po na pwede ka mag text at tumawag thru the modem dahil pede mo siyang paloadan ng regular load sa mga smart load retailers or sa tabi tabi na may nag lo-load.. ito nga lang halimbawa po nag paload ka ng 50 or 100 etc.. payo lang once na, na plug mo na siya sa desktop or laptop automatic siyang mag ko-connect kaya dapat i cancel mo agad kung hindi bawas ng 10 pesos ang load mo sa broad band pero magagamit mo naman siya for 30 minutes yun nga lang kelanga before 30 minutes disconnect mo na ulit kasi pag lumampas ka sa 30 minutes additional deductio n naman ng 10 pesos sa pinaload mo..


    Smart Power Plug it, ay pepwede sa mga minsan lang gumagamit o nag sasurf sa net, kung email chat and search pde siya but again depende po ang speed sa location at sa dami ng gumagamit hehehe..

    Kung online games, youtube, for downloading purpose at sa lahat na in general, suggest ko lang na mag Broadband or DSL kyo postpaid para stable ang connection depende na po kung anong gusto niyon Broadband o DSL nasubukan ko na ang Smart Wireless yung may antena plan 999 dun sa isang bahay din namin sa makati ok siya mabilis siya.. gayun din sa bahay ng kapatid Globe Broadband 995 yung may antena din ok po siya.. Hindi ko pa na try ang PLDT but marami po akong naririnig na maganda ang performance ng PLDT.. Ang SKY Broadband hindi ko pa po na try at ang Bayan tel so no comment sa dalawa hehe..

    Ito po ay aking opinyon at suggestion lamang nag mamalasakit lang po ako.. at nag bibigay ng idea sa mga nag paplanong bumili, at mag pakabet ng Broadband DSL.. Totoo po kasi depende po ito sa inyong location kaya meron silang survey or survey area na tinatawag pra ma check kung ok ang signal sa area ninyo.. Anyway ang sakin lang inuulit ko the best pa rin po ang may antena or DSL pag gusto niyo ng totoong performance depende na po sa inyo kung anong Broadband or ilang speed ang gusto niyo marami kasi ang pag pipilian kaya piliin niyo yung sa tingin niyo pasok sa budget at ma sa-satisfy kyo makakatipid kyo kung postpaid plan kayo kung palagi kayong nag iinternet.. Pero kung outdoor within metro manila at naka laptop kayo suggestion ko ay SUN Broadband totoo po yan ok po ang SUN Broadband pag USB ang usapan hehehe.. Kayo na po ang bahala guide at opinyon ko lang ito base sa aking karanasan sa mga Broadband hehehe..

    Salamat po//

  387. yeah i tried globe and smart both of them sucks bigtime…nakaka ilang keyboard na ako kakahampas tuwing nawawala bigla ang internet..everyday nakakapag init ng ulo…the best tlga is PLDT…lowest plan ng PLDT is faster kesa sa highest plan sa globe/smart…

  388. Yeah smartbro REALLY SUCKS. On and off connection, then they require you to call their tech service time and again. I finally had enough last May. I called their tech support, people call me and tell me that about this day when they’ll be going to my apartment and this and that..but wait, they are seem to have forgotten one thing..hmmm I’m a doctor and the only time I’m home is twice every 3 days (have 24 hour duties every 3 days) for 10 hours starting 6pm till 6am the next day with no weekend breaks. Did they offer a solution to that?Nope.. In fact after calling me twice only find out I’m at the hospital, they never called again….and so my connection remained the same for days and then weeks and then months… SO yeah, smart bro sucks…your services suck, even the speed of the connection sucks.. I had my account disconnected and I’m looking in to BETTER networks.. Every colleague of mine (clerks, PGI’s residents, consultants and all who are bound by the hippocaritc oath) and all my patients I never forget to tell them NOT to use smartbro, bitter? yup..that’s why I’m anonymous :)..good day to all

  389. Pretty much. I have the same situation just like yours. I sign up for 2 MBPS 999 plan/ month for a 2 year plan. At first, it was cool. Fast internet and everything. But after a month my internet became dead like I’m using cellphone internet like you can’t even make Facebook load, even at least in the home page. So, I called their customer service.. just as expected we’ve done a lot of troubleshooting steps that does not seem to work permanently. They sent tech support at our house but the fix is not really permanent. Tech support said it was not my computer but it was their base station. They said that there’s something they are fixing. It was the same info that I got from the costumer service. I was patient, I let them fix whatever they need to fix. 2-4 months passed, guess what? my internet still sucks. my internet connectivity is still like around 500kbps. I still tried calling but still no permanent help. And the trick here, whenever you call them, your internet will speed up.
    I don’t know why?

    One of the tech support advised me that I can dispute the payments I made since I’m getting the connection I suppose to get. So, I requested for a dispute but what they told is that dispute can only be done when the “technical issue is fixed”.. I said to myself, “what the hell?”

    I stopped calling. They also stopped sending me bills. I can still use my internet connection of around 500kbps until 2 months after the last time I called and the last month I paid my bill as well.

    And now, after more than a year, They sent me a seriously overdue bill of almost 17k. What do you say?

  390. Pretty much. I have the same situation just like yours. I sign up for 2 MBPS 999 plan/ month for a 2 year plan. At first, it was cool. Fast internet and everything. But after a month my internet became dead like I’m using cellphone internet like you can’t even make Facebook load, even at least in the home page. So, I called their customer service.. just as expected we’ve done a lot of troubleshooting steps that does not seem to work permanently. They sent tech support at our house but the fix is not really permanent. Tech support said it was not my computer but it was their base station. They said that there’s something they are fixing. It was the same info that I got from the costumer service. I was patient, I let them fix whatever they need to fix. 2-4 months passed, guess what? my internet still sucks. my internet connectivity is still like around 500kbps. I still tried calling but still no permanent help. And the trick here, whenever you call them, your internet will speed up.
    I don’t know why.

    One of the tech support advised me that I can dispute the payments I made since I’m getting the connection I suppose to get. So, I requested for a dispute but what they told is that dispute can only be done when the “technical issue is fixed”.. I said to myself, “what the hell?”

    I stopped calling. They also stopped sending me bills. I can still use my internet connection of around 500kbps until 2 months after the last time I called and the last month I paid my bill as well.

    And now, after more than a year, They sent me a seriously overdue bill of almost 17k. What do you say?

  391. walang kwenta ang smart bro.. ang lalakas maningil.. sandali ka lang ma delay ng bayad eh lagi ka na walang connection.. kpag nakapag bayad kana eh wala ka paring connection.. mas madalas pa na walang connection kesa meron… its a total waste of money.. wag na kayo mag smart bro.. tanga tanga din ang tech support nila… pati mga contractors wala ding kwenta.. di nila naaayos yung problema mo.. puro katangahan lang gagawin nila.. kunwaring may aayusin sa antenna mo pero wala naman talaga.. walang magiging solusyon.. sayang lang talaga ang pera as in.. napaka walang kwenta

    • oo nga ee saksakan ng kapal ng pagmumuka nilang humarap sa tao samantalang hindi nila maayos yung gulong kinakaharap nila! imba bro-ken talaga cla grrrr :twisted: >_> O…O ~_~ :dila: :cantspeak: :blueeye: :bleh:

  392. damn .. 2 weeks umabot ng 441ms ang ping ko :) ang saya ! 2 weeks na ko nag pa-follow up ng report number …sh!t… 12 report numbers wala silang nagawa ….

  393. yes smartbro really sucks, sinisipsip nila pasensya ng costumers nila dahil s super problematik nilang connection, at pag naningil sila graba kontodo tawag at my attorney p silang tatawag s iyo pag di ka nakapag bayad ng ilang buwan, eh makatarungan b naman na magbayad ang isang costumer sa services na di naman nya magamit at di na ginagamit dahil s konsumisyon lang ang aabutin nya dahil sa net connection problems nilang 100% unreliable? maybe this is one of the many unhonest way of making money by the owner of this smartbro? sana makarma sila dahil madami ng mga pilipino ang niloko at pinagkakitaan nila, pinipilit nilang kunin ang perang pinaghirapan ng tao….dapat wag n nating tangkilikin ang lahat ng mga smart services at nang matauhan sila at ayusin nila ang services nila….Mr. Manny Pangilinan maawa k naman sa mga pinoy….

  394. Translate at the bottom
    Smart bro, un amour pour te faire payer du vent.
    Cela marche un mois, puis plus rien.
    Passer une journée pour relever ses mails, en envoyer un.
    Smart bro est loin d’être “Smart Pro”, c’est pour ceux qui ont du temps à perdre.
    C’est la misére elevée au statut de régime national.
    Poster ce commentaire sera un exploit.

    Smart bro, love to make you pay for the wind.
    It works a month, then nothing.
    A day to meet his mail, send one.
    Smart bro is far from “Smart Pro” is for those with time to spare.
    It is the misery elevated to the status of the national scheme.
    Post this comment is a feat.

  395. Fucking SmartBro service!
    Ipapaputol ko ito next month, when the lock-in period expires.
    Smart Home naman ngayon ang mina-market ng SMART.
    Same dog, different collar, wag magpa biktima.

    I will switch ot SUN or DGTL wired DSL, but will demand no lock-in period.

    FUCK you, SmartBro.

  396. hindi ko matapos yung anime na pinapauod ko! D gray man! shugo chara! at madami pang iba! imba bor!ng dapat pangalan ng ta-tanga tangang kumpanya nyan! damare urusai baka na! naruhodo uso da! konoyaro!

  397. i’ve had my fair share of very poor customer service of SMARTBRO. Just to piss them off, keep sending them e-mails of concerns that service is not working so their techs will dispatch contractors then they will be charged by the sub-con.hehe then, don’t pay. just to get even. :D

  398. napakawalang kwenta ng serbisyo nyu mga putang ina nyu, inayus nyu internet connection ko ng wala pang 1 minuto, hindi nyu manlang check ung antena…pag ka alis ng mga kupal nawalan nanaman ng internet connection ang p0ta…edi tawag nanamn ako sa hotline nila…waiting nanamn ng isang lingo bago pumunta at ayusin…nak ng puta.

    makalipas ang isang lingo inayos n nila ung antena…p0taaaa inaa midaleee wala pang 1 minuto ul8 hindi man lang inalambrehan…basta naka tindig ok na? mga gago

    hindi man lang tinibayan ayun tangg ina gumagalaw 2loy pag humahangin ang resulta may internet connection na koh yaaaahhooooooo!!!! kya lang pag madaling araw lang 2:00am – 8:30am at sobrang bagal promise T_T nakakapikon mas maganda pang wala nalang XD

    magaling lang talaga sila pag may bill kana dun sila mabilis hehehehehe…

    mag upgrade na kau smart bro dami n naming nag hahati sa connection, dami ng nag rereklamo mga putangg ina nyu mga manhid mga mukhang pera putangg ina!

  399. Wala na talagang pag asa yang smart bro suko na ko ilang beses na inayos ang sakin wala paring pag babago hindi nko mag babayad ok lang kahit ma bad record na smart O_O


  401. Oct 25 – Nov 2 – Sobrang bagal ng connection. Bumuti na after I told the agent na if di pa maayos connection ko, magpapa-disconnect ako and lilipat sa ipa. The following day, bumuti na connection ko. Talagang mga sakim sa pera ung SMART.