Restaurants in Trinoma

Okey, I’ll be rating all of the Restos in Trinoma. These are based on my experience during the Trinoma Bloggers’ Food Tour, and also my co-bloggers’ terrible and wonderful experiences during the event.

“i am underwhelmed…” – Andrew dela Serna
 Congo Grill
To be updated
And so, can you imagine that I’m still excited when we’ve come to this part of the tour, even if I’ve eaten Conti’s food several times already? Well, you should because, really, I was THAT excited! – Tess Termulo
 Bacolod Chicken Inasal
Our bad experience at Cabalen didn’t spoil the tour though because there are much better restaurants within the area. I will no forget the generousness of people from Bacolod Chicken Inasal. –
To be updated…
 Giligan’s Island
To be updated…
 Heaven ‘n Eggs
Pancake. That’s hot(cake)! – Jonas
 Kamay Kainan
To be updated…
 La Mesa Grill
To be updated…
All I could remember was their HEAVENLY SISIG. (and oh! their bibinka!) – Janmania
 Mann Hann
I highly recommend their shrimp rolls! Grabe super duper extreme sa SARAP, tatlo nga nakuha ko (shhhhh.. sorry for those who haven’t tasted it, haha), I couldn’t resist kasi. It’s so yummy, and tasty, it’s just like a fresh from-the-water shrimps rolled in a roll? (oh, so what do you call that roll thing? hehe). As in super sarap! Did I say SUPER SARAP? hehe.. If I where to choose what’s the best restaurant that served the best food during the Trinoma bloggers food tour, I’ll definitely, without a doubt, recommend Mann Hann! – Jehzeel Laurente
 Marina Seafood Grill
Oyster!!!! Go lang ako sa fresh and baked oyster, kebs na sa noodles and chicken that they prepared. I wanted to have a “take two” sana kaso nakakahiya marami pang bloggers na naglilibot. – Nherz14
 Oki Oki
Oki-Oki served an entire spread with drinks included. As the name would suggest, the restaurant is a upscaled version of mainstream Japanese restaurants like Yoshinoya and Tokyo Tokyo. Instead of further pushing Japanese dishes to the mainstream – like how Tokyo Tokyo glorifies breaded pork chop to Tonkatsu — Oki Oki pushes the envelope by putting an eclectic and sometimes unthinkable twist to traditional Japanese food.
Benj Espina
 Pho Hoa
sabi ng manager mag hati hati na lang sa isang platong salad kasi pang pika pika lang.. sabi ko naman, nakakaumay ang salad nila..
 Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak
We were already bursting with a delicious mix of chicken and greens salad splashed with fruits like mangoes and grapes, an awesome bun-less sizzling burger combo with the half-pound patty, coleslaw, tomatoes and matching marinara dip, and the signature Sizzling Pepper Steak dish, served piping hot with steam rising from the sizzling plate, half-cooked steak (which starts to fully transform from a tender red to a scrumptious brown right before your eyes!) and wonderfully mixed vegetable rice. We asked what the ‘damage’ would be should one decide to dine in, and not surprisingly enough, their dishes were well within the 200 peso range—perfect for a pair looking to score a delicious meal!
Ignatius Javellana
 Super Bowl of China Their Lemon Fish Fillet Chicken (not sure if that’s the name) was delicious! Oh, and did you know that the fish they used was from Vietnam and was raised in a fish pen? I bet you did not know that they are not bottom-feeders as well, which eliminates the soily taste fishes normally have. I don’t know what soil tastes like though, so I didn’t know the difference. (I kinda forgot if I ate fish in Super Bowl. May fish ba dun?) – Jhed
 Teriyaki Boy
I love their SUSHI 🙂 – Jehzeel Laurente
I felt like I was dirt. I felt like a beggar being shooed away and told that beggars can’t be choosers. I am not a beggar as I’m sure the other bloggers aren’t. Parang tinapakan at inginudngod sa putik ang aking pagkataoAJ Matela
To be updated…
 La Maison
I can’t judge the service based on a fleeting 10 minute experience but I felt like a queen when the manager of La Maison opened his arms to greet us and invite us inside their restaurant.
Pinoy Food & Cooking
To be updated…
Food was superb. I especially liked the Rellenong Mais, a recipe of writer Thelma San Juan’s mother. Lumpiang pica-pica of Gilda Cordero Fernando, and a dish of binagoongan were also served (if I’m not mistaken). – Misteryosa
 Good Earth Tea Room
But when I tought everything was over, The GoodEarth approached our group and invited us for a round of unforgettable dining. Without time pressure and with complete meal and great ambiance, The GoodEarth made our day. – Bleue
 Hosseins Persian Kebab
Ohhh… the ambience and the setup was nice and pleasant. The food was even better. The chicken kebab was perfect with the tomato salsa and the homos, ehehe SCRUMPTIOUS. By this time around, my stomach was kind of heavy and was worried if I can still carry on… but like any brave fighter, I did not quit. – PsychCafe
very classy and sophisticated, not to mention exquisite Japanese dishes! This was the only restaurant at the tour that made me eat veggies without me complaining! (And they were very gracious enough to allow us to shoot a soon-to-be-viral video, watch out for it soon. lolz!) – AJ Matela
 The Madison Grill
As far as I am concerned, modesty, courtesy and all signs of civilization aside, we were out there for food. But it appeared that Madison Grill wasn’t prepared for our coming. They didn’t know what to do, they kept on talking in the background, which left me asking myself why they even confirmed participation at all. After a few minutes the chef came out and oriented us on the concept of the restaurant. In fairness to Madison Grill, their restaurant concept was nice, especially the do-it-yourself pizza bar and the huge pizza oven which was outside the kitchen. And in fairness to the chef, he was very accommodating even if he didn’t let us taste anything.
Blue Pencil Chronicles
 Bubba Gump
Bubbagump performed the best in the Bloggers Food Tour: Best Food Presentation, Best Customer Service (the friendliest bunch of resto staff, I’d say), and Best-Tasting Food. – Prudence and Madness
The dishes at Cyma are meant for sharing. While many of the food items come in ‘solo’ and ‘for sharing’ sizes, even the ‘solo’ dishes have enough food good for two (along those lines, ‘for sharing’ can easily satisfy four or five). Cyma dishes actually work best in bigger groups- since everyone gets to share food around the table- the same way Greek families do.
 Fish & Co.
Fish & Co. was just a walk away, but then I was feeling heavier. Every step strained my calf muscles with all the additional weight. (Breath in, breathe out.) They had fish fillet and mussels to be served, and yet I couldn’t get over the nets and the life preserver on display by the table. I liked how the presentation looked, it’s as if the flavors made their way into land … into our mouths, or how, if ever I was at sea, Fish & Co would feed me, while the life preserver would keep me afloat! The fish fillet was accompanied by lemon butter, providing a delicious, tangy alternative to ketchup, hehe. – Hrudu
 Holy Cow Chops House
“Geez, they know my weakness. They know how to fulfill my sweet and sinful desire. Oh, do you know that I ended up finishing 3 slices of the cheesecake last night? Ahahaha” – Byahilo
I’ve eaten there lots of times before but never tried the pasta the Trinoma branch had us taste. I’m sorry I forgot what it’s called. I asked the lady there a dozen times but I still ended up forgetting. Bad memory. Anyway, I liked the pasta so much. I’ll get that when I go to Italiani’s next time.
 Jack’s Loft
To be updated…
 TGI Fridays
One of the best interiors. Tons of LCD tv’s, very modern design. I think this is one of the most modern and best designed fridays. 😉 A must try.
Alvin Chua

For those who want to be listed in the Trinoma Restaurants famous reviews, (sa mga to be updated lang, wala pa kasi akong malagay) just leave me a comment, and I’ll add your blog, and a short quote or review right away. 😛

For WiFi lovers, I have listed some of the Restos with free WiFi HotSpots, and also included their passwords, here are they:

1. Bubba Gump – shrimpisgood
2. La Maison – lamaison0807
3. Italliani’s – a002200602
4. TGI Fridays – a002200602
5. Krispy Kreme – krispykreme
6. The Madison Grill – (oops i forgot the password) please do leave me a comment if you know.
7. Wala na, if you want to add some to this nifty list, just leave me a comment. 🙂

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  2. sayang naman di mo nakuha yung krispy kreme., 🙂

    saktong sakto yung comment sa breadtalk., lol 🙂

    ang dami kong hindi napuntahan na resto., 🙁 diba pareho tayo ng group? o nag iba ba kau ng restos?

  3. aw nahuli kasi ako.. kasi natagalan sa pag explore ng wifi spots.. kaya yun 😀 hehehehe.. iba ibang restos na ang napuntahan.. haha!

  4. Kuya Jehz,

    naayos na ba yung Sign ng Kamay Kainan?

    Last time i was there muka siyang “LAMAY kainan”

    Tawa ako ng tawa nun.

  5. @migs – di ko napansin yun.. behehe

    @jm – heheh.. ehdi nag tanong sa manager! hahaha 😀

    i’ll be updating this post soon.. kulang mga pics ko amf.. ehhe 😀

  6. ei ei.. groupmates ba tayu? are yu the one with rotating hp notebook (laptop??) o kung ano mang tawag dun?

    dami ko gusto sabihin…

    1. SuperBowl – sa kanila ko lang natikman ang pinakamasarap ng sinangag na nakain ko. kahit hindi ka na kumuha ng chiken in lemon syrup at fish fillet, solve ka na!!

    2. Itallianis – hindi ko nagustuhan ang pasta nila.. maaaring hindi lang siguro sanay ang dila ko sa mga ganyang klaseng pagkain o talagang hindi siya masarap…

    3. Fish and Company – hindi ako nagenjoy kasi paubos na yung hinanda nila…

    4. Pho Hoa – sabi ng manager mag hati hati na lang sa isang platong salad kasi pang pika pika lang.. sabi ko naman, nakakaumay ang salad nila..

    yun lang..
    ha haha… hindi ba ako idedemanda kung ipopost mo yan? nagsabi lang naman ako ng totoo. at tinignan ko pa talaga ang mga photoshots ko para mareminisce ang lasa ng mga hinanda nila sa atin..


  7. @kingdaddyrich – yeah.. it’s meeee.. nyahahaha! ^__^ cge lalagay ko yung mga sinabi mo with a link to ur blog.. pero di lahat pipili lang ako.. hanap pa me ng ibang blogs na may mga comments.. para iba’t ibang blogs naka link sa post ko.. yiheeeeeee!

  8. I was supposed to be there but had to meet a client unexpectedly, nice to know that you guys enjoyed it.

    Hope to compete with you in other seo contests…

  9. no doc tess noOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!.. it’s for display only!!! di pwede kunin!!!!! hehehe 😀

    @peace b – uu try ko talaga kasi di ako naka tikim 😀 hehe

    @kontrapelo – oo nga sayang wala kaw.. uu mag kikita din tayo sa finals.. after paradise philippines pag meron mang SEO contest pa.. wahehe 😀

  10. i think i should remove giligan’s, kamay kainan, heaven n eggs, bangus, congo grill, and la mesa grill.. hmm wala atang naka try doon during the food tour.. hehe

  11. we were able to visit heaven & eggs
    bangus, congo grill and the neglected north park.

    also, we were welcomed by the controversial Cabalen.

  12. for the north park noodles, i have photos showing na they prepared something for us – hahaha… for the logo, uhm, nikuhanan ko ng picture yung staff. may logo ng northpark dun… ay, small-resolution nga lang yata yun.

    you can check my multiply account for the complete set of photos

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