Testing Calypso

Recently, Calypso was released by Automattic and everybody seems to love it. You can read more about Calypso in Matt’s blog. According to what I’ve read, Calypso is really fast that’s why I installed it on my Mac.

This is just a test post to see how fast Calypso is. Hmmmmm… Will publish this post now in 3… 2… 1…

*Clicked the publish button*

UPDATE (After 0.0001s): It’s really really really damn fast! After clicking the publish button, it didn’t even reach a second, and this post is live from my Mac to my server in the US. Hurrah!

Is this for real? *slapped myself 10x*… It’s for real. O_O

*Clicked the Update button again*

I therefore conclude that what Matt said in his Calypso intro post was right, it charmed me. It’s incredibly fast! Its performance is beyond compare. It’s not just near instant, it’s more than an instant. I think this will entice me to blog more often now–I hope.

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