The first 90 MP smartphone in the world is from the Philippines


Whoa! The first 90 MP phone in the world is the Yesss Yaman Phone by OLX Philippines. At first I thought it was a typo, but it’s REAL. It really has a 90-megapixel camera! The first in the world because when I googled a 90MP camera phone, I found none. But when I browsed their dedicated phone page, there are no other specs, but the 90MP SuperSharp® Camera and nothing more. I want to know if it’s an LTE device, what’s the screen size, the processor, the memory, and other significant specs that a 90MP phone has.


For Php 41,999 (which is quite expensive for a smart phone) and a lifetime support for a one-time payment, this phone is too good to be true. And another unreal thing is that the OLX Yesss Yaman can INSTANTLY turn your unused 2nd hand items into cash! Yes, INSTANTLY!

According to their website, if you are using an iPhone or any Android device, you can already get the same features of the OLX Yesss Yaman phone! Simply download our iOS or Android app. But, if the app is not working, you can instantly make cash! Here’s how, according to their FAQs:

Q: I downloaded the app but it’s not working.
A: Try refreshing the app. If it still does not work, you can post your item directly on to start turning your unused 2nd hand items to cash!

Too bad it’s already April 1 and a friend of mine also fooled me today. So happy April Fools’ day to everyone!

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