Win an iPad Mini by answering one simple question

Now you have a chance to win an iPad Mini + Php20,000 worth of gift cheques by answering one simple question: Why would you swap your old car for a Foton? In case you don’t have an idea what Foton is is a Chinese company making buses, trucks, agricultural machinery, minivans, and SUVs. Foton is also one of the Top 500 China’s Most Valuable Brands. To know more about Foton, check out their website.

Below are some of the SUVs from Foton’s global website.

Foton Sup C2

Foton Sup C2

Foton Cup CX

Foton Cup CX

Because Foton is soooo awesome, they will be having an event here in the Philippines. They will have a BIG event this October 25-27, called FOTON’s Big Show 2013. The event will be held at the Main Hall A, World Trade Center, Pasay City.

Foton View Traveller

Foton View Traveller

At the show, they will launch the View Traveller, it’s latest addition to their family of vehicles. The View Traveller is powered with the 2.8-liter 16-valve Cummins ISF turbocharged engine. It uses a Bosch CRDI (common rail direct injection system). It’s known to deliver a maximum of 130 horsepower and 280 Newton-meters of torque. Wow! I really don’t know how powerful and fast that is! Haha!

According to Foton, the engine output of the View Traveller is the highest compared to other vans in this class and size. During FOTON’s Big Show, they will offer various incentive programs like special trade-in deals, on-the-spot trade show discounts and other freebies. You can also test drive their minivans and SUVs if you want to.

And oh, visitors of the event can witness the first Foton dancing wheel loader in the Philippines. Yep, really! A dancing will loader! If you’re curious how it dances, you should be in the Big Show to groove with it.

Oooops, before I end this post, let’s go back to the details about their iPad Mini giveaway contest. Check this page out for the mechanics. Contest period is from October 15 to October 22, and they will announce the winner tomorrow! October 23! Hahaha! You still have a few hours to answer the question and join the contest and have a chance to grab that free iPad Mini and win one of the 10 20k-worth of GCs from Foton (I really don’t have an idea what kind of GCs they’ll be giving away, as long as it’s a GC, yay!).

Good luck and see you on the Big Show! Check out the Foton Philippines Facebook page to keep up with the event and know more about Foton PH.

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  1. sir jehz hindi nag wowork yung social networking buttons nyo po. mag sheshare sana ako. Kaso pag click ko, for example, Google, nag papop up lng siya tapos napupunta ulit sa blog mo po.

    • Hahaha! oo nga no. Reremove ko din yan kasi bumabagal ng ilang milliseconds ang pag load ng blog ko. Hehehe. Palitan ko nng ng ibang social buttons, medyo mabagal kasi Jetpack. πŸ™

  2. At this point anything is better than my old car I have a 1994 dodge ram 1500 I used to do scrap metal, odd jobs and snow plowing till I started having expensive problems like transmission motor it is costing me more to fix it than I can make so in reality yes a Foton Sup C2 is better and by far it has good looks its new it has many great features, and best of all it is excellent in gas. So to answer the question YES I would swap my old car for a Foton with out a doubt

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  4. Even if I wasn’t late to join this contest, there’s another hurdle to clear: I didn’t know how it felt to own a car, even an old one at that. Of course, I could have easily winged it, but that’s like cheating, right?

    What tablet do you recommend ba, un for the budget conscious like me? Reviews on the net are particularly glowing on Google’s Nexus 7. Do we have that locally? And do you agree that it’s the best android tablet by far?

    • Oo nga naman. Para lng sa mga car owners talaga yung contest na to. Hahaha πŸ˜€

      Marami na tablet magaganda now. Hmmmmmmm…. may mga cheap and powerful android tablets ang CDR King. πŸ˜€

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