Make money online by doing the things you love

It is that time of the year once again, the time of the year when people get to showcase their assets – bulging muscles and chiselled man meat, Curvaceous sun kissed lady figure clad in a seductive swimwear, and sexy brains oozing with creative juices. Yup, you read it right, it is the time of the year when sexy brains rule! Guys and Gals, its summer time once again which means another chance to get our brains pumped up for some extra cash!!! And because of this, 199 jobs have come up with ways to help you make this time of the year the best.

Summer usually means vacation and parties but for the rest of us it usually means low funding. This is especially true for the students, who lose their allowance privileges when there is no schooling. But have no fear, 199jobs provides various opportunities for everyone who is interested in earning some extra dough. 199jobs is the newest and hippest online portal that offers buy and sell services all for 199 pesos. If you’ve got nothing to do this summer, then visit

Curious how looks like? Check out my profile here. Currently, I have 3 jobs posted. I recently got one order, and I just delivered it and made 199 pesos today! Yay!

199jobs, a convenient and casual freelance job posting portal, removes all the painstaking hassles and barriers to both buyer and seller. Buyers post a job order while sellers post their job services, if there is a match then both parties can discuss the details of the transaction. Payment can be done through Paypal, Credit Card, Globe G Cash and BPI Express Mobile.

With 199jobs, students can now look for freelance summer jobs without leaving the confines of their homes. They can also forget about the pestering documents usually required for a job screening. Furthermore, 199jobs can help beef up their resumes with these interesting freelance summer jobs. For the non-students, this is the best way to supplement their income. Moreover, they get to do the things that they love most and actually get compensated. The higher quality the work, the more job requests and more job request means more compensation.

Buyers also get their fair share of the bargain. They can simply look for the best applicant to get the job done at the tip of their fingers, without worrying about the potential backlash against their job orders. They can just sit back and wait for the correct match to their job order while maintaining their privacy and anonymity. Buyers get all these benefits and advantages for only 199 pesos.

Whoever said summer is all about the bodies and beaches? The person who said that must have not yet heard of 199jobs. After all, summer is all about fun and happiness. And how else can you get fun and happiness mix into one? with 199jobs I say. With 199jobs, you get to make money online while doing the thing that you love most.

So, stop fantasizing all day about the perfect beach body to showcase this summer, showcase your steamy and titillating brain with 199jobs instead. What the heck are you waiting for? Go check out now!

73 thoughts on “Make money online by doing the things you love

  1. ~now that i already read your post, it’s time to write a formal comment.

    Nice topic jehz! haha.. matry nga minsa hehe.. ang prob lang eh.. don’t know what to offer hahaha.. 🙂

    • Offer ka kahit ano. Check mo yung fiverr may mga gigs dun na cool. Like gawa lng ng video or take a picture with the name of your buyer.. mga ganun. :))

      • ~yeah.. try ko minsan pag nagload ako ng broadband.. 🙂 bawal masyadong matagal na sa net dito sa office eh hehe.. 🙂 LOL jehz.. mabagal mag load or naka cached lang siguro.. naka black BG ang site mo at gray ang font color.. xD

  2. Naunahan ako sa first? :C
    Sandali, bat ang dilim? hahah
    Yay, since the boss tried 199jobs, kaylangan kaming mga alagad eh itry din yan!!

    As usual, ang lupit ulit ng pagkadali mo sa topic.

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  4. parang an kulit nitong site na to 199 pwede ka maging creative like ” I can talk to you when your bored for 199 only! ( per hour) LOOOOL

  5. This is very much like fiverr. Got to check this one. Additional gig din to…. And, I miss the Stickman but the white wrapper and light gray background is perfectly cool for my tired eyes. I’m excited to see what’s gonna be your new design. 😉

  6. Thanks for sharing it sir! I really find it useful!. Hope one day I could join I’m interested in your – I can repair your logo and convert it to a usable vector-based format for P199.00. Kindly visit our website if you have some suggestions with regards to our logo. thanks! 🙂 Have a nice day!

  7. Wow! parang pinoy fiverr nga ang dating ng 199jobs, magpag sign-up nga din.. heheheh

    Syanga, ganda ng template mo master Jehz – minimalistic! :gulat:

  8. Hi!

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    Currently, I’m a startup microjob site catering to Filipinos. To be honest, I do not have enough resources to any paid marketing and this is why I’m reaching out to you.

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    I hope you can help me in anyway that you can.

    God Bless

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