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“More human than Western Union” and “the long-lost lovechild of Facebook and Paypal” are two descriptions that kept springing to mind to describe nTrust, an emerging online payment platform that I have been investigating lately. nTrust’s goal is to seamlessly blend quick, safe and cost-effective money transfers with the friendly innovation of an online community. The online service makes sending money as easy as sending an email and, strangely, kinda fun. I had a chance to interview a few people from the company this week.

nTrust Developer

Here’s Randy, a developer at nTrust, and all-around nice guy.

“nTrust is not focused on merchant processing – we’re not trying to go head-to-head with PayPal or the credit card associations,” says nTrust’s head of Business Development. “The platform that we’ve designed is about connecting people who have existing relationships. Banks and existing payment platforms like PayPal generate the lion’s share of their revenue by transaction processing – enabling people to buy things, essentially. They just don’t focus on smaller individual-to-individual transfers because there’s easier money to be made processing payments on eBay, for example.”

nTrust on Mobile

Send or receive money in a host of currencies, in any amount, at any time, anywhere on Earth… Instantly.

“When you remit money to the Philippines or anywhere else,” says nTrust CEO Rob MacGregor, “you’re not actually just sending money. You’re sending your son’s textbooks, or your daughter’s rent. You’re sending your parents’ shelter and heat, your grandmother’s medication. You’re sending love. You’re sending hope. These aren’t sterile transactions.”

He really talks like that. And when you stop to think about it, he’s absolutely right.

One of nTrust’s software developers Randy Ordinario knows that from personal experience. “I send money to the Philippines every couple of months for birthday celebrations, emergencies, dentures, medical bills, you name it,” he says. “With the online platform we’ve built, I get real-time updates and I don’t have to get a form or deal with the lineups, which are such time-wasters. Being able to create what we call a “neighborhood” on nTrust, makes sending money easy (by michael at tforge). If you want to send money to your family, just ask them to sign up, invite them into your neighborhood and you’re ready to go.”

“We just decided that there was a better way to do this,” says MacGregor. “So, we assembled a team of great people that share these values. We’re building something that’s going to make peoples lives better – that’s our guiding star, not this quarter’s earnings report. We’re a values-driven organization – and we’re also driven by the needs of our community that uses nTrust. As we continue to develop this platform, which is still in Beta, we’re listening hard to understand the improvements that Filipinos and users in other countries are asking for.”

nTrust on different devices

nTrust is accessible on smart phones, iPad, and Android too!

Joining the nTrust Nation

If you’ve ever wondered how to transfer money to the Philippines, look no further. nTrust is a startup with a mission to “change the way online transactions are done”. Even the language they use differs from normal transaction-level services. When you sign up for a free nTrust account and create your profile, you become a “citizen” of the nTrust Nation, not a “customer” or an “account”. As a citizen, you can build a “neighborhood;” a real-life social network of family and friends. That makes sending money fast and easy. This is how the Facebook generation moves its money.

nTrust Neighborhood Screenshot

Creating a neighborhood let’s you send money quickly.

What’s the benefit of building a community into your online payment platform? “Transfers between nTrust Citizen Vaults are instant and completely free,” says Rino Ong, nTrust’s Chief Architect. “No more waiting in lines. No more unexplained delays of days or weeks, where the banks or providers tell you your money is in some kind of online black hole. It’s as secure as any bank transfer. And so long as you’re transferring money to another signed-up nTrust citizen, there’s no fee; whether you’re sending ten Euros, fifty pesos or ten dollars, you don’t pay anything.”

nTrust Send Money Screenshot

The website let’s you send small amounts instantly.

Ultimately, nTrust is a peer-to-peer payment platform for people. “It’s not ‘just business’ – it’s personal,” MacGregor says, “You invite your parents, your children or your best friend back home to join your neighborhood. That makes it easy to send a payment when they need it. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It just works.”

Prefer to take cash out of ATMs when you’re traveling on business or vacation? nTrust has that covered, too. Just load your nTrust Cash Card from your nTrust “Vault” and take out cash instantly at of over 1,700,000 ATMs in over 200 countries and territories.

Technology, Trust and “Sending Love”

“When Rob talks about how people can use our technology to ‘send love’ and ‘meet needs’, that really resonates with me,” says Ong, who uses the service to send money to his own family.

“We’re making person-to-person payments easier not just for people in the Philippines but for people in other countries too. That means something real to me and to my family. Ong’s also excited about the chance to work on the technology. We know what we have is leading-edge. You don’t have to be tech-savvy anymore to take advantage of the new ways to do a paperless money transfer. It’s easy to send funds between trusted members of your family and an existing ‘network’ of the people you already trust.”

Sign-up with nTrust Now!
Sign-up with nTrust now!

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  2. Nice review. I simply stumbled upon your website via Stumbleupon and I enjoyed your weblog posts. Anyway, just signed up with nTrust!

    – gawlik from India

  3. mukhang mas ok to ah.. hindi tayo tatagain ng cross-border payment transaction fees unlike paypal. Ma try nga to. Hopefully soon magkakaroon na din ng nTrust payouts ang Google, Infolinks at Chitika. :p

  4. I thought it was an international company too because their layout is so awesome I didn’t know Philippine based pala siya 😀 at para ang easy niya gamitin, very user-friendly never tried pero sige one of these days pagpapadala ako money I shall try this thank you Kuya Jehz sa info! 😀

    • Oo nga eh. Ang galing no! Hahaha! Ang galing ng Pinoy! Sariling atin! Wooooot! 😀 Super hanga nga ako sa UI ng site, pati pag ka login ko, naka nganga lng ako sa ganda. :huh:

      Welcome Ayei! :mrgreen:

  5. Good day mga friends… Tanghalian na naman at nawa’y hindi kayo nagpapagutom para di nyo makalimutan magpadala ng pera sa inyong minamahal 🙂 ayos no!…

  6. waaaaaaaaHhhhh grabe yung ulan kagabi… malapit na kami sa bahay … hindi pa kami pinauwi.. bumuhos ang malakas na ulan… Sabi ng PAGASA… dahil sa southwest monsoon yun… Anyway.. Tanghalian na.. kain muna tayo ah 🙂

    • oo nga nakita ko din yung contest sa Nuffnang. Sign up ka and verify, may libreng nTrust card kang makukuha. Pwede mo use pang verify ng Paypal. Teehee… 😛

    • oo.. di mo pa ata na verify yung account u. Ala pa akong 0.50 Canadian Dollars eh. Bwahehehe.. :mrgreen: Verify it na! wooot! Tapos get a free nTrust card na din. :akopa:

  7. Yehey… I got my nTrust Card today 🙂 nice nice … its true talaga… sakto nga ito kase paexpired na credit card info ko sa paypal… Thank you nTrust…. 😛

  8. WOW! Rob MacGregor sounds like a sappy fool.

    Everyone, guess the number of people using nTrust this very minute? or later, or tomorrow? How many?! Well its NONE, ZERO, NADA!!! You know why?! it’s stupid! The brand is stupid and filipinos won’t trust a company that uses a condom logo!!

  9. mahal nga lang ang bayad pag.nagkamali ka ng withdraw 🙁

    Administrative Fees (if applicable)

    Administrative fees, if any, will be withdrawn from your PHP fund in your Account.
    Chargeback Fee PHP1000 / incident
    NSF Fee PHP1000 / incident
    Non-Existent Account Rejection PHP1000 / incident
    Dormancy Fee PHP500 / month

  10. i joined ntrust thru you jehzlau sometime in july.. started using my ntrust account a week ago and hey I am their 3rd week winner of their fly home promo and i got 4K pesos prize deposuted to my ntrust account,,, how cool is that ;))

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