Sun Broadband Wireless Internet: Is it worth it?

The all time favorite “FUN IN THE SUN” summer slogan is ubiquitous once again as the spirit of summer reaches its peak. From the giant billboards along EDSA to the blasting advertisement in the boob tube, you get the same message: Indulge yourself, have fun in the sun.

Now, whoever came up with this expression definitely deserves a lifetime award as the statement not only conveys a truth but also forecasts the future of everything that is FUN — all things found under the SUN – SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS that is.

The SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS is SUN CELLULAR’s impressive mobile “high speed” internet access service. Utilizing the 3G/EDGE/GPRS/HSPA technology, the SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS promises to deliver whatever the mind can imagine. Unlike its sedentary-inducing predecessor DSL, Sun’s BROADBAND WIRELESS offers fast and reliable internet access almost anywhere and anytime, without compromising the quality and performance of the internet connection. Why it’s just “almost” anywhere? Because it’s not really “anywhere” as I’ve tried and tested it and there are some areas in the Metro that I can’t use the SUN broadband wireless USB dongle as their data signal coverage is limited. The speed fluctuates from 0.5MBPS to 3.6MBPS, depending on your current location.

At home, I can reach a peak speed of 3.6MBPS if I’m downloading a lot of files via FTP. Downloading 5 to 10MB MP3s will take less than a minute. It’s fast enough and it’s a good alternative if you’re outside home and you don’t have a wired internet connection, nor within the vicinity of a WiFi hotspot.

With its widespread coverage and consistently fast and reliable internet connection, SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS allows you to find and create your own fun wherever and whenever. Hoping of goofing around with your barkadas up to the wee hours of the morning? Or bond with your love ones who live on the other side of the globe? SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS can make it possible. Yearning to meet old and new friends from home? SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS can make it happen (by banchek) . Dreaming of meeting your future love while in your PJs? Or longing to send out a simple message to your crush? SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS is all you need.

If your idea of fun is all about discovering new things in life, SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS is your best bet. Want to learn the recipe for that toe curling chocolate cake? Check it out with SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS. Want to know where the latest gigs and gimik hotspots are? Bring out your laptops and plug in you SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS. Want to get advices on travels and electronic gadgets? S-U-N is all you need to remember.

SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS is the gateway to a world of limitless FUN. It is a world of different possibilities, a world where you create your reality by surfing and browsing, a world that is larger than life.

Imagine going somewhere without knowing how? It can be frustrating right? Now imagine journeying into the adventure of your dream but suddenly losing all sense of direction with the scorching heat above you and the tiresom afternoon knocking your empty stomach? That is exasperating right? Well, that almost happened to me if not for my SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS.

During a road trip last month, my friends and I almost gave up on our road trip to a rustic town because we were tired and fed up after an hour long of “searching” and asking for directions. Good thing, my buddy suggested we try to check with the internet using my portable laptop and SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS. Naturally, I thought it was futile at first—doubting network coverage. To our surpirse, the SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS was alive and almighty at that frantic moment. It showed its own worth during that time when it really mattered. Im super glad that it did not let me down when I needed it the most.

The Sun Broadband Wireless offers advance and affordable mobile broadband solution to users. It offers easy access, stability in connection, and widespread availability, especially in areas where conventional services are not available, so you can get connected to the internet anytime and anywhere.

With the new SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS plan 350 lite, FUN is taken to a whole new level. At P350/month, users can enjoy 45hrs of FUN every month. Plan 350 Lite comes with a reliable and fast internet speed of up to 2Mbps at a very affordable rate. But wait, the FUN doesn’t stop here. SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS also comes in a 799 plan which features an unlimited broadband subscription with speeds of up to 2Mbps. This plan is complete with a plug & play modem and a Sun Broadband Wireless SIM thereby allowing you to get connected right away.

What if you don’t want to go through the hassle of filling up documents and dealing with the holding period crap? Well, SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS PREPAID is here to anwers your prayers. This new mobile broadband solution is said to be the next generation broadband service from Sun Cellular. Like the postpaid program, it comes with a convenient plug-and-play device, making it compact and easy to use allowing users to have the mobility to enjoy internet access with speed of up to 3.6Mbps. And of course, for those who doesn’t want to end their FUN, SUN BROADBAND PREPAID just got unlimited with its SBW50 1-DAY UNLIMITED. For as low as P50, you can bask under the SUN the whole day.

So is Sun Broadband Wireless Internet worth it? Yes, as long as you’re in the right place at the right time. Yay!

DISCLAIMER: This blog post is sponsored by Sun Cellular.

172 thoughts on “Sun Broadband Wireless Internet: Is it worth it?

  1. wow good thing.
    sabi ni MVP .. tapos na raw ang network transformation project which promise to provide more realiable and strong internet signal sa sun/smart subscriber. Can’t stop thinking how this will improve the internet speed there in Ph..

    Going forward Pinas.. lapit ka ng makahabol sa Asian neighbor.

    • 😈 bumili ako ng sun 350. para sa bago kong pc. kaso pag uwi ko sa amin sa monumento caloocan wala ako makuhang signal. kaya akyat ako sa second floor wala pa rin.
      bu,alik ako sa mall para ibalik yung broadband. ayaw nilang tangapin. kaya sabi ko putulin na lang nila. sabi nala may 3 mos daw ako dapat bayaran bago putuli. di daw nila kasalanan wala signal sa monumento. kala siguro nila bundok yun monumento. para ako naholdap ng ni mvp.

  2. I heard lots of issues regarding Sun’s signal and speed. Sana meron na pagbabago para maka-earn sila ng good feedback at more subscriber. Nice new post! ^_^

  3. Sana nga mag-improve ang signal ng SUN… naka line pa naman ako sa SUN ngayon.. lalo na nagsama na ang SMART at SUN… gusto ko na magpalit ng plan na SMART + SUN plan! 😀

  4. woot. nakaka-inis yun globe dito simula nung inintroduced nila yun 4G stick at yung ALL UNLI TRIO (unlicall+unlitext+unlidata) bumagal yun net ko.. :supersad:

    gusto ko bumili niyan Sun Broadband para matry ko.

  5. Naks New post, I’m a Sun Broadband loyalista, and I can say that it’s worth it nga. Sana lang dagdagan nila mga covered areas, like Balamban, Cebu, Batangas. Yan ung mga areas na nagiging commercial/industrial areas na, kung gusto nila more investment, dapat tayuan nila ung mga areas n ito ng mga cell/network sites nila.

  6. Maganda ba talaga ang sun broadband? I’ve been using Tattoo na rin for years, may kabagalan sya during weekends pero ok naman pag weekdays.. naiisip ko rin kasi magpalit minsan.. ?_?

  7. Buti na lang, I won a Sun Broadband Wireless Kit from last month. Only then was I able to find out na super ok pala siya.

    From different points in GenSan, and the rest of Soccsksargen, including Tacurong and Cotabato Cities, during my festival trips along with other bloggers, it has been a very reliable partner each time I needed to update my blog, check my email, etc.

    Salamat at narealize mo rin ito Jehz. Dalhin mo ang Sun Broadband mo pagbalik mo for the DFAT in Davao or the SEXTour 4.0 here in Pacman country!

  8. minsan depende din sa location, I always got dc’d kapag nasa cavite ako pero kapag nasa makati ako, ok naman

    i’ve been using 3 networks na prepaid para laging sure na connected kahit saan ako magpunta :mrgreen:

  9. Sponsored post ba to Jehz marketing na marketing ang dating ah hehehe 😆

    Kelan pa kaya gaganda ang buhay dito sa pinas di lang sa internet
    napakalayo na natin sa other asian countries may mga hyperspeed nga sobrang mahal at di naman totoo ang advertise speed nila.

    Hirap tumira sa Crab Mental at Corrupt na bansa tsk tsk tsk

  10. One of the best blog i’ve read so far,.relating to the best movie I’ve ever seen “jehzlau-oncepts”, the best personal blog for me so far, just like “3 idiots” movie as the best movie for me….keep up friend, inspired me a lot,.all credit from you why I started exploring wordpress blog as I read some of your related posts,..thanks…

  11. we tried sun but was disappointed. it felt like its a glorified dial up connection, to think our house is just a stone throw away from their tower.

  12. I am satisfied sa sun the only problem lang talaga na I am encountering is the pixelated images, or I can say nagiging lowres yung images, as a designer you can’t appreciate yung mga images na nakikita sa web because of that, but the downloading is fast, and also when it comes to uploading sometimes I am getting stuck sa pag upload ng youtube video kapag around 30mins yung video haha.

  13. hindi maganda ang speed ng sun broadband wireless 899. burstable speed daw is 3.6mb pero kahit madaling araw ang download speed ko lang pinakamabilis is 40kbps (400kbps sa dashboard). average speed nya is 10kbps. hindi talaga pwede sa online job ko. sabi ko hindi ako magbabayad ng 899 monthly sa ganyang speed. taliwas sa naka advertise sa ad nila. mas mabilis pa ang globe tatoo ko, sa umaga uma-average ng 1-2mbps speed ko. pag sa gabi nasa 500kbps. pag madaling araw umaabot ng 3.6mbps. ang layo ng difference sa sun.

  14. I think it’s worth it IF the signal’s good at your place. We only use SUN broadband internet at our place in Cavite since we have a SUN cell tower within the subdivision so we have really fast internet. :mrgreen:

  15. this is sponsored by sun obviously everything written here will be lies. i have never been able to use sun to download files. even the newest one with its so called 3.5mbps. even with a good signal all i get is 10kbps. i can barely use it to check email. all these advertisements are bullshit. if you’re going to boast about a speed, they should put the average speed in metro manila.

  16. I signed up the P799 a month for Sun Broadband Wireless. The first 3 months was good until I lost a signal and it never went back again.. yet I was being billed every month plus their Customer Service really sucks!! They were saying its the Technical Issue wherein they cannot transfer me to any Tech dept. nor give me any definite reason what was going on; CSRs had put me on hold for hours, and times they did hung up on me. I filled two disputes at the SunShop as every name and call I had was documented yet nothing happened. And they even have the nerve to send me the bills wherein I had no connection for almost 3 months. Anyway, I finally got Sky Broadband and I’m so happy I did!!

  17. problema lang sa sun, nagdi-disconnect mag-isa and you CANNOT reconnect anymore. you have to close the program and reconnect. so for those who plan to use it for online gaming, be forewarned.

  18. Tae yang Sun-Broadband dito sa Cavite, parang yung kapatid niya sa labas na Smart Bro-ken, kung hindi intermittent at mabagal eh totally NON-EXISTENT ang Internet connection.

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  20. “This post is Sponsored by Sun”
    You’ll no this blog is BS, I’ve used Sun and Smart, both in Manila and Cavite, and let me tell you this, all of it is just bullshit, the ads, the blogs and the people. Smart advertised up to 12MBPS of internet speeds, but I’m only getting 5% of what is advertised, a 50kb/s connection, don’t get me even started on online games like LoL or DoTA2, even on local servers you’ll get 5 second delays and ping spikes from 120 to 5000. The internet here is shit, move to Singapore or Korea or even Japan.

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