My Love Affair with McDonald’s

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and I couldn’t agree more. A man after all is a very simple creature—feed him properly and he might just stay with you forever. I know this for a fact because this is exactly what happened to me. My love story is a testament to how a man’s stomach dictates his heart’s affection.

It all started on a lazy Saturday afternoon. If memory serves me right, I was 8 at that time. My uncle, as a reward for being studious and helpful that summer, took me out. He brought me to Harrison Plaza, which was the “Mecca of Malls” during that time. We went window shopping, hopping from one store to another. He also took me to the amusement center where we played with the different gaming apparatus. We spent the whole afternoon laughing. It was definitely a bonding moment for us both.

Towards the night, we felt really exhausted and hungry and so my Uncle decided to have dinner before heading home. He brought me to a place that looked like a huge playground. Outside, a smiling clown statue with yellow jumpsuit confronts visitors on the door and a very conspicuous golden arch symbol that reads “McDonald’s” below was posted on the roof. Inside, the place was filled with rows of tables and chairs. My uncle took me by the hand and escorted me towards the counter where a group of smiling crews greeted us. “May I take your order sir?” said the dainty girl behind the counter. My Uncle said something and escorted me back to our table. The next thing I remembered was seeing the most beautiful creation in this world- a “twirly snow melt” place beside a chunks of golden fries.

“Love at first sight” is how I describe the feelings I had at the moment. The “twirly snow melt”, later I learned that it was called sundae, looked even more beautiful up close. My Uncle took my “sundae” aside and told me to eat my food first. He then handed me a plateful of McSpaghetti and Chicken McDo. “Yummy” was my reaction after taking the first bite of the Chicken McDo. I took a second bite, third bite, fourth bite, and to my surprise I’ve completely devoured the chicken in less than a minute.

“Slow down tiger” my uncle chuckled and offered me fries. I took a handful and slowly stuffed them inside my mouth. It was crunchy- fried to perfection. I took my plateful of McSspaghetti and twisted them with my fork. “Delicious?” asked my uncle. I nodded in delight. Alas, I was a morsel close to the highlight of my meal. I took in the last spoonful and reached for the twirly snow melt. “Ah, heaven” I recalled myself thinking after tasting it for the first time.

That night, I have officially started my love affair with McDonald’s. Whenever we would go to the Harrison Plaza, I would ask my mother to bring us to McDonald’s. My love affair with McDonald’s was not limited to the weekly visitations but it also meant being friends with Ronald McDonald, Mayor McCheese, Big Mac, Grimace, Hamburglar, Captain Crook, Birdie the Early Bird, French Fry Kids, and the rest of the gang from McDonald land.

As I grew older, I realized that McDonald’s is not just a place for kids. It is also a haven for growing teens – with serious appetite. McDonald’s does not only offer “kiddie food”, the menu has an array of selections to choose from, such as: Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Fillet-O-Fish, Double Cheeseburger and a whole lot more! As one of the leading fast food restaurants that offers affordable quality food, McDonald’s is a “tambayan” among students.

When McDonald’s launched the “Snoopy Collection” for their Happy Meal, everyone around town went gaga over these hot items and I am no exemption. I, together with the hordes of “Snoopers” would fall in line to get a piece of the Snoopy toy. For a period of time, I remember having only a Happy Meal for lunch every day. After all, it was within a student’s budget.

Throughout the years, my love affair with McDonald’s Harrison plaza is still in existence. The combination of great tasting quality food products at value prices has kept me in its rein. Even now that I am a young professional, McDonald’s Harrison Plaza is still one of my favorites. Every time I visit Harrison Plaza to buy DVDs, I try to make it a habit to grab a bite at McDonald’s HP. It has been more than a decade and I can say that my love affair with McDonald’s Harrison Plaza is stronger than ever.

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food” – George Bernard Shaw

DISCLAIMER: This sponsored blog post is brought to you by McDonald’s

PS: Prizes of the 1st McDo contest winners will be shipped simultaneously with the prizes of the 2nd McDo contest winners. The mechanics of the 2nd contest will be posted before September 30, 2011. Stay tuned!

115 thoughts on “My Love Affair with McDonald’s

    • wala pang panalo. wala pang contest. hahahaha! 😀 yung mga first na nag comment sa bawat new post ko this 2011, may special prize lng sa end of this year. Pero sa mcdo 2nd contest, wala pang winner. Wala pang final mechanics and prizes eh. :mrgreen: Abangan bukas baka meron na! 😮

  1. oo nga too bad… O_O Sana may davao next time, tapos same day no. Kelangan u pa sumakay ng plane para maka papicture sa davao branch. Pero ang premyo naman ay 1million. hahaha! 😛

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  3. Hello Jehz, I wanna go to McDo and celebrate ^_^

    Anyway, thank you for sponsoring halojin’s pickup line contest! I got the second prize po. 🙂 Thank you talaga. It’s another prize na naman from you. Thank you and may God bless you!

  4. Laking P Campa Mc Donalds ako. Hahaha! Para naman lumaki ako. Hehehe! Kapag wala akong pera noong student ako, nagbe-burger lang ako. Kaya napamahal na sa akin ang Mc Do kahit may Mang Donalds pang lumitaw. :=

      • Kalye yan bago PRC at Morayta sa Sampaloc Manila. Hindi ko alam kung yung ip o domain name ang may problema, pero pag nagcocomment ako gamit ang rockstar dot asia, binablock agad ng akismet. Yan tuloy itong kalokohang profile website ang gamit ko sa pagcomment. Hehehe! Wapu pa naman ng picture.

  5. 😆 Mcdonald’s “Love Ko To”… ang aking saviour pag sarado na ang lahat ng kainan tapos biglang nagutom ako mga around 3am… lng solve na! 😀

    • Oo nga… paano nalang tayo mabubuhay kung walang McDo? Parang hindi na earth ang planet earth pag walang McDonald’s. Kung bigla siguro mawala ang lahat ng McDo branches, baka isipin nating nasa ibang planeta na tayo. 😀

  6. we have that snoopy toys from Mcdo kuya jehz! haha. 🙂

    Mcdonalds is my all time fave fastfood! 🙂 papadeliver pa ko sa school namen minsan. 🙂 😛

  7. woot! at talagang magpasahanggang ngayon ay tumatak pa rin sa kaisipan mo ang iyong kauna-unahang encounter with McDonald’s… 😛

    syanga, pinaka-favorite ko sa mcDo ung Quarter Pounder with Cheese nila… :mrgreen:

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