What’s the title of this movie?

I already tried to Google it, asked it on Yahoo Answers and Twitter, browsed Wikipedia, IMDB, and other movie forum sites, but to no avail. It has been 3 days and I still can’t figure out what’s the title of this movie that my father is looking for. He asked me to find it online because he wants to watch it, but I admit that I’m not that good in finding stuff. I can’t even find my lost phone inside my small room years back. Hehe.

Right now the only way I can think of is to ask my dear readers the title of this very film. If someone knows the title of this film, please leave a comment below. Once you’ve posted the title of the movie, I will verify it with my father if this is the film that he has been looking for.

Here are the hints that my father gave me:
1. The main character of the movie is a pianist.
2. The pianist is a blind kid.
3. When the blind kid grows older, he had girlfriend who is also a musician.
4. He applied in the prestigious Carnegie Hall of Music and got accepted.
5. It was shown on HBO last 2008.
6. His mom works in a bar
7. He plays piano in the bar while her mom is working
8. One of the soundtracks used in the movie is entitled: “I’m always chasing Rainbows”.
9. The movie is not “Ray”.

As a reward, I will give $50.00 USD via Paypal to the first one who can guess the correct title of this movie. The first one who can guess the right answer wins! This mini-contest will never end as long as no one posted the correct title in the comment thread below.

Good luck!

UPDATE 10/10/10: The movie I ordered from Amazon US has arrived! The answer “Journey of the Heart” has been verified correct and we have a winner! Woooooot! Congratulations to Koya Andrew for winning this mini-contest. Hehe. ^_^

160 thoughts on “What’s the title of this movie?

  1. hi Jehz!
    i will not attempt na coz lahat kami movie buffs dito but don’t know that movie you described! hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lucky winner, can’t wait to know the title too!

    • hahaha.. oo nga ang hirap.. unless napanood mo yung movie :mrgreen: hirap ng task ng tatay ko. eto na yung only way na alam ko na makaka hula ng movie.. BLOG POST! hehe :mrgreen:

    • journey of the heart yung nearest answer.. pero may nauna na sayo.. e veverify pa ng tatay ko if ito talaga yung sagot. nag order pa kami ng dvd from US. hehe :mrgreen:

  2. hala.. wala pa ron makahula.. sasabihin ko na ba? Oppps…. may naririnigako sumisigaw.. HIGHER BANKER!!!! haha loko un ah.. higher daw ung prize kuya??? hehe joke ^^, magandang gabi sa lahat

  3. wahhh nahuli yata ako…sa kuko ng agila nga…hehehe

    astig si daddy ha..at akalain mong naisip pa nya yang movie na yan..hahaha

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