The Jehzlau Concepts Font

If you’ve noticed that my post and page titles are now customized, using my very own 1-year-old handwriting, then good for you! Because you’ve noticed it! Hehe. I created a custom font for this blog inspired by my handwritten logo. My handwriting looks terrible because I’m using a mouse with my right hand, and I’m left-handed.

Download the Jehzlau Concepts TrueType font and use it anywhere you want. You can also download this font for free via You can use it for commercially or personally, I don’t care as long as you’re happy with it. You can even create a “Jehzlau Concepts” inspired logo and use it in your blog! Yay!

I’m now using it in Photoshop! Wooot! The feeling is really great to have your very own custom-made font. ^_^

The Jehzlau Concepts TTF (TrueType Font) is created using Adobe Photoshop CS5 and converted to TTF using High-Logic web-based font generator software at You can use the generator for free, but you have to pay $9.95 USD to download your font.

If you want to create your very own font and download the TTF for free, you can use FontStruct by Fontshop. You can create unlimited fonts using their flash-based software and you can download all the fonts you created!

So why I opted to pay rather than use a free software? It’s because I’m too lazy to draw the fonts individually. High-Logic’s font generator is easier to use. I’ll just write my fonts in a piece of paper or use Photoshop to draw the fonts on their template, upload it to their website, and I’m all done. You’ll have your free custom fonts instantly!

Once you created your own custom font, you can use it in your blog. Bear in mind that .TFF does not work in Internet Explorer, so you need to convert your TTF to EOT. Here’s a pretty simple TTF to EOT converter by Noah also known as Casey Kirsly.

Once you converted your font, upload it in your server and embed it in your webpage. Just place the CSS code below in your stylesheet.css

@font-face {
 font-family: Jehzlau-Concepts;
 src: url("jehzlau-concepts.eot") 
@font-face {
 font-family: Jehzlau-Concepts;
 src: url("jehzlau-concepts.ttf")

Then, you can use your embedded font right away!

body {
 font-family: Jehzlau-Concepts, 

Have fun and I hope you’ve learned something new today! Yay!

120 thoughts on “The Jehzlau Concepts Font

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      • oo nga mabait ka kuya.. Hehe sikat ka pa.. At ang dami mu na iinsprd! Hehe ako dn kua mabait.. Haha ge po wait lng aq magpo2st ng bgong comment nka 5post n kc aq about s contest..kya dpt wait muna n may mag post ulet. Kua jehz? Kape po tau

      • hahahha! sino nag sabi sikat ako? ikaw lang ata nag sabi nyan :mrgreen:

        oo wag ka mag post ng marami, para hindi spam tingnan.. wait ka lang ulit pag may mag comment para another 5.. wahhehe. di ako nag kakape eh. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

      • hahahahaa! tubig lang me.. at softdrinks. di ko type mag kape, pero nag stastarbucks ako, yung frap. kape din yun pero malamig nga lang. hehe

  2. woooot… congrats master jehz! ang galing ng personalized font (jehzlau concepts) mo ah… ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
    ako din meron kso lang nasa illustrator(CS4), pero vector palang… nakita ko na rin ung fontstruct kso nde ko ginamit kse square2x lang… ๐Ÿ˜€

      • yup! A to Z (caps at lower) pati numbers ntapos ko na kso wla pa ung ibang signs… ๐Ÿ˜€

        actually pangalawa ko na ‘to(font design) kso lang nabura ko ung vector ng una buti nlang me print-out, kaya ko nalang tapos trace uli… :mrgreen:

        ung sa fontstruct naman meron na pala silang round edges, check ko nlang uli… tenk u! heheheh

  3. kuya, ganda ng favicon mo. hehehe. ganda din ng post title font. cguro 3.1 version na ito ng blog mo. hehehe. very nice!

    btw, kuya, ok lang po ba sa adsense ang nakafloat na ganyan? thanks po..

  4. Hahahaha. Josko. Meron din akong ginawang ganito dati. Ampanget ng kinalabasan. Panget ko kasi sumulat din. LOL

    Thanks! I’ll use this. Not sure when and how… pero I’ll use it.
    Lagay ko sa fonts ng mga computers namin dito sa internet cafe. Pag me gumamit na customer, sabihan kita. Bwahahaha.


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  6. wooot salamat sa info kuya jehzeel.. ๐Ÿ˜€ magagamit ko to.. hehe.. pero sana maintindihan ng mga magbabasa ung font ko ๐Ÿ™„ hehehe… nice work! :mrgreen:

  7. Damn, cool Jehz. Hahah, balang araw makakgawa din aq ng malufet na font.

    Anyhow offtopic, aatend ka ng wordcamp right? papa-picture aq sayo ah. ๐Ÿ˜€ lols

  8. I stumbled upon your blog looking for the best font for my blog. I was surprised and amazed of what you created here.

    Kudos to your blog and to your concepts!

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