WordCamp 2009 was Awesome!

Hello! Hi! How are you? Me? I’m fine! Thank you! I would like to thank everyone because I want to and that’s what I want even if you don’t want it. It was nice meeting new friends, specially you, you and you! You know who you are. Hehe. The organizers, the speakers, and everyone did a great job! I have not much to say. All I can say is WordCamp 2009 was awesome! Because it was really awesome!

Congratulations to the Mindanao Bloggers for a job well done! Thanks also to Mozilla Firefox for co-presenting the event. That’s all. I’m so so sooo tired now and I want to sleep. ZZZZzzz…

Here are some of my unpleasant WordCamp Philippines 2009 photos. Please feel free to grab some images, redistribute it, copy it, display it, sell it, reproduce it or even claim it as your own! You can also add your own watermark and tell everyone that it’s your photo and you are the copyright owner of it! I promise you that I’ll never get angry or mad with you. Mark my word.

UPDATE: New Media Coverage
1. I’m a Happy Camper at WordCamp by Maki Eduardo
2. What I learned in WordCamp 2009 by Melvin
3. WordCamp 2009 by Nina Fuentes
4. My First WordCamp by Venus
5. WordCamp Philippines 2009 by Rowjie
6. My WordCamp Philippines 2009 Experience by Menard
7. My Birthday WordCamp Philippines 2009 by Randy Marasigan
8. Wordcamp 2009 and My Lovely Bowl of Pho by Patty
9. WordCamp 2009 Photos by Judd Sta. Maria
10. WordCamp Philippines by Beau Lebens
11. Wordcamp Philippines 2009 by Joell Lapitan
12. Wordcamp Philippines 2009 at AIM Makati by Edward Palomo

I’ll be updating this post and will link more bloggers who posted about the said event! Please leave a comment below if you made a post about WordCamp and I forgot to link you. Hehe.

119 thoughts on “WordCamp 2009 was Awesome!

  1. kainggit naman. last saturday sa Davao Edition ako naka-attend and it was great meeting new friends there. I’ll be able to meet new friends sana jan huhu and you too idol jehz

  2. Hey Jehz, Im glad to have finally met you. You were one of the persons I am looking forward to meet before the event.. Anyways, thanks for the business card…

    Looking forward to the coming events.. What are the upcoming events anyway? 😀

  3. sir ask ko lang po ano ginamit nyo dito kasi hindi ko alam kung saang blogsite meron navigation bars tulad nito kasi wala sa blogspot kung hindi ako nagkakamali,hindi ka kasi ata pwede gumawa ng bagong page doon

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    • waaaaaaaaaaaaa! oo sarap ng food! amf.. hindi ako kuya.. ikaw dpaat tawagin kong tito.. hehehe.

      handa ka ulit ng ganun next year! dapat september 19 ulit! hehe.. astig mga may bday sa sept no? mga cute. 😀

      Check my gallery.. may picture ka doon na naka talikod. Pinicturan ko kasi shirt mo.. daily contributor dot com! naks! 😀

  7. yes i was and is,thinking of such like that event because I am aiming that they and we earn as they aim to win because each click has points!You suggest po please for something like this!

  8. Nagulat na lang ako ngti tweet mga Influenza Bloggers nasa WordCamp daw sila. Iniwan ang lolo porke tatawid pa ng dagat bago makarating. Biruin mo yun?! Pano nila kaya nalaman wala akong pamasahe? :mrgreen:

    Sige halungkatin ko na lang pictures mo ng event. Marami bang nangdudugas ng pics mo? Cute kasi mga born in September eh. 🙂 Akala ko content mo lang ini scrape. 😮

  9. sayang di ako nakapunta. dyahe kasi kapag wala kang kakilala saka nakakailang kapag first timers. yung program ba eh suitable for first timers or for experienced bloggers na. next time na lang ako promise.

  10. Wow! enjoy kayo ah! at marami ka na ulit new friends na na meet! sana maka sama din ako next events. Di kasi ako maka labas palagi ng bahay.. hayyy…

  11. 😯
    hehe when i serched the paypal bank code list i found you site and then i found this post.,
    haha nainspired din ako sa wordpress kaya ito nagsimula na din magblog haha actually nung pumunta ako nung wordcamp ngayon wala akong site o kahit ano hahah kaya etoh mas okay ng magcmula hanggat maaga pah

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