Why Batang Yagit Should Win the Bloggers’ Choice Award?

Voting for the Bloggers’ Choice Award for the Philippine Blog Awards 2008 is now open! The complete list of nominees can be viewed here! If you want to vote, make sure that you’re a Filipino and you have your own blog. You might be blogging on Blogger, WordPress.Com, Vox.com, i.PH, Tumblr.com, Live Journal, Friendster, Multiply, or on a self-hosted blog—it doesn’t matter—the point is, you need to have a blog to vote. Your blog must be established at least three (3) months from today with a minimum of 10 posts. Owkaaayy?!?!

So why Batang Yagit should win the Bloggers’ Choice Award in the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards?

0. Because Batang Yagit is one of the nominees.
1. Because he deserves to win!
2. Number one says it all!
3. Number two seconded the motion!
4. All of the above… 😉

That’s all! Wahahaha! 😯 Read his blog to know more about him. He’s poor yet he’s an extremely talented young kid with a humble heart and a humble mind… Nyok. 🙄 He’s friendly and loves to make friends and loves to befriend the friends of his friends. He loves to plurk and twit. He easily gets along well with others. He’s a hard working blogger, student, freelancer, programmer, graphic artist, engineer, web developer, etc.. He loves flame grilled chicken with ranch barbecue sauce at World Chicken! He’s the only tech-savvy yagit kid in the world. He doesn’t look yagit in person. He definitely rocks online and offline. Lastly, He’s a Batang Yagit!

Vote Batang Yagit now and see the difference! 😳 Yay! Vote now! Once you’re done voting, submit your name, e-mail and complete post URL here. To witness the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards, register here! Hurry there are only 200 slots available. 😮

If you love me and you love my blog, you’ll love Batang Yagit’s blog too! So please… oh please… VOTE BATANG YAGIT! I’ll give Dofollow links to all who voted for BatangYagit.com and posted it in their blog. And… YOU’LL HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN A BRAND NEW NOKIA N82 WHEN YOU VOTE! and…. MAGPAPA BURGER ME SA LAHAT NG BUMOTO PAG NANALO SI BATANG YAGIT!!! SO VOTE NA!!! Click here for more details.

The following made the right choice!
-1. Batang Yagit para sa PBA Bloggers’ Choice Award by Batang Yagit
0. Not So Batang Yagit by Hannah Rika Villasis
1. One Vote for Batang Yagit by Mark Aethen Agana
2. Ang Batang Yagit na hindi Yagit by Jemme
3. Batang Yagit Rocks! by Donald Serrano
4. Batang Yagit – Philippine Bloggers’ Choice Award 2008 by Rome Uy
5. Bloggers’ Choice Award goes to Batang Yagit by Marjerizz
6. My Vote Goes to Batang Yagit by Annabel Callos Choy
7. Batang Yagit FTW! by Michael Barcelon
8. Batang Yagit Superstar by Eligio Tapiador, Jr.
9. I Vote Batang Yagit by Tonex
10. My Vote Goes to Batang Yagit by Noel
11. Batang Yagit for Bloggers’ Choice Award by Isis Lahora
12. I’m Voting for Batang Yagit by Dabawenyang Iska
13. PBA 08: I’m Voting for Batang Yagit by Mhelford Hipolito
14. I Like Batang Yagit by Garry Baybayan
15. Batang Yagit Boo-Yah by Joan Mae Lagunsad
16. I Vote for Batang Yagit by Gusher
17. Mom By Choice Chooses Batang Yagit by Ruby Grace Galvez
18. Great Blog deserves Great Award by Lloyd Belleza
19. Batang Yagit Blogger na Malupit by Sherwin Anos
20. Batang Yagit is the Right Choice by Gilbert Evangelista
21. Mushrooms and Marijuana in your Chocolate by Kiss Fendi
22. Batang Yagit for PBA 2 Bloggers’ Choice Award by Webslave
23. Batang Yagit is My Choice by Jen Jimenez
24. Batang Yagit Gets My Vote by Jay De Jesus
25. My Vote for the Philippine Blog Awards McBilly Wilford Sy
26. BatangYagit got me by Beejing Abitona
27. Batang Yagit:Why Vote for him? by Peaceful Dystopia
28. Alibata votes Batang Yagit by Alibata dela Cruz
29. PBA ’08: Batang Yagit by RJ Palabasan
30. I vote for the Batang Yagit by Oliver Richard Robillo
31. Batang Yagit is Rich and Famous! by Andrew Dela Serna
32. Agent Xmoimoi is Pro-Batang Yagit by Marwin Mira
33. Batang Yagit is a Geek! by Conrad Miguel Gozalo
34. Batang Palaboy is Voting Batang Yagit by Cecile Maris Gozalo
35. Ito ang Gusto Ko: Batang Yagit by Gwen Nava
36. PBA Bloggers’ Choice Award: My Vote is for… by Ariel Lalisan
37. Batang Yagit for the Win! by Alexandra Siaco
38. My Bloggers’ Choice Award Goes to by Jan Alvin Dimla
39. Batang Yagit for Bloggers’ Choice Award by Zaldy Agustin
40. Bariles Republic votes for Batang Yagit by Avel Manansala
41. Batang Yagit! Dapat Iboto by Paul Villacorta
42. Amen to Batang Yagit by Jabbered Onion
43. My vote goes to Batang Yagit by Chiq Montes
44. Batang Yagit for President by The Royal Speaker
45. Me Wants Batang Yagit to Win! by John Philip Mamaril
46. The Shortest Blog Votes Batang Yagit by Ranniel Araw
47. I Vote Batang Yagit by Sidney de la Cruz
48. I choose the Batang Yagit by Miguel Apolo
49. My Bloggers’ Choice is Winston by Gwing Cabreira
50. Batang Yagit for PBA Bloggers’ Choice Award by Litgirl
51. www.batangyagit.com by Romeo Macapobre
52. The Best Choice by Mike Eleseo
53. I vote Batang Yagit by Allen Michael Gurrea
54. My Vote Goes for Batang Yagit by Kirby Binayao
55. Batang Yagit for Bloggers’ Choice Award by Flora Mae dela Cruz
56. Batang Yagit is my choice for PBA 2! by Orville Tadle
57. Pinay Speak votes Batang Yagit by Richer Finez
58. I Bet for Batang Yagit by Richard Diongson
59. Poor Kid Inspires Me by Darwin Encabo
60. VJ Votes Batang Yagit by Vistikos Jamuer
61. Voting for a friend by Andie Crafts
62. Isang Botong Maaaring Makapagbago by Quoisey
63. Alleviate Poverty, Make Batang Yagit your Choice! by Faith Salazar
64. Vote for Batang Yagit, a Mindanaoan by Mo Billacura
65. My Vote Goes to Batang Yagit by Chattee
66. Bloggers’ Choice Award Batang Yagit by Nidoking
67. My Vote is for Batang Yagit by Intiendes
68. Who Am I Voting For? by Yatot Chronicles
69. Kay Batang Yagit Tayo! by Nick Nichelle Dael
70. 2008 Philippine Blog Awards by Kevin Ray Chua
71. This is Coy’s Choice: Batang Yagit! by Coy Caballes

Thanks also to Fitz Villafuerte and Fruity Oaty for helping us with our BY Campaign.

Btw, Here’s the Location Map of the Venue for the Philippine Blog Awards 2008, in case you don’t know here One Esplanade is:

189 thoughts on “Why Batang Yagit Should Win the Bloggers’ Choice Award?

  1. wow! sana manalo si Batang Yagit! mahilig din ako sa World Chicken, Fetuccini and Mushroom Sauce, pero ok na din yung Ranch Barbecue! go Batang Yagit! 💡

  2. I want batang yagit to win because…he’s a batang yagit! Lolz. I remember the last time at the 88DB.com party… I really wanted him to win the PSP. I really think he deserves something better like winning at the Blog Awards! 😀

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  6. [,,,]People from all walks of life can relate to his humble posts and can easily get along, no wonder he had great followers online and offline. Why he truly deserve my vote? Because he believes and I believe that he can touch other peoples life[…]

  7. He’s a hard working blogger, student, freelancer, programmer, graphic artist, engineer, web developer, etc.. . . . . Jehz how can he be poor if he’s all this..?!! hehe

  8. Yo musta kuya jhez hihi. . :mrgreen: palink naman. . di ko pala mavote si batang yagit kakainstall ko lang blog ko this sept. eh. .nakaka 3 post palang ako eh hehe and diba dapat atleast 3 months running na ang blog kaya un…hehe..

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  17. wow ang daming mga comments! SEO champion ka talaga!

    nakaboto na ako kaso lang magkalaban ang mga manok natin. kay pinoy ambisyoso kasi ako eh. good luck to both of them!

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  22. Hi there! 😀 hehe…

    Wow! btaw, dpat my “Vote Jehzlau for President!” pud btaw! hehe

    anyway, na.published na nako aq article ya! hehe…
    nag.register napud ko…

    mao ni ang url saq post ya! 😀



    Ai, nabuhat na nako ako new blog. hehe

    pwede pki add pd sa imu blogroll?

    please. 😀


    New blog URL: http://innerphets.blogspot.com

    Think Kyaw! ?

  23. Hi! Second comment na ito, hehe. Add naman ako sa blogmates 🙂 😈 I’ll take your advises…. i just blog because i want to. pero nanghihinayang pa rin sa nawalang domain name…

    sa topic? hindi pa ako qualified to vote… too bad 🙁

    adsense? ala pa rin… pero oks lang, pero sana magkaroon na para makabili na ng domain for our group…

    cg po, wala na po ako masabi eh… hhmmm, paano sumali sa next wordcamp? pwede dito na lang sa bahay namin, hehe… bihira kasi ako makalabas eh… hehe.. sige na sagot ko na venue.. sa bahay namin… kasya up to 10 bloggers sa loob ng bahay + sa labas.. hhmmm mga 50 siguro, pero kung standing position, kahit 100+ kasya, hehe.

    cg na nga wag niyo na basahin mga sumusunod.

    sabi ko po, tama na.

    o, bakit binabasa u pa rin….??? basta ako nagtatype lang… 🙂

    • sure sep 😀 just added you on my blogmates 😀

      sayang kung qualified ka sana.. pero ok lang 😀 basta support batang yagit til death 😮

      next wordcamp punta ka ha.. 😉 txt me lang 😀 nag rereply naman me agad pag may nag tatanong, di tulad ng iba dyan… 😳

      hehehe.. yun lang po 🙂 salamat sa pag bisita sa munting blog ko 😛

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