How To Lose Four Inches of Fat in Just Two Weeks?

I’m not a Beauty Blogger, but I’m starting to be one, Hehe. This is my first post about beauty tips and advice(Naku Jehzlau ano nang nagyari sayooOO??). Ahmmm… I’m really not into beauty blogging and have no plans in creating a niche about beauty tips and other related stuff. So why I’m blogging about this? The answer is simple, I want to share how to lose four inches of fat in just two weeks!

This is not an SEO post nor an MFA post. It’s a post of gratitude to the Belo Medical Group for organizing an Open House event for bloggers last August 16, 2008 at the Belo Medical Center, Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Belo gave us a bang as they offered their new treatments to us for free using the latest beauty gadgets or machines perhaps? Or what should I call it? I really don’t know what’s the right terminology for those hi-tech body and skin treatment devices.

Their new treatments were Biosculpt, Firm-Plus, Fraxel, Matrix, Pan-G, Radiesse, and Tenor. We had an opportunity to try all of these treaments for free! Biosculpt is an ideal treatment for people who want to shape up without effort. Firm-Plus works well to tighten and firm up loose and sagging skin. Fraxel is a treatment used for acne scars, melasma, as well as skin rejuvenation. Matrix Stimulates the collagen production and produces a firming effect on loose skin. Pan-G is for toning and lifting of the face and neck structures. Radiesse reduces the appearance of skin folds around the mouth and nose. Tenor is a treament that makes use of radio-frequency technology for skin tightening, it reduces and eliminates pores and face lines or whatever you call it, basta yung mga linya sa face! Hehe.

The Inara Demo. Our Victim is Brian Ong of Manila Foodistas

Belo also announced that they had launched the Ike and Nena Belo Foundation, a non-corporate charity meant to shape lives, with free education, surgical assistance and environmental protection. The name of the foundation was taken from Dr. Vicki Belo’s parents: Enrique Belo and wife Florencia.

Another cool medical device that they had was the VISIA Digital Skin Analysis.

The VISIA is the first diagnostic tool to provide clinical measurement of surface and subsurface epidermal irregularities and pigment conditions. Its photographic technology captures a clear, multi-dimensional image of select facial areas, while examining the severity of various age-related conditions.

So how to lose 4 inches of belly fat in just 2 weeks? Well the answer is Beloshape! Beloshape is a non-invasive ULTRASOUND technology for fat reduction and body contouring. This unique technology operates by sweeping specific ultrasound frequencies that are created by a dedicated high power generator that operate on variable levels of energy in order to reach the Resonant Dynamic effect for Cavitation “RDC” through a cooling mechanism of the emitter. Nosebleed ba? Nosebleed din ako, ang mahirap wala pa silang anti-nosebleed machine, hehe.

To know more about their free services specially Beloshape, you can visit their website at (And oh, they will be launching their new website soon and I tell you, it’s really hot! So watch out!)

If you want to grab some of my Belo Bloggers Open House Event Snapshots, click here. You can copy it, edit it, redistribute it without a link back to my site or any form of credit. You can do whatever you want with the images. You can even crop it in Photoshop and claim it as your own! Enjoy! Yiheeee!

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129 thoughts on “How To Lose Four Inches of Fat in Just Two Weeks?

  1. wow I’m the first to comment! hahaha 😀 ang ganda nyan ah.. I wanna try it! pero pag taba ko na.. di pa ako mataba now eh. Grabe daming hitech equipment ang Belo ah 😀 Cool yung VISIA, parang nanghuhula, pero hindi sa palm, sa facial lines… haha 😆

    • di ako naka kuha.. di kasi ako ang ask ng question.. yung mga nagtanong lang meron.. hehe 😀 wala din akong maisip na tanong kasi late ako! 😆

  2. aha! nag bebeauty tips ka na pala ngayon sa blog mo jehz ah.. hahaha.. parang parang.. parang.. parang wala lang.. wala akong sinabi ha.. hahaha! 😆 nosebleed ako mula simula hanggang katapusan.. wala akong masabi.. haha!

    • bonggang bongga sa loob.. para akong nasa spaceship ng NASA.. haha 😀 basta maganda at ang hahitech ng gamit nila belo.. hehe parang gusto ko e uwi sa bahay para dito nalang ako mag facial and body treatment.. hehe

  3. jeeehhhzzz???? what the hell happened to youuuu???? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA don’t tell me baka next na biglaang news dyan eh SUPERMODEL ka na o d kaya MISS UNIVERSE??!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA syet. natatawa ako sa blog pero interesado ako HAHAHAHAHAHA (umepal pa, trip din pala! HAHAHA) libre lng ba yan? e wala ata dito sa iloilo eh! LOL HAHAHAHAHA nakooooo, basta twit mo ko pagnagreply ka sa comment ko ha? hehehehehe 😛 syet, lumalabas na ung totoong kulay mo! magtatanong ako k jemme kng ano ang magiging kapalaran mo sa mga susunod na taon! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA

    • hindi po.. wahahaha! at wala din akong balak na gumawa ng beauty blog.. bwahahaha!!

      oo nga.. wag ka na tumawa. maganda yung mga treatments nila.. may mga pampawala ng facial lines at pores sa mukha.. as in magmumukhang artista mukha mo. magiging super kinis at super white 😀 haha!

      hindi yan ang totoong kulay ko waAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

  4. Sayang, di ko to nabalitaan. Baka puwedeng magpakudkod ng mukha. :mrgreen:

    Siyempre, nakita ninyo si Dr. Vicki?

    Asteeg yung pagkakaroon ng foundation for education and environment. Magdadala yun ng good karma. 🙂

    • yeah nasa harap ko lang si dr. vicki at dr hayden.. hehehe 😀 si dr. hayden masyadong mabait sa personal parang matagal mo nang kakilala kapag nakipag kwentuhan sayo.. 😛

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  8. sus! ang dami na palang nag comment hehehe anong prize dito kiss? hehehe pinsan mo yan diba? 😆 ganda namang promotion nito ng belo group…

  9. ako i tried tenor and visia… tama ka, jehz, parang nasa space ship ang feeling pag nasa belo ka. dami hi tech gadgets to make you beautiful and sexy. ang saya!

  10. hiya… sige nga tingnan natin kung ok yung gravatar ko hihihi…. waah.. belo suki mga tita ko jan.. I don’t know if some day maaadict din ako sa belo 😀 so far I had one suregery dne there…. 😯 O_o *hihihi*

  11. errr..
    Omgosh. Does it really works???

    As we all know, the economy isnt doing that great. I dont think it worth the money going through that kinda process. Get what I meant??

    The easiest way to lose weight is to just
    (1) watch what you eat
    (2) do not take in too much carbo
    (3) eat more fruits and veggies.

    That’s right.

    It works I swear to god.

    Fauzi Rassull: Singapore’s Only Male Bitch
    Bye Bitch! =))

  12. 😈 Use this rule to loss u r weight

    💡 day 1: morning 2 Apple Afternoon Any Limited Food Night 2 banana
    Drink water unlimited everyday

    Guarantee 8 to 10 Kg of Weight Loss in 7 days .Tested by me personally in my ship during hard times hhaha.But ➡ Please Take this its working ….
    visit our link

  13. now ko lng nalaman na may ganyan event sa mga belo medical group kasi parang lam ko lang about sa kanila about beauty but I never thought na nagheheld din pala sila ng ganito I hope makapunta ako sa ganito event wakokoko 😆

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  15. My problem is the acne scar on my face, matagal ko na problema ito. mga magkano kaya ang charge sa belo medical. Wala man nakalagay sa web. tnx and more power

    • oo nga eh, walang price list online, kelangan talaga pumunta ng belo medical clinic. Meron naman sa malls kung gusto mo mag inquire. Sa Trinoma meron 🙂

  16. pano ba maalis itong dark spot sa face, hay hirap ng poor wla kakayanan makapag paganda sana dra. belo mahelp mo ako sa probz ko.tnx

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