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Baguio Food Trip Day 1 Post: Our Baguio Food Trip (Day 1) by Carnation and Appetite was a blast! Let’s see what happens in Day 2 (Today)! I’ll be posting more updates as soon as we get to Manila! And more pictures of course!

Lenox Hotel in Dagupan and Manor Hotel in Camp John Hay treated us like VIPs during our first lunch and dinner yesterday. I’m so excited for today’s event: Breakfast at Manor’s Hotel, Billy Belly Lunch at Manor’s Hotel, and the Grand Handaan at Burnharm Park! I bet this will be fun!

Baguio Food Trip Day 1 and Day 2 Updated Post (07/27/08):


I was lucky to be invited together with 5 other bloggers (Noemi, Dine, Karlo, Anton, and Rain) and the Manila Press to join the Baguio Food Trip by Appetite and Carnation. This awesome trip started last July 25, 2008 at 5:00 AM. We assembled at STRATA 100 Building in Ortigas. We left Manila at exactly 6:00 AM. At 12:00 Noon we arrived at Lenox Hotel to savor the flavors of Dagupan.

We were surprised because we were so welcomed in Dagupan, a small presentation was even prepared just for us! I really thought that there was a festival in Dagupan, but I was wrong.

We arrived in Manor Hotel at 3:00 PM and we were suppose to have our Baguio Tour at The Mansion House, Good Shephered and Mines View Park, but it was moved to the 26th because it was raining that time. We just stayed inside our rooms and waited for the “Smart Casual” dinner in Manor Hotel hosted by Chef Billy King (too bad I didn’t see him in person). That’s the end of Day 1.

June 26, 2008, second day of the food trip. We woke up at 6:00 AM and took our breakfast buffet in Manor Hotel, after it, we had our Baguio tour. We went to the Mansion House, Good Shepherd, Burnham Park and Baguio City Market. At 12:00 NN, Billy prepared more for our belly, as he whips up another set of scrumptious treats for lunch! I was so full that time that’s why after the Billy Belly Lunch, there’s no space in my stomach for the 1:00 PM Grand Handaan at Burnham Park. The Power Puff Boys (a local Baguio City Band, me thinks…) was also invited in the event and gave us a bang while singing their favorite hits during the Grand Handaan! 3:00 PM, we left Baguio and went back to Manila! That’s it for the Itinerary! Yiheeeee!

We’ve tasted a wide array of delectable cuisine specially cooked with Carnation! From Dagupan’s Alibawang Pasta, Steamed Bangus in Cream Sauce, Peppercorn Crablets, Hamonadony Hipon to Baguio’s Beef Adobo Cannelloni, Bringhe Rice, Assorted Seafood in Tanglad Coconut Sauce, Baked Chicken Pastel and a whole lot more!

The following were my favorites from Dagupan and Baguio. I will not feature everything, because you know, there was a lot of ’em! My apologies for the pictures because it was a bit pale and were not that good.

Alibawang Pasta

Ahmmm.. I forgot what was this one called.

Hamonadong Hipon

Belly Burst with Rujak

Steamed Bangus in Cream Sauce

Satay Manis Barbecue

Bangus Pate

PepperCorn Crablets (My Favorite!)

This was what I ate for lunch because I was so full already after breakfast.

Fried Okoy with Shrimp

Beef Adobo Cannelloni

Fresh Strawberry in Cream (Obviously… hehe)

Brazo de Mercedes

Marinated and Fried Maya-maya in Tomato and Green Mango Salsa (Yummmmmmmy!!!)

Pork Menudo with Carnation

Marinated Salmon and Crab Roulade

Beef Wellington with Steamed Marble Potatoes. (I don’t like the taste of it, but I think I can do nothing with the taste because it tasted like that. Basta… )

Malaysian Goat Curry

Chicken Ala King

Steamed Sole in Berlinoise Sauce

Chocolate Cake with Cream on Top (I forgot what was the exact name of this cake…)

To view the rest of the photos click here for Day 1 and and here for Day 2!

I would like to commend the Mega Publishing Group, Appetite, and Carnation for this very astounding event! Thanks to Manor and Lenox Hotel for the food, service, and all! This is the best, most organized, and earnestly prepared food trip that I’ve ever joined! We were treated more than we expected. Their food presentation and other events surprised us (like the mini presentation in Dagupan). We had our IDs, Medicine, Water, T-Shirts, Hanky Pack, and other needs for travel while we were still in Strata 100. The staff escorted us with umbrellas as we went out from Manor Hotel to our bus. These things made us feel very important and happy. Thank you once again to all of the organizers and sponsors behind this great event.

1. Chef Billy King Prepares Carnation Milk-Based Dishes by Noemi Lardizabal-Dado
2. Carnation Family Food Trip 2008 by Dine Racoma
3. Grand Handaan, Burnham Park by Dine Racoma
4. Billy King’s Milk-Based Concoctions in Manor by Dine Racoma
5. Milk-based Specialty Bangus eals at Lennox by Dine Racoma
6. Stuffed in Baguio by Rain Contreras

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  1. wow sir jehz! sarap nman ng pinuntahan nyo… hmmmm..
    ang lamig sa baguio anu?.. hehe..

    newies gusto ko mkita strawberry farm sa baguio.. waaaaaaaaa.

    pasalubong sir jehz, seedling ng strawberry..

  2. @juler – oo nga. sandali lang kami.. haha.. oo smart casual daw eh.. kaya nag t-shirt ako tapos long sleeves na semi formal.. heehee..

    @jan alvin – aw.. di ko po nabasa.. hehehe

    @webslave – yeah.. kasi yung hotel nila walang aircon. pero ang lamig πŸ˜€ hahaha.. di pa ako nakakapag update ng post.. waaa!!

  3. wow that’s a great experience! I’m sure you enjoyed a lot! looking forward for your Baguio Food Trip updates! Sobrang dami siguro ang masasarap na pagkain doon! I bet!

  4. aha!!! una.. parang tumaba ka.. heheh nakakataba ba ang blogging? malamang sa dami mo ba namang food tour invitation sinong di tataba heheh..

    sarap nung mga food. sana ako rin.. kelan kaya ako ma iinvite sa mga ganyan?

    at panghuli, thanks sa post – packed with yummy food images..

  5. cool, sarap buhay :mrgreen: ok dyan sa Manor, there’s where I always go kapag puno teachers camp…hehe! di ako masyado familiar dun sa ibang food…

    • ENGLISH: my mouth waters! what’s the most scrumptious dish that you’ve tasted?

      ay tagalog pala!

      TAGALOG: Tumotulo ang laway ko! Anong pinakamasarap dyan?

      GERMAN: mein Mund GewΓ€ssern! was die meisten offene Schale, die Sie haben geschmeckt?

      FRENCH: les eaux de ma bouche! Quel est le plus dΓ©licieux plat que vous avez goΓ»tΓ©?

      DUTCH: mijn mond wateren! wat is het meest zalige schotel die je hebt geproefd?

      SPANISH: las aguas de mi boca! ΒΏCuΓ‘l es el mΓ‘s delicioso plato que has probado?

      ITALIAN: la mia bocca acque! Che cosa Γ¨ l’piΓΉ delizioso piatto di aver assaggiato?

      Yan.. ano pa? heheheh πŸ˜€

      paki translate nalang sa ilonggo.. haha πŸ˜€

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