Do We Need A Second Brain?

There are instances that our brain reaches its maximum capacity of memory intake. If we encountered this kind of phenomenon we intend to wish for a second brain, so that the excess data can be passed to the second repository to avoid data loss, worst thing that will happen is that it will be swallowed by oblivion. Only a miracle can recover it or a super duper hyper mega ultra data recovery software or device.

Well, I’m not talking literally and referring to a human brain. This brain that I’m talking about is available online and is free! You can have your second brain as well in a matter of seconds! Yep yep! You heard it right! I already have a second brain myself. This brain can help you organize almost every feed data from your favorite online services such as Twitter, Flickr, Delicious, YouTube, Blogger, Google Reader, WordPress, and so much more! (They will also include Plurk soon! I hope, but I’m not sure, but most probably they will, because they are the most complete social aggregator available in the world wide web today!)

The official Beta 2.0 launch is today! (June 12, 2008), Secondbrain – is a personal content manager. With Second Brain people can bookmark web-pages, import content from other internet-services, organize everything in collections, and share their life stream on their public profile page. Although it supports less services than Profilactic and FriendFeed, Secondbrain is superior:

– the ability to organize and label your content into β€œCollections”
– a UI that’s easy on the eyes without looking bare
– free 1GB space for you personal files
– a greater emphasis on tagging (e.g., in navigation)
– better networking functionality and much more

Needless to say that all the services supported by its competitors will be added in the weeks to come. With so many features and enhanced flexibility, Secondbrain is a move to maturity in social aggregation. It already received positive reviews at Techcrunch and Search Engine Journal and it’s expected that all the major tech and resource blogs will follow.

Last but not least, to celebrate the launch, Secondbrain gives away some cool prizes to the most active users. These include: a MacBook Air, an Xbox 360, an iPod nano and 10 Amazon gift certificates. So, do we need a second brain? If you want less headaches, a cool new online profile, an all-in-one feed aggregator of your favorite online services, more and more brain cells, then second brain is for you! Grab your second brain now! Para Masaya! hehe…

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21 thoughts on “Do We Need A Second Brain?

  1. i want a real brain coz i badly need a new one… a functioning one, not like the one im carrying right now πŸ™‚ may alam ka saan ako makakakuha jehz? πŸ™‚

  2. Just like phaelun, Ako din I want another “real” brain… I still like my brain, but I just want another second brain…Hmmmm… actually, I want Jehzlau’s brain… are you willing to donate that ha Jess??? hahaha… (joke)

  3. Im glad you mentioned that is wasnt a actual second brain as that might be a little difficult to carry around in your bag!

    It is true though…with more and more technology being created we are able to process a lot more information and have effectively second brains and second lifes…what a good idea though!

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  5. Akala ko you’re offering rentals for your great brain. Kelangan ko sana. After a year of blogging, nakakapagod. Will write seriously during this vacation para may buffer posts ako for next year. Is this what they call burn out? Hay, siguro nga, umuusok na bumbunan ko eh. πŸ™‚

    Merry Christmas, Jehz. πŸ™‚

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