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At first glance, Clickbooth seems like just another affiliate marketing company that promises to generate more traffic into the sites of their clients and, consequently, more revenue. Well, don’t be deceived because Clickbooth is many times better than the other affiliate marketing companies. So, what is the real deal? What separates Clickbooth from the rest? What makes it extraordinary and different?

Situated in Sarasota, FL, Clickbooth is the first affiliate marketing company to use Twitter micro to keep advertisers and publisher up-to-date on their latest and hottest events, happenings and offers— imagine being updated and informed without the nitty-gritty wordful site page. The ease of getting in contract with your affiliate manager –via phone, email, AIM-24/7 contact- is a first courtesy of Clickbooth microblog []. Just follow them on twitter and you get all the updates sent to your email or mobile phone in just 140 characters or even less! Their micro blogging approach is definitely a time saver for those busy bees out there. It has a cool background by the way.

Another knock out difference clickbooth has that no other affiliate marketing has, is it’s commitment to philanthropic activities and events geared to help and educate people. Check out their Clickbooth Blog to know the details of their activities and latest events. The site is relatively young but this is a very promising company blog with lots of potential.

Clickbooth is a core subsidiary of IntegraClick, Inc. It is an exclusive CostPerAction network that links advertisers to publishers. It gives advertisers access to thousands of exclusive publishers. Publishers, on the other hand, are ensured quality services and maximized return of investments. Transactions are made under an extensive zero-risk environment. Top payouts are on Clickbooth.

Various companies are now attesting the success they had with clickbooth. It has boosted their websites/blogs, products, and company name in a short period of time. Large and small brands have selected Clickbooth as their partner of choice. This just goes to show the continued recognition that Clickbooth is one of the leading performance based CPA Network. So, if you are serious on increasing your traffic or making money online, be sure to check their website

7 thoughts on “Click My Booth

  1. fast growing company talaga ang clickbooth.. pero wala paring tatalo sa adsense.. parang ayaw ko pa mag CPA publisher.. hmmmmmmmm…

  2. Ive made a great amount of revenue with this company already, great to see they are growing even more :D, I really enjoy their referral program.

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