Still Skeptical in Quitting My Day Job [Being A Corporate Slave]

For the past three weeks I had been so skeptical whether or not to quit my day job. I had been tired of being a corporate slave for two years now. Waking up early to do this and that, having a deadline to finish a specific project, being scolded in front of your work mates because you deserved it (hehehe), cannot attend an event that you really want because you have work to do and you can’t control your time, doing some work-related stuff even if you didn’t know how to do it and the like.

Freelance Skeptic
I’m a total noob when I started my first job two years ago. I didn’t even know HTML. I learned all I had to learn from this company without training and I’m so happy because I learned a lot by myself. I had a decent income and was satisfied of it. I did a lot of projects off line (intranet applications, etc.) and online and my boss (and my boss’ boss) was happy of the outcome. I started blogging a few months after I was employed from the said company. After a year, I was equipped with skills to earn money from blogging. I learned SEO, SEM, PPC Systems, CPM Ads, freelance web development and design, reviewing products and services and more money making methods that was a lot easier rather than going everyday to the office (that was a few blocks away from my boarding house) and doing my day job.

I was absent without leave for 21 days already (as of writing this post) and still can’t decide whether to quit my job or not. My company wants to talk with me personally and our HR sent me an SMS and told me to inform them if I made my final decision to resign or not. I still had a lot of pending tasks to finish and I really didn’t want to leave it as pending but I was too damn tired and lazy to finish it. I’m also wasting the company’s resources because most of the time I’m doing nothing rather than finishing my chores. I have projects that was suppose to be done for a day only, but it took me a week to finish that specific project.

I’m now earning more than my average daily salary as a normal employee. If my math was right, I’m now earning online seven times the minimum salary in Metro Manila plus the COLA (cost of living allowance) multiplied by seven and added to the product of my online earnings in Google Adsense only. I’m also making money in other online advertising and money making systems such as Adbrite, Kontera, Widgetbucks, TLA, BlogBank, ReviewMe, PPP, Smorty, Sponsored Reviews, etc. and I had clients here and abroad for web development, web design, and SEO. But this was just a passive income and there’s no assurance that it can sustain my daily finances in the near future.

Those are some of the things that enticed me to quit my day job. But still, I was skeptical as in very skeptical because of the following consequences:

1. I’m not financially secured. What if suddenly my online money making methods crash into havoc?
2. Passive income is not active, because it’s passive. I know you know what I mean.
3. My SSS, HDMF, PhilHealth, and ITR stuff will be inactive or should I say stagnant? I don’t know what’s the exact terminology to use. I assume you know what I mean.
4. I will not receive a year-end bonus and a 13th-month pay.
5. My company benefits will vanish… Forever…
6. I will not be approved in such programs that requires a certificate of employment. (I hope you know what I mean.)
7. I’m officially unemployed and my resume’s employment history was.. ahmmm? I don’t know what to say.
8. __________________. Just fill in the blanks if you want to add some more.

Those are some of the factors that stops me in doing what I have to do.

But, quitting your day job had a lot of advantages. As what I had mentioned above, here are the pros of quitting your day job/night job/being a corporate slave.

1. You’ll earn more than the usual employees do, If you know what to do and you know what you are doing. Believe it or not, you can earn more than the Pinoy nurses were earning abroad. I have a freelancer friend who was earning $10,000.00 monthly and could possibly earn more by just blogging. I know there are a lot of Pinoys out there who earns more than 10k dollars per month. I still don’t know who were they.
2. You will have lots of free time. You completely have freedom to lead your way. You have overall control of your time. You can sleep whatever time you want. You can wake up whatever time you want. You can control your own schedule because you’re the boss of your own work. You are now the CEO of your own blog (Your own company).
3. You don’t have to pay taxes. *Evil Grin*. But you have to, but you can evade tax. Haha! But that is evil, so you should pay your taxes, just don’t declare what you are really earning like most of the bloggers do. (I think most of the freelancers don’t pay their taxes. I have yet to find out).
4. You will be happy.
5. You will be very happy.
6. You are the happiest of all the happy people in the world.
7. If you know more benefits of being a freelancer, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll add it on my list with a back link to your web address! Yay!

That’s all for now. Forgive me once again for my usual grammatical errors because I didn’t proof read what I wrote and I knew I made a lot of mistakes. Hehehe.

97 thoughts on “Still Skeptical in Quitting My Day Job [Being A Corporate Slave]

  1. HUY!!!
    Magquit ka na, pero tapusin mo ung work mo. I know exactly what you mean and believe me your concerns can be overcome very easily

    Kayang Kaya mong maging self-employed ano ka ba? Wag kang mawalang ng kumpyansa sa sarili mo. Vj ka ba?!? (LOL)

    This is what I suggest you do.

    1. Scout for a “keyword” that will look great in a URL (hehe)
    2. Inform government offices of your new business name (SEC, DTI) etc.
    3. Volunarily pay monthly for your SSS, PAG-IBIG etc
    4. Every Christmas, buy yourself a gadget. In fact put up a domation link on your Main Adsense Earner with the tag “Pang-Xmas Bonus ko Po, Tenchu!”
    5. Very Important Step: Buy Ate Ruby some Starbucks coffee when you meet up to discuss blogging.

    You can be self-employed, Jehz! People with less talent have made it, ikaw pa kaya? 😀

  2. Jehz, tama si Evilwoobie. And, if you choose to be self-employed, mag-ipon ka lang ng mag-ipon for your future then establish a business if you want para may backup ka at para kahit offline may mapagkukunan ka.

    Tayo ka ng computer shop para habang nagma-manage ka ng shop mo, nagba-blog ka. hehehe. Tapos yung mga customers mo bloggers din pala. wahahaha..

    Seriously, madami pang ok na gawing business if ever you’ll establish one. Kelangan lang talaga ng sipag, right timing, location, and right target market.

    Good luck! Kaya mo yan!

  3. lol Jehz. 21 days AWOL. mag quit ka nlng. dba sabi nila.. do things that make you happy.

    hanap ka nlng ulit ng ibang trabaho if you decide to be a corporate slave again. 🙂

  4. Hanggang ngayon pala pinag-iisipan mo pa rin yan?! I thought you quit. LOL
    21 days? Record-breaking. HAHAHA Oh well. Kung di ka na masaya sa company, you should quit. But at least finish all the work you left. 🙂 I know you’ll earn more with blogging. Just secure your future. 🙂 CHAAAAAAAAAR! Gaya gaya ako ng advice. Hehe.

    And if ever magquit ka na, isip ka ng mga bagong pakulo. Dagdag sa PRC BER. Hehehe 🙂

  5. Well.. IMHO, work should not be about slaving but rather an outlet of your skills. I’m earning a lot more than my day job (probably because I just started) from freelancing and other stuff but I still love my job because it gives me something to do and apply what I’ve learned and learn more (adik daw ako sa pagaaral =().

    Share ko lang ung sinabi sa akin ng isang co-worker ko:

    Work is not always about the money. One day you’ll look you’ll ask yourself, what have you done to make yourself proud? Monetary satisfaction can always be achieved if you’re shrewd enough but satisfaction of doing, finishing and being proud of what you’ve worked for is something that not everyone has.

    The decision is still yours though.

    umm nga po pala..
    I made a post about it a few months back while deciding to go on corporate or go freelance. I’m lucky that my boss allows me to do both ^_^

  6. nako jehz! 21 days!!!??? graveh pinayagan ka ganon ka tagal believe naman ako sa iyo sigurado your company likes you but you’re no longer satisfied with them…

    sa akin lang before you leave sana naman malinis record mo hindi yan mag QUIT ka!
    remember quitter never wins!

    kailangan mo ng magandang clearance before you leave un maganda ha wag naman un pangit … kasi I know a person nag freelance siya ok un kita niya pero after 6years of freelance medyo lumiit na kita kaya ayon naghahanap siya work ngayon … medyo late na but better late than never

    you oversee the fact when you’re in a company mayron ka din retirement pay kapag matanda kana at gusto mo nalang mag vacation here and there…at mas masaya mayron party, anniversary, etc… tapos madami kang makikilala na mga other cooperate meetings etc..

    meron din nakukuha being with a company na hindi mo makukuha being a freelance and vice versa

    kaya mag isip ka ng mabuti …wag mo nalang timbangin kasi sa trabaho natin mas malaki talaga kita natin kapag freelance tayo pero… listen to your instinct diba un instinct mo din ang pinakingan mo noon umalis ka dito sa Davao?

    nasa iyo ang decision.

    just make sure DO NOT QUIT kailangan taposin mo anong sinimulan mo para malinis ang record mo … tapos YOU CAN RESIGN with clean records and company’s blessings

    PS: oist un pinag usapan natin sa text bah san un sinasabi mong dalawang listahan? ikaw bah T_T


  7. From the tone of your post, it seems that you really want to quit your job. I’d advise you to do so if and only if:

    1. You have enough savings to sustain you for three months. Take into account your expected expenses as a bum. Take note though that I’m talking about savings, whihc means potential income that will come from blogging is not included.
    2. You already have an idea what you are going to do with your free time that’s productive (financially and emotionally).
    3. You are disciplined enough to pursue a freelance job which requires proper time management. This means no procrastination and no laziness. (Well, a little maybe is okay.)

    I guess that’s it.

    Oh by the way, short to shameless self-promotion, I would like to encourage you to read my blog for you might find inspiration and courage to jumpstart your entrepreneurial life. That’s Ready To Be Rich @

    Best of luck bro!

  8. Wahehehehehe.

    Kawawang Jehz. Lagot ka, inuutusan ka ng bloggers na tapusin trabaho mo! Kailangan mo muna magsuffer bago ka umalis!

    Good LUCK!

    Kung ako pa sa iyo, ‘wag mo sundin payo nila. ‘Wag mo na tapusin; enjoy your life. Pwedeng mas malaki income mo kung iba ginawa mo instead sa tinatapos mo na trabaho.

    Another reason why you should quit your job.. Palagi ka sigurong late. Hindi ‘yun maganda; di corporate tignan. Isipin mo 8am nakikipagchat ka tas 9 or 10PM punta ka pa ng office na wala or may konting tulog. Para ka rin pumapasok ng lasing; wala lang alak!

    Another suggestion, read the articles na nasa AdSense mo (of this very page). Uutuin ka nila; “ways” daw to earn money online.

  9. hmm..

    I believe sa lahat ng mga employee gaya natin dumarating ang point na ganyan.. lalo na if your party time job is earning more than your monthly salary from your normal job.

    But still, security is the main spice, bago ang lahat gaya gn naunang comment dapat prepared ka sa anumang mangyayari, emergency fund to sustain you.. and mga dates mo.. heheheh… savings.. and others.. what if biglang umikot ang mundo..? nasa good shape par in ba ako just in case bigla nawala ang google, or biglang sa di maintindihang reason eh nag shutdown ang “internet”…

    contingency plans.. important.. calculate the risk you are willing to take and from that you can decide what to do next….and don’t forget to visualize future scenarios.. gaya ng mga What if..ganito.. and What if ganun nangyari..san ako mpupunta san ako pupulutin? ano ba ako 5-7-10 years from now…? malay mo, you could be the next Internet Millionaire..

    think it 10000000 times bro… 🙂

  10. saan kb masaya? i have encountered people with same questions as yours. and i always ask them the same question. think about it. just like what they did, as of now, yung iba they quit their jobs found a better venture, the others stayed at their jobs.

    and they were bothe happy eith what theyre doing.

  11. sandali sandali sandali.. ang daming nag comment.. kaka gising ko lang.. isa isa lang .hahahaha! 😀 basahin ko muna comments nyo and then I’ll reply one by one.. ang hahaba! waaaaaaaaaaaa! 😀

    thanks 😉

  12. @EvilWoobie – hahaha.. oo nga.. thanks sa pag encourage sa pag quit.. yehay! grabe ako mag isip ang tagal.. ang lalim.. nakaka hiya na kasi pumasok ulit.. di ko na kaya pumasok araw araw.. sarap na matulog sa boarding house at magising ng late.. hayyyy…

    cge bibigyan kita starbucks pag nagkita tayo one of these days.. nyok nyok 😀

    @mikko – oo nga ang ganda ng advertisements… Make Money? Job Opportunities? Quit Your Day Job Now! Earn $10,000.00 per day! hahaha.. astig mga ads na lumabas no? Puro waste of time 😀

    @marhgil – thanks.. pautang ha pag wala na akong pera.. bwahahahaha! susuportahan mo ako diba? yeheyyy!! haha!

    @Ed – hehe.. thanks sa magandang payo Ed.. yay! ok din yan mag tayo ng sariling negosyo. pero later na.. matutulog muna ako ng isang taon.. gusto kong mag pahinga at matulog at mag blog nalang muna.. haha

    @Rome – oo nga.. quitting can make me happy.. ang pumipigil lang talaga yung consequences.. pero im very happy talaga pag naka resign na ako.. wHOooOOoo!!!!

    @Eligio – hehehe.. oo nga sa pasko nalang kaya ako babalik at magbibigay ng resignation letter? nyok.. hehehe..

    @Cecilemaris – ang bobo ko na talaga.. tagal ko mag isip no? as in super tagal.. waaaaaaa! yeah tatapusin ko talaga yung work na naiwan ko.. wala nang may alam paano gawin yun.. di ko pa napasa sa iba.. la pa akong na train sa next na gagawa ng ganun.. hehe

    @Sylv3rblade – thanks! i know work was not always about money.. pero im not happy with my work anymore.. i need to be happy diba? 🙁 hehehe.. thanks ulit sa pag bigay ng comment.. work is an outlet of your skills talaga.. pero pwede din namang outlet ang freelance work.. yay!

    @Aice – sinend ko na sayo yung URL thru email.. nyok… di pa naman ako bad record.. babalik ako this week para kausapin si Mr. HR at mag dedespidida…. hehehe..

    @Fitz -thanks for the advises fitz… ok naman may nakalaan na akong savings para mabuhay kahit walang work.. hehehehe… sana nga mag survive ako.. il keep you update in this blog kung ano nang nangyari sa akin.. don’t forget to subscribe to my RSS feeds.. naks! 😀 hehehe

    @lestat – opo pinaghandaan ko na… arrrrrrrrgghh.. tagal ko mag isip.. pero based sa comments na natanggap ko.. dapat mag quit na ako.. bwahahahahA!

  13. waaaaa AWOL. … Jez better clean up your record before quitting….but personally jehz mas ok pa rin ung ur working as well as making money on the side.

  14. Quiting is something to really to think about. If you think you could be more productive by quitting your day job, well it is only you know what is the answer. To try to analyze things and then decide. Most specially pray for it.

    Serious na yang comment ko ha 🙂

  15. Helping out lang po. ^_^ On the not enjoying work.. hmm di ko na siguro halungkatin yun since you know the situation more than anyone, weigh out na lang po ung paths for going to another job or going fully freelance.

    On the record thing.. sayang naman po if iiwanan nyo ng may masamang record kayo. Not saying that it’ll be bad but people talk, and freelancing is about reputation right?

  16. Kung wala ka ng plano na mag apply sa ibang company tapos mas gusto mong maging freelancer ka na lang, then you can quit your job. Pero kung gusto mo pang maging work again, the you should leave your current job with a clean record.

    Kasi sa susunod na kukuha ka ng job tatanungin nila kung bakit ka umalis sa dati mong job, at kung ang reason mo ay hindi ka na happy sa dating job mo, then demerit yun para sa iyo kasi baka gawin mo ulit sa kanila ang nagawa mo noon.

  17. @sylv3rblade – yeah.. pero di ko naman iiwan na may bad record 😀 thanks for the advices.. weeeeeeeeeee!! hayyy hirap talaga mag resign lalo na pag mababait mga kasama sa work. T__T

    @Ryan – oo nga demerit talaga.. pero di ko talaga iiwan na may bad record 😛 sasabihin ko na… nagkasakit ako.. wahaha.. joke 😀 di naman sasabihin ko lang na nagsawa na ako sa daily routine 😛 thank sa pag advice 🙂

    @Steve Jobs – yeah… I’ll stay hungry forever.. huhuhuhu.. waaah!

  18. i guess you already know the answer to this dilemma…. but if not… let me help you realize those things:

    1. you can always pay ur SSS, Philhealth, PAG-IBIG and other payables by declaring them that you are self-employed… you can still enjoy their benefits like retirement benefits when you get older when you religiously pay them every month!

    2. if you already know that you are earning waaaaaayyy too much than your monthly salary and still earning more…. then, what are you afraid of losing…

    3. having a job is only a society status! what more important is that you are earning in a very decent way…

    4. ano naman ang gagawin mo sa mga monthly bonuses if you can earn them naman much much much much than what you are about to receive from your company!

    5. if i were you… i will also choose on being a freelancer… kaya i dont have a choice in doing so… i dont earn that much from blogging, so i dont have an alternative source of income, unlike you do…

    o di ba, apektado ako masyado dito sa pinaggagawa mo!!!! kausapin mo na yang HR nyo at magpaalam ka ng maayos para naman wala kang record ng AWOL kung sakaling maisip mong mag-apply ulit ng bagong job!

  19. amf, tae ka jesweak nde ka na nga talaga papasok hahahah, ma mimiss mo din ang may office work like me, sabihin na natin mas mataas ang income pag freelance ka, pero ung stable job pa din pinili ko, kahit mas less income eheheh. kung puro money lang inisip ko dapat nag expand na lang ako ng shop at nag blog na din hahaha, pero nakakabagot, mas gus2 ko ung napepressure ako. minsan gus2 ko boss ako, minsan gus2 ko naman nung may boss ako eeheheh. kaya pasok ka muna bago ka quit tapos pa cheeseburger ka naman hahahah

  20. hi jezz… payong opismate kung decided ka na mag quit sa work… paalam ka ng mabuti para wla ka bad record… buti na lng tinuruan mo rin ako mag blogs… ahehehehe san ko pa pupulutin yong mahigit 100$ a month… malamang lalaki rin… ahehehhe…, pati wife ko marunong na rin mag blogs… hahahahhahaha… waiting na rin sa incoming traffic…

  21. Opinion of some random stranger: if you think you’re ready to be self-employed, then quit the day job. People have day jobs for the security. If problem mo lang is the insurance et al, you can apply for those on your own naman.

    pero dapat tapusin ang mga pending. I don’t believe in burning bridges. You never know.

  22. i am exactly unsure what to say because the dilemma is rather complicated to just give an easy answer…. but 21 days of absences gave me the notion that you’re not happy with the job anymore. So if you think it is way better to just quit your job and do your thing — then go ahead. Everything is a risk my friend, you have to face it. Besides, there’s no such thing as ‘safe phrase’. Quitting and not quitting is a risk when different consequences.

    my advice — tons and tons of PRAYERS! May God bless you.

  23. Hi Jehz,

    I’ve been visiting your site regularly, pero kung di ako nagkakamali this is my first time to comment.. Cguro, as long as you know what you are doing, then go.. Ako rin medyo bored na sa paggawa ng mga windows and web-based applications, na feeling ko if nagfreelance ko I can get more.. as what you’ve said ($10K, how i wish, ehhehe).. anyway, whatever, isa ako sa mga sumusuporta sayo..

  24. @kuya ruben – yeah nagpa alam na ako kay Miss A. bibigay ko nalang resignation letter ko kay sir vaughn at sir sid… babay… 🙁

    buti yan may $100+ a month na u pati wife u. yay! 😀

  25. @sylv3rblade – wow! that’s a great article sylv3rblade! hehehe 🙂

    @rara – yeah masaya na ako dito.. mas ok to walang kasama at nag iisa lang ako 😛

    @mapiles – thanks sa pag iwan ng comment. yeah i know what im doing.. gusto ko lang maging masaya.. di na ako masaya sa office T_T

    @simpleyesa – thanks for your advice… 🙂 God bless u too 🙂

    @cigarette-girl – thanks sa opinion.. yeah di ko iiwan yung pending work ko.. hehehe.. gusto ko lang mag isa talaga at magpahinga… T_T

  26. @yatot – ang haba gn comment mo ah.. hehehe
    thanks sa 5 points of being a freelancer.. nyok nyok.. 😀 astig ka magbigay ng advice yatot! yay! 😀 pwede na ako mag lakwatsa palagi.. hihihi…

    @pa3cia – uy yung game na hinahanap u di ko pa na upload sensya na.. 😀 thanks sa pag iwan ng comment pat 🙂

  27. jehz!!! dami na pala nangyayari sa buhay mo di ko na alam. di na kasi ako updated. heheh. wow 21 days ka na pala absent…… hmmm……… mukhang seryosong usapan to….. parang at first glance mas favorable talaga un blogging thing since you are earning way way more than sa job pero maganda din un sinabi ni sylverblade na work is not always about money (pero siyempre kailangan din iconsider yun)…. hhmm…… well, bata ka pa naman so i guess you still have the luxury of time to experiment with life… and talented ka pa so madali naman for you to switch back and forth… pero before ka umalis sa job mo (if u decided) tapusin mo un mga pending assignments para maganda record mo… who knows magcross uli landas niyo ng boss mo in the future…. (ikaw naman un boss siya un slave hehehhehee). para happy lahat 🙂

  28. @phaelun – haha di mangyayari na boss ako at slave si bossing.. nyok.. 😀 di namana ko slave talaga.. alagang alaga nga ako eh.. spoiled brat. nyok ayoko na 😀 thanks sa pag comment betsy 🙂

  29. @jehz: minsan din talaga nakakapagod ang magtrabaho… kaya lang wala talagang choice… mas gusto ko ngang mag-freelance na nga lang din eh baka mas kumita pa ako ng malaki… yun nga lang hindi regular ang income ko… sa amin kasi dito sa publishing, kapag walang output ang freelancer walang bayad… so mahirap talaga…

    amfness talaga ang buhay noh… minsan nakakainis… you wanted to do everything but life does not allow you to do so… you have all the talents in website making and SEO and other techie stuffs… you them to become successful in your freelancing endeavors…

    kung gusto mo ng ulit magwork sa office… feel free to apply dito sa amin… i think naghahanap sila ng web developer na magaling sa java script codings and scripting stuffs… hehehhe

  30. hi there, ask ko lang, haloscan ba yung gamit mo sa commenting mo? paano ba gawin yung kagaya sa iyo na nasa bottom ng post ung commenting at hindi na kailangan mag appear sa pop out window? please reply. thank you.

  31. @limferdi – aw.. hindi to haloscan.. sa WP to na comment. hehe

    @yatot – oo nga naman.. ok ah pwede ako mag apply dyan? nyok.. after ilang years pag tinopak.. hehehe.. la pa talaga ako gana mag work.. at isa pa di naman ako magaling na web developer.. isa akong trying hard web developer.. hehe 😀

  32. hmmm… quit your day job and start a small business perhaps?

    we don’t know how long or how fruitful in the long run we can make money online. i still think we should have a practical fallback if something goes wrong.

  33. Sali ako sa usapan, Jehz, hehe.

    Don’t worry, normal yang nagyayari sa iyo. Yan nga yata yung tinatawag na quarter-life crisis, yung point in time around mid-20s na nag-iisip ka kung ano talagang gagawin mo sa buhay mo. After mo kasi makapag-decide, stuck ka na jan for the next 10 or 20 years kasi nga mahirap na lumipat ng career. Pero eventually darating ka naman sa midlife crisi, pag around 40 years old ka na, pero that’s another story.

    Anyway, ang payo ko sayo ngayon, pursue your passion in life and succeed there. I won’t give you advise whether or not to quit your job or to concentrate on online earning, pero whatever you do, make sure may end goal ka jan.

    For example, kung mag-work ka pa rin, anong work ba talaga yung gusto mong gawin na mage-enjoy ka? Tapos hanggang kailan ka magwo-work? After several years ba o kapag nakapaipon ka na dun ng konti o kapag na-bore ka na uli?

    Kung mag-online earning ka na lang, make sure sustainable yan. Yan kasi yung risk. Posibleng kumikita ka nga ng malaki ngayon, pero what if after 2 years biglang na-ban ka sa Adsense o nawala na ang ibang income opportunities mo? So make sure may savings ka sa bangko at may investments ka rin. Kelan ka bibili ng bahay? Ng kotse? Paano pag nagkaanak ka na? Magastos ang magpalaki at magpaaral ng anak kaya dapat more than enough ang naipon mo.

    Basta yun lang, ang main advice ko sa yo ay gawin mo ang gusto mo pero maging magaling ka dun at dapat sigurado kung ano yung plano mo sa buhay. Good luck!

  34. @mnel- thanks for the tip… yoko pa mag ka business.. isip isip muna.. hehehe..

    @kuya james – thank you so much sa tip.. 🙂 oo nga iniisip ko din yun.. kahit cguro maka ipon me pag biglang mawala ang sources of income online.. naku pano na.. hehe..

    ang hirap pala mag isip pag ganito.. T___T

  35. WOW! jhez hahaha edi di ka na employed?

    sali na ako .. hahaha sinusubaybayan ko tong post mo na to.. pareho lang tayu ng kung aalis ka ng company mo.

    halos pareho tayu ng nasa isip earning online and benefits from the company and being slave.

    I resign kasi talgang stagnant na ako sa work ko .. imagine da whole year ka nag template at html. putek parang gusto gumawa ng ibang task like php and ruby. Ako kasi I’m still not closing my doors sa mga opportunities and still i need ung benefits baka kasi sa near future mag asawa na ako ang I need ung mga PAGIBIG, SSS, and many more pa.

    I resigned last month and the sad thing is bigla nag landslide ang earnings ng site ko and masama pa dun ung ko nawala and sobrang penalize ni google If kung hindi pa ako nag pareconsider d pa babalik site ko.

    ngayun I’m going interviews in some company but the thing is parang nawala ako sa circulation , i feel di ako confident sa sarili ko , and if i continue this and go to my online work baka kapag nagdecide ako na mag work ulit wala na ako ibubuga.

  36. Mag resign ka na. Ako nga nag resign kahit di ako kumikita sa blog ko. Ah teka.. kumikita na nga pala ako ng $4 a month, nyahahaha. Maliit lang kita ko pero masaya ako. Pero misis ko galit na yata sa akin.

  37. Just do it. Its very rewarding. I just quit (AWOL) my day job 6 months ago. Earning x10 my salary now online. Just do it. If you have the will and desire. It will come eventually.

  38. @Ronald Mojica – hehehe.. yun nga din iniisip ko.. baka biglang magbago ang lahat.. tapos mawala na ang online opportunities ko.. naku pano na. at tamad na ako.. mas tatamad pa.. huhuhuhuu.. pero dapat maging masaya eh.. hmmmmmmmm.. naguguluhan parin ako.. binigyan ako ng unlimited vacation ng boss ko.. at until now.. di parin ako nakapag decide if iiwan ko sila or not.. hehehe.. 😀

  39. @tonex – hehehehe… gawa ka entertainment blog.. lalaki yan.. 😀 may kilala ako 18 years old na babae kumikita $5/day… not bad diba? 🙂

    or marami pang niche para kumita ng malaki… may mas bata pa akong kilala na malaki din kita.. 🙂 chat tayo minsan turuan kita papano.. nyok 😀

  40. Oi Jehz,

    Sa tingin mo mabubuhay ka kung wala kang day job? You must be dreaming!

    Di ko parin maisip kung paano ka nakaabot ng 2.8k subscribers, with this kind of content you are giving to your visitors!

    Anyway, nirecommend kita sa isang advertisers. Nakakuha ako ng $288 sa kanya, weeeeeee. 😀

  41. @mikko – yun nga nag email ung advertiser sa akin.. nyok… excited na nga ako.. sana may makuha ako like, naka 600 daw siya doon eh.. hehe 😀 crap ba yung content kO? sakit mo naman mag salita.. nyok… 😛

    sa tingin ko after a few days mamamatay na ako kasi job less ako eh 🙂

  42. Ui, nahurt siya. Maganda content mo as of now pero pagnatapos na yung request ko sa’yo pangit na ulit content mo!

    Nyok, nyok, nyok, nyok, togoinks, nyok, togoinks.. [sing with the tune of Star Wars na march ba yun; Master of Evil pala ang title]

  43. Jehzeel, hindi ko na binasa ng todo tong post mong to.
    Actually, you as a person should already know the answer – it’s up to you to take the risk. If you want to take the risk, then quit. If not, go on and continue working your day job. Anyways, kahit ala ka naman sa company na yun I CAN BET you’d still get paid better for the things that you do best.

    IF anything that I said fails – there’s always mastercard, me credit card ka naman right? wahehehe joke.

    Take time to relax muna and think it through.. cguro nga ngayon e nagwo-work ka na ulet – sobrang delayed ng comments wahehehe… miss ko na ang forums..

  44. @ALA – hehehe nag resign na nga ako.. nyok… ako din miss ko na forums.. gawin ko yung online kasi wala na ako doon mapapa bayaan na yun… hehehe 😀

    oo nga may mastercard at visa ako.. tambak tambak credit cards ko.. tambak tambak din ang utang ko.. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! hhehehe.. thanks sa pag comment ALA 😀

  45. So sad to hear na nawalan sila ng taong tulad mo. Oh well, life has to move on.

    Kita kits sa blog world, im also re-booting my blog career, wahhehe link exchange tayo when I’m done..

  46. Jehz, ….

    If you don’t do it, you’ll never know. With the skills you have, you can always find another job if you need to. There si nothing to worry about.

    Take me for example, I worked for a large company as a web developer for over 10 years, making a very good income. But, I was not happy with the long commute and long hours of working on computers, so I quited over 1 year ago and started my own consulting business.

    It was tough in the beginning, but I know the time and efforts I put in will help to grow my own business. Sure, it did. After 5 short months later, I was making the same amount that I was making while I had a job. Now, 11 months later, I make 200% more.

    A job may give you security, but will never know how successful you can be as a business man until you tried.

    You only live once, the very worse case, you go back to get another JOB (Just Over Broke). That’s what you are at right now, isn’t it? Just my 2 cents.

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  51. its natural to feel a bit fearful of leaving employment. BUT when you start to make money without a boss, fear becomes the other way around—-you’ll become afraid of going back to employment.

    my entrepreneurial spirit awaken back in 2002 when my then-boss laid me off for no specific reason. I vowed not to please any boss anymore except for myself. and i never looked back since then.

  52. Heto na naman ako..hehe..freelancer din ako and i resigned almost a year ago. i dont pay taxes (sana walang taga BIR na makakabasa nito). kahit passive lang income ko i make sure to it naman na nakakapag save din ako para hindi gutumin if suddenly mawala yung source of income ko ano. basta i know that i am happy! weeeeee! 😀

  53. How about GUTS? Nah, just kidding. You really don’t need unbridled courage to be a successful online income affiliate. But, how about SKILL?
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    anything else today, online income acquisition demands that you have specific attack plans for your advertising campaigns.
    Keywords are the life blood of online income affiliate advertising and sales.SMARTS – that’s the name of today’s online income affiliate game.
    You already have “smarts?” Good, that gives you a head start. Yet, the catch is, knowing exactly when, how, where, and what strategies to implement
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  54. ako rin im so damm sick and tired of my daily routine(my day job)!!!but im afraid not for myself but for my family na umaasa saken can anyone help me please nakakahiya man aminin na i cant decide for myself!!!!!thank you

  55. i’ve been a freelancer for 10 years now… and im still alive, with no bossy boss lingering at my back lol!!!… welcome to the club!

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