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It’s been a while since I started monetizing my blog. A lot of those who are experienced in this industry are aware that ClickBooth is one of the best networks which offers CPA programs in the internet.

Clickbooth CPA Network – The Exclusive CPA Network is a publisher network which offers publishers a variety of choices on monetizing your blogs. A lot of money makers online have attested the effectiveness of ClickBooth as an affiliate network. Most of them have ClickBooth on top of their lists.


CPA or Cost Per Action is the cost to an advertiser for a specific, predetermined action taken by a viewer/consumer during an ad campaign. Advertisers pay the publishers only if the predetermined action is taken. These actions vary from page impressions where the ad is posted (the number of times the ad was viewed), number of visits received by the advertisers, sign-ups received, subscriptions, product purchases and other related user actions valuable to the advertiser.

ClickBooth is very promising since it guarantees its publishers high conversions and payouts. Clickbooth’s referral program offers 2% gross referral credit for life with an additional $10 bonus for every affiliate referred by the publisher. ClickBooth pays every 15th of the month after reaching the $50 minimum payout.

Check their website now at www.clickbooth.com and experience a whole new monetizing experience with ClickBooth.

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