Bloggers Suck, Little Losers by David and Goliath Rocks!

Thanks to David and Goliath for giving us freebies: Stickers, Gift Certificates (Minimum of Php1000.00 GC each. Others had more than 1k Gift Certs.. arrrgghhh..! I should be there earlier than Ate Aileen, Kuya Migs and Miguel), Choking Hazard Toys and a Little Losers Paper Bag. Haha! Everyone was a loser, including me because I’m part of everyone. (Nyokkk..).

David and Goliath
I don’t know what to say next simply because I’m a loser. I don’t know what to write or to blog. I can’t think of anything. That was what losers do and I’m a loser. And again. I’m a loser! Bloggers suck! I suck, because I’m a blogger. Hehehe. (Walang masabi, loserrrr..! jehzlau was a loserr! haha).

Happy Birthday again to Micamyx. Hi to Cai and Maki. Finally I have met you guys! πŸ˜›

For more information about the Little Losers event read the following blogs:

1. Bloggers Suck at the Little Losers Event by MomBlogger
2. Losers Party! by Miss Google Earth Philippines
3. On Site: David & Goliath’s Little Losers Blogger Event by Migs
4. Losers Go To Little Losers Party by Cecile Maris
5. A Birthday Girl’s Blog Entry – Loser Version by Micamyx

For more loser pics from a loser photographer, click this link!

If you want to be included in the list, just leave me a comment! Hep Hep Hurray!

A snap shot of my 1000 PHP Gift Check from David & Goliath. Painggit sa mga nag sign up pero hindi pumunta. Hehehe…
1000 Gift Certificate

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33 thoughts on “Bloggers Suck, Little Losers by David and Goliath Rocks!

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  2. Thanks for the birthday greeting! Sayang hindi tayo masyadong nakapag-chikahan LOL

    Feeling ko kanina birthday party ko yun eh wahaha :p will blog about it kapag na-upload na ni Powerpuff Maki ang pictures haha

  3. @micamyx – yeah upload mo na pics! hahaha.. di ako nakapa pic sa photo loco.. heehee.. wala din akong caricature.. waaaaaaa!! πŸ˜€

    happy birthday ulit! astig handaan mo.. David and goliath ang nag cater ng give aways.. wahahaha.. πŸ˜€ mag net sa food! whoaw πŸ˜€

  4. uh-oh, so that makes three of us with the “bloggers suck!” tshirt. hmm, di naman kayo pumutok nyan sa susunod na event, hehehe. sa lahat ng losers, tayo yung WAGI!

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  6. Sa TriNoma. πŸ˜€

    May stock pa sila, marami pa.

    The complete Little Losers collection will be arriving the Philippines this month according sa lalaki na nakausap ko doon.

    Ininterview niya pa ako kung tagasaan ako. Sabi ko General Santos. Akala niya General Santos Avenue yung malapit sa TriNoma. Nagtataka siguro siya kung bakit nakapambahay akong pumunta. Tas sabi ko General Santos City. Sabi ko pumunta ako para lang bumili ng shirts nila. Bilib na bilib na sana siya kaso nagulat siya nung GC ang binigay ko. Nyok!!


  7. @Mikko – hahaha! sana sinabi mo nalang na yung GC pinadala sayo from Manila to General Santos.. hehehe..

    medyo masikip pala nabili ko na Bloggers Suck.. Large lang sya.. XL dapat binili ko.. arrrghhhhhhhhhh!

  8. hehehehe… hurray for STA MARIA!

    anyway, add me sa blogroll mo please. I’m working on my PR. Lagot kaayo ning google, my PR4 was pulled down to the big ZERO when i started accepting peyd powst. (can’t write the right word cos it might pull your PR too. hehe)

  9. @simpleyesa – ok lang naman mag sulat ng paid na post or sponsored na post πŸ™‚ basta wala lang yung keywords na casee noh? at itim na jack.. hehehe πŸ˜€ cge add kita sa blog roll πŸ™‚

    mabuhay ang mga taga sta. maria! WoHOoooOOo!!!

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