Thinking Of What To Blog

I’m still thinking of what to blog first. Hmmmm… My pending DFA assignments, Another SEO Post, How to Gain 2000+ subscribers in 2 months and 13,000+ subscribers in 5 months in our PRC blog (An anonymous person told me that our RSS readers are fake… I think he/she was just bitter, hehe), Food Tour Part 2 at Bonifacio High Street and Serendra (Because I never made it to part 1), The Tasting Room Grand Launch at Greenbelt 3, or what happened during my 2-day vacation in Pangasinan. Hmmmmmmmm?

Please help me what to blog first by leaving a comment in this post because I’m confused and can’t decide by myself of what to blog first. Hehehe. Thanks 🙂

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52 thoughts on “Thinking Of What To Blog

  1. kasi, sa kaspersky post nya halos lahat galing ang subsccribers nya. Akala ng mga searchers bibigyan cla ni jehz ng keys, yun pala bogus. hahaha…

  2. @anonymous – hindi yun bogus.. 😛 if i found one I’ll share it syempre… 😛 like my “how to remove simpleviewer download link” trick 🙂 meron din akong .SWF cracked file if you want one ^__^

    sharing is giving 🙂

  3. your 13k+ subscribers are fake.. how can one earn such number of subscribers

    at isa pa.. yung PRC Board Exam Results website niyo ay puro Plagiarism.. nakaka hiya.. copy pasted results from at Philippine Star…

    wahahahaha! mahiya ka naman JEHZEEL LAURENTE!!!!

  4. @jehzlau – wala kang masabi no? guilty ka kasi.. puro kayo mga copy pasters.. kayo ni batang yagit! hahaha nakaka hiya kayo!

  5. Ako din nalilito. hehe. Siguro dapat magpost ka na about “How to Gain 2000+ subscribers in 2 months” Gusto ko malaman to..hahaha

  6. hindi ako nakaabot. lagpas 80 na nga eh. di kasi ako nagregister agad nung wala pa masyado nagregister. hehe..

    bakit ako masipag di ako nakaka $50? wahahaha..

  7. Baka di na ako makatulog niyan pag nasobrahan ng sipag! hehe..

    jehz, ano ba maganda webhost? saka san makaka register ng domain na mura? hehe..gagawa din ako ng ibang sites. yan ah nagsisipag na ako..hehehe

  8. @Ed – sa godaddy mura.. gamit ka lang coupon code na ZINE3 for .com domains… sa webhost.. VPS maganda sa 🙂

    hosting sa maganda rin ^___^

    gagawa ako ng webhosting reviews at factors to consider in choosing a webhost article dito sa blog.. stay tuned 🙂 subscribe to my rss feeds for updates and be the first to comment! naks! hehehe 😀

  9. @Ed – uu may plugging talaga.. 😀 wahahahaha! 😛 nakaka tamad pang mag blog.. parang gusto ko maging statwa.. tapos next week na ulit mag blog..

    dami kong iniisip na wala.. di ko alam anong dapat unang gawin pag wala akong gagawin.. waaaaaaaaaaa! nakuuuu..

    ang tagal ng blogbank check.. hehehe 😛 (anong konek?)

  10. gee i heard that getting involved with search terms with big brother celebrities is a good way t0 attract traffic! not good traffic but traffic all the same

  11. haha..pag “sinisipag” talaga..=)
    gusto ko na din malaman yung sa blogbank. puro adsense na lang kasi chine-check ko. hehe

  12. @Ed – mag reviewme ka din para may dagdag na hihintayin ka every end of the month.. exciting talaga pag end of the month 😀 hehehe..

  13. @SELaplana – hahaha.. pwede din 😀 hehe

    @bugits – happy anniversary 😀 nag comment na me sa blog u 😀

    @Hussein – kasali na yan sa list ko 😀 hehe

    @Mac Flash – hi mac flash 😀 thanks for visiting my blog.. sorry I’m not that fluent in english that’s why my english sucks.. hehe 😀

    @Ice9web- yahhh kasali na yan sa list ko.. hihihi..

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