I Hate Offline Stalkers

While watching a film inside a movie house, a guy in front of me, positioned 2 o’clock from my seat, kept on staring at me. He kept on turning his head and ogling in a very obvious manner. It’s annoying when a stranger looks at you in a flirtatious or desiring way. It’s very uncomfortable. I didn’t enjoy the film because my spider senses were telling me that someone is spying on me.
Movie House
I did’t know what to do. The only picture that appeared in my mind is to transfer to another seat, far from this egregious stalker three meters apart from me. But I can’t move. Someone is stopping me shifting to another seat. I thought that if I’d transfer to a new seat, he’ll follow me. I decided to leave it that way and pretended that I didn’t notice that he was leering at me.

Minutes had passed and still he kept on doing that flirtatious act (that annoying ogle thing!). I pretended that I didn’t notice it.

A few minutes have passed again. He went out of the movie house. I was relieved for a few seconds until I found out that were already two seats apart. He pretended to go out so that others wouldn’t notice that he transferred on my row. We were two meters apart and on the same row gotdammit! I couldn’t move. I froze, aghast, and completely terrified. A blatant clamor inside of me started to break loose. But I pretended I didn’t notice it…

He went out again. I was relieved and hoped that he will not return. But, after that few minutes that he was gone, he went back again. He was nearer! He was a few inches away from me. He seated beside me!!!

I wanted to shout but I couldn’t! I wanted to tell him to keep away from me, but I have no voice to utter. I couldn’t talk. I was in a state of paranoia. I have no single idea what to do. I was thinking what the guy might do to me? Would he kill me? Would he snatch my phone? Or worst, would he hug and kiss me? (Ewww) or would he want to… ahmmm? I really don’t know what he wanted to do.

After 30 seconds of one-inch-apart state from the ogling stranger, i felt my adrenaline rushed! I gained potency to stand up and trek my way out of the cinema house. I pretended that I was into something was going after someone. Little that I know, he also went out and followed me. I noticed that someone was following me so I turned my head back to verify if my senses were not lying to me. I was shocked to see him at my back! I walked faster and faster down to the escalator, turn my head back, and he was still there. He was following me! He was also in a hurry. He was pretending that he was not following me, but it was very obvious that he was after me!

To be continued…

Nahhh.. I’ll continue this terrible experience. Hehehe. After I found out that he was following me, I moved faster, I was almost running in fear of what the guy’s motive in following me. I rushed to get near to a small crowd near a Davao Hotel, errr.. I mean near an open store (Starbucks to be specific), on the hopes that I would lose his track. I was even more surprised that he has an impressive sensory motor because and he was still behind me. My only idea on how get rid of him was to take a taxi and hope that he would not pretend to be my companion and go with me in the cab.

My sweat started to squeeze out of my body. I was still skeptical if I’d take the taxi or not. He was getting near me. Nearer and nearer as seconds passed. I finally decided to take the taxi then immediately told the driver to drive! “go go go! Someone’s following me!” Hehe.. Nah.. I never did that. I just pretended to be calm and told the taxi driver to take me home.

That was it. I never saw the guy again. I was glad he never followed me after I went inside the taxi. Hehehe. I was so afraid, annoyed and pissed with that kind of behavior. I hate oglers, stalkers, that mysterious stalker…

Lesson learned from this awful experience: Don’t watch a movie alone. Don’t watch if you’re not with someone, specially during LFS (Last Full Shows).

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86 thoughts on “I Hate Offline Stalkers

  1. Wahahahaha..

    Kuya, baka callboy yun?

    Pwede ka na sumali sa Pinoy Big Brother; ang description mo “Jehzeel: Callboy Magnet ng Davao”.



  2. @Mikko – amf callboy magnet ng davao ka dyan! waaaaaaaaaaaa! ๐Ÿ™ kung ikaw nasa side ko nung nangyari yun.. naku po.. nakaka takot talaga pag may sumusunod.. darnn.. dapat may baril ako or tear gas.. hehehe.. nakaka takot lalo na pag di nag sasalita tapos tinu tutukan ka lang! waaaaaa!

  3. stalker callboy magnet ka!!!!!!!
    nakupo kung nagkataong namali ka at napakindat ka nang di oras, pupulutin ka sa… anito.

    pero ewan ko kung may anito diyan sa davao. ahehe

  4. hoy jehz! baka nakaCrush sa iyo yon! whahahha.. o di kaya humingi ng autographs dahil sikat ka sa web..o di kaya naman ay sabi pa ni julia..makikipag-Xlinks lang…pero what i have in mind is that..ano kaya movie and pinapanood mo? hmmmm..baka may relation sa pagOOGLE niya sa yo! aheheheh…daldal ko! anyaajaa

  5. Gusto ko yung comment ni Julia, baka nga gustong makipag ex-links hahahaha. Jez sana kinausap mo ah, tapos tinanong mo ng ganito, “how much?” ahahahaha joke. Naaliw ako sa istorya mo at bitin pa!

  6. ahahah. ganun nga daw pag magisa nanunuod. may experience na din ako ng ganun, nilayasan ko siya buti di na sumunod. sana tinitigan mo na maangas na dating “pare, ano ba problema mo?” heheheh.

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  8. @phaelun – hahaha! babae ba yun o lalake??? hehehehe.. twice na to nangyari sa akin.. sa ibang mall din yung dati.. pero mas mabait yun.. kasi di na sumunod nung lumabas ako.. hehehe

  9. @Ambo – hahaha.. how much ka dyan.. toink… 1 link = $50.. sa footer link.. cheap no??? hehehe.. kung overall link.. like sitewide link $100.00. hehehe.. sana nga link lang talaga.. pano kung…..

    @Rome – hahaha.. amf.. dapat lumapit lang yun ang nagsabi “Ikaw si Jehzeel Laurente? Yung may ari ng jehzlau-concepts.com? Pa autograph naman! at paturo na din ng mga alam mo sa blogging, etc.” sana ganun… pero ang laswa ng tingin parang gusto nyang sabihin na “Akin ka na.. yumm yummm.. Akin ka na….”

    @ayel – bat ka tumatawa? DI nakaka tawa yun.. huhuhuhu… hehe.

    @Cesar Noel – naku pag marami.. mag kukulong nalang ako sa kwarto..! waaa!

    @Maki – di ako sikat.. cute lang.. hahaha.. joke ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. People like that wants to have a “One night stand” I guess. I have many friends who are like that.. that ogling guy inside a cinema house. They are looking for someone to f!U!ck and they are lucky that they can find one easily.

    If someone sits beside you and staring at you. You now know what’s her/his motive.

  11. @Rome – haha.. magaling ka kaya mag SEO ๐Ÿ˜› no nid na.. online stalker ka eh.. stalker ng keywords.. hehehe ^__^

    @Ambo – hehehehe ๐Ÿ˜€

    @pat q. – super talaga! hahaha!

  12. Aww. That happened na rin sa akin. He followed me din outside the movie house even dun sa resto na kinainan ko, good thing i saw a friend and hindi na kami naghiwalay ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Natuwa tlaga ako sa pagbasa nito.

    Kuya, malaki naman kita natin sa adsense bakit magcallboy ka pa? Hehe.

    Pero nakakatakot tlga yon. na-experience ko na din yon eh. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. bumabaha ng comments ang post na ito… sa gwapo mong yan… na attract ata hehehe… mga ilang taon na ba yun sa palagayu mo? hehehhe talaga lang ha…

  15. @juler – mga.. 24 or 25 ata.. bata pa eh…. bata payat na may bigote.. medyo matangkad..

    parang si bryanboy.com tapos lagyan mo lang ng bigote.. ganun,,. kamukhang kamukha.. imagine mo kung nakaka takot ba o hindi.. tapos sumusunod sa likod mo.. ๐Ÿ˜€ hehe

  16. @juler – hahaha.. nandidiri ako doon.. heeee… basta yoko yoko.. waaaaaaa! sana chix nalang.. hehe ๐Ÿ˜€ bryanboy + bigote.. ewww. .hahahaa!

    @babyface – inisip ko din pumasok sa CR nung mga panahong yun.. pero nag isip ako ng disadvantage pag nasa CR.. baka sumunod sya at e lock ang CR.. tapos may dalang patalim sabay sabihin “HUBAD”!!

    naku po.. tepok ako.. hahaha!


  18. wah! ngayon ko lng nabasa, pati ako kinabahan…. muntik na din kasi ako mahablot ng parang adik na tao on my way home… mas terrifying yun kasi sumigaw talga ako den tumakbo… buti na lng narinig ako ng tanod… nag back out yung lalaki… im really trembling nang kinausap ako ng tanod… bumabalik yung incident habang binabasa ko itong post mo jez… hay… alam mo diba ang bhaws ko sa may sta ana church?… dun nangyari, last thursday lng… as in kakatakot… ewan ko kung ano balak nya gawin… basta sumigaw ako… 11pm kasi out ko sa work… tapos kakainin pa ako ng dinner after… konting chika2 pa, kaya usually past midnight na umuuwi… hay… sa kakatipid na maglakad lang pauwi… yan tuloy… lesson learned (wag ng kakain ng dinner after work? hahaha, wag naman…) pagkatapos kain uwi agad, or mag take out na lng… i really experienced trauma… sobrang paranoid na ngayon… kahit 6pm p ng gabi… hayun c nice sumakay ng padjak pauwi… eh di parang reyna talga ako ng dumaan, kasi ang dami2 pang tao… hehehe…

  19. dapat tinanong mo na lang kung anong kailangan nya, baka gusto mangutang dahil lam nya dami ka pera..di kaya?

  20. Nice Jehz, you did the right thing. Preserving the sacntity and integrity ni Adan. Waahhh, Great . Never sealed a deed on a stranger. Panu kung sa kakilala mo? Well, it’s show time. Hahaha…

  21. @fong – hahaha… ๐Ÿ˜› wishy-washy ako eh.. weakling ako.. takot sa mga stalker ๐Ÿ˜€ haha.. sa tagalog pa. duwag.. sa bisaya pa talawan.. so nidagan lang ko ๐Ÿ˜› hahaha

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