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A friend of mine was looking for an easy-to-use survey software for his little project. At first, I have no idea what to suggest because I haven’t used any survey software before. If there’s no internet, I admit I cannot answer his question. If you’re looking for something that you don’t know or finding a definition of a specific word or phrase, you are itching to be online nowadays and look for the answer in the world wide web. The first thing that appears to your mind is to Google it. The majority of internet users are using Google to search for something that they want to find. That’s what I think, I’m really not sure if 90% of online users depend on Google. There are also people who use Yahoo Search, Live Search and other not-so-known search engines.

So after he asked me about this survey software thing, I then googled it to see what I can find. While browsing the pages, I stumbled upon this site: I browsed the pages and read the specifications of the software. Finally, I can say that I found what my friend was looking for! Their online survey software is cutting edge. Why? Because of the following features:

» 200 templates help you get results fast
» Easily add your logo and colors
» Launch surveys in e-mail or web links
» Full-featured reports with text and graphs
» Works with your browser – no software to download
» Live support: Mon-Fri 1am – 8pm EST – always free

This is all the features that my friend was looking for, that’s why I asked my friend to check the site and he replied: “Jehz, you rock! You had exceeded my expectations for this awesome software!”.

If you need an online survey tool to create and send out a professional looking surveys, you better check From the simplest to the most complex survey you can imagine, this online survey software will gently guide you through the process with its intuitive wizard-driven interface.

Anyone with access to a browser can use this survey software. Because it is web-hosted, there is nothing to download, nothing to install, no maintenance and no administration. Now that’s really awesome eh? Check their website to know more!

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  1. this survey software are for noobs who are not resourceful enough to create their own software. Apparently, this can help ease a survey task I guess…

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