Another Summer Getaway

My cousin and I loves to look for new places in the internet where we can spend our next summer vacation with our family. My dad and my uncle always love to go outside the country to explore other astounding places in the world. My dad always consult me where should we have our summer vacation because he knows I have a lot of places to suggest that he didn’t know.

What comes in my mind is a beach resort outside the country. I’ve been googling for hours just to find the best place where we can spend our summer vacation. My cousin suggested to visit Mexico. She just found a great website called Mexico Vacation Villas. Mexico Vacation Villas are luxury beach front villa rentals located in Puerto Morelos or Playa del Secreto, Mexico.

Full descriptions of each villa including a photo gallery and list of amenities are found in their website. FAQ & Activities web pages including downloadable maps and activities brochures are also available in

I then browsed the site that was suggested by my cousin and found it very helpful. I found the list of flights to Cancun’s airport. Downloadable brochures for many summer activities such as fishing, snorkeling, Scuba, massages at the villas, map of all golf courses and Xcaret. Extensive FAQ including: hospital maps and links, shopping maps to Wal-Mart and Sam’s club, many tips about the area, safety precautions.

I also found Mexican and Mayan Recipes used by Mexico Vacation Villas’ Chef. They have a lot of yummy foods to choose from! I tell you! This includes Pico De Gallo, Guacamole, Flautas with Chicken, Mexican Red Rice, and a whole lot more! Hmmmmmmmm.. Yummy!

With Mexico Vacation Villas, visiting Mexico is more exciting than ever. I can’t wait to get there asap!

2 thoughts on “Another Summer Getaway

  1. so you’re planning to visit Mexico this summer huh? Good luck jehz! don’t forget to bring me something from Mexico! 🙂

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