Just Signed Up with zMoGo!

I have another online account at a new online community called zMoGo!

This is not another PPC site or a make money online website. It’s a newly established community for web developers, web designers, and internet marketers. It’s an all-in-one online community wherein you can blog, post a free advertisement, create your online profile, and do a lot of stuff just like what you are doing with your MySpace, Facebook or Friendster account. But, it’s not just similar to Myspace, and the rest, it’s like a metamorphed Myspace + Craigslist + Digital Point Forums. Just like what I’ve stressed, it’s an all-in-one online community!

So why am I blogging about this if it’s just the same as other established websites? The answer is simple, I just want to share how useful zMoGo is and how it can help you in your online career as a web enthusiast. zMoGo is just an amateur online community with a few members as of now. But as the community grows bigger and bigger, you can benefit by joining such. This website has no PR yet, but wait until it grows older, we don’t know if this can be one of the high PR sites that we are a member of. Blogging at zMoGo and placing your links on the your zMoGo blog post will help you boost your SERP rankings and optimize your beloved keywords. I just created my first blog post at zMoGo and instantly received 3 diggs from zMoGo members. That’s just one of the good things in joining zMoGo, free diggs! ^_^

Another benefit of being one of the early birds at zMoGo is joining the community for free! Other online communities similar to zMoGo has a membership fee, and posting advertisements, services and job offers are paid. You can take advantage of newly established sites like zMoGo, by posting related ads for free. Ad placement are unlimited as of now, and you can post as many ads as you want! You can also create unlimited blog articles, create unlimited links from your blog posts, and take advantage at every aspect that you can see at zMoGo!

Although, this website is still in its beta state, I presume. There are still a lot of improvements to make and implement in this online community. Like creating a more sophisticated and dynamic online profile, more user interactive web forums, and a better user interface as other online communities already had.

14 thoughts on “Just Signed Up with zMoGo!

  1. Just signed up. I’ll try their blogging platform and use it to optimize my posts. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this newly established online community! 🙂

  2. problem with me is that, im always tinatamad.. hehehe, kahit yung friendster ko di ko naaupdate eh .. 🙂

    yun siguro kulang sa online social life ko. hehehe mga forum forum.. 🙂

  3. @all – thanks for joining 😀 hehehehe.. la lang.. pwede niyo gamitin yung mga blogs doon pang SEO.. join din kayo ng iba pang online communities with integrated blog ek ek.. 😀

  4. @eli – hehehe.. nakaka tulong yan sa SEO.. ako nga din tamad.. kahit friendster nakaka tulong din.. lalo na pag e link ka ng lahat ng ka friendster mo.. weeeeeee!

  5. yep zMoGo is really an all in one site, but still on its beta stage. Many improvement will be made though.

    But I’m joining to be one of the beta people..

  6. Hello Jehz:

    Musta na? I am trying to make some trafiic to my site. This new site you have introduced here I hope it could help too.

    Thanks. I will try this out.

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