I’m One of BlogBank’s Top Earners!

Yes! Indeed! It’s really really true! I’m one of the beta publishers of BlogBank and one of the top 3 earners out of 70 beta publishers. I have received my first BlogBank check and… that’s all for now. Gonna update this post tomorrow. Hehehe.
UPDATE: Congratulations also to Kiven Codamon and Anton Diaz for being one of the top BlogBank publishers! Yay! Here’s a snapshot of my very first check from BlogBank. More to come soon!
BlogBank Check
I admit, the check amount is not that BIG, but it’s still a check, and it contain numbers and a signature! Yay! According to Kuya Markku, it’s my 15-days earning. Not bad eh? I’ll be updating this post as soon as I have an idea what to add. Thanks to everyone specially the BlogBank Staff. To Kuya Markku and Kuya Jayvee, and to the rest. Yiheeeeeee!

26 thoughts on “I’m One of BlogBank’s Top Earners!

  1. hello! how you doin?! i’ve read that you’re the top earners on the blogbank site. i just want to ask on how to register and be pay by just blogging and what are those company who pays while we’re blogging..thank you and hope to hear from your reply, i need your help. god bless…

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  4. @Dexter – hehehehe.. oo nga eh.. alanganin yung size ng ads.. wahehehehe…

    ayon kay kuya markku, if may 2,000 Unique Visits ka daily, makaka 1,500 to 2,000 pesos ka per ad a month. So if tatlo yung ads na naka display sa blog mo.. times 3 na yun.. so mga 6k max for 2k+ visits daily.. hehehe..

  5. What interests me is that your check is actually a join account. And they actually have your check hand-written. Hmmm, maybe they are startup and have not yet formalize their company.

    Congrats and I hope you keep blogging about BlogBank.

  6. @dexter – we’re working on resizing the ad sizes for the next campaign month.

    When a publisher signs up with the Blog Bank, our system calculates the total number of pageviews your site generates per month.

    In turn, the site is categorized into a “bank” composed of other blogs that will total 500,000 (or so…depending on how we cut it up but as of now its 500k) pageviews per month. An advertiser can choose to buy a certain number of banks per month, for a period of 30 days and publishers earn the amount equal to the percentage they contribute to the bank. The publishers and the network split the revenue 60-40 in favor of the publisher.

    To illustrate, let’s give a very very absurd example. Let’s say that for 500,000 pageviews, an advertiser will pay publishers 500,000 pesos, after the revenue split, for a one month (30 days) campaign. If you sign up with The Blog Bank and our system determines that you serve 250,000 pages per month, you are technically comprising 50% of the bank. This means that you will earn P250,000.00 per ad spot at the end of the month.

    A cheque will be delivered to you within 15 days after the month if you reach P2,000 or more.

    Thing is — and this one I emphazise a lot on – not everyone earns a lot from blogging. It may take some people months to reach 2k, but does that mean that they aren’t important? I mean, they are blogging regularly – so they definitely do contribute something. That’s why welaunched the Blog Bank Donor Card which entitles bona fide blog bank publishers to monthly perks.


  7. @marhgil – hahaha! mas malaki kita pag tatlo eh.. para sulit yung traffic.. x3! hahaha.. pag isang ad, isang tao.. x1 lang.. ehdi lugi.. wahehehe 😀

  8. yehey..naka sign up na ako.. blogbank member na rin ako.. now tingnan natin how my poor blog perform in terms of pageview advertising.. :)) sana maka 2K din ako gaya ni jehz.. pambayad manlang sa hosting/domain.. :))

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