Smart E-load, Globe Autoload & Sun Express Load via Paypal

Because a lot of people wants the convenience of sending load to their mobile phone using only Paypal, I would like to share some ways I know how to load Sun Express Load, Globe Autoload and Smart E-load via Paypal.

UPDATE 03/03/12 – now offers electronic loads to all Philippine mobile networks. That includes Sun, Talk N Text, Smart, Globe, TM, and Red Mobile. Check their website now to buy your electronic loads via Paypal. I still do recommend as it’s way cheaper there compared to But sometimes they ran out of load, that’s why I recommended other sites in case you need to buy your load credits asap via Paypal.

UPDATE 01/24/11 I just found a new way of E-loading your Smart and Autoloading your Globe mobiles phones! Their service is insanely fast and I highly recommend it. They accept Paypal and once you paid for it, you’ll receive your e-load/autoload instantly! Try Digital Martian’s Globe Autoload and Smart Buddy E-load now!

UPDATE 08/23/10 Here’s my latest update for the year 2010. As of now, the only reliable sources of Globe Autoload, Sun Express Load and Smart E-load is If you want to load your Smart phone fast via Paypal, you can buy instantly at It will take a few minutes before your load arrives, so be patient. But I assure you, it will arrive. I have used it before and I’m still using it now with my Smart SIM if I have no time to purchase outside. Too bad they don’t have Globe Autoload. Good thing, BPI Express Mobile offers Globe Autoload instantly and you can send load to anyone without pre-registering it! That’s why I don’t need a Paypal account to load my Globe Handyphone, yay!

UPDATE 07/01/09 is not transacting Smart E-load and Globe Autoload anymore, that’s why I removed their link below. If you want to purchase Smart-Eload and Globe Autoload via Paypal, I recommend and

UPDATE 05/31/09 I found another site that offers Smart E-load, Globe Autoload, Sun Expressload, and other digital credits in exchange for your Paypal funds. Kindly check this website out. I’m pretty sure you’ll like it. I haven’t tried it yet, but I think it works. I already tried their service, and they’re fast! Highly recommended. They offer the cheapest rates so far if you compare it with other websites that offers the same service. So if you’re planning to purchase a Smart Eload, Globe Autoload, or any other load credits via Paypal, I recommend [Available daily from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM, 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM on Saturdays, GMT +8]

UPDATE 05/17/08: You can also purchase Smart E-load and Globe AutoLoad Credits via Paypal thru Add Pay Manila to your YM first: Then go here and fill up the form. PayManila is available from 7:00AM to 9:00AM and 7:00PM to 9:00PM. The price of load credits changes as the US$ to Peso Rate changes.

UPDATE 04/10/08: For those who want to purchase Smart E-load, you can check this site out. You can purchase e-load credits through Paypal. I tried their service and it works in a snap. Their E-load prices are not-that-cheap, but it’s worth it. Php300.00 worth of credits is equal to $11.00 ($12.50 including the $1.50 Tax). You can also add his YM ID: mvallar, if you have questions regarding Smart E-load.

UPDATE 03/29/08: E-load and Autoload thru gracexcel is not available as of the moment. You CANNOT purchase load credits through her as of now. Thanks.

UPDATE 03/20/08:For those who are planning to purchase e-load and autoload through gracexcel, her Paypal account is currently unavailable to receive credits. You can avail of her services via EON only.

Want to use your Paypal credits to purchase Globe Autoload and Smart E-load at a fair price? My friend over at sells electronic load in exchange for your Paypal credits. By the way, her website is still under construction. Hehehe. I just received a YMGM from her about her new online business.

I know you can buy electronic loads through Chikka, but it’s way too expensive compared to this one. Php 30.00 Smart E-load costs $1.00, that’s Php 40.00 as of writing this post. Hehe. If you purchase to gracexcel, 30.00 is equal to 30.00 or $0.75 (75 cents), now that’s a fair deal diba? It’s fast, convenient, and most of all, it’s reliable. πŸ˜›

So, how can you purchase an electronic load from gracexcel? Simply login to your paypal account, and send her the exact amount that you want to load on your mobile. For example, if you want to purchase Smart E-load 115, simply follow the easy steps below once you are logged in.

Step 1. Press Send Money
Step 2. Enter gracexcel’s Paypal e-mail: paypal[at]gracexcel[dot]com
Step 3. Enter the exact amount that you wish to be loaded on your mobile. If you want to purchase 115 smart load, enter $2.90, you can also enter $3.00 if you want to. (The rates are based on the current Peso-US Dollar exchange rate as of writing this post. Rates may change without prior notice)
Step 4. Tick the “Service/Other” radio button in the “For” options, then click Continue.
Step 5. Review your payment, and fill out the “Message to Recipient” form. Indicate your mobile phone number in the subject field, and indicate the amount that you wish to load in your phone in the Message field. You can also add a custom message optionally if you want to.

That’s it, once she received the payment, and your order details, expect to receive an electronic load after 15 to 30 seconds, once she had received and confirmed your payment. πŸ™‚ But wait! If she’s not online, you can’t receive your purchased electronic load instantly. Maybe she’s sleeping, or at school, or just offline, hehehe. You can add her on YM or Gtalk if you want to. This is her YM ID: gracearreza2007 and Gtalk ID: kendiluv. You can also purchase online game cards from her, just inquire about it over at YM and Gtalk.

P.S.: For bloggers out there who offer services such as this, kindly leave a comment, and I’ll add you to this mini “public service” review. Hehehe.

59 thoughts on “Smart E-load, Globe Autoload & Sun Express Load via Paypal

  1. that’s a nice business huh? sa kanya nalang ako bibili ng load pag need ko.. minsan kasi need ko mag pa load.. tapos di ako makalabas ng bahay haha!

  2. oo nga.. nag iisip nga din ako na bumili ng retailer sim.. para maka ipon ng paypal credits.. tapos tago ko lang at magbaka sakali na tumaas ang dollar.. saka ko widraw πŸ™‚

  3. ala eh maganda nga eto idea na eto ^_^

    sige magiipon nalang ako ng paypal load pero ako kasi may plano akong bumili ng crutches na folding sa USA via Internet using paypal doon lang talaga siya available tapos around 200 dollars pa …kaya ako nagiipon sa paypal ^_^

  4. ei jehz.. xa nga pala nakalimutan kong sabihin e pag paypal ang gamit from 100 and above lng kasi may charge pag paypal e tapos pag paypal ang gamitin kasali sa bayad ang charge. hirap maintindihan explaination ko noh? lol!!!

  5. This is nice however how i can make sure walang doublecross na mangyayari kapag nagsend ako ng money sa paypal account nya? You can’t complain to paypal because there is no transaction attached. I mean like ebay,if you purchased a load, then suddenly iyong seller eh hindi pinadala iyong load mo. So in this case, i can complain to eBay and paypal and they can issue a refund for me the seller. Else, kapag nagmatigas sila, ihohold ang paypal account nila at hindi nila mawiwidraw paypal nila hanggat hindi nakukumpleto ang refund. So I guess it’s better not to send money lalo na kapag ganitong transaction na walang items purchased involve.

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  7. isang sim lang po ba yung gnagamit nyong pang load sa smart at globe? pwde po bang makuha cel number nyo. pls reply.. tnx.

  8. Hi Jezh: Thanks you for the link here. I already added your blog link to my site.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Again, thank you.


    hi, this is another website that accepts paypal payment.
    good thing about this website is, you don’t have to wait for the seller to send you the load. it will give you the image of the prepaid card you’ve purchased. please feel free to contact us for inquiries.

    thanks, jehzlau!

    more power.

  10. hey I tried purchasing a 100peso smart buddy load at and got my load as soon as i completed the payment process. Very nice. kahit unverified ung paypal account ko. thanks d-loading,,, now i know where to use my existing paypal balance i still have 150 dollars.

  11. thanks kenneth.

    it’s good to hear that you received your load right away. Your recommendation means a lot to us at D-loading. If you have any inquiries please feel free to contact us. it’s our pleasure doing business with you.



  12. Sorry for the negative review pero walang kwenta naman yung I bought load, as a tester, kasi i need to buy 1000+ load pa. I paid but it never came. Ang masama pa, I called them, emailed and send text messages pero wala naman any response.

    D-loading is okay. Though di ako nakabili because i had a problem with ebay. Approaching sila at sumasagot sila sayo. Recommended! Thanks sainyo!

    • hello, Ive been operating my globe eloading for cellphones since 2007, and my site is in google’s first page “natural listing” already proving my operation’s Integrity, If you have a paypal account and a credit “visa” card, you can easily purchase on my website “my story”. Just follow the steps to load up, fill up the boxes, your name and cellphone number “goto cart” for paypal, then “click”submit. You’re on your way, please allow at least an hour max for security purpose verification, applicable specially for New clients. To minimize scam/fraud for people who wants a “fast one free load”

  13. Wonderful post – I was thinking about an article on a similar subject that I need to take a shot at, but from a slightly different angle. Thanks for sharing this with your readers…Obviously a lot of readers appreciate it too!

  14. thanks kates. we appreciate your comments. hope to deal with you again.

    if you need load credits, just send us an email or text message (09275916543). we’ll do our best to give you the cheapest price for your prepaid load credits. we also receive gcash, smart money and even union bank eon payments

    thanks jehzlau.

    • August 26, 2011

      Hello Ryan,

      Your email was posted more than a year ago already, anyway if you still have your online add., my website sends eload and make purchases via paypal. If you have a paypal and or a valid credit card under your name you can make a purchase, but then, aLL new customers will be subject for the usual verification/identification check for security purpose for the protection of the business to minimize fraud. Hope you understand. Thank you

      • To All Concerned:

        Just want to let you know that my website is no longer working since last year because it was “killed” by the person who I thought is a good friend and partner who made things miserable. I can’t do anything because he made the website and controlled the “system”. I was simply wrong for thinking that as a friend and “kumpare” and doing things for him like:visit my(his) sick mother, sell his big bike,get this documents, go to this place, come to my place even though how far,etc.etc.would at least compensate for lending me which I pay for the hosting and domain fees to no effect, all the webmaker thinks is himself, and never mind if a friend will spiral down. Anyway I just want to Thank ALL my customers from all over the world for using my website for thier eloading needs, maybe one of this days I could find another webmaker who knows how to deal “”humanely” and I will be back on the web.

  15. Hi ! I would like to let you know I also offer Globe Load through Paypal at
    If you send your order from 11am to 11pm your load will be received within 2 hours otherwise, it will be within 24 hours hours.
    Hope you will find the site easy to use.
    Regards, Melissa

  16. For me, natuwa naman ako sa load online experience, e since I’m always online napaka-convenient for me to purchase cell phone load online. A month ago, nadiscover ko yung cheapest load online P20-P30 lang patong nila, unlike sa iba, P100 and up! hello?? over ah!

    It took 15 minutes before dumating yung load, with free text messages pa yun.

    • Hello Jomar,

      If you feel some sites makes “patong” 100 and up its because they pay hosting and domain fees, cost of website with good working system, online advertisement like google adwords, adsense, etc. kung 20, 30 pesos land dapat ang kita, eh makukuha mo na yun sa local store load selling na patingi tingi ang bili 10 pesos and up

      Thank you for your kind understanding.

  17. I offer Express Load, Autoload Max, E-load (but check for availability) sometimes dami nagpapaload nauubusan ako. Payment via paypal. text me for quick transaction. 09158994175

  18. Just want to take this opportunity to let cellphone online eloading users that my website www, has been serving hundreds of online customers for since its starting operation in 2007, some customers of that year are still our websites regular and loyal customers, until now. Our website primarily caters for customers in the USA, Europe,Canada, Australia, and some countries in Asia. In case if you do try our service, please allow verification,Identification time,Not all credit card users is the Legitimate Owner/Buyer. Our system has an automatic system security check.Payment is through credit card-Visa and please have your Paypal account when making a purchase fyi,Thank you. //

  19. I used Fizzer for over 6 months, they’ve been fast and reliable. Pero biglang naging super delayed sila, the thing is, im a graphic designer, i always need to be online. Minsan it will take OVER 24hrs before my load arrives. The technical support was great at first pero later on they are ignoring me πŸ™ Hay. Super hassle. Now im buying in DigitalMartian, mas mura and mas reliable since they are a big seller ng all kinds of loads.

    • August 26, 2011


      If you want to try our website for your online needs eloading for cellphones will be fast AFTER being properly verified/Identified as legit customer. It it SOP that initially,.. questions will be asked that needs a reply if something did not “Match” on data picked up by our system. Hope you understand that this measure are important for the protection of the business againt’s online fraud and scammers which is rampant online.. thank you

  20. try my website, if you want, however loading is fast for Identified/verified regular legit customers. For all NEW clients it is SOP to security check and may ask question to email buyer for further verification. Hope we all understand that online fraud is so rampant online and security checking is needed for the protection of the business. Thank you

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