23 thoughts on “Paypal: Personal Account or Premiere/Business Account?

  1. thanks, jehz! this one helped me. I was really confused. I received funds kasi from credit card. tapos nag-offer and paypal ng upgrade to Premiere. Kaya, stupid me, I tried it din.

  2. big time ba ako? hahahaha. i’m using a premiere account. medyo malaki natipid ko when accepting credit card payments from my clients. 🙂

  3. I am not a bigtime Paypal user but I upgraded my account to Premier account because I am receiving advertising requests for my blogs which are paid through credit cards. I received $20 for an advertising fee and $1.08 was deducted. Sayang.

  4. The extra cost for the business account is quite high, and there are restrictions than cause problems with some of the gateway applications.

  5. @borwegan – ur welcome 🙂

    @Geoffrey Broderick – thanks 🙂

    @Jam – oo nga mag personal ka nalang 😀 hehehe

    @Scott – ur right ^_^

  6. kaya nga delete ko yung business ko. lols.. parang ako tong “she” dito ah. nyahahah btaw thanks for informing me about this. *two thumbsup*

  7. jehz, thanks dito ha. problema ko kasi ngaun yan eh.. i receive a credit card payment and paypal wants me to upgrade.. baka e deny ko na lng yung payment.. huhuhu.. sayang yung money but lugi din ako in the long run eh..

  8. @lady – the best thing to do is, dapat may isang account ka na business. Sa friend mo na kapangalan or sa kamag-anak. Para kung may credit card payments ka, doon mo pa forward, bago mo e send sa personal account mo, para walang bayad 😀 at maliit lang ang kaltas kasi premiere yung pinagforwardan mo bago mo nireceive sa personal 😀

  9. thanks jehz. Kelangan ko ng isa pang debit or credit card. EON lang kasi meron ako. i plan to get 1 premier account and maintain 1 personal account too. But for the meantime i will have to upgrade to premier account to get the $50 dollars. Then I will open a new paypal personal account, o kaya mag downgrade na lng ako..

  10. @lady – yeah.. mas maganda dalawa.. yung premiere na account mo.. pang credit card transactions.. yung personal pang normal paypal funds,. like earnings mo sa reviewme, TLA, widgetbucks, and the like… 🙂

  11. Hello, akala ko ko $500 ang limit ng withdrawal sa Personal Account ng PayPal is per day and not per month?

    Btw, kung gusto nyo pong maging “instant” ang withdrawal ng PayPal nyo, or kailangan nyong pondohan ang PayPal nyo, add nyo ako sa YM, usap tayo, newpinggarcia @ yahoo.com.


  12. Hi Jehzlau,

    Nabasa ko un comment mu sa isang paypal article and it leads me here.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Now i know what type of accounts is suited for me.

    Keep it up. Thanks again.

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