Nostalgia: My High School Painting

I missed the days when I can scribble with my brush, mix colors from different oil paint tubes, and having so much fun unleashing my artistic skills (nyahehe…). But now I have no time to waste for this oil-painting-on-canvass-hobby, because I spend too much time catching radiation of electromagnetic waves generated by a computer monitor. I wish I can warp myself back to the old times, where I can play with my good old dog “TJ”, feed my good old Goldfish, “Goldy”, and ahmmm… that’s all, I just missed the good old days.

Let’s go back to painting. Painting. Painting. Painting. Oh my, I don’t know what to say, but painting. All I can remember is that it was inspired by Melbourne plastic surgeon. Just observe the painting, and see for yourself why it was inspired by such. I think, my painting skills are deteriorating as days pass by. I can’t even imagine myself holding a paint brush, holding it with my left hand (yes, I’m left handed), and thinking of something to paint. Someone stole my painting skills, and I don’t know who, who… whoo.. is he? or she? or it? hehe.. , I can’t even make a good header for this blog. I just suck on almost everything. I suck on blogging, I suck on SEO, I suck on drawing, I suck on programming, I suck on web designing, I just simply suck. I don’t know if my brain is still present inside my skull. How can I regain my skills, how? I don’t know how. I don’t even know who the hell am I? I don’t know my name! and, I don’t know why am I writing this stupid post in my blog. What happened to me? I don’t know what, and I don’t know why, and I don’t know almost everything, I don’t even understand what I am writing right now. I just don’t know. All I can remember is I made that painting, and I can’t imagine myself how did I paint it, or how I came out with it, or ambot? hehe… Waaaah! I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know. I don’t know what to say. I just really don’t know. 🙁

13 thoughts on “Nostalgia: My High School Painting

  1. it’s beautiful, jehz.. it’s captivating. the color.. tranquil masyado..

    u r an artist jud! ^^,
    kala mo lng nwala na yan pro it hasn’t. that’s a great part of u. pro pag di naalagaan, prang puppy na lalayo for some time, hehe.. once ul look for it, babalik yan. ^^,

    by the way, wen i read it, pra syang song. may rhyme, hehe..^^,

    hope u cud give urself a break and find agen the artist in u..:D

  2. @phaelun – oo nga 😀 hehehe

    @FunnySexy – yeah.. nung highschool me.. ngayon di na ako marunong.. keyboard na kasi hawak ko ilang taon na waaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  3. “I suck on blogging, I suck on SEO, I suck on drawing, I suck on programming, I suck on web designing”

    waaaaaaaaaa jehzlau!!!! nagmamayabang.pffftt.

    The painting is good. nice. 😀 by the way, kevin’s left handed i think. ayan ha. may another info ka na naman from me. hehehehe

  4. @batangyagit – waaaaaaaaaaa i suck talaga sa totoo lang T__T

    p.s.: waaaaaaa left handed? waaaaaaaaa!! bat ganun! T__T sa pangalan nalang kami mag ka iba 😀 unique name ko sa kanya hindi.. bwahahaha!

  5. waH! mali ako…nagmail ako, hehehe…good work! kahit nakita ko na yan dati…maganda ang BLUE, dli obvious na imo fave color…ahaha…

  6. wow blue painting… alam mo naman, bias ako pagdating sa blue… hahahhha… kaya sssuuuuppppeeeerrrr ganda ng painting na ito!!!!!

  7. U don’t suck. you just aren’t satisfied. U seek perfection when in fact it’s impossible to gain it in this world engulfed with people like us with a dead old sinful self & people not like us functioning with the strength of their old man. Gets? ur a gifted child, evry1 knows that. be thankful instead ok kuya jesh? =) I miss that painting by d way. asan na yan?

  8. @ drei – thanks drei 😀

    @ yatot – thanks yatot 😀 hehehe

    @coffee princess – nin ikaw yan? nasa sta. maria yung painting.. hehehe 😀

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