Spring Break Bail Out

My friend in the U.S. sent me an email today. His email recounted his craziest and coolest spring break ever. Attached, also, were photos taken during his wonderful Florida experience. Now, I don’t know if I should be ecstatic about this or a little peeve. Why? Okay, flashback to a month before his wacky vacation.

A few months ago, my friend told me he was going to spend his spring break here in the Philippines. We haven’t seen each other since high school so naturally I was hipped. I made plans already. Knowing he is such beach bud, I organized a reunion down there in Boracay. I was so sure he is going to enjoy the sunset, white sand, seafood, and the girls……. (not sure about the girls appreciating him though… hehe). All was set. However, A few days before his supposed arrival date, he phoned me telling me that he had canceled his trip and was heading to Florida instead. Arrgghh!!!! “The nerve of this worm” I thought. I tried to talk him out of it by appealing to his conscience. Too bad he had none. I also pointed out the improbability of booking any Florida spring break hotels since it was peak season. “All the hotels are sold out and you’d probably end up sleeping beside the sharks” I said. Even this was to no avail for he had already made reservations. How is that possible? Simply, he booked through www.crshotels.com, where great deals on hotel reservation abound.

This worm told me that he, like me, initially thought that all hotels down there in Florida were sold out until he checked CRSHotels.com. “It was easy, I just filled in the specifics and all the information popped out” he said. “Provide the check in and check out date, the destination, number of rooms, and number of guests and viola the screen will show you lists of hotel rooms to choose from” he added. “What I like about the site is that they provide description of the hotel and the room” he said and furthered “it gives you a feel of what the room is like and tells you what amenities are provided. You know what you are getting into. And the coolest thing is that at CRSHotels.com, you pay when you stay. Unlike many other online hotel reservation sites, CRSHotels.com does not require prepayment. You pay the hotel directly, according to the individual hotel’s policy. Check their site for more information.” Grrr… this worm sure won this battle and I rest my case.

Anyway, our high school reunion pushed through and we had such a blast. It was my friend’s lost, I should say, we had so much fun. I have yet to send him our photos and let us see who is going to end up crying.

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8 thoughts on “Spring Break Bail Out

  1. @rickey – u already won! bwahahaha!

    @lady leah – hehe.. yep my friend told me that it’s extremely awesome.. yay! hehe

  2. are you kidding me? I was like there in that hotel a days ago… the place was awesome…. and oh… i love the hotel accommodations! the view is great and everything is just at their right blend… seems like paradise, really~! but i am too tired to handle my misunderstandings of the place… the party in a nearby is place is superb by the way! 😛

  3. yeah! I’ve been to florida once but I haven’t checked that csr hotels thing. Good thing you’ve blogged about it jehz, so that next time, I’ll try to book online.

    Really, you’ll end up sleeping with the sharks if you can’t book earlier.. hahaha!

  4. @maison – balang araw.. maison.. balang araw 😀

    @yatot – ohhh.. I you should have seen my friend and spank him in the head for not attending our once-in-a-lifetime reunion! hahahaha!

    @reyver – you should book online before ending up sleeping with those monstrous beasts of the deep! bwahahaha!

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