ReviewMe Scam!

Ok, I know that ReviewMe is a genuine company. Giving great opportunity to bloggers to review products and services and paying reviewers at a fair price. I also earned a lot from ReviewMe, but unfortunately, they did something today that was completely against my will

One of my review offers was about “Hannah Montana Tickets“. I reviewed it on my other blog, then I waited for 2 days to see if it was approved or rejected. But sadly, it was rejected! Why was it rejected? Because they tricked me and let me write a wrong review about that product. They said that the review should be about “Jonas Brother Tickets” NOT “Hannah Montana Tickets”. But at first, they posted Hannah Montana Tickets, then changed it secretly to Jonas Brothers Tickets. It’s so unethical! Who will not be annoyed about it? For instance, they will ask you to review about MAC, then suddenly change it to PC before deciding to approve or reject your review. The day after you accepted and reviewed their offer, you are so excited to check your ReviewMe account. You log in and see if your review was approved or not, then you’ll just realize that it was rejected because, it’s all about PC, not about MAC!!! Sino bang di maiinis?? SINNOOOO???? Tapos sasabihan ka pang dapat PC ang nireview mo, hindi MAC! bullshit!

They didn’t even inform me why they changed it. It was “Hannah Montana Tickets” for two weeks in my campaigns tab, before I accepted the offer. I was even skeptical to accept it, because it was only $20.00. Why should I waste my time to review such a crap worth $20.00. But I have no choice that day, because the rest of the review offers suck. It’s all about the cas___ thing that can be one of the reasons for my site to get penalized by Big G. Kainis talaga! Grrrrrrrr… Hannah Montana, tapos naging Jonas Brothers bago nila ni reject??? Sinabi pa nila na: ” This has nothing to do with Hannah Montana! This is supposed to be about the Jonas Brothers.” O c’mon.. ang kapal niyo! Kahapon lang Hannah Montana yan, ngayon Jonas Brothers na? Maglokohan nalang tayo ReviewMe! Sue you! Damn!!! (Pero mag rereview parin ako.. nainis lang ako kasi di ko sila dinadaya, tapos ganito ginawa nila sa akin.. grrrrrr…)


ReviewMe Offer Accepted:

ReviewMe Review Rejected, because it should not be Hannah Montana? Pwede pala yun palitan????

30 thoughts on “ReviewMe Scam!

  1. may screenshots ako.. pero they don’t even bother to reply… 3x na ako nag fill up ng contact form.. grrrrrrrrr…….!!! at sinend ko na.. kaso di nag rereply.. syettt!

  2. But ReviewMe can see the changes made by the company who wants to be reviewed. I can even blame the company because I have no direct contact with them. Only through ReviewMe.

    So, the first thing to do is contact ReviewMe first, but they don’t even bother to reply 🙁

  3. since yung company na nagpapareview ang loko, gawa ka ng review, Jonas Brothers Suck! optimize mo sa Jonas Brothers na keyword. hahaha. magugulat na lang sila kapag nakita nila nasa first page ng Google yung review mo . 🙂 siguro, may traffic yang keyword na yan, agawan mo. sweet revenge. hahaha.

  4. @marhgil – I still blame ReviewMe, because they permitted to change their keyword, after I completed the review! syetttt!

    Dapat hindi na pwede palitan once na post na yung campaign at may nag accept na.. alangan naman palitan nila eh nagawa na eh.. palusot lang ata sila kasi ayaw nila mag bayad ng $20.. SUE THEM!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  5. Hi Jehz, want to make this an seo effort? haha 😛

    Reviewme sucks ung target keyword haha

    btw, you can reach more people if you write it in english so that other people can relate to it too. 🙂

  6. ala eh ano ba yaan!?

    nako mukhang ok din un sinabi nila sweet revenge! optimize to the keywords of this and that …

    hmmm … good idea yan jehz para maka top ka ulit ^_^ sige na review mo ulit un reviewMe with all the optimization ahihihi

  7. Grabe naman yan. I agree, me pananagutan dyan ang ReviewMe, hindi lang yung advertiser, kasi yung RM nga supposed to be yung interface between the blogger and the advertiser. At the very least they owe you an explanation.

    Posible na iniimbestigahan ng RM yung nangyari, hintay ka muna ng ilang araw.

  8. Ohhh.. that’s weird. I hope ReviewMe will investigate what’s the mystery behind the phenomenon.. HMmmmmm???

    RM is a credible company, I know they will reply to your concern once they received it, just wait for 3 to 4 days, and that case of your will be resolved. For sure 😉

  9. That’s pretty bad Jez. I have reviewme account too, but i never started it yet. PPP is better. They pay better. For me! That’s a good idea brothers. Why don’t we start the SEO for that! Resbak tayo! lol

  10. ok lang yan ambo.. nag reply na ang reviewme. Di daw nila alam bat nangyari yun, di din nila ma trace pano nag change.. then they paid me nalang para sa review na ginawa ko.. hehehe.. at nag sorry. Baka system error daw or what. Basta di daw nila alam. wahahaha 😀

    Di alam? pwede ba yun? pero ok na.. nabayaran na nila ako eh. 😀

  11. ano ba yun bat binawi? ready pa naman na ang post ko sa seo nyan hahaha. edi buburahin mo na din tong post na to? lols

    atleast they accepted their mistake. o pano yan me $20 ka na? eto nga pala paypal ko ha. hahaha

  12. SEO parin natin kahit binawi,. post mo yung niready mo na post! wahahahah 😀

    di kasi nila alam bat nag ka ganun.. wahahaha! basta scam parin scam.. awhahaha 😀 post mo ha? 😀 hehhehe

  13. ayoko baka madale ako ng google na yan. ang damin ng binawian ng ranggo. hmmmm. ayokong mangyari sa akin yun! pinaghirapan k yun. huhuhu

  14. a thing similar to that happened to me too. I made a review and then it was approved. so happy to the max, $25 worth yung review eh, tapos sa payout time na, biglang ni reject. But “approved” na yung review weeks ago pa, then bigla nilang ni reject. I was not paid. kakainis talaga. but i did not bother to email them. bago pa lng kasi ako noon sa blogging.

  15. @lady – ohhhhhhhh.. meron din ako now.. biglang na reject.. nangyari nanaman ang nangyari dati.. may system glitch ata sila… hehehe.. ok lang more than $500+ na nakuha ko sa reviewme… ang worth ng na reject sa akin nas $50.. masakit.. pero kelangan tanggapin.. nasa sa kanila na yun if gusto ka nila bayaran or not.. 🙁

    life is unfair talaga.. huhuhu..

  16. Thanks for your info. I also about to write a bad review about reviewme dot com. But not like u, my case havent yet really reach the term scammed. It just that I have

  17. so are you still working on review me?
    Dude, did you really get money there? I am still confuzzled. ReviewMe is not giving me a review offer, not even once…pls comment back

    • Yes! But now they banned me. Because when I submitted my review, the site was down. They didn’t consider my explanation and I really hate them.

      Yet, I still earned more than thousand dollars in 1 year from

      You need to change your categories if you’re not receiving a review offer since you’re accepted in the Program.

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