iPod Error: Photo Sync

“Some of your photos were not copied because they cannot be displayed on your iPod”. If you have encountered this kind of error, and you’re here looking for help, or a solution of how to fix it, thank Google, you’re in the right place.

I encountered this error while synchronizing some of my JPEG images from my laptop to my iPod. After iTunes optimized the images to my iPod Nano 3rd Gen, a sudden error prompted from iTunes, and it states that “Some of your photos, including the photo ___.jpg, were not copied to the iPod ____, because they cannot be displayed on your iPod. I tried to re-sync it again, but still encountered the same error. I googled about this error, hoping that there’s a fix, or someone out there encountered the same error as I did. Luckily, I found lots of forum threads regarding this Photo Sync error. I read the thread posts, and found out that there are JPEG images that are not compatible with iPod.

iTunes do not like a JPEG image with an embedded color profile, that’s what I found in one of the threads of Apple Support Forums. One of the users suggested to use Adobe Lightroom in exporting images, because it’s iTunes-compatible. I also found out that JPEG images saved from Photoshop are not compatible with iTunes, only some, but not all (Weird eh?). Try saving JPEG images from Photoshop, other images will not be synchronized properly. I also tried saving and resizing images on Microsoft Picture Manager, but still, I have no luck.

Finally, I tried opening JPEG images using Paintbrush, renamed it, and save it as JPEG. Opened iTunes, and tried to synchronize my photos again. Guess what? It was properly synchronized into my iPod! Hehehe… That’s how I fixed this Photo Sync error. If you encountered this error, and you have a much better way of how to fix it, kindly leave me a comment on this post. Thanks! 🙂

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13 thoughts on “iPod Error: Photo Sync

  1. Great! Now i can properly synchronize it, or maybe I’ll try exporting it simultaneously using adobe lightroom, because saving it one by one using PB is such a waste of time…

    anyways, thanks for sharing!

  2. Great post! very informative 🙂 I’ve been struggling how to fix my ipod. I’m also thinking to return it to the store where i bought it.

    Thank God I found this post in Google. It’s very helpful indeed!

  3. I found if I right clicked on a photo in its folder and clocked open with…windows picture viewer I could then sync all my photos
    Thanks would never have tried it without this link!

  4. I have tried that already and I still CANT save my pics onto my ipodtouch…this is what I did..I right click on the pic to open paintbrush, save my pic as jpeg (even .png, .jpg, .gif, .tif) and then I select manually manage music and videos, because I dont want to delete my pics saved onto my ipod, drag and drop the pics I want to copy onto my ipod…and that stupid message appears again, somebody help mee 😥

  5. The ipod hard drive is responsible for many errors, but in many instances, the problem is not actually with the hard drive, but with the hard drive cable. Corrosion develops on the silver part of the hard drive cable and must be cleaned periodically to keep the iPod functioning correctly. This isn’t always the case, but many times it is.

  6. Some photos I downloaded off the internet are not syncing, to my 2g Itouch. I have windows 7 and have tried all the available options, they STILL WONT SYNC!!! HELP 😮

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