Widgetbucks is 0% Genuine [Updated September 2009]

UPDATE 09/01/09: My friend was scammed by Widgetbucks. So I would like to tell everyone that Widgetbucks is evil and they are scamming people if they cannot pay them. So beware. Below is my first Widgetbucks payment. They will pay your for your first few months, but after you’ll earn higher and get more revenue from them, they will ban your site and will accuse you of clicking your own Ads. They are just like AW Surveys. AW Surveys will pay you at first to gain your trust. If you’ll earn more from them, they will never pay you and will look for reasons so that they will not release any payments for you.

I was surprised today, I have received my first ever Widgetbucks payment from Mpire Corporation. Now, I can brag that Widgetbucks is NOT A SCAM! So for those who are ranting about widgetbucks, and spreading the word that it’s a scam, sorry for you, because I have proven that it’s really NOT A SCAM. Again, Widgetbucks is NOT A SCAM! My online buddy Marhgil received his payment also, you can check his blog if you don’t believe me

By the way, for the screenshot, siyempre, I have a screenshot below of my last October 2007 earnings. It’s worth the wait, even if it takes too long. The good thing is, they paid us before their deadline, which is 45 days after your balance reached $50. Their first payment should be on or before December 15, but they paid us earlier as expected. So, kudos to the Widgetbucks team, and to Mpire Corporation as well. And.. For those who are patiently waiting for Widgetbucks’ payment, congratulations! It’s really really really worth the wait!

For the screenshot, here it is:

So, do you want to earn extra income online? Why not sign up for Widgetbucks, and start earning dollars now!

14 thoughts on “Widgetbucks is 0% Genuine [Updated September 2009]

  1. wah! ala talaga akong ka idea2 sa mga ganito, well ang masasabi ko lng, mas pinapadami lng nito ang pera ni jez. hehehehe, he’s really earning that much na talaga! kaya pala nag chubby! heheheh

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  4. Widgetbucks is scam, they will suspect you for click fraud which will cause a termination of account. I swear to GOD that I did not do it nor hire someone to click my ads.

    They will suspend your account without notification so that they get more cash from your site. My two and a half months earning from widgetbucks gone to waste. They are really likes monkeys who only thinks of earning and not taking care of their good publisher.

    Widgetbucks is a BIG SCAM!

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