You Don’t Mess With A Zohan Movie Review

The movie begins with Zohan (Adam Sandler), on vacation at a Tel Aviv beach. While enjoying his vacation, an Israeli Defense Forces helicopter arrives, and told him that he had a mission to fulfill.

During a subsequent briefing, Zohan expresses his displeasure about having his vacation cut short. After being heckled by his officer, he eventually agrees to do yet another mission of recapturing a key Palestinian terrorist, the “Phantom” (John Turturro), who had been freed by the Israeli government in exchange for a captured Mossad agent, plus an additional “to-be-named-later” spy. Zohan fakes his own death after playing ping-pong using the grenade as a ball with the Phantom.

He then went to New York by riding an airplane, but he was in the baggage area with some pets named Scrappy and Coco. He then adopted the name and used it as his own name.

Zohan attempts to land a job in a struggling salon of a Palestinian woman named Dhalia (Emmanuelle Chriqui). After first only allowing the ostentatious Zohan to sweep floors for free, she eventually allows him to be a stylist after he pleases a senior lady with a satisfactory haircut and back room sexual service. Zohan’s reputation spreads instantly among the elder women of lower Manhattan, who comment that “besides the sex, he gives a pretty good haircut.”

Many events appeared in the movie. Mariah Carey also appeared in the movie, singing the American National anthem in the soccer-like takyan tournament between Israel and Lebanon.

To come to an end, all I can say is that the movie is fun and full of unrealistic, or should we say impossible stunts by the Zohan and Phantom.

So watch it in Cinemas near you. I tell you, it’s really worth the bucks to watch it in theathres!

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One thought on “You Don’t Mess With A Zohan Movie Review

  1. Altough I was kind of let down after people talked it up too much, I still thought it was a pretty good watch. My sister loved it though. To each their own.

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