Wow Jehz! Great work so far!

Weeeeee! I was commended by Sir George (My Boss) for another great work.. So far? It’s always been so far.. hehehe.. But it’s the 5th Great Work phrase from him. I’m so happy that my first and second web projects are now approved. My first web project is now live, and the second one is now ready to go live! The core php features are now working properly, the search, login / logout, browse resumes, accept job offers, apply to job offers, job alerts, job alert filtering and other features for a job site that was requested by my boss now works! They’ll just edit the site contents and will go live right away. I’m so happy, even if I’m just a newbie at PHP and MySQL web development, I have finished a working PHP powered website. With the help of UltraEdit, Photoshop, and the PHP 5 Unleashed book by John Coggeshall, I was able to finish this complex jobs site for my client.

Thru this accomplishment, they gave me a new job, and it’s their corporate website. Wow! another addition to my portfolio, and web portfolio (hopefully someday). I have given them a preview of their corporate website, and they like it so I was given the go signal to continue this new project. This is what my boss said: “Great work jehz! I like what I’m seeing…! please send me the codes, and please try to make it to ADEC either tomorrow or if not by Monday so we can get those codes and I can have the guys to start to edit ADEC Engineering Solutions, content wise…” and another follow up e-mail: “Let’s now finish the new ADEC Solutions look and I then have another website for you.”

Another website? Weeeeeeee! another portfolio content! hehe.. I hope I can finish this 4th website asap. I don’t have an idea what’s this, but I’m excited to do this one fast ^_^

A thumbnail preview of my 3 web projects:

A-Plus Chinese Learning Center:XHTML, CSS, PHP, ActionScript, Javascript

ADEC Engineering Solutions: XHTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP, AJAX, Javascript, XML

American Data Exchange Corporation: XHTML , CSS, PHP, Javascript

4 thoughts on “Wow Jehz! Great work so far!

  1. ooops the other website was updated.. adec solutions na ginamit na logo baka mag taka kayo iba yung logo.. hehehe yung american data exchange corporation po 🙂

  2. 😀
    talaga naman may talent ka sa arts and design kaya magaling talaga gumawa ng website 😀

    hay 🙂

    sana maka-apas ko nimo 😀

    keep it up jehz your the best!


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