My Blog was Approved for PPP Direct!

My PayPerPost account was approved today! (Isa nanamang pagkakakitaan na di ko alam kung kikita nga.. hehe). By the what is this PPP thing? PPP Direct is an exciting new way for you to make money from your blog by contracting directly with advertisers! PPP Direct allows you to keep more of the money per transaction than any other service out there! But the sad thing is, I still don’t know how this system works. Hmmm… I have clicked and tried to view their video tutorial, but it doesn’t play. So, I will just play with this stuff, and see how will PPP generate income for me, just like adsense. To those who are aware of how this system works, I hope you’ll leave me a comment ^__^. Good day!

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15 thoughts on “My Blog was Approved for PPP Direct!

  1. Jehz,

    Moi aussi!!! Kaso I have no freaking idea how to start!!! Can you teach moi? He He He! It’s my other site

    i posted something already, but i have no clue how to make it appear on the PPP panel as my post!

  2. waaaaaaaaaa pareho lang tayo…. naka start na ako… pero la pa naman kita eh.. di ko pa ma gets paano talaga.. heehee

  3. i don’t think na makakakita kayo ng pera dyan kasi alam ko na bwal dito sa pinas ng paypal or sumthing eh. try nyo b2p. mas malaking kita and natry na ng mga friend bloggers ko. πŸ˜€

    nyways, care to xchange links? πŸ˜€

  4. oo nga til now 0 dollars parin.. kelangan kasi mag post ka ng mga products na nasa PPP.. at parang mag testimony ka about that certain product para may kita.. hehehe..

    mabilis parin kita sa adsense i think.. poer yang B2p na sinasabi mo di ko pa yan na try ah.. ma try ko nga yan.. hehehe

  5. I tried it too.. i placed a paypal address… di ko pa alam how paypal would work… my payment bounces back daw. *sigh* pede naman atang check. hehe

    and pede ang paypal sa philippines… before lang ung hindi pede. available na sya sa pinas now.

    i know how PPP works.. it’s the Paypal I don’t know. T_T hehe

  6. hehehhe naintindihan ko na din yung PPP ngayon.. kaso dapat products na nasa PPP direct ang e post ko at e explain.. parang ayaw ko ata nun.. hehehe gawa nalang cguro me separate blog for PPP…

    yung paypal po madali lang.. pwede mo siyang pambili ng mga domains, online shoppings.. pero convert to cash di ko pa alam.. hehhe ^__^

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