Credit Card Number Algorithm

Looking for Free Credit Card Numbers? or Valid Credit Card Numbers? Then read this post:

A lot of people in the world wide web are looking for free Credit Card Numbers. They thought that having for these credit card numbers with valid CVV/CVC and all the information that they need are pretty easy. I can’t imagine that there are still people who are searching for it nowadays. The keyword “Free Credit Card Numbers” had no trend compared to “Credit Card Numbers” which had a very high trend, but the slope was negative. Based on the trends, from year 2004 to year 2008, internet users who are trying to search for credit card numbers are lesser compared to the previous year. But still, there were some people who were trying their luck to find the credit card of their dreams for free at Google and Yahoo.

Here’s an example of a valid credit card number:
Master Card
M*CH**L G R***S (just guess the name)
Expiration Date: 05/10

You can test if it’s valid or not here.

Below were some sample credit card numbers that I found in the internet. (These were not valid numbers and were only used for educational purposes. They were random numbers that happen to conform to the MOD 10 algorithm by MOD10 Check/Luhn Formula. They were a technical resource for Programmers and Developers).



If you really want to have your very own credit card number, why not apply online at or There are a lot of companies that offer credit cards provided that you qualify and provide all the requirements needed to have your very own credit card.

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