SEO Tips to Bear in Mind

Hayyyy pangalawang beses ko na to ipopost, nag error kanina di ako naka backup at biglang nawala yung mahabang post ko! waaaaaaaaHH!! Kainis! Ngayong araw mag popost ako about SEO, yung mga na research ko lang tungkol sa SEO. Kung SEO Expert ka na or may alam tungkol sa SEO, paki-usap, wag niyo nalang to basahin, kasi pang newbies lang po to tungkol sa SEO. Astig talaga tong SEO na to, biglang naging popular ang Search Engine Marketing at napaka halaga na ng web rank mo sa Google, Yahoo, MSN or kahit anong Search Engine. Dapat naka optimize ka ng mabuti para maganda ang ranking at dapat mauuna ka sa results! Whew! Big deal na pala to ngayon. Oo kasi.. basta mahabang kwento nanaman. Magbibigay lang me ng tips for SEO Newbies. Kaya eto na yung mga tips na ma sheshare ko 🙂

1. Content Matters the Most – Search engines index the content of a website, and the more content you have, the better. Add relevant content to your website. If your website sells cellphone, PCs, Gadgets na kahit ano, you can add reviews on those things. This will also attract potential buyers to your website. Usually buyers do research first before they buy online.

2. Provide Navigational Links – In order for any search engine to index all the pages of your site, it should be able to find them. An efficient navigation system is very important. Avoid using images, JavaScript or flash navigation links, because search engines look for HTML link tags for indexing. Kaya maganda paring Static websites, very friendly for SEO talaga! 🙂

3. Use synonymous phrases in headers, titles, and meta tags – Include related words and phrases in page titles, text, and header meta tags. This will expand the range of keywords that the web page might be listed under. For example,this page has a title of “Jehzlau Concepts – Defining the edge of abstract electronic arts”, while the articleheader is “SEO Tips to Bear in Mind”. This page has been targeted for anyone searching for either of these words. Search engines value the page title, meta tags and page headers more than any text in the page.

4. Submit your site to SE – Ito, ito ang pinaka importante sa lahat, dapat ma submit niyo ang site sa isang Search Engine, for example Google, submit niyo dito. Pag na submit niyo na dyan, ok na yan, yan ang largest search engine eh, kahit di mo na submit sa Yahoo at MSN, na try ko na kasi maraming beses, na e-index parin ng ibang search engines, after ma submit ko sa Google. Lalo na yung Live Search Microsoft, kahit di mo na submit nakikita nya na, at laging updated yung image search results niya, astig nga eh. Use Google Webmaster Tools din at yung ibang Cool Apps nila like Sitemap Generator. For more information regarding SEO, visit the official SEO Forums of the Philippines astig dyan! dami ka matututunan. About Adsense, Adwords, Pay Per Click, at marami pang iba! Whew! Hanggang dito nalang po babay…

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