US $3.52 for 1 day in Google Adsense!

I’m sOOooo happy that I earned $3.52 USD for jsut 1 day. I earned it yesterday on Google Adsense! I was so surprised and I can’t believe that for just 1 day, my Adsense earnings went up to 3 dollars! Hehe.. I’m only earning 0.00 dollars to 0.01 dollars for 1 week a few days ago before yesterday. I earned only 0.29 dollars in a month, from the time I registered an account in Google Adsense. From October 2006 to January 2007, I only earned $3.42 USD. That’s a total of 4 months! Kaya nagulat ako ngayon! Because my 4-month adsense earnings is just equal to my 1 day earning yesterday! Whew! I hope this 3-dollar-per-day earning will continue, and will grow for up to 10 to 20 dollars per day! Sana… I think I should make more interesting topics here in my blog, to earn more and grab that Google Check someday. Kahit isang taon, isang Google Check lang, it’ll make my happy na! Hay saya talaga! hehehe… sensya na sa mga high earners, it’s my first time kasi to earn 3 dollars for just 1 day! Hehe…

I would like to thank Google for giving bloggers and website owners the opportunity to make money online. Thanks for creating Google Adsense, Google Adwords, AdSense for Search, and the Google Web Apps, like Google Maps, Google Docs & Spreadsheets, Google Video, Google SMS (US), Google Glossary, and specially to Google Labs for creating such astounding web apps!

That’s all for today! For those who wants to earn from blogging, keep on blogging and never lose hope! Don’t stop believing! Hold on to the feeling! Streets lights! People! OoOooOohhh….

14 thoughts on “US $3.52 for 1 day in Google Adsense!

  1. >> I hope this 3-dollar-per-day earning will continue

    Congratulations (that eCPM is huge! explains the relatively high revenue for that little amount of impressions and clicks) but you really have to remove your CTRs and eCPMs from that image. It’s against the adsense policy and it can have you banned from the program.

  2. Congrats! however, kaunting warning. baka kasi maban ka sa adsense. You are not allowed to show page CTR, and eCPM and other stats publicly. This is written on their policy. Ang pwede lang ipakita, yung amount earned. Edit mo na lang yung screen shot mo 😉

  3. waaaaaaaa!! thanks po sa pag remind.. sobrang saya ko kasi, nakalimutan ko na lahat ng policy.. hehehe.. edit ko na po agad ngayon.. baka ma ban sayang naman 🙂

  4. This is very very small compared what you are earning today, Jehz. Ako nag-a-average lang sa $2.5 per day. Pero may time na naka 7.45 ako in one day. Last month, I only earned $70.1. My goal now is to reach at $300 per month before the end of 2009.

  5. I felt the same when over 11 months of earnings I earned for the first time in two months! I’m sorry if I’ve been commenting in a lot of your posts. I’ve been blogging for more than a year now and have made significant success, personally but I still want to replicate the success that guys like you did.

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